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  1. True. I do not have favorite coffee brands, but sometimes I like indulging at Starbucks. The next person sleeps with a nightlight on.
  2. True. The next person loves Mexican food.
  3. True. The next person likes to eat late at night.
  4. False. The next person is an early bird.
  5. True. The next person has watched 100+ Korean dramas.
  6. False. I would love to visit Paris in the future. The next person hates mustard.
  7. False. I love Winter. The next person is addicted to watching youtube videos.
  8. False. The next person has a retirement account.
  9. False. I am suffering from the sweltering heat these last couple of days. The next person is anticipating cooler weather.
  10. Lending $10,000 USD to an acquaintance (not even a close friend) who claims to fall into hard times is NOT being generous, but irrational. You are now low on cash and borrowing from our mother to keep yourself afloat. Be smarter with your decisions, and come out of your delusional bubble! Our mother should not have to live with the consequences of your supposed act of generosity, or should I say stupidity?
  11. False. The next person is running low on cash.
  12. False. I live in the city. The next person is back from shopping at the supermarket.
  13. False. I have never been to a waterpark. The next person can whip up a meal in 15 minutes.
  14. False. The next person enjoys taking a stroll at the beach.
  15. False. I am not keen on watching dramas. The next person is a good cook.
  16. False. The next person needs to stop buying unnecessary things.
  17. True. The next person needs to get ready for work.
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