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  1. Just wanted to note that Kang spent his entire relationship with Roo Da being jealous of her and Jin Sang. By the end of the show, Roo Da and Jin Sang are all about mutual respect, empathy, trust and warmth. Especially in the scene where they confirm their feelings for each other and go off walking hand in hand. Baek Jin Sang didn't just get the girl because he's the lead. He genuinely changed as a person because he wanted to change. He slowly but surely began to see his flaws and how much he hurt the people around him and he actively sought to correct these things not just because Roo Da wanted him to, but because it was the right thing to do. He is definitely a worthy romantic partner for Roo Da once he realizes his feelings and starts treating her well. As for Roo Da, she changed because of the time loop and her interactions with Jin Sang and she came to realize that she was always looking towards him, not Kang. This was also addressed by the end of the show with Yu Si Baek. Definitely revisit the show! It does a good job of addressing everything you had an issue with. I agree though that the show lagged a bit in the middle when the time loop stopped, but this part of the show was necessary for future plot points.
  2. @jenappelle Thank you so much for your detailed answer! I remember kind of being bowled over the first time I saw that scene simply because of Roo Da's strong reaction to him telling her to stop caring about him. Up to that point she was pretty adamant about hating him and only associating with him because of the time loop, but during this scene we see how invested she actually is in her time with him. It was like a slap in the face for her, but she basically told him that she was only being nice to him because of the time loop and he felt a bit hurt by that. I think he was genuinely enjoying their brief partnership (especially when she randomly hugs him or grabs his hands), and he was trying really hard to please her even back then, and so when she told him it was all a lie he felt betrayed. Yeah, her neglect of Jun Ho while they were "official" was a big point of contention for me. She kept insisting that Jun Ho was the one she liked, and yet she continuously abandoned him for Baek Jin Sang at the drop of a hat. I kept waiting for her to wake up but she just wouldn't. I think it was a case of her not wanting to pass up on the young, handsome, funny, rich guy that everyone keeps telling her she wants. Her feelings for Jin Sang were complicated and it was just hard for her to comprehend that it might be love when she had spent so much of her working life hating his guts. Oh, definitely. She manhandles him A LOT in those first episodes and I think he quite enjoys it. I love the scene where he takes her to the police station to prosecute her for harassment and when the officers ask her to reenact the crime his eyebrow goes up and he gets a little excited. And when she covers his mouth for the first time it is shot in a really romantic, breathless way (even though the conclusion to that scene is him throwing her hand off of him and trying to spit off her germs). But the more she touches him, the more he begins to acquiesce to her, and in that scene where he tells her to stop caring about him, she tries to touch him but he stops her. He is definitely weak to her touch. Oh my goodness, that is my absolute favorite j-dorama for that very reason. I like the subtle romances, and that one just kind of creeps up on the characters like it was the most natural thing in the world. I definitely have a type when it comes to my OTPs. Yes, very much so! I was thinking the same thing. Because we saw so little of their romantic relationship, there is so much to be explored between them, and it just may be the thing to bring me back into the world of fanfiction.
  3. Now that we know for sure that Ruda had latent romantic feelings for Baek Jin Sang, when do you guys think that she started falling for him? As I'm rewatching the episodes, I think it's clear that she starts seeing him as a decent person around ep 4 (or ep 7-8, depending on your source) when he saves the employees from being publicly ridiculed, but not quite sure when she started to actually like him. Originally I thought that she was into him when she followed him to the Garibong franchise, but then they shared that infamous hug where she was totally disgusted, so I guess that wasn't the case. But by the time she rushes to him at the hospital after their big time loop fight her feelings are already there but she doesn't realize it. So... when the heck did she subconsciously fall for him? I do sometimes wonder if even the cast wasn't sure how the loveline would go and so Baek Jin Hee wasn't able to portray Ruda's feelings as fully as she could have. Or perhaps it was just their intent to keep us guessing until the end and so she had to hold back.
  4. So, I just about died at the end scene there where Ruda is scolding Jin Sang for being so assertive with the workers and he says, "You once told me that you find it attractive when I speak that way." OMG! Clearly they are a little bit kinky in their private life.
  5. Haven't watched with subs yet, but I have to say that that was a pretty satisfying ending. Even Kang In Han made me cry for him, which was very unexpected. But anyway, this drama was wonderful from beginning to end and I feel silly for ever doubting the writer. I am just conditioned to expect disappointment with k-drama endings, but this one was pitch perfect. I'm a little sad that we didn't even get one last hug, but they have expressed their feelings for each other so clearly throughout the drama that I suppose it just wasn't needed. It just baffled me that it took Ruda that long to fall for Jin Sang. Even Kang Jun Ho fell for him before she did!
