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  1. 3 minutes ago, ldwon4 said:

    Just a REALLY BELATED THING TO SAY (since we've established that IU is doing fine as HS)

    But I realized a really good contender for the part of HS could've been Suzy, if it weren't for Uncontrollably Fond filming. If she took the part of HS instead of signing up for UF, maybe ratings and netizens' reactions would've been better for the show since they know Suzy is a pretty good actress and she did a saeguk drama before....

    I still like IU as HS but for ratings wise......I wonder what would've happened if it was her instead...

    I think maybe MLSHR's rating may be a bit better but you have to remember that Suzy was acting with Kim Woo Bin who is well-loved in Korea too and UF did not get that high ratings (maybe better than MLSHR since it's constant). But I don't think the acting was the problem. It's just the past scandals and editing problems, storytelling that affect the rating. Plus even if Suzy was the main lead acting, this drama would be battling against Moonlight Drawn by Clouds again. So I don't think it'll make a difference.

    Other than that, I think in my opinion the casting is fine. I prefer IU as Hae Soo more than Suzy (I'm not a Suzy hater). A lot of people already said it but the flaws of MLSHR just make it even more entertaining to watch since we're dissecting every little detail and information from the story.

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  2. 9 minutes ago, LyraYoo said:

    @Hanazumi I am really anticipating the response here in the Philippines when SHR shall be aired. 

    And I didnt expect that this drama will let me still apply business theories and mathematical principles  120

    Anyways, happy pill for everyone ~

    I think we're doomed by MLSHR every second.

    6 minutes ago, qwenli said:

    I am sorry but to highlight to u, although it's 1.7 billion views on youku, u hv to divide that by 15 EPs, which means it's more or less 100mil per ep n one person may watch twice.

    In Singapore, it is only screen on cable TV, so the number of pax is even lesser, it's just that it's top in taxable TV channels now :)

    Yeah, I noticed that too but it probably won't matter much. MLSHR's views will probably still fall between the range of 2.4 billion to 3.4 billions in total (Youku and other channels and live stream). It's just like @riuenu said. There's no official count :(.

    5 minutes ago, riuenu said:

    Daebak!! you are not only good in history...your mathematics jjang as well!!! My godness...you are so awesome seriously @Hanazumi

    and yes, I double and triple check to make sure I got ur nick right this time....

    Thank you. Please do take into account about what @qwenli said about the average is more or less 100 millions views per episode though. So the total views may fluctuate. But regardless, it's a lot of views. Taking 1.7 billion views and divide it in half, it's still way more than the views in South Korea.

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  3. LOL I know this is off-topic but look, I just got a proposal (see the flowers). hard love pink mouseLOL I'm joking. Not a proposal but a thank-you note from @bebebisous33

    To tell the truth, I just discovered the follow button today. I have never really posted on soompi before (except for my very first 2 posts on something else and the rest is about MLSHR) until MLSHR. Look what it has done to me.

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  4. 17 minutes ago, special_bee said:

    @Hanazumi i always amazed by your analysist, more over you come with lots of different sources, even to hemingway's. 

    I'm honored but I wasn't the one who started all the amazing posts about dog and wolf (not trying to degrade So or Wook here). @40somethingahjumma gave a great post on wolf here below.

    Then @bebebisous33 gave us a broader look about dog and wolf below.

    And to everyone else who contributed so we could understand more about the animals motif here.

    And I just happened to really like the phrase / title Time Between Dog and Wolf and the twilight quote from The Red River / Anatolia Story and that's how I came up with the thought. Earnest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms just magically popped up in my mind while writing about the rain.

