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    thanks for sharing lilyami!




    i hate to admit this but some of the performances were painful to watch...




    the boys have improved sooo much!!







    omg kwon's performance was amazing...does anyone know the song name?




    i loved Junsu's outfit...he always looks so stylish<3




    Junho was so cool! haha that's all i can say




    Jae's performance was O.O.....he did Usher proud.....one of my fav songs




    OMG MY TAEK BEAST he looked soooo fine in that jacket and he sounded amazing......*SPPPPAAAZZZ*







    thanks so much for sharing those pics yanasot! jae looks adorable!!








    i'm a fairly new fan...i started liking them after watching their children's day performance...hahaha




    but i've known about them since the beginning since i'm sort of a kpop blog stalker




    when i saw 10 out of 10 when it first came out i just remembered thinking...aweee these guys seem really fun and cute




    i liked them cause the MV was so funny and they were flipping all over the place which is pretty fresh




    the first person i noticed was definitely the Taek Beast




    i remembered thinking...damn this boy is fine




    he's still my favorite. i just love how big and tall and manly he is




    after i watched Idol Army i was like "aaaaahhhhh he's a big goofball!!"




    which made me love him more




    and he's always smiling




    plus i think he's really smart! he can speak english and korean well! ^.^




    there are so many favorite moments for me....I absolutely love when Taek and Jae are together...the part where Jae wakes Taek up for breakfast in Ep. 12 is about the cutest thing ever!!




    oh our talented leader Jae




    he's just so entertaining...whenever he dances he always shows something new and i'm never bored of him or his delicious abs! my friend says he shouldn't bother with clothes...it's a total waste of money in her opinion...haha




    i think he's such a STAR! he raps, sings, and dances well




    and he's an amazing performer.....he just totally grabs your attention




    like in Only You, i always feel like he's singing to me




    he's just the right amount of cocky




    i adore his laughter




    and he seriously reminds me of a bunny ;)




    my WOO MANDU!!!!




    i love this boy to death! whenever i see him i want to hug him and kiss his adorable cheeks! and then i curse the stupid laptop for not letting me go through the screen...lol




    he's pretty quiet but loves to camera hog and i just love his facial expressions...they crack me up!




    i have to admit though he looks like such a creeper sometimes.....i've rewatched this part in Ep. 11 dozens of times when they're playing the pillow game. Woo is just sitting there half asleep with this retarded smile on his face hahaha i laugh just thinking about it




    i love his dancing and singing too! he is so smooooth. one of my fav clips is where he is dancing with Hara in Ep. 2. they look so lovely together




    another thing i've noticed is that his mouth area reminds me exactly of Donghae's




    him and Jae are always licking their lips<3




    i didn't really care for him in the beginning *runs*...he seemed kind of cold but he became one of my FAVs after Ep. 7....that boy does not care what anyone thinks of him O.O




    Chan - the YUM monster. "he relies solely on his [animal] instincts" - Payal....i love when he hogs the food in Ep. 10...when he's fully asleep and starts sniffing the air for food...when he eats with no chopsticks and the parts where he grabs a handful of mandu...like who does that? haha




    Junho - a total cutie pooh! one of the most talented in the group imo. my favorite moments of Junho are his random spurts of english! "NATURAL" "The time is NOW!"




    Junsu - he's not as silly as the other boys. i think he might hold the sanity in this group...haha. always so fashionable...he reminds me of a turtle cause he's always in those turtlenecks and scarfs.....i felt so bad for him when that girl was like "yeah i know his name i like Xiah Junsu." I'm so glad he got remind of that bowl haircut...he looks much sexier now!




    Khun - khun is def the most popular in the group...and why wouldn't he be? the boy lights up the entire freakin' building. he looks so much like a real wang zi it's ridic. a very nice and gentle natured soul...but also extremely silly! have you guys seen his sexy dance? my favorite line from Khun is "I'm not a Wink vending machine!!!"




    basically i'm totally infatuated with 2 PM right now<3



    Oh my, khun looks like a vixen.

    hella loads of sexiness. (:



    taek's and maknae's cheap dance on the left!



    2PM sexiness + dorkiness = LOVES!



    binyboo_02 agreed!



    i wonder is he mixed-blood or so?



    jae has eyes that opens to his soul. xD



    the translated version of khun's scandal is killing me.



    im totally over jealous of the affection the girl is recieveing!








    nah i dun think so......he's so fair skinned tho



    he reminds me of a cute rabbit!






    2 PM on pops in seoul was hilarious!



    omg taek's english makes me drool



    i love you Jae!!.....one time my friend was like "why does Jae even bother with clothes? it's such a waste of money"



    the hyori thing was cute



    man junho and his random spurts of english are the best! 2 PM fighting!



    congrats to our boys on their 5th win!! OMG






    so i really hope no other members of 2 pm sign up for that scandal show



    cause i can't bare to watch it



    and khun's not even my fav



    yeah yeah i have serious fangirl issues



    so i'm wondering...how did they pick her?



    and it's not subbed so i was confused...was she surprised because khun brought her flowers...or because she didn't know about the show?



    Has anyone seen this clip?

    Nickhun and ss501's kyujong dancing to Son Dam Bi's Saturday Night......... And Khun was speaking Chinese with Chae Young. He sounds like he knows Madarin well....well the conversation was kinda simple phrases... but his mom is Chinese so...



    The dancing is fun to watch.. he's so cute.








    oh that is so cute!



    khun's pretty good...i wanna hear him speak more!



    my face part: "ni ni ni bu hao" *XMAN*






    oh my goodness



    the little kids dancing to again and again was adorable



    i really wish more of 2 pm were there to witness it



    hahaha when khun did his little rubbing motion and all the rugrats followed him i almost died from cuteness!



    oh and that crazy kid is going to be a star someday...hahaha



    honestly, Khun is not even my fav but I feel SUPER jealous!! xD idk why I feel hot watching the preview

    He looks so sweet with the girl I cant wait to watch this.... we can see a different side of him :)





    yess leave Jay, woo and Taec alone!! lol jk jk nah if the boys are happy then its ok^^ I'll be glad to see them happy too









    haha my sentiments exactly





    as long as jay woo and taec are safe...i'm good.......lol





    though i do feel jealous for my khun loving friend





    about them actually having girlfriends......of course if they did i would be more than elated for them...but at this point in their career i really don't think it's a good time





    just my opinion








    uh oh





    i am so confused by this site










    what if my friend isn't going to the concert and just wants to get the autograph for me





    he still has to buy a ticket to the concert??!!......i don't think i have that much money to spare for a concert i'm not going to o.O





    are the autograph session passes free? or do you have to purchase a concert ticket to go???


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