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  1. Hi

    I was leaving for sleep and just realized based on your signature, you're currently watching the 4 exact and only dramas as i am.

    i can't sleep if i don't say it now. very nice k-drama taste you got there :blush:

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    2. AlexandraReid


      CITT is #CheeseInTheTrap, while RWOTS is #RememberWarOfTheSon :blush:

      Anyway both drama already ended, i had a new Kdramas to watch in my list hehe :D

    3. homakp


      i see. i thought of all airing dramas i'd heard of yet the ones i'm watching never occurred to me. haha ~this is embarrassing :blush: 

      i put CITT on hold in the middle 'cause it turned out to be the type of drama i like to marathon. i'm almost done downloading it.

      i don't watch many dramas per year, but hope you won't mind me constantly peeking at the dramas your following. 'cause i'll do it anyway :lol:

    4. AlexandraReid


      Anyway CITT drama kinda dissapointed me, i really dislike the ending lool

      And now im currently addicted to #DescendantsOfTheSun drama :blush:

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