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  1. 9 minutes ago, lynne22 said:

    Ummnn... not to be that guy.... I have few problems with how the story flows in this drama.. but mostly I want to reserved my judgement till the end of the story... 

    But.. from ep 54, about that two crazy prince... did anyone get their rapey vibe and what they are going to do to that female prisoner? I kinda wondered what's the use of this scene?

    To be honest... I'm never comfortable with rape that is being used as a punishment or a plot device in media... And to see it shown in this drama it makes me wonder....

    Because the way I see it, it can only mean one of this thing :

    - Will it be a foreshadowing of Sui He's fate ? ( which if this happen, I still don't like it... Sui He needs to be punished but not like this. Kill her.. torture her if you must.. but rape is so demeaning.)

    - Will it be a foreshadowing that somewhere those two will be let loose and almost hurt Jin Mi before she was rescued? 

    - Or this scene will not mean anything and not going to be explored again? If this happen, it will prove my point that this is very an unnecessary scene..

    I get it that the writers wants to show us Sui He's real nature.. but isn't already obvious that Sui He is very devious and also cruel?  


    I think that scene is just to show Sui He's cruelness and that scene will not be explored again. 

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  2. 3 minutes ago, BaiZiHua said:


    I'm thinking maybe they are gonna put it towards his confession because that will have a bigger impact on the audience. Because when I read that part in the book my heart was torn to pieces. I cried so much reading that chapter. And seeing how his last confession was a important part of the story I'm hoping they will add it in.




    Ya, I cried when reading that chapter too. It's too heart wrenching. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, mrsyooknit said:


    not 100% sure but I believe the feather can only protect. Every occasion it was used for protecting and he initially gave it to JM for protection. So I don't think he threw it and it chose to protect. Once he saw it in his hand, he knew the feather was going to protect her so he threw his attack along with the feather knowing nothing would happen. Then he said the feather betrayed him bc he doesnt want to seem weak towards JM (as in easily taken advantage of by the person who killed you). 

    Maybe what happened was that he was going to attack her and the feather appeared on his hand kind of subconsciously bc he wanted to protect her and he just let it happen. But is angry at himself for wanting to protect her that is why he says he is going to destroy it for betraying him. 


    I believe his uncle used the feather to protect himself and the Emperor from RY during the wedding. When the Emperor sacrificed himself he used the feather to hold on to XF's soul and gave it to SH. 

    Hmm... I agree your point. And yes, huan di feng ling is only used for protection and it's the most important thing for a Phoenix. 

  4. 8 minutes ago, 40somethingahjumma said:

    @cenching   What they really butchered was CQ's character. Sad really.

    I think we all suspected that underneath all that bad editing was a lot of unused footage. While we don't have confirmation that all of this footage was really taken out of the final cut, it does unfortunately ring true and it certainly explains the wobbliness of the second half of the drama... the inconsistent pacing, the lack of OTP scenes as compared to the first twenty odd episodes, as well as unnecessary scenes of people angsting and brooding.

    Somebody thought they could milk the PA ratings and turn the story into a franchise. Or sell the director's cut DVDs. 

    I dun think a director's cut DVDs will have the original footages and original ending.. if yes, that will be like another drama already... But I do hope is a yes, I dun mind buying that...

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  5. 1 hour ago, The_Joker said:

    I'm on tenterhooks whether to start watching God of War too.  The thing that kept holding me back is the heroine, I suffered through The K2 (korean drama) due to her.  I would binge on LQX's movies first then decide his dramas later.

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    1) Princess Pearl - oldie but gold

    2)  General and I - not too heavy on the melodrama, lots of tonsils hockey for a Wuxia drama and just go with the flow for its CGI and body double.

    3)  Princess Wei Yuoung - great acting from LouJin who can utter cheesy and corny lines but make them seem natural but tendency to be typecast and good villains who can make you root for them still.  But the damsel in distress plot that were on rinse and repeat did wear out my patience a bit.

