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    OMG you fans in canada are sooooooooooooooooo lucky!!








    i'm so upset i can't go








    but my friend promised to go to the autograph session to get me an autograph








    God bless him ^.^








    khalil i hope you have some amazing shows in canada!!!








    come to the US next!!!














    his nose got so nice when he got older......i am sure it was natural progression.....i am sure!








    i love taekie....he's the reason i got into 2 pm








    and his answers rock!.....i love guys who don't know how to do their hair or dress......haha.....all natural baby














    i use Ralph Lauren Cool during spring and summer








    and Burberry The Beat during winter








    looking for a new one...








    oh i love Harajuku Lovers G...haven't gotten around to purchasing it yet tho














    i've been listening to orange moon for a while and i have to say i still like wonderland better








    i think khalil's going for a softer sound and that's cool...but i still miss songs like "gou bu gou"








    i read on his blog that he's back in the studio again! here! so i'm very excited for his new stuff








    i can't wait to see one of his performances live someday ^.^











  5. ok here's my take on the drama so far

    as far as looks go....everyone looks great and very in character

    kim bum is such delightful eye candy!

    as far as acting...koo hye sun as jandi should really tone it down a bit

    even tho it was funny at first.....i'm totally sick of taiwanese and korean dramas with over the top exaggeration and expressions....please just act realistic....because it's really hard for me to relate to the characters when they're going crazy

    lee min ho as joon pyo is great!...he reminds me sooo much of jerry<3.....and he just does a wonderful job...stubborn and hot tempered yet so innocent and cute!

    however i do feel the joon pyo in the korean version is bit of a softy......i mean he turns into mush for jandi in like the 2nd ep!......i want more anger!! haha

    no complaints for the rest of f4....tho i do wish kim hyun joong as ji hoo would smile a little bit less.....he's a tiny bit too happy for my liking

    oh a huge dissappointment for me is han chae young as seo hyun.....i mean she looks the part most out of all three dramas but her acting was horrible!...mean she's supposed to be looked up to, intelligent, fair, and rational.......to me she just seems snobby.....which is not like seo hyun's character at all!

    but so far i like it a lot better than the japanese version....mainly because of how awesome lee minho as joon pyo is!....but it still has not surpassed my love for the taiwanese version

    can't wait for eps 3 and 4!








    i'm not gonna name the obvious ones since you guys have already named them...






    but other than that...mostly girl singers from taiwan and hk who CANNOT sing at all!






    diaphram people!! not your head...not your nose...and not your throat..........gosh...they make me cringe






    ok i'm gonna name some that i'm gonna get punched for






    i luv these people but.....kangin, yunho, and hyori






    they all sing through their nose...and produce a sound that makes me wanna sniffle for them






    it's the most nasally thing ever!






    oh and sohee.....if she wasn't cute and a good dancer.......OMG















    so i FINALLY got my Orange Moon album yesterday






    *listening to it right now*






    it's exactly what khalil said it would be






    he was going for a more romantic feel






    wow it has such a weird effect on me.......like when i'm listening to the album i have to take deep breathes to recover






    another great ablum! everything flows so nicely.......and i enjoy every single song






    my only complaint for my FAV artist is that he compose more songs like "gou bu gou" and that he gain some weight (sorry khalil! i totally like contradicted your lyrics from gou by gou but it's for your own good health!)






    <3 khalil








  8. GOONG...?? iono. its a like a legendary teen drama in south korea. lol. their ratings were 30%.yeah i do hope they will too, but goong was a perfect drama from storyline,background image being a work of art, to the OST. BOF is just as good in my opinion just that the storyline in general is overly cheesy n cliche sometimes.

    yes goong was kinda the ultimate korean teen drama

    however i don't really agree with bof being cheesy and cliche....if you think about it meteor garden was like the start of teen dramas in asian....dramas following have taken their "stuff"....lines...characters profiles....etc.