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  5. 25 minutes ago, mewtwo said:

    in scarlet heart novel & C-Version the point was that no matter what Rouxi did she couldn't change history even with her knowledge, but in this version the clueless Hae Soo did change history, I find this an interesting major change from the original work, also having 2 characters from the future (Ji Mong & Hae Soo)

     if Hae Soo wasn't there when Wang Yo killed Wang Mu then Wang So would've killed Wang Yo right then & there, but if he did, who's going to believe that it wasn't him who killed Wang Mu? his brothers will turn against him & he'll have no choice but to kill them, Baek Ah might be killed while defending Wang So though, even before Hae Soo he's not the kind of guy who kills without reason, ironically Wang Yo becoming king made Wang So determined to stop the princes from killing each others, 8th, 13th & 14th princes are not going to die, Hae Soo made Wang Yo king, the one she had the least interaction with, & she thought she made Wang So king when she touched his face lol

    maybe Ji Mong changed something too, the day Ji Mong told Wang So he was fated to be king that's the day he received the scar on his face, I believe that scar made him a better king for the people though



    4 minutes ago, riuenu said:

    woah! well analysis! thanks for the insight...

    maybe that why, Jimon say, as a fortune teller fate...they cannot tell the rest, what will happen in future

    Yo should thank Hae Soo for making him the king. LOL But instead, he's mistreating her to use So.

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  6. 6 minutes ago, bebebisous33 said:

    @Hanazumi Just after posting my comment, I could read your second post. I had written myself a long analysis about water:

    the different symbols of water and their signification

    Water in form of rain or bath can help to see the truth: Mu died drowning and with his death, Hae Soo realises the dangerosity of her situation as well. She is confronted with reality: Yo is a coldhearted and cruel person, she didn't pay attention to him before. Now, the incident has opened up her eyes. 

    Yes, :D. By the way, the post you linked me is on page 779 now :o. Had to navigate through several pages. I began posting on the forum around page 800 or something so I didn't read your previous posts before that (I'm backreading but it's slow).

    Who would have thought LJG's old drama title is connected with MSHR? He's a fortuneteller or a seer.

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  7. 10 minutes ago, bebebisous33 said:

    The colour of Wang Wook's hanbok has changed: it is grey/brown or even black so that the colour is reflecting his darkness. @solelylurkingused to describe Wang Wook as a wolf disguised as a sheep and now, I've come to think that Wang Wook should be more considered as a wolf disguised as a dog, while Wang So's nickname was the dog wolf. Wang Wook seemed to be loyal and nice, just like a dog in the earlier episodes. Here, Wang Wook is connected to the positive qualities of a dog, whereas Wang So was considered as a wolf with the bad qualities of a dog (his social low status). Now, the colour of their handbok is the same: black or dark colours (brown). But they have something more in common: Wang Wook and Wang So were born in the same year so that their astrological sign is the same. And now back to your connection: yes, the title would fit in here too because as time passes on, Wang Wook turns into a wolf, whereas Wang So has become the dog (in a positive way). It is difficult to distinguish them as friend or foe. Since the dog comes from the wolf, they still have some wildness in them so that a dog can become dangerous as well. Notice that Wang So will call himself a dog who will kill people in order to become free again. 

    Striking is that Wang Wook and Wang So have a similar view about love and polygamy. Wang Wook has never had more than one wife, unlike his brothers Yo and Won. And it was unusual. Sure, it was an arranged marriage which unlines the difference between So and Wook. Then Wook might have flirted with Hae Soo, but he didn't want to marry her, while lady Hae was still living. If you think about it, Wang Wook has a similar point of view about monogamy, but he was just not firm enough to act on it. When he fell in love with Hae Soo, he realised that he couldn't marry anyone else... if he had to marry, then it would be only Hae Soo. But his ambition and greed were the brakes that stopped him from doing so. 

    On the other hand, Wang So has and had the determination and the courage to show how much Hae Soo means to him, despise what the social norms were back then. No wonder that Yo makes fun of Wang So because of that: he insults Wang So and he compares him to an animal, just like @40somethingahjumma pointed it out correctly. Wang Wook has never showed this side of him to Yo and Won. They might know that there is something between Wook and Hae Soo, but not get aware of the deepness of his love for her.  

