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  1. Ugh, it's a bit much. I remember how Yibo had to change his phone number over the summer because someone had figured out his number and sold it so saesang fans who kept calling him. And then there have been stories of other artists, like Xiao Zhan, who've shown up to the airport only to find out their tickets are canceled and it turns out it was all done by a fan who just wanted to make it easier for them to get tickets for the same flight. Just... *shudders*
  2. (I forgot to reply to this yesterday @owlstar! Sorry!) LOL, I'm not surprised to hear that at all. Seriously. It really drove me nuts how every time something didn't go the way Li Gan wanted with Shu Wen, he'd blame it on her "inability" to get over Sun Ge. How about maybe it's just the fact that you're not her type, bud? I really don't think she'd have accepted him even if there wasn't a Sun Ge! But he just could not get that. Definitely. Then they see the ring on his finger and find out his wife is beautiful and famous commentator lmao! You said you wanted more jealousy stories, right? This is giving me some ideas... except it'd be going totally off canon at this point . . . but I'm already off canon so surely nobody will mind? As for Luo Tian meeting someone, if I could think of a person (or type of person) for him to meet, I would totally write it! Even something short. The wheels in my brain only keep spinning though without actually getting anywhere... LOL. I don't know whether I should be proud or embarrassed by that. At least I've been able to move on to watch other dramas now. Now I'm just watching with friends as it's my method of getting them to watch it! Fortunately the reactions have been positive even if some were initially wary because of the whole gaming concept; gamers we are not.
  3. These airport clips always make me a little bit sad too because you can tell how uncomfortable it is for him. I know it comes with the territory, but I wish it didn't have to be? Some are just so intrusive the way the cameras are literally in his face. It's one thing if you happen to be there but to follow and chase after... I don't know, makes me uncomfortable. Yibo covering up almost his entire self reminds me of when he dressed up as Spiderman for Yuehua's Halloween party - I think it was last year? The costume when worn properly covered him from head to toe and you couldn't even see his face. In a backstage interview, when asked why he'd chosen that costume, he'd answered that he didn't want to be seen. Or something like that.
  4. This makes sense. I know when King's Avatar aired this past summer it was available with subs through WeTV's YouTube channel first and then their app at least a week, if not two, later. So, it wouldn't surprise me if it took a while for this drama to make its way onto their app too. I'm just glad there are subs available somewhere so that I can watch this drama when I find the time.
  5. He was/is such a petty jerk! I rewatched a few episodes along with a friend this past weekend and one thing that really stood out to me in that scene where PX was cutting cake before leaving VNG was how, in addition to Qi Yue gave him a hard time about that decision, Li Gan did too. I get that his departure put the team in a bind, but all's fair in love and war. And it's not like he did not anything untoward or broke a contract in order to leave. He waited for it to end and took another opportunity that came along. Sure there's the loyalty factor and whatnot, but PX knew that wasn't going to get him far and honestly, I actually give him a lot of props for realizing his limitations - not just at VNG, but personally as well, and knowing that he needed someone like XK on his side to win the world championships. That's why Shu Wen was so much the better person when she just walked up to him, stuck out her hand for shake, and wished him well. You just can't take these things personally, which is something Li Gan never learned. As an aside, another moment that stood out to me during this past weekend's rewatch was during Gu Fang's retirement ceremony when Shu Wen asked the other Pioneer members what they thought a combination of PX and XK being on the same team would look like. Such significance! ...That kind of blew past me all the other times that I watched that scene other than to note that she said it. Haha, when I shared that moment with @phikyl she said it was only natural that PX would turn out to be an effective pacifier given his method of using doggy lollipops to shut others up. LOL. Hee hee. I gotta work in the details where I can. Ohhhhh the mental images. @lynne22 what do you think about that?! I bet his class is popular with the girls... sudden influx of women playing iConquer competitively! One wonders what Yi Yi would have to say if she knew about that. ETA: I’m out of story ideas for now. Maybe something will occur to me when I marathon the drama with another friend this coming weekend, but otherwise I’m open to suggestions! I just make no promises as my muse has to be able to feel it.
  6. What does this mean, please? I love Xing Yun's parents by the way. They are relationship goals! Bao Dao Wei Lao, literally, means a treasured knife that does not age. It's an idiom for saying someone is still old but vigorous. So, in the context of GYH and Sun Ge, it was saying he may have been an older player but his skills and hand movements were still sharp enough to keep up with the competitive crowd. In Lucky's First Love, the dad used it because he was sure he'd heard something and his wife kept telling him he was old and hearing things (because she and Xing Yun didn't want him to hear what he kept hearing). When he realized he was right, he said he was "bao dao wei lao." "Nie pan" means nirvana and "chong sheng" means rebirth, so it's basically referring to starting anew. In Lucky's First Love the company had run into difficulties so the manager was encouraging the employees to dig down and start over now that they had gotten over rough patches. I like her Xing Yun's parents a lot too; they're a hoot! I have to admit that I don't remember that, but I'm now feeling an urgent need to rewatch that scene!
  7. Will definitely go back and watch the whole interview later... when I’m not on the work clock ... for now just started watching from where you’d linked. It looked cute! I do appreciate how they genuinely appear to be friends in all their interviews. What an opportunity Untamed turned out to be for them, for it to be as popular as it turned out to be, for them to showcase their acting skills and prove naysayers wrong, and for the friendships they forged!
  8. Hahaha, the story of Untamed may not particularly interest me but I do find their promo interviews fun to watch. And that's hilarious. I hadn't seen that video although I agree. It's unclear whether that comment was one the editors added or something XZ actually said, as I rewound a few times and didn't hear him asking the question. But still, too funny in light of his past experience with Song Zuer.
  9. Ever since news of this collaboration came out, I have been wondering. Did Song Zuer find Xiao Zhan to be a better conversationalist than Yibo? I also wonder if he came up in their conversations. Did Xiao Zhan call up Yibo to ask what she was like after he found out he'd be working with her? So many questions.
  10. Everyone likes a baby, right? This story jumps ahead a few years into the future... Enjoy! Story #6 – Baby’s Training Day
  11. Haha, I only learned about Yibo, Uniq, and so forth after Gank Your Heart this past summer.
  12. Yibo debuted in 2014 through Uniq, a Kpop boy band (made up of Chinese and South Korean members) formed by Yuehua Entertainment (a Chinese company). Xiao Zhan debuted in 2016 through X Nine, a Chinese boy band formed through X Fire, an idol survival program.
  13. Agreed. Dancing is Yibo's forte and the reason he entered the entertainment industry in the first place. Dancing is probably something Xiao Zhan had to learn after he became an idol singer. In one interview for their Untamed promos, Xiao Zhan talked about a time where during their filming he had to participate in some other show where there would be a dancing segment. He said Yibo looked at the video one time and learned it immediately, and then helped Xiao Zhan learn it for his program. In DDU there will also be times where a guest is asked to show some dancing scene and then Yibo is sent out to join them, and he always picks it up immediately and is able to follow along.
  14. Haha, yeah, I think Yibo does have a reputation for being a playful hitter on set. It came up in several interviews with his Untamed cast mates. Ohhhh my, LOL. Yeah, definitely won't be writing that one. I'm not good at writing any sort of steamy scene, frankly, but my ideas also just run in the opposite direction. I mean, next story involves a baby! I also just started putting up my GYH fics on Asianfanfics so that they can be easily found in one place.
  15. Huh. I suppose that’s one way to continue capitalizing on their popularity, if that’s the case. Just seems odd with that episode having aired a while back. But hey, I will never complain about having more Yibo things to watch, so I guess we’ll see!
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