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  1. So Han is the Blue House mole which I've been expecting since episode 1 and the VIP is the one whom the killer is talking to at the airport? Or Han is also the VIP? lol the agony of watching it raw.
  2. @Xuexi_1 and @labski it seems kyj fans are not happy with her current project. i'm watching CWPFN to support her though i'm not really too invested. i wish for her to land a much better project in the future.
  3. hahah! she's very consistent. as long as the guy is rich, it doesn't matter if he's old. lol
  4. Yes, please. But sharing your links thru pm is greatly appreciated. My streams are now working right now. Thanks.
  5. lol You're right. I went back on episode 6 and the candles said so. But in episode 1, HJ's sister told JW that she's only 27. So trying-hard-family-like oppa is right that HJ kept on delaying her birthday as mentioned by @stargazer187. lol
  6. Since this week's episodes are preempted again, is there any bts of sofa scene? lol
  7. Isn't she 29 already? She's 27 when they first met and then JW left Granada on her birthday so she's 28 then. After a year, it's her birthday again so she's supposed to be 29.
  8. I have a feeling that Dr. Daniel Choi, the student of CEO's doctor in the US and Choi Ha In, the mysterious guy who have just moved at the rooftop are the same person. And Dr. Baek, who told GOS that Choi is his patient, is actually the patient who's suffering from Ripley Syndrome.
  9. My question as well. I've been thinking who that person is. I'm pretty sure it's not HS's brother coz before the end of the episode, we saw him asking the boy where the house of the Yeoms. That means he hasn't been gone to that place yet. Otherwise, If he's the one who went to see WD on the night HS was not around, he could have noticed already the plum or cherry tree where her sister live.
  10. I wonder when will HS realize that she married a nobleman. Since day 1, WD has this aura of a yangban. Just the way he stands with hands behind his back and his manner of speaking is very telling not to mention his penchant for expensive things and food. I hope this time, knowing he can read and write, she'll finally figure it out. She's supposed to be smart, right?
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