    In my opinion, Hae Soo had an impact on both of them: Hae Soo could see the good qualities of Wang So (dog) and she could tame him, while the opposite happened with Wang Wook. She turned him into a wolf and like it is said, a wolf has only one mate. Everything evolves around Hae Soo.

    As conclusion, Wang Wook and Wang So can be associated to the wolf and dog, both animals have positive and negatives sides:

    - dangerosity

    - freedom

    - wildness: a dog can become wild and difficult to control too

    - loyalty

    - one love

    - sense of family and honour: defend his people

    - wolf is less bloodthirsty than it was described in the past

    - Hierarchy system: alpha-beta / master - dog

    Did this answer your question?


    Then I would like to add something else: Actually the situation that is about to happen is really similar to this situation from the episode 7: Yes, the birthday party! Yo used Eun and Hae Soo to hurt Wang So and it happened in front of everyone. This is exactly the same trap!!

    The similarity is that Yo uses Hae Soo again, but this time the roles are reversed: Eun is the victim and Wang So the so called executor, while in the episode 7, Eun was the executor and So the victim. In the episode 7, Yo had set the trap and in the episode 16, Yo has again set the same trap. And Jung will be a witness too, just like the other brothers I guess. Hae Soo is again the leverage, however there is a small change: Hae Soo is well aware that she is Yo's tool to force Wang So to kill Eun, while she had no idea in the episode 7. What looked like a bad joke in the episode 7 was an announcement for the future incident which ends deadly. Back then, it ended with an apology from Eun, but this time Eun dies. 

    Thank you for your explanation. I quoted you again though. Not sure if you read that one yet. :) Eunnie, please RIP.

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  8. 1 hour ago, KdramaSwimmer said:

    And I saw one of my notifications that you mentioned me in one of ur posts but not sure why I cant seem to find where did you mention me..and what that talk about..

    And regarding Time Between Dog and Wolf, the title is such a masterpiece because we just don't know who's our friend and enemy. I think this speaks clearly to when Hae Soo knelt under the rain for Lady Oh.

    From wikipedia, "The unique title is taken from a French saying "L'heure entre chien et loup" and refers to the moments after sunset when the sky darkens and vision becomes unclear, making it difficult to distinguish between dogs and wolves, friends and foe."

    The moments after sunset is the rain here. Wang So is the friend (supposedly to be a wolf or future ruthless Gwangjong) while Wook is the foe (supposedly to be a loving gentleman). What I get out of this after putting myself in deep thoughts (when I should be studying for an exam today :cry:) is that rain appears when clouds mask the sunlight and it is just like how the eclipse happens (sun and moon become one). It was such an evoking moment for Hae Soo because unconsciously, she realized the true nature of both So and Wook. I do not remember seeing Hae Soo crying for that rain scene but the rain symbolizes her heartbreak and tears, not just for Hae Soo but for So and Wook also. So is pained to see Hae Soo suffering. Wook is pained because he has chosen to abandon her. Hae Soo is pained because of Lady Oh's sacrifice, So's kindness and Wook's abandonment.

    Another quote I got is from the Anatolia Story / The Red River manga (I do not remember the chapter) and it says:

    "Twilight invites devils to arise = They say devils roam through the streets when dusk is about to pass into night and those devils sow falsity and confusion. What kind of devil just passed through us, I wonder?"

    I think both quotes really describe the rain scene perfectly. Both the sunsets and twilight are referring to the same thing in this drama and that is the rain. It shows Hae Soo's suffering and then her rebirth. It's like she was drowned for a second time and got up again, just like the scene we got in episode 1. Also, it shows whatever is the "old" Hae Soo completely "died" with the rain scene as well as her love for Wook, steering her towards the ship for her and So. It's the water motif again through the rain. I remember Barbrey on DramaBeans mentioned that had Wook chosen Hae Soo, he would probably receive the blessing from the river god and become king. Barbrey on DramaBeans theorized that Hae soo coming out from the bath was important because she was supposed to be seen by all the possible candidates (she saw So separately in the bath). Now I am thinking that the bath scene in episode 1 was like an interview to find the right candidate (from this moment until the rain scene, she was torn between So and Wook) while the rain scene was the decision that Soo has made. She chose So, not Wook. As the rain stops, the sun is brighter and the pleasant smell (hence So) while whatever that is left (odor) is Wook.

