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  1. Hey lovelies, I thought I could share some of my videos for anyone who is interested in k-beauty, like I am. I currently live in S.Korea, and make many video content related to what is in trend in Korea or particularly in Seoul. Definitely share some of your reviews or videos related to trending k-beauty!! Lately self dye two-tone hair is been quite a trend especially among the younger crowd, so I had to try it out. Here is my review on the most popular brand for self-dye so far. There are many other brands coming out with their own version, but April Skin is considered to be one of the top ones. April Skin Turn Up Color Treatment Clio Mad Matte Liquid Lips Also Clio came out with their limited edition liquid lips. Mad Matte lipsticks were quite popular a few months ago, so the limited edition liquid lips are for the matte liquid lipstick lovers. Many K-beauty brands are coming out with their own version of liquid lipsticks. I guess the matte trend is finally gaining popularity in Korea. I also created a Red Velvet inspired makeup look using the Clio mad matte liquid lip, so check it out~! More TRENDING VIDEOS to come!!! <3
  2. This year, I find it is such a great year for Korean face masks. Many different kinds are popping up in the market, and they are becoming more easily accessible outside of Korea and online world. Let's share some of our favorites, likes, or fails, here on this thread. Also if you have face masks you want to try but don't necessarily have an idea, then share your thoughts here too. One of us can somehow help. So let me start with sharing with you my top 5 favorite face masks from Skinfood. Seriously love them a lot and continuously use them.
  3. Hello everyone!! So I was looking around the beauty thread, and realized there was no thread focusing on How-To tips, skincare routines, and as well as beauty/makeup reviews. I know there are many of us on this forum that love to share each other tips and advice on beauty and makeup. Also if you found any blogger or YouTube videos that are related to beauty how-to, makeup reviews, and skincare and would like to share their inputs, then definitely share it here with the Soompi family. Now, I have been a lurker for years on Soompi but this is my first time actually starting a new topic. *scary* haha I am a more of a recent YouTuber, but I thought I could share with you my tips on "How to Use Sleeping Mask", as well as my Laneige Water Sleeping Pack Review. I hope you can check it out, and also tell me your opinions if you have tried Laneige Water Sleeping Pack. We all have different skin types, so I would love to know. Also, if anyone enjoys my videos, then please subscribe. That would mean so much! Soompi Family, lets share our beauty how-to and reviews on here!!! We can support and learn from each other. P.S. Please let me know if this thread is acceptable. I hope not to violate any rules or terms. Thank you!!!
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