  6. Regarding Roo Da's romantic options: The reason why I cannot and will never buy Roo Da/Joon Ho is because despite Roo Da's words, she never seems that invested in her relationship with him. During every date that we see between them, Jin Sang is always on her mind. Granted, during the revenge time loop it's because she's always waiting for him to pop up and ruin the date, but I think it's telling that instead of enjoying her time with Joon Ho she spends her time anticipating Jin Sang's entrance. And then during her movie date with Joon Ho, she is angsting about how harsh she was to Jin Sang even though Jin Sang 100% deserved to hear what she said, and she even goes so far as answering his phone call during her date with Joon Ho and completely abandoning Joon Ho once she heard that Jin Sang was in danger (and promptly forgetting about him for quite awhile afterwards). And then she ignores Joon Ho's calls when she's with Jin Sang. Call me crazy, but shouldn't your boyfriend come before your colleague??? And aside from all that, all of the narrative significance has been given to the Jin Sang/Roo Da relationship. Joon Ho/Roo Da has happened almost entirely off screen, making it hard for us to root for them. In addition to that, Joon Ho constantly feels like Roo Da cares more for Jin Sang than she does about her relationship with Joon Ho, and no amount of her reassuring words has made him feel otherwise. Actions speak louder than words, and all of Roo Da's actions have been for Jin Sang. I think Roo Da has fun with Joon Ho, but that's it. She doesn't seem to care that deeply for him. She's not invested in him the way that she is invested in Baek Jin Sang. As for wanting her with Jin Sang, it is just a natural inclination to want the two leads to end up together. They have the most emotional development together and my heart wants what it wants. Yes, it's problematic, but I don't watch Korean dramas to see a perfect relationship, I watch it for the fantasy aspect. Jin Sang owns my heart, therefore I want him to get everything that makes him happy. He has gone through the suffering he needed to realize that he was an awful person. You can't change just because of one person. Yes, Roo Da was the impetus for his change, but he didn't start truly changing until he himself realized that he was hurting people beyond repair. He apologized to Hyun Jung because he didn't want her to hurt anymore and he was truly grateful to her for letting him correct his mistakes. He wanted praise from Roo Da, but that's because it's a habit for him now. He also truly wants to protect and cherish his team members now. This was especially highlighted while Roo Da was dead. The person who brought him out of his grief and self loathing was Ms. Choi and her statement about how they all need to comfort each other. He has changed for the better and it's not all about Roo Da. But he is very devoted in his love to her, and who wouldn't want to be loved and cherished that much? The issue is that we never found out how Roo Da truly felt about Jin Sang. She was never able to verbalize her feelings for him and so he (and the audience) have been left confused on this aspect. I mean, she even died trying to save him. What are we supposed to believe? As I said earlier, actions speak louder than words, and so many of her actions have pointed to her having feelings for Jin Sang, but at the same time she is very insistent about not liking him, so we are left guessing. If she really doesn't like him and there's no chance of her ever feeling that way about him then that's the end of my shippy feelings, but she keeps giving us (and Jin Sang) hope. I also think it's significant how different Roo Da is in this new timeline. It is definitely highlighting how much the time loop and her interactions with Baek Jin Sang have brought out her true self. Jin Sang (current and past) gets her riled up and makes her think about her life choices. Everyone always talks about how much she has changed Jin Sang, but what about how much he has (unintentionally) changed her? In the early days of the time loop, just about every big revelation she had came from listening to Jin Sang's words. He's the one who made her notice Ms. Choi's difficulties. He's the one who made her act on her sense of justice. He's the one who brought out her fighting spirit and made her realize that she can change things. Somewhere along the way she stopped hating him and started realizing that he had worth as a human being and was capable of being better, and what gave her that motivation was probably the fact that she herself had become a better person. She likes the person that she became, and she likes the person that she is when she's with Jin Sang. I think that's why she ultimately can't let go of him even when the time loop is gone.
  7. In the context of the drama, it could also mean saving Hyun Jung from the fire. The time loop would take him back to the day that started it all and he could go to her and apologize, and then he could somehow save her from the fire.
  8. Now that I am over the trauma of the episode, instead of heartbroken I am now angry because: 1. When Roo Da intervened on the rooftop, the police were already there and about to intervene, so it was pointless. Any sane person would have just stepped back and let the police take care of it 2. You could argue that Roo Da wasn't sane in that moment because she was so sick with worry that Jin Sang would die, but why would she put her life at risk for someone that she has repeatedly stated that she has no feelings for? Even if she just thinks of him as a good person, I don't think that she would react that way if it was Ms. Choi or Mr. Park who were in danger. She would have gasped from the sidelines and let the police take care of it. 3. Is Jin Sang really not strong enough to fight off an old man without Roo Da's help??? 4. The show made us think that Roo Da was about to chew out Kang for hating Jin Sang and being petty, but then he very much did not look like someone who just got scolded by his girlfriend in the next scene. Which makes me fear that in that missing scene she just reaffirms her devotion to Kang and her lack of interest in Jin Sang. 5. Roo Da's message to Jin Sang makes it very clear that she just does not see him in a romantic light. She has warm feelings for him as a person and that's it. Which makes point #1 even more baffling. I realize that this storyline had to happen in order to follow the general trajectory of the webtoon, but it came about in a very frustrating way. And quite honestly it was unnecessary since Jin Sang has already reached the point of genuine guilt and truly wants to right his wrongs. Webtoon Baek only reached this point because of Roo Da's death. Drama Baek didn't need this. Now, it would have been a different story if this scene had been used to show that Roo Da really does love Baek, but then it's immediately followed by the scene with the voice message. The only good thing to come out of it was a truly wonderful performance from Kang Ji Hwan in that very last scene. I have never so fully felt a character's devastation and sorrow as I did during that scene.
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