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  1. Sweet new episodes are coming so let's "Learn to Meow". Can't get this out of my head.
  2. These are one of my favorite scenes. Did you see the BTS for the phone? Even the assistants in the back were smiling, which I've noticed in most of their BTS. The way DMS looks at SC and the subtle advances he makes are still quite intense. I hear ya. I would have watched 4+ episodes of Ximen/Xiaoyou love story instead of the Caina/Terrence. Oh well. I'm glad that's over with! Hahaha. I have a feeling that the Ximen/Xiaoyou storyline will start after DMS/SC reunite. If I remember correctly, On another note. Have you seen this? Whoever dressed him up is clever. The shirt says it all.
  3. Really? Omg. LOL. I could see Taeyang have a sort of DMS personality. Awww....GD. I saw these spoiler vids on FB today. I can't believe they already have a MV/Karaoke sing-along of this drama. Producers/Angie Chai be like: "Gotta strike while the iron is hot!" True! Most of it is DMS and SC upcoming lovely scenes, so I'm not complaining. I thought so too! It's probably good makeup, or he drank a few sips of real alcohol that turned his face so red, or he had too much laugh that day. Dylan had a good laugh with this scene too with his weibo post. Gotta love his sense of humor. @Table122000 That’s right! Taiwanese dramas don’t shy away from intense scenes (i.e. MG2001, Devil Beside You, Why Why Love, It Started With A Kiss). @feliset I’m a spoiler magnet/seeker too! Lol. I have a Chinese friend who’s seen a little bit of MG2018, but she doesn’t share the same excitement/interest as I do. It’s too bad though, her quick translations would have come in handy. Me: “What is DMS and SC arguing about now???” My friend: *thinks to herself* “Crazy girl.” Lol. Thanks for the spoiler cut tip! @lan_lan You make a good point! DMS’s jealous and possessive nature may be the reason why he decided to go after SC. You can’t help but still love him though. Lei is sweet and such a good friend to sacrifice his time and energy for these two stubborn souls. But I guess they're trying to show that love is complicated, crazy, and confusing especially for the young ones (DMS, SC, Lei, Meizuo, etc). One moment DMS and SC like each other, the next moment they're bickering/breaking up. The writers/directors better give Lei a happy ending he deserves (either with Jing or another girl). @kokodus I loved Queen In Hyun’s Man, but I can’t remember that necktie scene. I’ll never view neckties the same way again. I like your domain pic too. The goofy cookie pics and the face drawing with SC and DMS are one of my favorite scenes (lucky for us, there's more to come!). I’m glad DMS wears his hair down in the later half of this drama. It suits his face more. The show seems to be getting a lot of love from international fans compared to Chinese fans. I guess I’m picky with the shows in my country too. Dylan was either lying about Shen Yue being his first kiss (on or off-screen), or he’s been practicing. Also, his non-aggressive take on that eps 33-34? kiss scene shows he respects Shen Yue (who doesn’t seem comfortable with such intimate scenes). I wouldn’t browse through YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (almost all social media sites you can think of, actually) if I were Shen Yue. DyShen/CaiSi sweet moments are everywhere. Sign me up for that DMS and SC’s happily bickering dorkable post-marriage life. Dry painting together and all! LOL. Perhaps in a movie like the one in HYD? Angie Chai, are you reading this? Pretty please? Pineapple on top! Just to fully satisfy our MG hearts.
  4. That DMS and SC MG2001 necklace kiss scene though! Hahahhaa. K-drama kiss scenes have gotten better (i.e. What's Wrong With Secretary Kim). I also loved it when SC took the initiative on that kiss tie scene. That's why DMS was wearing a tie on that scene. The real purpose of men wearing neckties! LOL Thanks for the warm welcome! I just couldn't resist anymore. I have so much thoughts about this drama that I need to share with someone besides my own to hold on to what's left of my asian drama sanity. LOL. Sorry! I can't seem to figure out how to hide a spoiler link. Abort, abort! Do not click that instagram link. IT"S A MAJOR SPOILER. YOU MUST RESIST. I couldn't resist so I'm . LOL.
  5. Sorry, but I've only seen the raw episodes for 31-32. I feel your pain. Netflix is trolling us with the incomplete episodes. You feel like DMS going crazy I just get updates and watch short subbed clips from these sites: https://www.facebook.com/pg/MeteorGardenRebootOfficialPage/photos/?ref=page_internal https://twitter.com/wanghediarchive https://www.instagram.com/dylanwangchina/
  6. Yup. The kisses are awkward in this drama. But, as most of us have seen, it will get better. Hahahaha. DMS and SC's kisses are innocent, but still cute and makes you go . I think they're much toned down compared to MG2001's DMS & SC kisses because of China's conservative censorship (perhaps one of the reasons why MG2001 was banned in China for awhile). Also, the actors are newbies (especially Shen Yue, who seems very shy when it comes to these things). In one of her interviews, she said that she prefers her tamed, shy A Love So Beautiful character compared to SC and any of her other roles. I don't mind the awkward kisses between DMS and SC. Their chemistry is still strong. What I do mind is Caina and Terrance's awkward father-and-daughter-like kisses. Thank god for the skip button. LOL. Poor Meizuo.
  7. Hi guys! I've been following your MG posts and thought I'd chime in (if you don't mind) on your funny, thoughtful conversations about this cRaZy, addicting drama. I'm also wondering what made DMS change his mind. Maybe it is Lei's violin confession. But it doesn't seem to have that much impact to me. I hope it's something else convincing that really pushed DMS to fight for his girl. It's been a long time since I've watched MG2001 and BOF, so I can't remember the details. Maybe Ms. Yu (who reminds me so much of the MG2001 Ms. Yu) knocked some sense into DMS by telling him what SC confessed to her when they last met. I also think Lei did and said those things to help SC and DMS get back together. I never got the feeling from Lei that he truly likes SC. Even if he does, in this version of MG, it's not as strong as DMS's love for SC. The chemistry I see between SC and Lei is only friendship. Lei doesn't seem the type of friend to break the bro code. It ain't cool. And you're not alone. I'm doomed too. This version has taken over my life just like MG2001. Hahahaha. Dylan and Shen Yue are so adorkable! Their chemistry is truly undeniable. I just found out today that F4 and Shen Yue are having another show. I can't tell for sure if it's a live variety show or musical drama. And have you guys seen what happens after the police interrupts SC and DMS's sweet moment? It's too cute for words. Waiting for next week's episode is a torture after seeing those spoiler clips. Click at your own sanity. Lol https://www.instagram.com/dylanwangchina/
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