    4)  Nirvana In Fire - the 1st four episodes basically  the introductions of the characters with their present and past (backstories) interwoven while being forced down your throat.  Then smooth sailing with tinge of bittersweet of the every types of relationship you can think of - bromances, alliances, family and romance, though it is not romance themed but bits and pieces is there. 

    5)  You Are My Sunshine -  about 1/3 is sloth  like plot with the female lead being so lifeless but after flashback of their younger days (I like the younger heroine cast) and both leads get together...it starts to be on fire.

    6)  The Journey of Flower - I like the relationship between the female lead and Demon Lord but I watched it with quite a lot of fast forwarding.

    7)  Ten Miles of Peach Blossom - I like the 1/3  of the whole story.  Too much of deities and demigods plus their petty problems, battles between good and evil, the pinnacle of love between main leads and they have a son but I was taken aback on how indifferent BaiQian towards her child.  Conclusion: I fast forward a lot more in this drama as compared to my watching The Journey of Flower.

    8)  Love Me If You Dare - quite a favourite of mine since the plot has everything comedy, thriller and suspense, romance and drama.  The thing that marred my enjoyment was the antagonist who was cartoonish in his  portrayal of the villain.  I enjoyed both the novel and drama.

    9)  When A Snail Falls In Love - this is when the novel was better because I feel the heroine (XuXu) who was a brainiac. mechanical, socially introvert and tend to get lost in her thoughts became inanimate object as depicted by the actress in the drama.  Furthermore, the crimes became too draggy because they were all inter-connected until I felt the whole drama has a single crime only, which in essence it was and rooted from JiBai's (the male lead) backstory.

    10)  Perfect Couple - the  first 1/3 was hilarious, second 1/3 bearable but the final 1/3 the plot tried so hard to recapture its 1st part charm and failed miserably.

    11) Loving Never Forgetting - sloth like plot with irredeemable jerkwad character in the male lead and I watched about 5-6 episodes in between fast forwarding.

    12) Prince of LangLing - fair entertainment value with too unbelievable Mr Nice Guy and blind loyalty characteristics of LangLing Wang.  The speech pattern of the heroine  another thing that jarred my drama watching.

    Korean Drama:

    1) Healer - smooth pacing and smart plot.  The main leads always on the same page and great chemistry.  This drama is gold for me and it has every element plus an overall excellent acting from the whole casts.

    2)  Time Between Dog And Wolf - brilliant dual personalities by Lee Joon Gi and watching this I feel City Hunter was a child's play.

    3)  Deep Rooted Tree - bravo

    4)  My Name Is Kim Sam Soon - comedy gold with lots of hearts and valuable message.

    5)  The K2 - after the 3rd episodes totally ignore the female lead that's how I was able to appreciate the drama.

    6)  City Hunter - the foreplay was wonderful but after they shoved Kim NaNa trajectory it went downhill and I was never able to complete watching its last 2 or 3 episodes.

    7)  Arang and The Magistrate - for the love of Lee Joon Gi because when Arang found out about herself, that's when she lost herself as well.

    8)  Coffee Prince - comedy gold with hearts as well and when you love someone that's all that matter regardless of gender.

    9)  Sungkyunkwan Scandal - the bromance 

    10) Reply 1997 - nostalgic and wonderful

    11)  Sassy Go Go - even highschoolers have healthier relationship because they communicate

    12) The Beautiful Mind - anti-hero who learn how to love

    13) Friends, Our Legend - Hyun Bin at his best and from friends to foes, it was a gripping drama but the emotional journey was worth it.

    14)  My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho - sweet fantasy romance

    15)  Two Weeks - parental love transcend everything

    - I'll stop here for kdrama.

    Taiwanese Drama:

    1) Autumn Concerto - 1/2 half was a bit dramatic but the plot has bits of everything and the wonderful bond between the main leads with their son who was wise beyond his years, such a cheeky lil man.

    2) It Started With A Kiss - I prefer the series as compared to its second series They Kiss Again.

