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  1. I love contract marriage drama as much as the next girl but this drama screams inexperience actors, bad styling, wooden acting and writers who needs to know the difference between romantic and illegal. The entire drama is jumpy. So many essential things happened behind the scenes in episode 1 . Oh the potential rom-com we could have gotten from that hospital stay. He visited everyday! The chemistry could have been built there, but in 2 secs her 2 month hospital stay was over. I don't feel the chemistry. Yi Zhou doesn't feel real, there is very little effort in getting the audience to know him except from the little snippets after each episode. All I feel from this guy is that he's an overbearing creepy stalker and Xia Lin is an idiot for not running. There are so many cringe worthy moments and bad lines that I skip through a lot of the scenes. Even An Ran's character has such potential but was not capitalised. How does the writer explain an educated girl from a rich background with proper upbringing, kidnapping and faking the death of a celebrity. What was she intending had he not managed to escape? Keep him locked up forever?Hypnotizing him into forgetting who he is? Kill him for real? What's the plan past kidnapping him? The hairstyle! Someone please call the stylist and tell them that the 80's & 90's called and want those crunchy hair styles to remain in the past where they belong. Why do they have crunchy hair? What I need is a Korean Interpretation Remake. Full on rom-com, no illegal fake illness mambo jambo, and unlawful detention. Better styling, better writing, better directing, full on cheese.
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