    I think Earnest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms probably is a good example of the rain motif.

    Feel free to correct me on this.


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  9. 33 minutes ago, penelop3 said:

    Actually the whole thing of us dissecting MLSHR reminds me of the days as HP fans dissecting the books. But it's so much fun because JK Rowling has dropped hints even from Book 1. Not sure about MLSHR's writers here. Do they really drop us hints for us fans to pick up or is it just WE who are too enthusiastic and have too much love about the drama that we start to fill in the blanks ourselves, seeking hints and creating answers at the same time. :huh:

    Yeah, we're our own teachers now regarding MLSHR. Soompi and DramaBeans are like the MLSHR analysis classes. It's free or it's mad due to MLSHR.

    16 minutes ago, kaiskloset said:

    cant stop smiling...

    hahaha this is soo  #cute


    Will you marry me?

    16 minutes ago, KdramaSwimmer said:

    And I saw one of my notifications that you mentioned me in one of ur posts but not sure why I cant seem to find where did you mention me..and what that talk about..

    Ah, it was to let you all know about the hallyu voting thing. The site crashed so I was able to find the original link to the polls. But I didn't intend for the post to get so many likes so I removed it :D.

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  10. 18 minutes ago, LyraYoo said:

    I am smiling ear to ear while reading confessions from the MoOnLovers Housewives Club. , I can only imagine if am also married maybe my husband will have my laptop and phone confiscated :sweatingbullets:

    Speaking of Wang so. I love how his hanboks coincides with His transformation too


    Wang So and Wang Wook have hanboks that mirror their characters' change. This reminds me of LJG's previous work Time Between Dog and Wolf. From wikipedia, "The unique title is taken from a French saying "L'heure entre chien et loup" and refers to the moments after sunset when the sky darkens and vision becomes unclear, making it difficult to distinguish between dogs and wolves, friends and foe." Not so much about time here but the part that says between dog and wolf, I find it relating to how Wang So and Wang Wook both change. But I guess time does play a role since we see how Hae Soo changes So for the better and Wook the other way around.

    I think maybe @40somethingahjumma (who also wrote an essay on wolf) or @bebebisous33 or any of you can give a more detailed explanation on this. 

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  11. 2 hours ago, antiherofans said:


    Love your opinion :wub:. The ruthless Gwangjong that kills the brothers is the result from abused & unloved Child.

    Why am I getting the Harry Potter vs. Voldermort vibe here?

    1 hour ago, Para12012 said:

    I'm not proud of this but I'm not too happy about Soondeok. If that's the case her father might try to take the throne to make his grandchild king. If that happens, WS may end up killing them, even the innocent child. I'm just not prepared for all this sadness. 

    Does anyone know if he killed Eun's child in history? 

    2 hours ago, Evangeline Yang said:

    Not only that. He got to knee in front of his sister. Because... she becomes the queen. After saying how much debts she owed him. End up, she turned on him to go after So. I think the one with possessive and obsessive love is her and not So. She is like the iceberg that sinks titanic.

    And I feel so much passion. Next week indoor bedroom's kiss is the highlight. LOL

    I have not seen this hanbok she wears so far unless this is the same one she wear when she was with Eun going to the meeting with the king that also the scene where So got poisoned. But the color looks different. Anyone can help to analysis this hanbok? LOL

    50 minutes ago, ahappygoluckygirl0918 said:

    Eun and his wife will not die right??? Please tell me they won't :(( Eun is just starting to admit his feelings for SD and I really want to see them go hubby and wifey mode! And from what I remember in the Chinese version, they were the only ones who got a happy ending in the story since almost all of the other princes died young after Ruoxi's death... Please confirm this for me. Thanks guys! :D

    15 minutes ago, chi13lou said:

    Since ML has turned us into investigators, might as well try to find who sells them.