    I watched K2 because of Ji Chang Wok and Song Yoona. He is damn hot. I dun really like Im Yoona, but I did see her acting improvement from her previous work to K2. 

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  6. Outside the abandon temple, what YWY said really touched my heart. I cried when he said that... Idioms are hard to translate words by words, but the meaning basically goes like this:

    CQ said to YWY next time they met in battlefield, she is OK if it is unavoidable he has to kill her. YWY asked her if they changed position, will she kill him? CQ said she will not but she will do whatever she can to defeat him. YWY said, he can't do it, he will not kill CQ. 

    CQ said, a person will get hurt badly if he started to move his heart (something like invested emotion). YWY said he already get hurt badly (in this content, he said 被荆棘刺穿了, mean something the needle/ torn has stamped thru him). 

    I cried when he said that...

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  7. 34 minutes ago, gentlelily12 said:


    The rate the episode has gone today is utter disappointment.  I cant believe its really going to take YWY's death to finally awaken XE's love for him (for this the writers are following the book i see).  Hearing him talk abt her being YX's wife and addressing her as so must be killing him inside (he tends to only show his sorrow when he's alone, my poor YWY) and that the one who can hurt him would no longer be his is so heartbreaking to hear let alone feel on his part.  I like how he actually considered XE as belonging to him once and i thought XE felt slightly disturbed by his pain too.

    I cant comprehend that after all YWY has shown and done for her yet XE still wishes to be and now marry YX.  She lets YWY hug, kiss and kiss her again but all those years with YX not once has she done these with him so what actually is in her heart and mind.  YWY has revealed, confessed and demonstrated his love for her and yet after these embraces and kisses she's still staying with YX. I find the development of XE's character truly confusing.

    How does YWY bear this pain? I cant imagine that till his "death" in the lake he would still not know XE has a change of heart or aware she might love him.  That would mean if he indeed "died" he would have died thinking XE never loved him and this is so unfair and sad for YWY to "leave" like that.  And yet, he would still love her till death.

    I need to see XE's reaction when YWY calls her Yan Wangfei tomorrow.

    I wonder if XE thinks staying and being with YX will keep or curb his evil side from developing further as she finally realises what YWY said abt YX being the wolf raised by her and feels responsibe for some of his actions.  But XE, a man especially a grown one like YX can and must be responsible for his own deeds and actions as he knows right from wrong, good and bad as well as whats black and whats white and no one can stop a person's change of heart or destiny. 

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    credit as tagged


    BTS - Ice Lake Scene:

    credit to 4uDrama

    Yes, I agree with you. Only YWY die can make CQ awake the love for him. And I'm also confused with CQ character's grow and development in the drama. That is why I have a post earlier asking when and how CQ develop her feeling for YWY. 

    She is very contradict in the sense of accepting all the embraces and kisses from YWY, and yet still ambitious and confident to stay by YX thought that she can influence him to be good again? In my opinion, she is very selfish. She cares about the people's in Yanbei, cares about people's suffered from war, thought that she is responsible for YX's attitude changed, wanted to hold on her beliefs that no more slavery blah blah blah, but what about her loves one? I just couldn't understand her priority :wacko:. YWY on the other hand just want her to live happily and listen to her own heart. Aren't these all the actions and thought a person hopes for his loves one? He let her do whatever she wants, and yet still be waiting her reciprocal. Poor him..

    I dunno why after seeing the preview, I have a feeling he is about to give up and let her go.. I feel so pity for him. 

    Well, I guess I will be just keep quiet and watch the remaining episodes until the end. And I do hope they both end up together good and we have more lovey dovey screen time for both of them.

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  8. 7 minutes ago, Melda Hung said:


    Bts conversation of ywy n cq

    Omg i notice that girl wanna cure YX headache is Chun Er omaigod :D lol

    But feeling so sad hearing YWY say to CQ next time maybe he should call her Queen Yan :bawling: omg so hurting ... 

