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  1. @xianlie90 I see were you are coming from and yes it seems that we are deviating from the main point of this thread our Dimple couple. However, this situation does affect out couple because however way you spind it. It was Sora who introduce Eunhyuk and Sena and even though she could not predict the turn of events she is going to get grief from protective ELF that going to said this whole mess is her fault. 

    On the other hand you can really said is our fault were are talking about this in here because it was the WGM production team who decide to use our DC couple time slot to exposed us to this possible couples. Otherwise we have nothing to talk about out couple was there but so what LT was only there to MC the blind date and Sora bearly said anything so it really was not WGM Dimple couple segment.  

  2. Let's not say bad things about Eun so...we don't know her and to bad mouth her just because she has the "beautiful" sexy woman image is wrong. She may be what you say but that's who 2 of teh suju members chose and It may be for looks but they made the choice,hopefully there's more to her since they spent time filming with her.

    I'm sorry for cutting your post....but here is the thing, personally  I don't hate Son Eun Seo I dislike her. Hate is to a strong of a word, the girl just puts me off...


    1.  I don't think people dislike her for her "beautiful" sexy image, I think she is pretty, not beautiful then again beauty is on the eye of the beholder. I think what people dislike about her is that image/feeling she projects of "I'm so pretty" stuck up for the lack of a better word.


    2.  I'm the first to always give a person a chance and not judge a book by it's cover. When news of the possible Donghae and EunSeo couple broke out on soompi I did a bit of reaserch on her and find Oh! My School. I didn't paritcularelly like her on that show either but she was ok.


    3. When the pictures of the double date surface I was like OK let's give this couple a chance you never know. I have fallow WGM since season 1 and have been surprise with some of the couples, but after last night episode is very apparent that it would take a miracle of God to make this couple work. Futhermore Son Eun Seo came off even more stuck up , haunty and fickle. Is true that the whole situation was not of her making because both guys were been insensitive a**holes but her action also didn't help the situation.


    My 2 cents :

    - "Thanks" to last week's ep, I kept my expectation (very) low this time around and it worked.

    - Won't be watching Donghae-EunSo's show. Gosh.. if I had a dime for every time she flips her god dam* hair..

    - EunHyuk was being a jerk. Fact. I won't bother trying to justify his actions.

    - Sora & Sungmin was standing VERY close to each other during the dance time. Esp. during Lee Sena's at the beginning of part 2. Love! Hah.

    - Sora is getting more endearing with each episode. Can't say the same thing with LT.


    I agree 100% with you here.

    About last night ep.

    - I love Sunming on last night episode he seem's like he really click with his blind date.

    - Kyuhyun and his date I wish they could have some more airtime unfortunally because of the love triangle that over took the episode they were less visible.  They were really cute.

    - Lee Sena ... you are a beautiful, charismatic, talented, sexy and sincere girl what if you are 30 you don't look it. I love my SJ boys but if they are such a fools to not see what and amazing girl you are I'm sure that their is going to be a number of awesome guys out there for you. PDmin could you please take responsability and get her on the show and get her an awesome hubby for WGM.

    - Not enough DC moments

    - LTsshi MCing was hillarious wish Sora was more active helping her hubby MCing the date.

    - Not enough DC moments

  3. Congratulations Fighting Dimples on the 100 pages and Happy advance 100th day anniversary to Leeteuk and Sora...

    Wow times fly's this is my second post in this thread... matter of fact I was the first person to post after the thread was open, but unfortunally because of life, work and family I haven't been active on this thread. I been more like a silent lurker and fan trying really hard to keep myself detach and not to let my feeling get involve. However, I fail miserably because I love cookie Sora and crazy Leeteuk  together, they are so adorable.

    Reading the news of the possible departured of this couple right at the time when fans of Sora and Leeteuk are about to celebrate the couples 100th day anniversary fills me with sadness. Truthfully speaking I'm angry even when I knew that Sora and Leeteuk was not going to go the distance I keep hope, that they will stick it until the last possible minute like may or june. But no.... they have to leave soon rather than later.  

    After the goguma couple left I told myself that I would not fell for another couple but here I go again since Sora and Leeteuk join I have keep up with the show again and I look so much forward to saturday. Even when I either have to wake up or stayed up until 2:30 AM to watch live stream even when I don't understand a word of korean. I'm most be out of my mind.


  4. Hello jnj unnie nice to "bump" into you as well...

    Lol I didn't realize I was the first to reply on this thread what a honor. 

    To be honest I haven't watch WGM since the end of YongSeo but I decide to check it out last night when I hear of Suju possibly been involve. After all it was because Super Junior that I discover the wonderful world of Kpop and it's variety show like WGM a my beloved YongSeo.