    i would call it more of a classic.....haha

    just imo tho ^^

  9. i think that the korean version will probably include the storyline of both season 1 and season 2 of the taiwanese and japanese version. as of right now, the storyline is picking up way too fast. the scene where they went on vacation is already happening and i heard that the kiss scene between Hyun Joong and the model will be in episode 3. Hopefully this drama will also break the rating of Goong! :]

    you're right! the story is going waaaay too fast

    i mean they threw a couple of eggs at her...big whoop.....shantsai had her freakin motorcycle dragged around until it went up in flames!....lol

    i really like the f4 in this tho

    kim bum is such eye candy

    even tho i think this is way better than the japanese version

    i still like the taiwanese version the best

    the girl actor in this is waaaay too exaggerated


    omo XD I've been listening to it nonstop~! lucky you have it as a ringtone!!

    oh BTW, is that khalil fong in your avatar? :D











    yep i made it from myxer....the quality is so good ^^












    haha no...that's taebin from 1tym....but now that you mention it...maybe i should change it to khalil!






    or junsu...haha....i can't choose






    ugggghhh.....i really want my orange moon album now!






    yesasia sent me an email saying the send out date is being delayed to 1/05!






    grrr......so sad



    omo XD I've just recently started listening to him and i love IS THAT ENOUGH gah!!! It's so freakin nice XD supeerrrr






    it's one of my favs too!....it's been my ringtone for forever now ^^












    Singalongsong (英)






    I wrote this song






    It’s not too long






    Cause I’ve been thinkin’ about you






    I wrote this song






    Maybe I’m wrong






    to be caught up about you






    well I don’t know what you think about me






    oo Maybe you think nothing at all






    But maybe you could just lie to me






    and We could be in love, you see






    *oh it’s a sing a long song






    that’s not too long






    It’s when I think about you that I hear songs






    and you can sing along






    baby if you want to






    Cause baby I wrote this I wrote this for you






    I wrote this song






    It’s not too long






    cause I’m the one who loves you






    I wrote this song






    this can’t be wrong






    I don’t wanna smile without you






    well I just want to make you happy






    oo Maybe you want nothing at all






    and How I wish that you’re meant to be






    forever and the day with me












    In every way, you mean more to me






    then you’ll ever know






    Girl I’ll do my best to show these words are true






    And if you like to make a song and be in perfect






    harmony with me






    oh I’ll find the greatest words to sing






    so we could write our own romance












    oh it’s just a Sing a long song






    that’s not too long






    It’s when I think about you that I hear songs






    and you can sing along






    baby if you want to






    cause baby I wrote this I wrote this for you



    his first 2 albums were good but the third one was kinda disappointing.






    that's what i thought at first...but the more i listened to it...the more it became my favorite!...maybe a few more listens?...haha






    ok 橙月 ORANGE MOON is going to be released on 12/27 on yesasia.....sucks it's after Christmas






    another source says it's released on 12/19???






    gotta find a way to get this before christmas..haha






    here's the track:






    01. Singalongsong (English)






    02. 小小蟲






    03. 1234567






    04. 黑白






    05. 如果愛






    06. 黑洞裡






    07. 三人遊






    08. 每個人都會 (song for Cartier 'Love Project')






    09. 100種表情






    10. 愛我吧






    11. 為妳寫的歌 (Singalongsong 國語版)






    preorder it on yesasia.com!






    Come support Khalil! ^.^









    i was sooo happy and proud to see him win a mkmf






    i mean first cartier then mkmf?






    he's truly going international!












    though on a negative note...he did seem a bit nervous? tho it did get a loooot better towards the end....his amazing improvision skills kicked in ^^






    and he looked sooo tired and skinner (if that's even possible)






    though i guess that's to be expected






    he just posted on his blog that he's done recording his new album!!






    can't wait ^^






    khalil fighting!










    i still have not gotten over the fact that rob is nothing like the edward i imagined in my head and that the trailor comes nothing close to the book in my mind.......but wat can i go







    oh wait i know....go waste 8 dollars then complain about the movie w/ my friends........LOL


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