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  1. 5 hours ago, zba72 said:


    For me, HS is definitely catching up on EC.  I really like the way he is protecting AS, very different.  It is unfair for me to totally not like him because there isn’t much about him except his love for gambling and not having any ambition.  There is just a mystery about his true inner self which I hope we will get to see in the coming episodes.

    Actually besides EC and DM, HS is also a victim of his family. During the earlier convo with his grandpa, when his grandpa told him how proud he was about his grandson going overseas to study, HS's face really showed he feel burdened.


    His is a typical case of being born into a well to do family but cant cope with the expectations and felt helpless against the things that hus dad n grandpa did.


    Hopefully he finds his calling soon and purpose in life.

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  2. I read this on Weibo, written by a Chinese fan and just wanted to share it here. I know DongMae is not popular on this thread but still, following are some of his strengths:


    Setting aside his Mafia and violent background, DM is not merely a brute guy, he is bilingual and is equally adept at swords and guns.  He is actually quite intelligent, he can remember things easily (the guys on the train carriage that he noticed missing at the harbour).  He is decisive and a fast thinker as shown at Jemulpo when he realised he has fallen into a trap. He tried to get his guys to move but when he failed to do so, he thought about the telephone. 


    He has principles in the course of conducting his work and is charismatic at the negotiation table. Once he is insulted as a butcher, he bang the table and refused the job.  He has management and business development skills in security services, money-lending and running the flower entertainment centre. However he is also sensitive and considerate to the women he cares about : dressing Hina's wound, running stationery errand for his mute companion  and letting the comrade of AS go.


    He seems rather forgiving to his band of subordinates, except for using them as sandbags to vent his frustrations, he dont seems to punish them for fail room searches and breach of command at the Jemulpo harbour. 


    The most interesting of all, the writer of the above comment said that in the scene when the chamber maid came to exchange information for money, DM was having his meal, but there were no meat dishes. Seems like he is actually a vegan, perhaps he has an issue with eating meat being from a butcher family.


    So above is the incredible list of his traits.


    The korean petition against the Japanese portrayal seems to be gaining traction at 27000 signatures (soompi just posted an article on it). So anyway, I just hope people just treat DM as a story character, yeah. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, chickfactor said:


    I think a large part of the excitement comes from seeing both EC and DM rediscover their allegiance to Joseon through their love for AS. (She is basically Mother Joseon in this story.) Both men have turned their backs on Joseon, but now they are realizing that Joseon exists beyond their own sad experiences. There is obviously a very "ra ra patriotism" element to it that exceeds any romance in this story, but that's been built into the premise.


    Yes, I agree with you on this which is why I think this is Kim Eun Suk's most ambitious work so far. Writing about history and patriotism.


    It really spark the question for the guys, do they just become patriots just because they were born in Joseon? Shouldnt they pledge allegiance to the current country that adopted them? It is a dillemma to be answered.

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  4. 46 minutes ago, mistymorning said:


    In korean, that sounds like DM said he saw that(coat) in Jemulpo. So probably subtitle mistake here.

    @miracle23There was a distinct flashback of EC holding a gun when DM was talking about this so I dont think its a subtitle mistake. I watched the original on Netflix and he did said he saw EC in Jemulpo.


    Yes, I have caved in to signing up for Netflix. Free for the first month, but I will have to pay for the next since the drama will still have 7 weeks to go. Damn, live dramas :sweatingbullets:



    Yes yes, DM went overboard grabbing the girl's hair. But am I the only one excited that he is finally getting his "date" with AS soon. Lol, that scene better be good!


    Oh regarding the scene of AS walking on ice, its really a metaphor right? She IS treafing on thin ice being in the RA. Yes I like the fact that she finally was stop in the mind track about who is she protecting Joseon for. There seems to be such huge inequality among the people.


    Hina is very interesting and really beautiful this week, I think she got the best deal in costumes. Lol. She always have remarkable insight about the 3 men and AS, her role seems to be like a commentator. 


