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  1. 29 minutes ago, TheRoadtoPMY said:

    I have a question for anyone fluent in Korean. I'm currently rewatching (yeah yeah I know lol) and noticed that sometimes, DM's name is pronounced as Dong Mi (rhymes with "song"), while sometimes it's pronounced as Dok Mi (rhymes with luck, but with a shorter K sound). Any idea why this is so? 

    Yes it is a pronunciation rule, there are several but I won’t get into that.

    Deokmi is spelled like 덕미. When you have a ㄱ+ㅁ together you are going to get that “ng” sound. 


    I’m not sure if it was intentional but 성공한 덕후 (successful fangirl) is shortened to 성덕 or Sung Deok and does kind of imply to Deokmi. lol

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  2. 2 hours ago, ck1Oz said:

    But what is this with the mum holding onto to something... which minute is it? I have a full on day coming up and can't even get to the episode. She is  a photo with Yoon Jae on it. So the 3 mums knew each other? Huh? What did I miss?

    They did not.. Yoon Jae (Ryan) was left at the playground because his mom never came back (due to her getting into an accident) ...


    I can honestly stare at Kim Jaewook (and Park Minyoung) all day, but  ....... I need a Shi An scene where he goes like "I know you're SNG, noona".... he's obviously very observant but I mean there must be a reason why he randomly asked her if she's his fan. My main worry right now is how things will play out once it's revealed DM's mom "let go" of Ryan's hand. No more noble idiocy/breakups please..anyway I predict the reveal is the cliffhanger for next episode.

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  3. 21 minutes ago, Sky8lue said:

    Actress Kim Mee Kyung posted this and Park Min Young left a comment saying something about how she screwed up. Their off-screen interactions are also endearing :lol:

    PMY commented Kim Mee Kyung’s line to Ryan: “I-I like young men” LOL

    and then she wrote “the world’s cutest mom”

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  4. @50okie Fair points, don’t really agree with the cutting EG out part though. Based on what we see of Ryan’s personality he wouldn’t (and didn’t in that scene) try to remove one of DM’s close friends from her life. Anyway, the fact that EG even went to the store...as someone who supposedly cares about DM, he should just...trust her.


    My gripe is that the show is basically telling us it’s ok for EG to act on incestuous feelings because he’s not blood-related. He is not some childhood friend who suddenly developed feelings for DM, he is as much a brother as any full biological brother, based on the way he was raised and to me that’s what makes his actions creepy. I feel bad for him but I’m unable to condone his behavior since it’s just... unusual. Might have to throw logic out the window soon lol. Ryan and EG may have similar intentions but they sure go about it differently.


    Yes I do find differing opinions fascinating as well, haha. Thanks for your input

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  5. 1 hour ago, 50okie said:


    @butterflyeffect, oops , I forgot about EG telling CDI about the fake relationship.   To me it's just a simple blurting out with no ill intention. There is no risk whatsoever in exposing Sinagil identity, even though CDI knows its fake. Him rushing to the workshop is the same as RG rushing to DM's house at 7am.  Why is one annoying, the other cute?  


    Idk, to me it seemed like he wanted to show off "I know her the most", and if he really had DM's best interests at heart he wouldn't have blurted it out like that (regardless of the lack of risk of exposing Sinagil identity). I found Ryan rushing to DM's house a bit over the top, but it's understandable? You see your gf's guy friend (whom you suspect likes her) heading in the direction to her home late at night -in a suit no less- and she doesn't pick up her phone, so of course Ryan would get worried. EG rushing to the workshop isn't the same .... yes, we know that he didn't know about DM and Ryan's feelings, but at the same time he is just DM's friend and brother, nothing more.. what gives him the right to dictate who DM should be around. She's a grown woman. Just my two cents..

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  6. 30 minutes ago, 50okie said:

    But, I am quite perplexed with the hatred towards EG.  To me, till now he did nothing wrong to DM and RG.  NOTHING. 


    I respectfully disagree (I don’t hate EG I just find him wildly annoying but that’s beside the point). The secret that Ryan and DM were in a fake relationship was not his to reveal so yes, that is a strike from me. Your other points I can see your point of view, but it doesn’t change the fact that EG suddenly became jealous, possessive, and cringy nice (something he wasn’t showing before Ryan came into the picture). And to be frank, I found his confession worse than the “I know you’re Sinagil” thing but maybe it’s just me.


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  7. 1 hour ago, wildcherry said:

    Just finish watching ep 10. Am I the only one who feel EG is annoying & self-centered?

    Definitely not. I know people have said Choi Da In is worse, but no she isn't. She knows when to back off. Eungi's "I know her better than she knows herself" thing made me roll my eyes so hard. Selfish does not get you the girl. He needs to


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  8. 14 minutes ago, tinymel said:


    Also, can we talk briefly about the fact that Si-an has a pretty major crush on Noona-curator? He keeps asking about her. I feel he will be pretty disappointed to learn that hyung is dating her; but there will be unintentional revenge when Si-an discovers that DM is Si-na-gil and Ryan will have to stand by and watch some true fangirling!


    I actually had an opposite opinion and thought Si An is "fanboying" over hyung instead. I was wondering why he likes Ryan so much? lol. Regardless, it should be interesting when he knows about Sinagil!


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  9. Ep 11 Text Preview:


    ”Since when have you known...that I’m Sinagil?”

    There’s not a more perfect pretense than this?*

    Deokmi is shocked to find out that Ryan knows her identity.


    Ryan becomes upset at seeing Deokmi with Eungi. The sparks start to fly in their love!


    Meanwhile, another of Lee Sol’s paintings is found, and Ryan recalls a memory!


    *There’s no exact translation for the word 일코해제 but it means when you’re a fan pretending to be a normal person.



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  10. 7 minutes ago, cremep said:

    tvn crew currently undergo HPL bluray consumer survey in http://cafe.daum.net/herprivatelife i really want to join, but i dont understand a thing.. is there anyone here who can help me? thankyou..

    it's not tvn crew , it's a survey started by the daum cafe but click the link on the left

    Bluray/DVD 가수요조사
    the next page has english instructions to guide you (you have to have a daum account to submit)

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  11. Ep 9 Text Preview:


    "Is this really the end of us?"

    Ryan is shocked by Deokmi's words.

    Although she ended things, Deokmi still can't erase her feelings toward Ryan.


    However, the attempts of both at confirming their feelings for each other keep being misaligned.

    Ultimately, Latte knocks on SNG's door late at night.



    Oho will the cat be out of the bag soon ..




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  12. DM didn’t say “I don’t like you”, she said to herself that she would keep her confession to herself. Ryan’s friend told her that he wanted to end the fake relationship so she jumped to conclusions ...this is why communication!!! is important. Don’t even get me started on EunGi and his agenda, even though he knows that they both like each other :expressionless: Ryan’s friend at least isn’t as outwardly selfish as EG.

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  13. Ep 8 Text Preview


    I like the lion!

    After that night, Deokmi becomes conscious of her feelings toward Ryan!

    Will the fake relationship conclude, and will they be able to reach a real romantic happy ending!


    Meanwhile, Eungi who is angry at Deokmi and Ryan's fake love starts to make a move...!



    Whew that ending ...but it's not a drama without drama so I won't get my hopes up yet.



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