    Well so far so good I just hope that this couple would have a good run and have a short but good life as a virtual couple.
































































































    Just coming to said Hi see if there is anything new......
































    I really like this couple the bad thing is that we don't get to many news about them ....
































































































































    Just coming by to said hello and see if subs for last weeks episode has come up... I don't see them so I guess the Bravers are still working on them so.... Thank you for your hard.
































    So looking forward to todays episode I have a feeling is going to be a very fun episode.
































































































































    I just got a chance to see the latest episode raw and although I didn't get much of what was been said, I understood everything else actions speak louder than words and this couple is so just so meant for each othe......






























































































































    I just love them...... :wub:
































































































































































    I was cracking the whole time I was watching their segment.... They are truely adorable they need to get married for real, on the last couple of  episodes they have show their level of comfortability but today I saw real chemistry between them. 
































    The whole amusement park date was a great idea by the PD mins and next week looks like is going to be even better...
































































































    I swear,are we sure it's not a big elaborate matchmaking plot by their friends?
































    They are not cute..they are unreal.How in the world is it that they have not gotten together before?They already know they like each other as friends,are supportive and have expressed their what if they became a couple talk.































































    Sorry for cutting your post but I have to said that it feels like it doesn't it??
































    Like someone from their innercircle was enough just get together and get it over with it.
































    They are terrible cute together and what I like about them is because they are older they have accomplish things on their careers already and now they want to concentrate on their personal life and can focus on marriage.
































































































































    I had a chance to livestream WGM last night and I have to said I have to admit I had so much fun watching the new couples. But I was laughing so hard while watching this couple, my cheeks were bursting.
































    They are so much fun and even thou I didn't understand about 90% of what was going on I enjoy their interaction so much.
































    I was very surprise with the kissing and skinship they are really comfortable in eachothers company like those 18 years of friendship actually had been part of their courtship.
































    on anothere note here is a link with the brave couple:
































































































































    OH MY GOD. SO THEY HAD DATED IN THE PAST!!! So there is a high possibility from reel to real. kflakshfakldfakhs
































    okay, I shall not get too excited.. yet. LOL.































































    Wow I can't believe I'm finally home and able to visit soompi anyways, I was reading your post and the whole thing took me out of the left field.... :crazy:   Mostly because  I wonder about why the PD's actually went with them if they already had a romantic thing going on or had which it means it didn't work out , right.  Thou I have to admit it those bring a interesting twist to the whole thing I guess I would have to waited and see what will happend tonight.






























































































































































































































    Hi, everyone!
































    Here is the eng subbed version of their 1st WGM episode I found on YT:
































































































    Ahh, very cute couple! I was a fan of Kim Won Joon back in the 90s... he was the original pretty boy back then. Sigh, so sad younger people don't know about him.
































    My two favorite songs by Kim Won Joon:






























































































































    :D:D  :D:D
































    Thank you for the links I really appreciated it is really nice that someone sub the cuts....































































    I just got a hard time this weekend  after the end of YongSeo, however, after I watch this couples cuts I found myself smiling thru the cuts.































































    I really looking foreward to this couple.






























































































































































































































































    Ok In Go Phaem we reach the 2000 pages here is th link to our new home please enjoy  and we see you there to continue all spazzing:
































































































































































    You know everyone has pen down such eloquent and beautiful posts here that I don't know what else to said .































































    To tell the trueth I'm a little lost for words and I don't think I could express myself as well as all of you so I'm going to limit myself to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart 1,000,000 THANK YOU'S.






























































































































    Thank you for all the beautiful memories, wonderful times and awsome spazzing.:D
































    I'm so excited for the second thread and the upcoming episodes although they might be bittersweet they would be cherish, the duet and ofcouse tonight's episode looking forward to it. 
































    Thinking about the E I was like saying good by is such a sweet sorrow but then I stumble into this quote that I through was more appropiate and borrowing from the wisdom of Kung Fu Panda:
































    There is a saying: yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the "present."






























































































































































    So cheer up all'yo because today is a present for us all.
































    BTW those anyone know where we can watch the concert is there any links or something.
































































































































    I promise and I keep promesing to myself that I would stop lurking at soompi and this thread because it can't be good to  keep whipping myself like this, specially with the rumors and all. But I just could not stay away.......Aaahhhh.... I just can't help it.  blush.gif































































    You know beause out of sight out of mind.






























































































































    So I backpedal a few pages and went from depress, to happy, to hopeful, to completely delusional, finally to get to this point where I feel like resignation is about to set in. This roller coaster is just to much I'm about to give up but WTH I just have to put my big girl panties and go with it because I can't just leave my fandom just like that. I need to support and enjoy every minute, second and nanosecond of Yongseo and whatever may come.






























































































































    Anyways thanks to every member of this wonderful community that gives and support with wonderful tibits it does not matter how small they might be they are still awsome. To Thai Gogumas a 1,000,000 Thank yous for all that you have done. :wub:  































































    I hope we can get some fancams and if not I hope we can get some livestream links, because I will love to see it and if WGM will be there to record the duet that would be even better even if it is going to be bittersweet. :tears:
















































    Ah, Gogumas, what can I say to make you feel better?!