    I think we haven't seen that hanbok yet and we all should be investigating this hanbok, too. Eun does die if it goes according to history. But Soon Deok (in history was King Taejo's wife). Maybe she's the one living on but we don't know. There's no information about Eun having kids, too. Unless the writer decides to make Soon Deok lives on and gets pregnant after one try.

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  12. 14 hours ago, dhia205 said:

    HS should give wook some makeup lesson like she did to WS...

    without HS everyone in goryeo turn weird, after witch hair crazy omma, lion hair WY, and now wrong shades for WW. 

    poor them blacko-emoticon-08.gif?1292951355

    @dhia205 I want Hae Soo to conceal Yeon Hwa's dimples. Every time I see them, it's bad omen. Same with Won's mouth! :D

    @penelop3@riuenu I love to see Hae Soo giving Yo a run for his money.

    @LyraYoo Thanks for the differences list. I didn't notice Yeon Hwa and So's dialogue at all.

    10 hours ago, ruizaio said:

    On DC, somebody mentioned how if Go Ha Jin's soul had entered Yeon Hwa's body instead of Hae Soo's, it would be a definite happy ending... ah well. 

    10 hours ago, soorani said:

    Lol, this is so true! If she was Yeon Hwa, they could've  evaded all the problems *sigh* 

    @ruizaio@soorani It would be great if Hae Soo was adopted by the Hwangbo clan then she could marry So while Yeon Hwa could have been Wook or Yo's wife.

    10 hours ago, n00nk3y said:

    I need to sleep..I REALLY need to sleep.. :sleeping:

    But this thread is moving faster than the speeding bullet train I'm afraid of missing something and have to backtrack many pages in the morning :bawling:

    Slow down chingu-Ya..chaebal-yo.. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

    I feel you. That is me at night! :sweat_smile:

    @shiraru So was once a vampire in another life so that's why he's hungry for Soo.

    9 hours ago, chickenchopflipflop said:

    1) boat scene 
    the characters are on a boat floating on a clear lake. However, as they spoke to each other, their faces are obscured by the sunlight. This is to signify that although the situation is already clear (Wang So has already decided to marry his niece and let go of Hae Soo, Hae Soo has already chosen to accept Wang So by wearing the hairpin) the characters feel internal turmoil again when they meet each other face to face. (although the clear lake could also represent how both now understand the love they had for each other with clarity, their feelings for each other are pure, untainted and undisturbed despite circumstances) 

    Neither could see each other's faces clearly in this scene because both are behaving dishonestly to each other in order to conceal the internal turmoil they feel, so their expressions are also obscured by the sunlight. Wang So is smiling and acting mischievously despite feeling the weight of his loss. Hae Soo is acting nonchalantly when in fact she is actually shocked by how disappointed she is and how much she values his words to her.

    Your analysis led me to think about how So did not want to tell Soo about Yo ordering him to kill Eun and how Soo hid the fact that she was hiding Eun and his wife from So. They were having internal turmoil again.

    2 hours ago, TeBe said:

    Random fact:

    I had some admiration for Wang Yo two times:

    1) Stops his moms from getting the hope to rule Goryeo through him and puts her in her right place. When he told her to just enjoy her life as Queen mom and not get involved with politics, evil Omma happy moment was kept short and was really well a  real delight to watch her face with shock.

    2) HumilIating YH! Not being fooled nor manipulated by Yeon-Hwa. Seeing her face, when he told her that her and her family are not suited be in laws to the royals, was really priceless. In your pretty face YH , in your damn pretty face that failed to seduce WY. :phew:

    Dear Wang Yo, you are surely fairly evil towards EVERYONE, which I find kind of impressive ! I am being sarcastic

    @TeBe It should be three times because Wook had to kneel before him too.