    Next week's trailer spark my curiosity about who AS is fighting with and also why all of sudden DM is holding Hina, a dream perhaps? The writer cant switch tracks half way about the romantic interest of DM.


    Lee Wan Ik is indeed pesky. Credits to the actor who also did a stellar performance freaking me out in W (2 worlds). 


    Am glad the writer didnt drag the bank note plot for the whole series. Now that it is back with the incompetent king, the villain minister is the new plot point for the rest of the story?


    The ratings is amazing at 12 and reflects the more solid story development this ep vs the last.



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  5. Does anybody has any idea, how many eps have they filmed before the broadcast and which ep are they filming now? 


    I seems to see scenes of ep 8 in trailers which meant they have done quite alot for the past one year. I am just hoping the live shoot dont affect the quality of the drama. So many kdramas are wondeful for the first few eps and then spiral downhill. Just keeping my fingers crossed.


    @rubie thanks for the article, I agree with most of it but I do understand the writer has to take sides and create some solid positioning of the characters.


    The thing to note is this writer's forte is in romance, that is her track record. Even for D.o.ts, she had a co-writer that wrote the war stories. I am happy that since she grown into great success, she was given the go ahead to write this period drama which is really her first foray. Goblin just had abit of flashbacks but Mr Sunshine is her most ambitious work so far, being fully set in period history and she actually picked a really difficult time period to write, very few kdramas dare or have the budget to set themselves in that period.


    The other recent drama that is set in similar time which I can remember is another of Lee Joongi's work: Gunman in Joseon. Over there, he was also a sad character that went to Japan and came back with a new Japanese identity. Another parallel to Goo Dong Mae. As far as I remember, perhaps, being on a smaller scale, the audience having so much of an issue with Japanese portrayal in that drama. 


    So anyway my point is, Mr Sunshine's writer strength is in romantic angst, and her effort to expand into bigger dimension of a tumultuous time should be commended.


    Most of all, just take her story with a pinch of salt.:)

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  6. Actually I just want to chime in and say although I have never been a fan of Kim Eun Seok's writing, she has impressed me this time with the plot of 3 guys going for one girl. And what better idea than to give them all 3 different passports? 


    Certainly it is Not set in the time period that is the best of human kind history but I dont think the writer has gone overboard. The freaky psycho Japanese soldier and the very presence of Musin society depicted the cruelty of Japan at that time. I woukd think she romanticed the Americans even more, with the all so nice American legation a.k.a Mr nice guy Kyle.


    I would like to see more of HS coming into significance into the plot because so far he seems to be more like a frosting on the cake which is a good to have but not highly essential.


    Another thing about this writer is that she likes to give the character's cryptic dialogue which leads to a need for discussion among fans.


    I think overall the drama is doing a good job keeping audience interested and I think that is reflective of the writer's strength in maintaining various mysteries to be unravel ep by ep.

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  7. @pixelsticks korean stars usually only do interviews for a drama/project. So no project no interviews....

    As for the CM character that he is playing, since it is an adaptation, the characters will have blended personalities. It is not a cut and paste from the American version.

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  8. @pixelsticks the interview you are looking for I believe is actually an interview done in China for the Chinese Harpers Bazaar magazine. 

    @missmaudy For the food trucks. China fans are doing it and they have almost finished collecting funds for it. 


    ok, just dropping by because a friend talked to me about soompi today. Am an old fan who has to abandon my previous id because I was attacked left, right and centre for voicing minority and unpopular views. Am a tired "war veteran" now. haha. Fortunately I have registered this id long ago as a spare.


    Dun worry too much about JG, he is busy filming and he loved being on the film set. Good that he is busy filming which will keep his mind off other things. His official website should be launched mid May... pretty soon. Am looking forward to it.

    Take care everyone.

