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  1. I can reactivate archived threads for your convenience. Send me the links to the locked threads that you want to begin posting reviews.
  2. @Jayan @joyceedreamer I cannot handle technical inquiries. Please email your concerns/questions to help@soompi.com and/or support@soompi.com.
  3. -2 The new profile displays the first letter of one's username. I think that this will be more personable than the previous profile silhouette of a man without facial features.
  4. No. Korean language fluency is not a requirement. PM me if you are interested to apply as an Event Organizer.
  5. WARNING There have been repeated reports in regard to disruptive content in Yoon Shi Yoon’s thread. I would like to remind everyone of this rule: 2. NO DISRUPTIVE OR DISCRIMINATORY CONTENT, NO BULLYING Rudeness, hateful messages, member bashing, and trolling are forbidden. Constant bullying will result in a permanent ban on your account and all future accounts. Do NOT taunt or provoke anyone directly or indirectly. Keep hostile comments to yourself or take them to PM. This forum is not a platform for you to post comments antagonizing others in public or within spoilers. Ignore what you do not like or agree with, and move on. Keep it about Yoon Shi Yoon, but be nice. Consistent violators who do not heed this reminder will earn a warning. Recurring reports about the content posted here may warrant closure of this thread for 7 days. Consider this your FINAL warning.
  6. -2 @lynne22 No worries! We are in the same age group, but I still adore Doraemon! <3
  7. I like the cast, the CGI effects, the sceneries, and the costumes in The Legend of White Snake. Please do not divert too much from the original plot with the integration of cartoonish elements evident in Yang Zi's version.
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