    1 hour ago, sadpluto said:

    I for one am looking forward to WS and HS finding out about her evil ways. If Soo has to die then I hope WS makes YH's life miserable for the rest of his days with her. Just torture her slowly.devil-pink-mouse-emoticon.gif?1292950507laugh-pink-mouse-emoticon.gif?1292950516

    Also, I don't think that she actually loves WS. She's just curious about him. In one of the the earlier episodes Yo was being all aggressive towards YH and So came to save her. After he left she told Yo that she was curious about what it would feel like to tame a beast. I think that's all she thinks of So. A stupid wild animal who she would like to control so that in the future with her brains and his brawn they can take the throne. She would rule Goryo and he would be eating out of her hand and following her orders. She wants So to be her dog.afraid-pink-mouse-emoticon.gif?129295050

    I don't want a realistic ending. F--- realism shooting-soldier-baby-emoticon.gif I watch kdrama to escape from reality. Why can't HS just travel back a 1000 years, find her soulmate and then rule the kingdom together in peace just killing everyone who looks at them the wrong way? LOL

    Anyways, after posing the question "can love change history?" in the long trailer, I just don't want the writer to give us a slap in the face and be like,

    NO! GROWN UP crazy-monkey-emoticon-135.gif?1292792414  love does not change history. Everyone is going to die and be miserable because I said so.

    @sadpluto I agree with you. She wants attention, pretty much everyone has to pay attention to her and give her some respect. In episode 4, when the princes intervene to stop her from beating Hae Soo. She lost face. That moment showed that Yeon Hwa would not let anyone look down on her. Yet Hae Soo gets all the attention that she wanted.

    @itzibitzispider :o The spider is infecting more victims with SoSoo virus! 

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  13. Good grief! It took me the whole day to response to you guys. beaten onion head I'm sorry that I cut the quotes for some of you.

    13 hours ago, millie10468 said:

    Something interesting I found: Jimong appears to be surprised that Yo became King after Mu because he thought that all Yo would amount to was a traitor (he was born under a star of treason). And from the way he was talking before, So was supposed to be King after Mu died. There was no mention of Yo being born under a King's star. If this is so, then that means that the history Soo remembers is actually the history in the future (that So kills his brothers) and not the real history we have (that he only kills Won and a couple of nephews). Jimong is wondering how and why things changed and the answer is: Soo. Of course it's her. History was meant to be how we know it to be--that Taejo died, Mu becomes king, Yo becomes king and then So becomes king, and he kills Won and the nephews. Therefore, Soo's presence changed the history she and Jimong knew. I find this very interesting because I believe it's been speculated already, that maybe the history Soo remembered was not just her being a bad student. While she may not have had all the details, she did remember that So became a cruel king who killed his brothers. Therefore, she did change the future. However, just because she managed to change some things doesn't mean she was able to change all. Remember that historical accounts talk about there being rumors that So and Yo conspired to kill Mu. That's how it would appear to people who just saw/heard Yo storm the palace a traitor and come out a King with So as his dog. The future Soo will go back to will have reflected these changes and she'll be the only one to remember what it initially was.


    @millie10468 You're absolute correct, in my opinion. Having people referring to So as Yo's dog is a mirror of the real history when Yo and So worked together to revolt against Moo.

    12 hours ago, ruizaio said:

    Today's moral of the story is: Clean up after you play!! 

    While the lines of Ji Mong suggests that maybe the Korean version is messing with history, I wonder why they chose Wook as the 8th prince for this adaptation. Historically, Yo, So, and Wook were on the same team so that So and Wook's children intermarried and their descendants took turns taking the throne. Why did they choose the Hwangbo prince as the main rival of Wang So? Why not Wang Won (9th in MLSHR) who is officially the only brother that Gwangjong actually kills or his older brother (who does not appear in MLSHR)? It just really leaves a bad taste in my mouth to see how low Wook is falling and yet he can't die because then history will be completely different. 
    But then again, what's the point of wondering about that now. All I want to see is just So finally taking the throne and living happily ever after with Soo. ...like that's gonna happen.