    There’s not much I can do to make you accept the inevitable, IF all these rumors are true.  You will each have to deal with this in your own way.  But, at least, we will still have this thread to use as a place to recall fond memories and help heal our combined hearts and souls.








    Personally, I feel as if my favorite Son and Daughter have been swept out to sea, never to be heard from again.  My heart feels heavy and my eyes keep getting blurry.  I simply don’t want it to end.








    Awhile back, I challenged everyone here to provide some hard news that Yong and Hyun were continuing with their filming on WGM.  At that time, I was worried because things were really quiet about our Yongseo couple.  Now, maybe we know why.








    If all of these rumors come true, and Yongseo ends on March 14th, the only thing that I would recommend from all who can devote their time to this ‘mission’ is to bombard the WGM and MBC websites with passionate requests that IF Yongseo is ending on March 14th, that they are treated with the kindness and compassion they deserve!  So far, it has seemed that the MBC staff has showered these 2 lovely young people with love and affection.  I want to see that same feeling carried on to the very last episode! If they are treated as ‘coldly’ as the Adam couple, I will be extremely upset, and I doubt I will ever watch another Korean K-drama again.  MBC and WGM will be ‘dead’ to me.  I won’t want to go there again if they dispatch our couple as unfeelingly as they did the ‘Adam couple!








    We need to let ourselves be heard – and we, as fans need to step up to the challenge to protect Hyun and Yong.   Please, please get on the WGM/MBC website and plead for our couple’s well-being!








    On the other hand, we all knew it would end, just not this soon.  Although it is painful for us as their loving fans, I just hope it is not painful for our lovely couple.  I hope this decision to leave WGM was theirs – and not through pressure from their management companies.  I’ve always wondered what SMC and FNC would do if Yongseo actually showed signs of becoming a ‘real’ couple?  Did Taeyeon’s new year’s wish for YongSeo to become ‘real’ push some executive’s buttons at their respective management companies and have them demand to ‘pull the plug’ on WGM before their relationship got out of hand?  Did Yong’s confessions of love and commitment in ‘For First Time Lovers’ and its tremendous success also cause alarm in their management companies?  








    We’ll never know for sure, and I am always skeptical of the Korean talent’s management and their commitment to their ‘talents’ happiness versus the need to make the most money possible from the ‘talent’ that they’ve invested their time and money in.  Yong and Hyun are a marketing commodity to these management firms.  Cold as it may seem, they are ‘streams of income’.   I just hope their personal happiness isn’t stepped on for the goal of creating profit for their management companies.








    If Hyun and Yong mutually agreed to end WGM, I’m fine with it.  They’re both young, they have a long way to go before they consider marriage for real, they have hurdles and accomplishments they both want to achieve.  Yong has 2 years of military service, Hyun would want to complete her degree at college.   They both should experience relationships with other partners.   I know, you all just screamed, ‘NO!’ there, and I agree with you, I don’t want to see them with anybody else.   But they need to experience different personalities, different feelings with other partners.  It will be good for both of them.  They need to test their relationship with each other from their experiences on WGM against other relationships.  And if it satisfies the test of time, realize that they are only ‘right’ for each other.  I truly believe it will be hard for them to be close to anyone but each other.








    But time passes, and the distance that will occur between them will make it extremely hard for them to keep in contact.  I’m hoping they beat the odds and still manage to remain close.   I’m hoping the main reason they want out of WGM is so they can continue their relationship without the cameras and the public eye on them.  That would be wonderful.  But we will never know, and that is what hurts the most, we won’t know and we won’t be able to share in it.  It will be kept a secret.  We will only be able to guess and surmise and hope.








    I’m hoping that in a few years, Yong, after having reached his goals with his music, after many comebacks and awards, after having successfully completed a K-drama and receiving kudos for his acting skills, and spending his 2 years of mandatory service for his country, will be driving his red sports car from an interview for a radio station and he will pass a store where he once shopped for the ingredients for bean stew with a pretty, kind, young girl.  He’ll see a café where they once had drinks and shared laughs.  He’ll drive up the well-remembered road and park in front of the white apartment building with the azaleas and flowers.  He’ll remember bright eyes and happy smiles on a yellow couch.  He’ll remember a ‘truck driving girl’ and piggy-back rides and laughter that sounded like music. He’ll remember a goddess in a wedding dress riding on a cloud and smiling up at only him.  A feeling of emptiness will fill his heart, a feeling of yearning and loneliness for a happy time spent in the past. He’ll pick up his cell phone and dial a number he hasn’t called for awhile, and on the first ring a soft voice will answer, ‘Hello?’  He’ll chuckle to himself and say, ’what are you doing now?’  She’ll say, ’Oh, hello, how are you?!’  He’ll say, ’What are you doing – do you want to arm wrestle?!’  She’ll say, ’Ne! (in that special way) - where can I meet you?’  He’ll say, ‘I’m coming to get you, be ready in 15 minutes!’  She’ll say, ’I’ll be waiting patiently, please hurry!’








