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    ^oh you are super welcome!!










    from what i've heard taek filmed scandal last week (T_____T)










    i'm pretty sure Hongki from FT Island's scandal is supposed to air the 9th










    no clue about Taek's.....whateves, not looking forward to that anyways.....it's just a going to be a huge screamfest for me (while i attack the computer) hahaha oh i'm so jealous










    here's some more pics










    credits to cheezychunnie and lovescape! from the 2PM soompi thread <3






































































    ^OMG this one just kills me......O.O






    Haha neither would I.!!










    Can I please steal Taec Beast???










    My nicknames are










    Udongiee for Wooyoung










    Jay for Jaebum










    Khun for Nichkhun










    Taec/Taecness for Taecyeon










    Maknae for Chansung










    Junho for Junho










    I don't have a nickname for Junsu either but I pronounce his name kinda weird










    I like stretch out the "u"'s










    So I say






























    I can't wait to watch star King!!



















    oh feel free! haha










    taecness is really cute too!
















    i fall for this guy these days..keke










    credit: bestiz





























    aaaaaaaaahhhh i adore this picture!










    thanks so much for sharing!
















    Thanks everyone for sharing your nicknames for the boys! don't you guys feel all warm and fuzzy now? teehee










    sry for cutting the posts short ;/



















    and Nichkhun.. i just call him Khun... but i think i'll start calling him the Khunster as well, if you don't mind x]



















    for Woo.. nothing really... but i think i'll call him Wandu combination of Mandu and Woo kekeke






























    haha no prob go right ahead!










    OMG Wandu that is sooo adorable...i might just have to borrow that one from you too!








    Sooyoung "Nickhun? I Don't Really Like Guys Whose Face is Whiter Than Mine"








    Source: 이미혜 macondo@newsen.com/Asian Fanatics










    Credits: http://cafe.daum.net/milkye










    Translated by: blingbling9@soshified.com










    SNSD Sooyoung made remarks that she is not fond of guys like Nickhun who have white faces.










    On MBC 'Fantastic Duo' that aired on the 7th, Kim Jaedong asked Nickhun "What do you think of Sooyoung if she was your girlfriend?" Nickhun responded, "She's very pretty, but I want to talk about it later." Sooyoung gave laughter by replying, "I myself don't really like guys whose face is whiter than mine."



















    well i kinda have to agree with sooyoung....i would not want to go out with a guy who's prettier and paler than me either......haha!










    sry...i still love you khun!
















    ANGee<3 haha i'm glad you like them.....yes Jae is one smexy FunniBunni haha








    LOL cute nicknames

















    some aren't even nicknames but whatevs xD;

















































    (we totally need Suju's Shiwon & Taek to do a battle of the brows xD)






























    WY or wooyoung bby => Wooyoung



















    (I dislike the nickname mandoo cuz I always think of SoHee and I'm not too fond of Sohee :x)






























    hahaha yeah some of mine are a bit long










    taekbrows......LOL that's so funny...and i totally agree......siwon and taek should totally battle it out with their eyebrows.....they are both so cheesy! i can forsee this on starking soon...










    yeah that reminds me of sohee too....well udong works too! haha

    I was wondering what Chinese names they have? Do someone know? I really curious about that ...










    hmmmm i'm sure they do...i mean chinese fans usually use the chinese versions of their names......but i dunno....does 2 pm have a lot of fans in china right now?
















    k so just wondering what are some nicknames you hottests use for the boys?



















    like when you're talking about them with your friends or posting on forums and stuff...






























    mine are






























    The Taek Beast/Beast/Beastie for Taek






























    FunniBunni for Jae






























    My Woo Mandu/My child (LOL) for Woo






























    The Khunster for Khun






























    The Yum Monster for Chan






























    and The JunBros for Junsu and Junho






















    Gagaga! :D

















    090608(Mon) Recoding of Star King






























    Credit: bestiz










    Wow.... Jaebeom's really HOT in HOTpink! :D





























    i swear that boy looks good in anything...or nothing...

    Also another vid... it's a cover on 2PM Again & Again... it's kindna funny. I like the parts that they are doing the fanshouts in the beginning.










    Credit: jchiching@youtube



















    hahaha this is hilarious!! i laughed so much....i like the fanshouts in the beginning too!










    thank you lovescape! for sharing such awesome pictures of the taek beast!!!
















    the dork that i adore






























    love you taekie!






























    omg i am so not looking forward to scandal....i think my laptop might die from my abuse...






























    here's an icon I made....hehe




















































    oh i topped the page....i shall share more!

















































    aaaahhh woo mandu and taek dancing.....too adorable^^











































































































































































    rockin' the Bape!






































    FAV drool worthy pic!!










































    i found this




























    0606 2PM @ 2am fan meeting







































    my gosh...does jae want to kill us? haha


























    taec is soo cute in this!!!





























    OMG taekhun couple is sooo adorable!! this is such a treat.....makes my day brighter!!










