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  1. That LA vacation reward still a big mystery, no one can be SJH Partner except KJK. Maybe that's the important milestone for SA in RM. SBS create their own problem. if a team of 4 probably manageable for shooting. Jaesuk - Ji Suk Jin - HAHA married. Kwangsoo has GF Sechan and Somin isnt that close with SJH yet. Or will they just scrapped it ?
  2. KJK very proud of his long-lasting relationship, and i remember he mention 2 that is 5 and 6 years one. Anyone remember when KJK mention his relationship are long time but only mention it once ? i think that is before running man or the beginning of RM. I only know recently he has 2 long-lasting one. Probably he is lying about that one in happy together, that's why YJS teasing him. Even if he has short one, i doubt it's more than one. There was time when he openly said his ideal type YEH and explicitly like her. I dont know if they dated , but 1 of those 2 long-lasting relationship was with chae rina of roora which ended with her cheating on him. but the 2nd one probably within last 10 year lol. and recently KJK mentioned her ex getting married, and chae rina getting married few years ago. So 1st ex cleared, now 2nd ex is what i dont know. Haha teased kjk about meeting ex in broadcast recently. And he said shouldnt his ex never appear in a show together and they should avoid each other. and i'm still trying to find chae rina recent variety program lol. Because if KJK & YEH appear together that would like set a big wave in korean entertainment news lol. Which make me wonder Does RM really what make spartace never date.
  3. It's true if she is getting married and later pregnant she would need to absent from acting for at least 1.5 years. In running man 375 when she said she wouldnt be in here(RM) if she is getting married, the cast(s) telling her ofc you can still be here, you can still work and someone even saying you dont need to get married . that was 2 years ago. Does song ji hyo actually ever said she want to get married in running man the past 2 years ? Because KJK word is meaningless, he always said he want to get married and nothing happen I see youtube fancam of running man jakarta and they point at each other when btob song lyrics was "Let's stay like this together". then they facing each other at the end of the song when singing "you are the only one for me". their interaction make me cant stop shipping them despite all the doubt https://youtu.be/PzUsyYmK40k?t=161
  4. I just read last week news that kim gun mo was dating for 1 year before getting married. So MUD doesnt necessarily means single for the whole show....
  5. IKR , those detail that most people left out is what make me checking forum or other spartace fanbase community. It's rare nowadays but few years ago many spartace video have detailed fanmade mv with matching song and scene. it's rare nowadays. When i look for those old fanmade mv they are gone. Make me curious if they arent dating each other what make them delayed their marriage for this long. If it's really because their standard keep getting higher, then it will be catastrophe . Hopefully they make buddy promise like somin and sechan, if they cant get anyone next year they would just settle with each other
  6. SJH is shy, you wont see her interact much with guest(s). The concept of the episode itself was boring but cast reactions & interactions were one of the best in history. i saw many people agreeing with me. If i have to choose i prefer episode like this. This one cute.
  7. KJK new CF , i like the cf Now he become brand ambassador of oil company, he has enough money for wedding fund
  8. Well i was fans of Family Outing at first, and shipper of kookri, then family outing ended. when watching family outing i also digging their x-man variety and watch it. So when new Variety come out , i'm just happy i know most of them and their friendship. that's running man. I think i start shipping them when song ji hyo revealed to be fans of turbo and she love dancing to turbo songs. then old family outing video cut about jihyo joking screaming "jong kook oppa ........ heyo" suppose to be faking jong kook oppa i love you lol. Then Monday couple happen, and spartace shipper cornered in this forum and facebook. many come out openly on sns after monday couple ended lol. before that any spartace shipper that post about spartace in public sns will get harassed. But when monday couple still exist we just stay and have fun here without making spartace realize we exist. later the rude one start to appear and make me embarassed. but seriously most spartace early shipper are very mature.
  9. You guys overthinking about uncomfortable or awkward jihyo, remember what rm cast said, ji hyo mood turn bad when she has acting gigs. any everyone trying to be careful around her. and it's not jk who make her uncomfortable, just jihyo personality like that. I am one of earliest spartace shipper , i was there when rm eps 1 engsub released by ex-family outing team rss sub , later turn into rm sub. Earlier i'm happy to talk about them, but later i think fans start to bring this ship on wrong direction, directly posting about it in RM related sns. And funnily in the past i'm torn between wanting to see them dating and running man go on. I believe if they date openly rm will end. and if rm must go on, they must stay as colleague lol. nowadays, i'm just happy seeing them. i dont post spartace related post in sns afraid it would make them uncomfortable.
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