    @ruizaio I had the same thought when I first started watching MLSHR. No doubt that in the original, 8th prince was the principal rival to 4th prince. But since MLSHR took creative liberties, they did not have to have 8th prince. They could have make up random orders instead of using the one from the original novel. But if they did and used 9th prince as the main rival to Wang So then they needed to add one more in to fill the 9th prince's spot. I hope we get to see little Seongjong (lol :D).

    11 hours ago, itzibitzispider said:

    What is it that YH thinks she could tell WS about WW and HS?


    - so far we saw them flit a bit, walk along with each other, hug, almost touch, Forehead kiss ... but that's all nothing
    - in the first episode CR implied that HS was chasing men
    - also folks said she had changed completely


    Could the "old" HS maybe grated WW more liberties, than she should have?

    There are theories that the "old / dead" Hae Soo was in love with Wang Wook. It will never and can never be confirmed.

    @thenagain Yeon Hwa is a character foil to Hae Soo. They both always differ on stances regarding love vs. survival, freedom vs. power, life vs. death.

    @liddi@ruizaio@snowglobe147 Thanks for the translation!

    @mewtwo I am really hoping that SBS creates a special award category to acknowledge KHN-HJH-YSW with their roles as the evil trio.

    @special_bee I haven't read anything from you. Where are you at? Or maybe I missed your posts somewhere?

    @40somethingahjumma Love your essays! Please open an MLSHR analysis class cheer3 onion head.

    @riuenu I am glad that EXO fans are giving their support to Z.Hera. She's a cutie!!!

    1 hour ago, junejungki said:

    Soong Jong Ki fans are really lunatic. They vote until the server crashed. They are very determine to make sure SJK win.  I am not able to vote since last nite. 

    @junejungki@antiherofans I attempted to vote again but it broke and it kept loading the results. They are really desperate.

    1 hour ago, antiherofans said:


    Maybe to much traffic on their server so they have to make 2 polls? But I can't access both polls. Don't know why. My internet connection is okay tho.

    @kyar7jizhenll Thanks for the additional information on 10th prince's family.

    1 hour ago, missluxedo said:

    When Yo became king, YH wore the ring he gave her to show her alliance with him but he STILL sent her off as a hostage to the Khitan because he said that he couldn't fully trust her or her family after they (and especially Wook) had betrayed him. I do agree that a lot of what YH does is to survive but she has said before - "that she is also a woman". Although she may want to be at a place of (more) power, she was still tempted by her own desires, specifically her desire to be with So. I think that the reason why she didn't settle for marrying Yo in the beginning was because she was always curious about So - after all, she had been nursing a crush on him since forever. It's possible that she may have waited for So and then simply went to Yo when he became king because she was stuck - the man she wanted was in love with someone else and flat out refused her proposal while the brother who's supposed to protect her was totally willing to let her be Yo's because it served his purpose.

    I'm not a fan of the character, but I do like the way Kang Hanna is portraying her.

    @itzibitzispider MLSHR is like an epidemic, infecting way too many victims kekekekek... 35

    19 hours ago, zi4r said:

    Yes, it's me again. If anyone is free and just waiting for the episode to air, please come and help LJG out at:


    They're being slaughtered by DOTS fans. Thanks.


    @heartforkdrama LOL Don't tell me that he is the Joker.

    @Sharine Phinisia Thanks for the manga pic.

    @MadraRua, you got @meahri_1 to cover for you.

