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  1. @Lawyerh @gongseungyeon Thank you so much for taking the time to read!! I wish I could write for a living! Hahah :) I teach instead ... The song really matches HNS's personality! Great find!
  2. For all the low-key human!NS and KSB shippers, I wrote a one-shot for them. ...It totally didn't go where I wanted to, but I tried. You can read it here!
  3. @Lawyerh It must be because he is getting older, haha! I'm a little sad that he's started being very careful on social media ... no more cute instagram posts! And yes! I thought that GSY was gorgeous in Circle, and it was a little surprising to me how fitting this shorter hair was on her for her role in AYHT. (She just looks so feminine with her longer hair.) Fingers crossed that he has as much chemistry with the leading ladies in his next two dramas!
  4. They really are so good looking ... individually and together, haha! Have you seen this clip from Roommates? Seriously, how can someone look so attractive while they're sleeping? Life isn't fair.
  5. The thread is right over here! And to share some more love for KSB and NS3, I posted another fanfic here: Compatible. No angst, just fluff this time. Ugh, I'm so sad that this show is over now and we only got those 6 minutes of closure.
  6. Hahaha, these are amazing! Perfect summary of the past few episodes... I especially love the call out that NS is a hysterical billionaire because, yes, he seriously is.
  7. I'm loving your ending! I really hope it'll be a happy ending for the two, but I can't help but worry that it'll turn into a bittersweet "happy ending...for now" type of deal... with NS3 and SB going separate ways, or maybe NS3 making some sort of sacrifice for the sake of NS & his character growth. That just means I'll have to come back and pretend that your ending is the real one, haha! And thank you SO MUCH for the kindest compliment!! It really warms my heart that you liked it because I just love this show so, so much. It's been so great connecting with other fans (even though I mostly just lurk over here)!! I'm working on a "what if" one-shot...sort of inspired by a few comments I saw on here and in other threads about intimacy with a robot.
  8. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my mini fic and for leaving such kind words!! It's just a one-shot for now, but depending on how this show ends (please, please, NS3...) and if it winds up killing me inside, I might write more, hahaha. Have you seen Strong Woman Do Bong Soon? That show also features a quirky and physically strong female lead (but it goes down some dark paths), and the actor who plays SB's father is actually a gangster in that show, hahah. I agree with you about So Bong, though! I'm liking her character development. I didn't really like the earlier path they took with her (like what were her motivations for being so money-driven?? was she purposely torturing herself over that incident in the ring?), but in the end, I think the writer has done a good job highlighting her growth.
  9. The scene (in ep. 9) where NS3 returned SB's locket was really striking for me, so I wrote up a quick fanfic to delve a little bit deeper into his burgeoning humanity. I know I can't paste it directly under this forum, so here's a link for anyone interested! --> https://www.wattpad.com/story/154775816-fanfic-are-you-human-too-undercurrents It's set between the time frame of 35:50 and 42:25.
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