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  1. @Sorary i'll settle with manchan irl getting married and living happily ever after haha. Manchan is still alive because of the videos they have been releasing recently. Hotel del luna is perfect for me already, so the only thing that will improve it is if yjg and iu fall in love
  2. Watching this show (melo suits me) and a character there regularly talks to her dead boyfriend. Friends understand so they let her be. Been watching it for awhile, but now that MW is gone, I suddenly thought, that could be CS and I cried. He wont be talking to her, but maybe he'll think of what she will do, especially if he encounters rowdy hotel guests. I feel that I am also carrying CS burden of missing MW and I am also worrying about CS
  3. The MiRa MW pictures above are funny. It looked like princess MiRa is grumpy as possessive sister in law is hoarding boyfriend again. Yeon Woo's personality fits the bill, he allows himself to be bullied by MiRa to being lovey dovey, he would totally be the young brother doted upon by MW. MW would be the type who will show up at their new house with a ref with no freezer once she hears that MiRa won that ref argument.
  4. From the script shown and how the scene went, it seemed that it was YJG who initiated the impromptu and that encouraged IU to say more. But in the end, CS had to let her go, not encourage her to stay. Who knows, maybe he said more but was cut as it wont be consistent with CS anymore. I really like how he seemed hesitant when MW asked him to promise to meet again. It was not an eager, yes, he took awhile (and that prompted that heartbreaking adlib from IU to coax that yes out of him), like he did not want to give her an empty promise. He had that red string assurance from MaGo and that past/future winter, but iy was CS being cautious til the end.
  5. So much for a vacation, how can they relax when so many eyes are looking
  6. I hope YJG feels comfortable enough to drag her out
  7. Kim Joon Hyun is like the neighborhood boy who comforted you when you were sad by telling you to eat well. Then, (200 years later) he grew up to be a celebrity who tours restaurants and gives recommendations. Your heart will definitely flutter thinking, he did that to me first. I now understand MW fangirling, I'd do the same thing.
  8. Holding hands in IU's personal account https://mobile.twitter.com/bukantetanggamu/status/1168742701040189440
  9. Thank you for this thought. Maybe MaGo also helped connect MR and YS a bit for the benefit of CS to have a reason to be close to YS.
  10. I think the lesson that hotel del luna had kept on pounding is the importance of moving on. Could we, as the audience, cheer for Chan Seung to do what is logical, or would we want him to get stuck in HDL just like the other ghosts? Of course, we know better (that Man Wol has turned on her way back), but Chan Seung is not aware of this (yet). How long should he wait?
  11. Discrimination! Considering they make her do all the legwork (moving furniture, spying on people, delivering invitations)
  12. It must be hard to get into MW's really angry character and YJG's non stop laughter could be distracting.
  13. Yup. He was probably confused and made the best decision at that time. But letting MW go meant risking her going berserk in the castle and killing tons of people. Let us say he did not foresee that, I still think he should have done his best to kill her in the chamber instead of again risking her killing more (and burning the castle). A castle was destroyed. Would that mean more retaliations from the Princess' clan? I dont know. It was irresponsible. Makes me think he was just born with his title and he did not really earn his rank, so his decisions are so bad. Sorry Captain. I know you are just there for the love angle, I should not expect you to be a fully formed person.
  14. I agree with you. They weren't given the cliche moments, and I'm glad. Director had to rely on those for CM because their screentime was limited, and MW and CM were meeting each other in secret so there was limited circumstances to show falling in love. They pulled the same thing with MR and YW, the staring at each other, to form instant connection. I think the director was deliberately avoiding this. It was so easy to do this with MW and CS, but I think it is the director's experiment. He must be sick of filming those scenes in his romcom too, instead of doing character development, the mandatory staring longingly trope have to be edited in. That is not needed with MW and CS because they spent the whole drama falling in love. So, I wont blame the Hong Sisters, they have given ample time to develop the love story. I'd say it is the audience's preference at play. I guess more are enamored with that crush from the other office building that they share stolen glances with and friendzones the really sweet workmate who helps them and feeds them to finish a presentation or something. So look out for that CS in your life, they maybe so easy to overlook
  15. MW and weddings feel like a scary thought. CS needs all the help he can get from wealth MaGo to afford that
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