    @penelop3@privio@devotee@LyraYoo@omiki@bebebisous33@magdale@chi13lou It is ironic that both Ji Mong and King Tae Jo tell Hae Soo to just follow along instead of doing anything when in reality, she is the catalyst as many of you have said. Their happy scenes tell me that we should not take things for granted and enjoy every moment we can right now. We only realize the worth once we lose it just like Wook had lost Hae Soo. Not just love is dangerous but power/desire to have power is dangerous. Don't forget that we still have that baseball game on Monday. Even if the variable Ji Mong was talking about was the fact that So did not kill Yo at the cliff and even if he did not survive, the other variable would be Wook getting the throne before So could get the throne. But then, that's just my prediction because history does not have Wook succeeding Moo despite that fact that he would be honored as a king. In other words, he would still have to fight his brothers. And I agree that Hae Soo is the other variable to put history back to its place. And @omiki gives some interesting theory about Yeon Hwa being the one poisoning King Moo instead of Wook. That could be true or false. We probably have to wait until Chaeryung and Won's death to confirm. But I do have to agree that Yeon Hwa likes to poison and she does not want to get her hands dirty. I think Yeon Hwa's leak to Yo and Wook regarding the whereabouts of Eun and his wife is not just to save her from having to be married off to Khitan but to earn So's trust later on, possibly using that to cause a rift between So and Soo and get So to agree to marry her. Because in the preview, it was shown that Yeon Hwa also told So the same information. She wants to use Yo to kill Hae So, to eliminate the one that takes both her brothers' hearts, like @bebebisous33 said, and the one that does not have to find a way to protect herself between life and death. All princes want to protect Hae Soo (except 3rd and 9th) while Yeon Hwa has no one to protect her. Even her own brother is using her in his plan. She sees no protection for herself and the only thing left is to find a way to live, a way to power even if it means to kill her siblings. It is not a crime to want to live. That line really matches with Yeon Hwa (not that I like her - I like the KHN's acting though). I like to go back about the system back then in Goryeo. All of them are victims of the system and it is true that they are not really doing anything to change the system. Even if they are attempting to change the system, they end up causing that system to stay in place or everything just goes so wrong like adding more fuel to the fire. Wang So will probably be the only one successfully changing the system but it only happens in his reign. If Eun and his wife did not die, then Yo would find them to kill them or kill someone else. That would still enrage So anyway. I definitely think that Yeon Hwa will be the one to let Soo know about her warning to Wook. Then Wook would be helping Hae Soo one last time (or could be breaking So and Soo one last time) so she could move outside the palace with Jung or something like that. Ji Mong's inability to see Yo's star as the king but a traitor is probably something in line with Yo's usurping the throne and killing Moo. Even though he becomes King, he does not get the support of the people and begin to kill anyone who happens to be hindering his path to stabilize his power and solidify his Kingship. So I think Ji Mong's words make sense but as in Yo becomes King by revolting (and also has no source for power).

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  14. 7 minutes ago, gamer403 said:

    Good Evening Guys!!

    This is actually my first time joining a forum for a drama. I have been a silent reader in this thread since episode 1...hihi sorry about that...... :blush: I really love this DRAMA!!!! :heart:

    But today, I decided to make an account because I just can't contain my feelings for yesterday's episode. It was so LOVELY...the scenes with So & Soo....finally they're in each other's arms. Confirming and sealing their LOVE with a kiss. We could also see the longing in their eyes. It seems like they have waited for so long for that to happen. I also love the stargazing scene and the boat scene. When So howl like a wolf, I really laugh so loud. He was like a kid...so cute. :heart:

    But we have to face the truth, that it is not all lovely the entire episode.

    I cried when Jimong is calling out the Crown Prince name, it so heartbreaking :bawling:

    Then I actually skip some parts of the episode (just a little bit), especially Wook's part. I LOATHED him!!

    And then, there's Lion King...I mean Prince Wang Yo and his Evil troops (including Won, Chae Ryung, Wook, Queen Yoo, Yeonhwa)

    This episode is really an emotional roller coaster ride for all of us. After watching it, I really feel tired but at the same time happy( of course for our So-Soo couple).

    And today we are waiting for Episode 15. Will tonight's episode be another emotional roller coaster ride for us? Will you ride this roller coaster again after getting your heart broken yesterday? 

    ME?? OF COURSE!!! Count Me in!!!

    Welcome, new eclipse! Someone please add @gamer403 to the roll call. LOL

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