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  1. DC has been down for awhile now.... been trying to access it but can't... hopefully it goes back up soon...
  2. I'm losing count.... I don't know which trailer/teaser this is now....
  3. It feels like there was a switch in the writer after ep 9 cuz it all of a sudden went from a romcom to a family, daily drama. Not only that but it's super odd how the main couple kept running into each other unexpectedly (while not yet in a relationship) in the first half of the drama to barely even meeting (when in love). And please, do not blame to actors and do not create unnecessary speculations like YEH and CJM not getting along..... Blame the script, not them. They didn't write the script. And I hate how people speculate that they don't get along just because they had little screen time together.... wasn't their choice... Evident in the BTS and the scenes that they are happy (together). Again, this felt like a family drama in the end rather than the romcom.... And what I do like is that this drama is about being and finding good people... I also like that in the end, WH found out that he was surrounded by good people, he just never had the chance to understand them until he met YJ. The secondary characters probably loved this drama cuz they will usually not have as much screen time in other dramas as they do on this one. While I was disappointed in how the drama went, I still do enjoy bits and pieces of this drama... will rewatch those bits and pieces and will definitely rewatch the BTS..
  4. I just resorted to watching their BTS...... But same as others, disappointed with how the drama screwed with the main couple..... It's hard to even call them the main couple cuz they barely had scenes together from ep 8 and on....
  5. She must be exhausted....... she has this drama and that other show/drama she was filming..
  6. To me, even if she left him..... I wish he tried to reach out at least one more time..... a text will be best cuz even if she didn't want to hear, there is a good chance she will read it..... I'm big on trying. YJ on the other hand, should have heard him out. She left him when she said she wouldn't let him be lonely.... Then, I got the reason.... She can't see him cuz she doesn't know what she would do. She told her manager she doesn't have the confidence to let him go. She realized he didn't do anything wrong but still knew that the relationship will be difficult to continue cuz of the witch.
  7. 3 things that bothered me with WH in ep 10. 1) Yes, he was hurt she left with bff but...... he didn't even text and call her.... YJ was waiting... she checked her phone 2) Again, he was hurt, but he just promised to take the lead for her and he wanted to runaway to Africa (granted, he didn't) 3) He is finally fighting back, wish he could have let YJ know so she is not clueless.... again.. Anywayzzz, Am I the only one who want YJ and WH to go to the engagement party.....? Then he grabs YJ and then declares that she's the one he wants to marry..... Personally, if given the platform, I would air everyone's dirty secrets there.... Say the witch is blackmailing and ruining lives and so is dad.... Or if he already has the stocks given by daddy dearest, he should give it to stepmom.... that will really get on his nerves...
  8. I don't agree with people who can't see why YJ is upset with WH.... 1) She had her heartbroken last time at her happiest moment in the same way... (engagement news.... and to a chaebol at that) 2) Yes, she stopped him from explaining but wasn't it him who suggested to "forget it all and enjoy (they're) our time" (ep 9)... so when she heard how serious it was going to be, she postponed it.. 3) He had multiple occasions to tell her.... the perfect time would be beginning of ep 9.... no one got mad at him for not telling her..... He even contemplated in ep 7 whether or not to tell her his "secret" (whatever it may be).... Anywayzzz, Contrary to what most people think that YJ's will bring on a big fight between our leads, what if he is the one to actually bring them together?
  9. Can I just say how amazing YEH looked in that wetsuit? Cuz she did. And when she stepped out in her "disguise", I think CJM, not WH, was the one laughing cuz his nose crinkled. Anywayzzz, one thing I noticed (if I'm not wrong), I think they used a few lines from Goong when the girl was auditioning... I found it cute and amusing... LOL
  10. Haha.... if you change it, isn't Reno Blue more appropriate? LOL And I think that they are starting to realize that their fake relationship is becoming real... Didn't WH admit that "it's becoming blurry whether it's fake or not"? Maybe by this week, it'll be real.... I am hoping since there were some hugging in the preview for this week.
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