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  1. I always felt that HBQ and CY never had much screen time from the very beginning. The story line, the casts, and my curiosity is the only things that is making me continue to watch this drama. Otherwise, no matter how much I like the story line and the casts...this drama is definitely not one I feel I could rewatch. And I did like CY's character a lot from the beginning but I don't know if it is because of the lack of screen time of CY and HBQ that I'm starting to feel distant or what, but I am starting to like the second male lead DFS over our male lead CY. So, from those spoiler clips...I really hope that is NOT the ending for DFS!
  2. Same. I'm curious about that too. I'm starting to like DFS though. I am also curious if DFS knows about HBQ's connection to the Biluotian? So far all that has mentioned is that he knows HBQ is his fiance. @smoua
  3. I was anticipating more DFS and HBQ scenes and interactions. It just sucks to not understand mandarin because watching the episodes raw makes the drama seems so boring. Also I'm looking forward to when CY/LYK and HBQ reunite. I thought LYK/CY recognized HBQ when he saved her too. Was disappointed they didn't show how and when CY/LYK found HBQ but now that you guys had mentioned that he didn't recognize HBQ it makes more sense. BUT still!!! How can he not recognize her in that situation?!!! Like did he just happened to coincidentally swing by quickly and saw the guy gonna attack a lady (HBQ), shoot him, and run off? I mean HBQ was looking the other way but Idk...the scene was just a little cheesy? (Not quite sure what word to use)
  4. Thanks for clarifying! I watched the blood testing scene without subs so I totally missed out on that scene, but now it makes more sense! Does Bu Qi know yet what her connection is to the Biluotian? Seems like only a few hands of people know her special connection to the treasure because if the Mingyue group knew they would not be trying to kill her?
  5. I haven't been into a historical chinese drama since Peach Blossom so I'm glad this drama is airing! The only down part for me is that I wish there will be more BuQi and Chen Yu/LYK screen time. And with the upcoming events happening with our main leads being seperated, feels like there will be even less screen time of them both together. The only thing I'm curious to find out is BuQi and her mom's relationship to the Buliotian? The treasure. And what is the treasure?
  6. Does anyone know where I can watch episode 16 and 17 raw for non-VIP members?
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