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  1. @Lawyerh Master in the House's thread was erased (with no means of restoration) due to the original poster's account deletion request. Please do not hesitate to create a replacement thread for it should you wish. Apologies!
  2. I am thrilled to see Kim Jun Ho and Defconn's return to variety shows in Friendly Entertainment. I notice hints in it of 1N2D - Season 3, and I feel nostalgic. Good luck to Friendly Entertainment! One thing for certain is that I will be on the lookout for it after it airs.
  3. I am elated to find out about the comeback of 1N2D - Season 4 with a new lineup. Hwaiting! <3
  4. True. I do not have favorite coffee brands, but sometimes I like indulging at Starbucks. The next person sleeps with a nightlight on.
  5. True. The next person loves Mexican food.
  6. True. The next person likes to eat late at night.
  7. False. The next person is an early bird.
  8. True. The next person has watched 100+ Korean dramas.
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