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    Who is the silliest of the group??


    My Taekasaur! hands down. that boy is just a big puffball of goof. and he's always got a smile on his face. he's all manly and tough looking on the outside, so it makes his kiddish behavior even sillier....haha


    Who is the most serious??


    Junsu. i seriously think he holds the sanity for this group.





    don't worry guys...i'll watch it when it comes out and inform you


    if you don't hear from me......well, that just means i died from heart failure


    i agree with both sides....we would've probably never known his existence and he wouldn't have looked as good


    but...we would have so had a better chance with him.....lol





    omg those vogue girl pics are AMAZING......i'm having bad thoughts....lol


    i hate Mnet Scandal


    the producer seriously needs to get run over




    and peasant tops are sooooo 2005.....hmph.


    ok i'm done with my jealous rant


    i'm just very proud of myself for not punching a hole through my laptop


    i hope taek had a good time


    i'm still verrrrrry bitter





    thanks so much she-smiles for the vogue girl pics! (btw does anyone know why it's teen vogue here and vogue girl in korea?)


    oh man everyone looks smokin' hot


    i seriously need a drool bucket


    were chan and su not in the photoshoot? :(


    oh and the whole taek and chan thing yesterday...i hope there's no understanding between them and i hope chan's eye gets better soon!






    i guess i'll join in





    1. Taekasaur!!! so i went to an amusement park yesterday and my friend won me a neon orange and bright yellow stuffed dino that i had to name after the hubby...it is sooo awesome! i'll post a pic soon!



    2. My Woo Mandu. he's my child. i have no romantic feelings toward him at all. i just want to nurture him......haha. he would be such an adorable son to have



    3. Jaeby...can you say smexy? but he's kinda strange....i haven't got him figured out completely.







    ^what the mess? the khunster is the only one in blue T____T



    @ANGee<3 haha yeah well it develops when your mother knows how to push your buttons and doesn't hold any valid aesthetic views

    even the little boy on junho's shirt is screaming "NOO I HATE IT!". heheh i'm jk. i love the performance even though vocals was just ok. i'm sure they'll do a lot better after more practice. can't wait for today's performance. :D



    LOL hahaha



    khun and hobutt's hair are a bit bird nesty.....







    ^hahaha i love how your mom watches that stuff with you




    the only person my mother knows is hankyung and that's only because he's super famous in china...lol




    my mum passed by my screen once and she saw a pic of taek.....and she was like who is that unattractive male? I was like "MOTHER! HE'S ONLY THE HANDSOMEST PERSON ON THE PLANET!!!!!"




    i swear i dunno what was going on through the stylist's mind.....khun's outfit is so UN cohesiveness with the others T___T




    guys i need your help anyone can give me this picture and thanks advance











    i really cant wait XD










    -2PM FIGHTING<3333333333



















    here you go ^^




















    i can't wait for their next performance!










    hopefully the mics get better










    and they improve on their vocals.....and no more big bang esque fashion please.
















    AAAAAAAHHHHH thanks for all the awesome pics guys!










    i love the ones from the energy video










    the Beast is sooooo cute in his pink inner tube!





    i have to say taec really remind me of TOP haha

    mnet mics are always bad,looking forward to future performances



















    um yeah me too....and the masks too....plus Jae already reminds me of Taeyang sometimes...and i hate when anything reminds me of another group



















    i mean i sure they didn't do it on purpose....










    the performance was mediocre for me.....but i'm sure they'll improve more and more!










    they've really gotta work on breathing.....since their vocals are already not strong










    they looked hot tho!
















    hey guys! i have a request










    does anyone have any videos of them making their mv?










    OMG does anyone have a gif of this?










    2:58 - 3:06










    sooooo cute!

























    this was pretty cute! and subbed! 2PM+AM on Star VJ!




















    i hope the other parts get subbed soon!










    haha FunniBunni is so popular among boys and girls!










    he was so cute when he was covering his ears










    i really wanna see him sing Fire!!
















    thanks so much etoile for sharing that! the back alleyway part really cracked me up!






























    Seriously, each time I come here, I've got lots to backtrack ;D




























    So the boys did have a hairchange, and I was wondering why until I realised they're performing IHY this week <3



















    090610 Music Show - 2PM - 10 Points



















    090610 Music Show - 2PM - Again & Again






























    oh btw, any schedule that is bolded and italics on the front page are the newer ones JYP updated [:







































    OMG what happened to their DINOSAUR hair?!?!?! aaaahhhh the beast's hair isn't beastly anymore T_____T *sighs* i'll get used to it....but seriously i have such a fetish for nicely spiked hair






























    Edit: so i just watched Beastie's interview and he really is a very happy boy....i'd love to be around him all the time just to feel his euphoric aura haha






































    ^ OMG that first gif is simply adorable! thanks for sharing










    yeah i saw the the pics of the PCD concert too! she looks like she has glasses on and a little on the cute/geeky side.....which is good i guess cause if i like the girl i won't be as jealous of her....yes let's use AlyM37'sn strategy and just pretend we're the ones going out with him.....haha










    ok so i saw this today and my heart totally stopped cause i thought it was related to scandal...but it turned out to be quite cute!










    2PM TaecYeon No.73 Mnet Super 100 You're my Boyfriend










    credits to Symbelmyns on youtube!
















    "I have trouble sleeping because my butt is too big so my waist is always in the air"






























    T___T ok Junho






























    no but seriously i never knew this boy was so funny and talkative!!



















    he must be very polite not to say so much when he is with his hyungs



















    because this boy can talk his mouth off when he's alone






























    i like him a lot more now



















    he's got this cute humor. and a combination of his laugh and smile is seriously deadly!



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