    I can only hope they live happily, and hopefully find each other again sometime in the future.  I believe in their fate – to be together!        







































    Luvttokki appa you almost made me tear up reading your post.   :tears:















    You know thank you for such of eloquent post that really helps me feel so much better about this situation I was here last night when the rumors began hitting the net and since last night I being trying really hard to come to terms with the worst.















    A couple of weeks ago I start thinking about how would I feel if things were to be over for Yongseo in WGM and I decide that I would try to take everything with a calmess and with a sencer feeling that what is mean to happend would happend nothing in this world happend without reason.















    Whatever may come for Yonghwa and Seohyun I will try to support and be glad for their success and their failures if they do.






























    BTW the last part of your post was just beautiful you should concider writting a fanfic.






















































    All these news in just one day!















    And now a rumor about the final filming of Yongseo for WGM?






























    This is too much to handle. I just died hearing this!















    I just hope it will stay as rumor. :(






























    I so love Yongseo~






























    I totally sympatice with that feeling and to be honest this whole thing start to feel like I'm playing Russian Roulette if that make any sense. On the one hand part of me is like "how can WGM go on with one couple then". On the other hand the part of me who fears the worst goes " well is not like PDmins don't have backlog footage".















    I'm having a internal battle to keep my cool.






























    And as I have said before I been thinking and thinking prior to all this news and rumors hitting the internet that if  things should end, I should just let go because what is meant to happend will happend in due time.






























































    At this point this whole issue about the last episode of  YongSeo, the drama, CNblue comeback and SNSD japan promotion is one of those things that is either going to rapidly going to get out of hand and cause major drama for nothing or is going to be confirm and created major depression. One way or the other this is giving me a headache and a funny feeling in my stomach.:tears:
























    Hi there magdal^^























    okay, sensitive topic here!!! some of us are worried (yes, I won't deny it) should Yonghwa participate in an upcoming drama....... many people think that it could be one of the reasons for Yonghwa to pull out from WGM, because of the filming schedules, which may clash with WGM filming. This is what I don't really understand about Yonghwa (or maybe his company, FNC). It is known that Yonghwa and CNBLUE members want to focus more on music, instead of pursuing acting. So I guess the decision for him to be casted in a drama, be it YAB or the any new dramas, would be his agency's decision, unless it's Yonghwa's decision to pursue an acting career once again. So far, Yonghwa himself hasn't comfirmed this whatsoever, so I guess IT IS STILL A RUMOUR























    I'm asian, but I have no problem with Yonghwa being casted in a new drama, because it will be a good opportunity for him to increase his acting skills. However, (note that this is my personal opinion) I prefer him to focus more on his music, because it is his objective from the very beginning since his debut, maybe before his debut). Even so, if he were to be casted, I will still support him like fans do, and I believe Seohyun will also be very happy for her nampyeon for getting more and more attention..
















    okay sorry for rambling in the middle of the night (it's night here^^). currently watching UEFAChampions League match between Barcelona v Arsenal (GO BARCELONA!)........ any Barca news here?? just asking... *quoted image*






























    come one guys!! post more if you want that SECOND THREAD! *quoted image*








    Well I can see how the drama could be more of a management decision for marketing than an individual desired to persued the acting craft. However, I do think that this drama is coming at the wrong time, especially with everything that is going on with CN Blue, but what do I know!!!! Right.








    But I will support Yonghwa in any thing that he chooses to do.








    Soshi3 in responsed your spoiler tab:

    You may already know this but Barcelona won 3-1. Now I know you are younger than me because you are to much like my baby brother. Would by any chance your mayor be engeneering.








































    OMG where to start this whole episode has just become my new favorite thing in the whole world......















    It was just so much skinship is not even funny for a minute I through I was going to pass out of so much happiness.















    We went from forehead kiss, to back hug, to carryn Hyun, to headlock, to cheek kiss, to back hug again....















    After this I don't think there was a part of either Yong or Hyun that was not incontact with each other.....






























    Thanks PD min, Photographer this was the most deabak episode ever....






























    Thanks to all translators, screen cap pers and all those who put there grain of sand to help us spazzz....









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