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  9. Ok, I think all these are just a sign from the heavens that I must go to sleep now.Hopefully my account will be resurrected tomorrow. 
    *sob* *sob*
    I did pause and I could post again. but then when I wanted to click awesome etc, a screen popup and ask me to justify the reason of why I am clicking!! In any case, I just lie low for tonight first.
    Anyway, I just read on Baidu that the grocery shopping pix are indeed him shopping for gifts to giveaway during the fan meeting. :)

  10. @namyo
    So sorry, this is qwenli. I think I post too many times in a short duration so Soompi blocked me, and at the same time I have to bust my photobucket bandwidth, :((
    Please go straight to these Baidu links for the photos:
    mummy's pix here (somewhere in the middle of the page please)
    consolidated video links

    Link (there are new pix, when you scroll down)

  11. So sorry chingus, this is qwenli, I think I post too many times in a short span so Soompi has blocked me and I busted my photobucket bandwidth. Thank goodness I ever created another ID.
    Can somebody tell me where else can I upload pictures?
    in the meantime, pls go direct to these Baidu links:
    mummy's pix here (somewhere in the middle of the page)
    consolidated video links

    Link (there are new pix, when you scroll down)

  12. hi i love to read wat u guys are writing.yes progress is good and teeny weeny bit,this is a long drama and they are clearly taking their time.

    as someone said koreans are fixated with their first love and hence maybe they cant make sn jump ship so quickly and easily.

    but we can clearly see e progress,sn hugging th back and when sn.th.wy meet,sn no longer look at wy with the oh i wish to be with u look but she look at him as a matter of fact accepting her place as th's consort.

    i hv long given up on e drama thread because it is hard to discuss the drama without mentioning e love line.

  13. I'm re-watching one of the older "spy" episodes if Running Man and it had me wondering if the spy element i.e., the part with the Running Man members knowing the set up has been revealed at the very end rather than the very beginning. For example like in the most recent episode with Choi Ji Woo (126-127) we see Choi Ji Woo being set up as the spy but the episode continues on from there without the audience knowing the Running Man members knew about her mission from the very beginning.

    Does that make sense?

    I'm curious if putting the episode together in such a manner would alter our perception of the episode enough or would it ultimately feel like a bad splice job i.e., make no logical sense?

    It's entirely possible that some aspect of what I'm asking/saying has already occurred if you factor in what happened at the end of the episode in which Gary was the spy, the ending of that episode gave off a rather unusual feeling almost as if Gary had been acting as a double agent knowing and not knowing of the deception (the little Kevin Spacey [movie: K-PAX(?)] itself) he was involved in/with.


    i believe you didnt watch e show carefully or e version u watched has been edited.somewhere before e hunting section started,quite early in e ep,they.did show the PD revealing to e members that choi ji woo was out to get them.all 7 members were seated.down.you take a look again,i cant remember e timing








    I really wish those sellers will stop selling tickets at a very high price.






    Was going through RITS facebook, I saw someone buying the ticket at $700.






    That's really overboard.






    Stop using Super Junior to earn $.






    If you truly are an ELF, you won't do this.











    Really? how come nobody buying my ticket? I am just trying to let go at cost, since I bought an extra ticket. anybody keen pls pm me. thks.






    EDIT: ticket taken as at 27th Jan.



  15. these guys are so popular but i don't get it they are really really good looking but is that it they too are bullies of the industry many are intimidated by them they are small in size but big on character .they are be hurtfull and scary at times they even make fun of each other on tv and stage too too can't imagine what they do to each other they have ok voices except kyuhyun and yeseung ryewook theyare amazing mr.simple is an intersting song about life and job troubles they are asking mr."simple" to chill relax and and his time will come really i thought that you should work hard never relax untill acheive your goals not relax is that reversr sycology where they tell everybody to relax while they super junior work hard and get ahead while mr.simple and sm company is moving ahead where when the time comes for mr. simple minded he  can't catch up with them that is a silly song with loud confused and ear hurting beats and sounds any way they a big in asia and many respect them so good for them

    i made an account and got deleted ther must be a freedom of speech just looking at things in a different way not spreading anything

    I dont understand what you are trying to say at all. Are you saying they are good or they are bad?