    OMG look at Jae's face!!!

    finally full subbed for this show!

    let's sleep here tonite (eng sub)



















    ^YAAAAAAAAAAYYY i'm so happy it's out










    my fav parts "the kid with the bun on his head please tell me your name" HAHAHA oh chan










    and the part where taek was beat boxing with his head down and chan lifted his chin up.......so cute!










    i loved the ajumma/unnis....they were really fun!





    his next album is gonna be a cover album










    really?? ugh...not too happy










    i mean it's probably amazing....but i wish he'd be a little more creative...?










    so from the comments the concert was amazing? :( i'll go check out the videos...if there are any




    ^ I don't think it's Taec. His smile doesn't stand out anywhere near as far as Taec's does. The 3rd dudes teeth fit in his mouth. Granted that could just be due to camera quality =X AWW I HEART YOU TAEC! I really don't think that's him. Hmmm...

    And AHAHA! Does Khun say "They are so gay" during the little interlude?







    yeah he does say that......hahaha




    omg that made me laugh.....that dude's teeth fits in his mouth......ROFL




    so i have a no and a yes...hmmmm




    Thanks to binyboo_02 , **lily** ..




    I have wonderful siggies.




    I was actually wanting to ask the dongsaeng group to get some siggies cos the noona's group had some. :P




    But now Im having trouble of putting which. *pouts*







    i'm really glad you like the sig




    i'm planning on making more with the boys pics this time!




    i just love this whole club idea...i think it's the cutest thing ever!

    Omg so I was on the first page of this thread.. and reading the profile.. and I NEVER knew Junsu was older than Khun O_O!!!!

    Wow.. I'm so..."embarrassed" shall I say? Hahahahha. Cuz I remember in "Let me sleep here tonight" Khun said he was the 2nd oldest..




    Or is it just me..? Lack of sleep here.. but I'm sure wide awake now.




    But wow.. Junsu was the 2nd oldest?! :\




    I feel so.. lost..




    I've been a 2PM fan FOREVER and yet I never knew that...




    Please correct me if I'm wrong.. but I'm sure the info's are correct. I even checked on Naver.








    Oh and I'm not surprised cuz he's OLD.. I'm just surprised I never knew that . . . -_-







    yep! junsu is def the second oldest....if you watch the video again Junsu looks like he wants to interrupt and correct what khun said but i guess they just let it go...haha the khunster just made a little mistake




    thanks so much for these links!! omg junsu impresses me more and more everyday with his vocal skills




    his friend has movie star looks! and taekie's friend seems really smart...just like him! hehe




    omg junsu's haircut looks damn fine on him O.O......*drool*



    [Eng Sub] 090603 It's Time 2PM Ep1 P2/2 JaeBeom



    Credit : Madam2PMsubs







    hahaha jae is so funny..."i only got one f!....taek got all f's" HAHAHA




    oh boos...we know you guys were super busy training....we forgive ;)




    OMG woo, taek, and khun on starking!!! hottest thing EVER......woo baby looks soooo hot when he dance....*fans myself*




    I just wanted to say I really love this thread. Not only because of 2 PM but because you Hottests are the best! everyone's just super nice and friendly<3



    FINALLLLLY - we love song show 2PM Cuts

    prt 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kSseYAB7Wc




    prt2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXB5wXNRjPk




    prt2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SO4Nlj_zXxY




    cr: lllmilll







    aaaaahhhh the JUN bros are sooo cute together!!




    OMG that scream.....love the TAEK BEAST!




    wooooow Junsu is impressing me so much!




    he's super cute, performed so wonderfully, and he can dress himself......haha

















    hehe if they do a collaboration album, could it be named "21pm - time for bed"???















    HAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHHA that made me crack up!




    i like this whole group thing it's so cute!!.....i'm a Dongsaeng.....'91er.....there seems to be a lot of us......haha




    OMG they all look so hot in suits......*dies from hotness overload*



    old pic,dunno if this has been posted b4
















    OMG this pic just made my freakin week! I've always pictured Jae as a TOKI!!!




    and what a cute toki he makes ^^




    The Khunster has the best arms EVER!!!




    even in his hot blood days i've thought his arms were just so pretty!!




    ok since a lot of the posts are about the age thing...i think 2 pm is going to be the last boy band i'm gonna be into because i just cannot CANNOT get into any boyband with a member that younger is than me.....big bang was so freakin close...seungri's like 4 months older than me...but i'm over them...lol




    I still cannot believe Taek is going on scandal...it's like a bad joke to me...am i the only one not excited to see this??? but i HAVE to watch it to monitor him...lol







    I cannot believe Taek's going on scandal




    I think I just had a full blown panic attack in the dentist's office lol




    *in my bitterest possible voice*




    Hope the beast has fun T_________T




    I had to help my friend get through khun's last week




    I have to warn you guys I'm probably not going to be mature about this....get ready for some screaming posts...hahaha







    the concert's coming up!




    for the fans that are attending...have an amazing time!!




    please take lots of pics and videos




    ugh...i'll get my turn someday....why am i stuck in the middle of nowhere T___T


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