    What the heck that princess Liang do to ywy ... he looks so pale ... damn it .. 

    YwY from the start already knew that XE is Luo He's daughter but he keeps it secret :wub: maybe if his grandpa know it omg cant imagine it haha

    The bts is so funny with the "do you want to build a snowman" songs and then afterwards winter sonata song.. haha

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  9. 3 minutes ago, cenching said:


    Extended preview, can someone translate what was YWY's reply after XE told him to "pau cung"?

    YWY asked her, is it the next time we met, I should be calling you Yan Wangfei (Queen of Yan, YX's wife)... And I think CQ warned him about YX going to hurt him or something, so she asked YWY to take care (duo bao zhong).. then YWY said those won't able to hurt him, the one that able to get him hurt will be no longer belongs to him (he means CQ).... 

    Oh the last sentence is so touching...

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  10. YWY is a great man and great mentor for CQ. Aiks, CQ ah, can you pls wake up and make the right decision already? From the preview of Mr. Wu, CQ still think that she still can stay by YX to influence him... She is still new/ fresh to all these conspiracy environment. I'm just hoping we have a good ending for YwY-CQ couple. Good ending means pls be together! Not those what we both understand each other blah blah blah even tough we are apart this kind of ending!!!!

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  11. 9 minutes ago, cenching said:


    Another heart to heart conversation...please translate...thank you... I only got around 50%

    Add. So YWY understand the road that she must take and she has to reach the finish line.

    Rough translation:

    CQ: my life is hard. I've done things right and done things wrong, but I never regret because I can see my heart clearly. I'm just getting tired.

    YWY: if you feel tired, then u stop for awhile to rest (recharge), then only you will have the energy (courage) to keep moving forward. A lot of things not done by one step. Even tough there is no Cheng Yuan, there will still be another person. Those that succeeded in their life has been thru all these conspiracy, traps etc. If you have chosen this road, anyhow you will have to walk till the end.

    CQ: why you want to tell me all these? Aren't you hoping I'm not going back to Yanbei?

    YWY: I hope that you live happily and listen to your heart. 

    CQ: YWY, I never owe anyone so much, only you that I've owed you too much and never can repay.

    YWY: if you want to cry then cry. After crying, be strong. 


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  12. 5 minutes ago, cenching said:

    Thank you, :D

    I do think that XE used that particular character in the faked letter to warned YWY and then she was the mastermind who rescued the fat guy and gangs. Maybe in her mind she is trying to pay back what she owed to YWY.

    Yea, I'm thinking that too. But according to YWY, CQ doesn't aware that the character that she learned was wrong ever since YWY reached her writing. A bit confused here. Haha...

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  13. 14 minutes ago, cenching said:

    For those who watched the raw version and understand Chinese, can you please tell me what was the conversation between MF and YWY during the rain? Thanks 

    YWY asked her how's the condition of the fat guy undercover and his man (those that has been beaten up in the prison). MF said, she has settled down them in some kind like a safe house and based on the fat guy description, a mysterious man with a black mask rescued them from the prison. 

    I think is the xiuli army (ordered by CQ perhaps) rescue them?

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  14. Gosh!! I hate Cheng Yuan so much. He is manipulating YX's trust towards CQ. He is a jerk! :angry:

    I bet YX fight with YWY (if there is) at the ice lake is because of jealousy  not because of anything related to the war. 

    CQ is going to leave him, and he got mad. CQ will regain her memories when she fall into the lake with YWY and will use her whatsoever power to save YWY. That is my guess... Will see how the story goes...

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  15. 16 minutes ago, IrisFM said:

    Best scene last episode was when YWY showed his face to the shock of the dagger man whom thought he could have easily killed prince YS. YWY is too kind to let him go, could have just ended him there and then or at least aim for his butttttt.





    In my opinion, YWY let him go purposely. He shot him with his signature arrow I think he wanted to let the opponent (aka YX) know that he is here. 

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