    Freedom of speech includes the power and the right not to speak, I suggest you exercise that power if your command of English does not enable to say what you mean.

    Also if you dont like them, you dont have to come here at all.










    Hi I have a ticket for the Singapore show on 18th Feb Saturday 6pm to let go. This is category 2 at block 311.






    Those who are interested please pm me.






    I am letting go because in a state of panic I just bought whatever I could online, after I bought this tix, I managed to get a category 1 ticket for myself.






    The first day of booking was crazy, I have got the ocbc card, so I standby myself at 10am at the laptop. Once the clock strike 10am, I went in but was very frustrated because those good seats cannot be selected. Also I was trying to book for my friends but the system just wouldnt let me book 4 tickets at one go (which was supposed to be the quota anyway). I have to keep refreshing the page because they only allow 10mins to complete a transaction. So if you are not decided, the system will bump you out again.






    After that, I resorted to buying only 1 ticket and was rather sad that I will be split up with my friends, but the system seems to be releasing tickets in batches. Sometimes the category 1 tickets are available, sometimes they are not. So I have to keep refreshing the page. Thats why in a state of panic, I just book a cat 2 ticket. It took me one whole hour trying to complete this whole ticket purchasing thing. It was really nerve racking.



  17. janjher - Thanks so much for the 10asia article. It really help me to understand Ah-in better.

    Tinysunbl - I didnt think it was anything wrong taking pix of celebs in public places. I mean its not like its the pix of him being at home and someone is using a secret camera to capture his private movements. In public places, I think it is ok.  Most of us wont have the chance to see celebs up close and personal, so if we see pix of them in public places and we look at what they wear, what they use, it really help us fans understand them better. Of course it should not be a nasty pix of him say adjusting his clothes or while he was chewing his food. Its different if someone circulate a friend's photo who is not a celeb, than there is no reason to circulate it.

    Ah-in is a really good actor and is a clearly someone who has a steady brain sitting on his neck. A deep thinker. He will do well in life.:)

  18. Wow, for those of you who met him, congrats!!! Its so wonderful, I am sure you will be feeling excited for a long time!

    Any pictures to share??

    I caught the Ah-in virus too after Sung Kyun Kwan. I swear his lips look so sexy, I really would love kissing them!! ahhahaha

    And he is such a good actor too. I read somewhere that he write short stories on his twitter/blog or something like that. Is that true?












    With regards to the ring, hmmph I think there will never be an end to the discussion.:)
























    Certainly a ring need not be a statement of love/relationship whatsoever but, I will like to say that both of them wearing the ring outside of WGM is significant because:








    a. altho I wonder if WGM make them or encourage them to wear it, I dun think they have the right to force them to wear it outside WGM.
























    b.for Yong as a guitarist, if he feels that the ring gets in his way of doing music, he shdnt need to wear it.
























    c.for Hyun as a snsd member, there are many costume changes and I can safely say that most of the time the ring wouldnt go with whatever she is wearing.








    and finally, just to share my own experience, I am married but both my husband and I do not wear our rings! haha, we do not wear any couple necklace or whatsoever too. my husband was wearing his ring initially until the ring didnt fit, and we just didnt feel that the ring shd be resize or get another ring to wear it as a statement after all everyone around us knows that we are married. As for myself, I only wear my ring on special occasions and big dinner parties. I have never like wearing rings and altho afew of my married girlfriends walk around with a genuine 1- carat diamond bling and I could jolly well afford one too, I donot feel like wearin one. I feel that it gets in my way when I go about my daily life.
























    Hence I do believe also that both of them wearing the ring shows that a. they are fond of each other b. for Yong - he likes Hyun and oher ladies pls do not come near him c.) for hyun - she is also committed to the relationship too.
























    because, if they dont feel like wearing the ring, nobody can force them to! :D 
























    however, yes if they miss wearing it once or twice, dun panic, they may just forgot to put it back after leaving it at home... :)



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