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  1. oh I missed a few pages and now we are into bashing the drama?


    Well, I think for a big budget drama which took so long to film, yes the plot could have been stronger but I think they have always meant for it to be an action thriller, not understanding that most people can watch car crashes and explosions elsewhere so a strong story is still important. 


    Perhaps due to the diffculty of the action scenes, they got carried away and allocated much time to these. Yeah the last ep was unbelievable. All those machine guns, all those bullets, but the main team survived! haha


    Anyway, it is still an entertaining watch and I am fully invested in the main leads. Perhaps the Korean viewers were too, hence the kiss scenes of the lead garnered 13.2% vs last ep's 11.3% for the elaborate shooting scene. 


    Of course on hindsight, it is easy to say they could have done this and that, but they have chosen the path they want to take. I just say all the best and fortunately, they are making money.:)

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  2. @incoty thanks for the link. Yes i understand its all pre-produced but the director can still edit the future eps to lengthened or shortened some scenes.


    Even for netflix, I heatd, the reason why the latest ep is only available internationally, one hour after korean broadcast is because they only get to subbed it as it gets broadcast. Its scary how confidential they keep every ep.

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    @bebebisous33 recap of the early ep is amazing. Yes come to think about it Edward Park seems remarkably calm as the rep of the company who is losing the bid for the government's fighter jet purchase.


    Yes, everyone besides Haeri and CDG seems to have double roles and there are really no one to trust except 


    @incoty may I know where can I view that Lee Seung Gi Vlog? Now that I look at that later kiss photo, it seems to be a setting in the hospital and on Haeri side is a wheelchair? and DG side is a walking aid? Now that's getting interesting. 


    @smiletall Such a lovely long post you wrote. Yes they did mentioned the second part of the show will have more of Haeri, I mean there are only that many car crashes they can do. We seems to have one every ep and sometimes I got a feeling the director has a fetish for flipping cars. 


    Yes DG seems indestructible, someone mentioned his stab wound in the leg, right they just conveniently ignore it. 


    Still, the show is really entertaining for me this far. The director is good with editing, his previous work Romantic Doctor Kim was a breezy drama too. I hope by now, with the ratings and viewer's feedback, they will know what the viewers prefer and finetune the scenes editing for the other eps. 

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  4. A few things to say after watching ep 5 and 6.


    Either LSG or Suzy eating chicken would have sky rocketed the sales, but both eating the chicken? Their cash register will ring nonstop :D


    Wondering why Dalgun can go home after supposedly being killed. Wont the NIS watch for unusual movements in his house. Am pretty sure he will have to be on the run soon. 


    I think the President may be innocent in this flight incident, but he is really good for nothing in a way because he only cares for his image. Either being occupied with his makeup or tie colour. The prime minister is the brain and awfully sinister one. And the secretary in the dog seems disgusted with both the President and the prime minister so I am counting on him to be a game changer for the better of things. 


    I have noticed the date of 2012 clearly now. Its already ep 6, and next week they go back to Morocco for more investigations, so wonder when they will time leap to present time. Would have wished this series to be longer, am sure we will reach ep 16 in a blink of an eye.


    Am also curious how Haeri is going to change track from Ki Tae Woong to Cha Dal Gun, but someone mentioned that if she really love Ki and had no feelings for Dalgun, she should have stayed in the hospital and not bring supper to eat with Cha. I think she has really bonded with Dalgun without knowing it. Looks like Ki Tae Woong might stay in the hospital for the next two eps while the main leads go back to Morocco.

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  5. On 10/3/2019 at 9:54 AM, imgreatgal said:

    imo there is not a need for any romance in this drama. I find very good dramas out there with zilch romance like Confession, Stranger, Watcher, Doctor Prisoner. Leave the romance to the makjang dramas lol

    I understand your point, this is an action/thriller after all but I am a Gu Family alumni, so I need my romance, :lol:


    Those with Instagram, do follow me if you are like the romance between Dalgun n Haeri. Account name gigiandsuzy . Thanks.

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  6. I read some griming about the over the top characters and feels the need to chime in.


    When I found out that the writers for Vagabond were Empress Ki's writers, I was surprised. Never knew historical drama writers can be action/thriller writers. They are a couple, so there is balance perspectives from both a man and a woman angle.


    If you have watched Empress Ki, you will know how dramatic and over the top the palace plotting was. I think their style maybe too much for a modern action/drama. Fortunately there are only 16eps here, so they can't throw in more exaggeration.


    My own grime is the stark contrast between the beautifully choreographed outdoor action scenes and the unusually dark indoor scenes. The director seems to be very fond of dark rooms, so even the presidential office is so freaking lack of light!. They just look like they are on a set, 100%! Looks like they spent the bulk of budget overseas n in action scenes. The indoor office setups are pretty pathetic looking.


    It seems like they will be on the mode of some investigation, then end the ep with some action to improve the ratings. It may get too predictable in this sense.


    I hope the love line between Dalgun n Haeri developed faster, there was so much emphasis between these two, I was just taken aback by the interception of Shin Sung Rok. Am quite fond of him but let the main loveline blossom!

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  7. Joining the thread now, haven't been so soompi for 3 years now. Have been waiting g for this drama forever since I learned that LSG n Suzy are in it. I was a fan of their earlier drama Gu Family book.


    Ep 1 was fantastic. I was really worried that the drama was over hyped but do 1 was exceeded my expectations. Ep2 tempo is a lot slower but I understand they need to set up some backstory. 


    Thanks for highlighting the timeline, where was it shown that they are in 2012 currently?


    LSG has lost his baby fat on his face and is incredibly manly handsome now. His acting is good but I am not sure of it is exaggerated but I understand CDG is a bit of a rash character. Suzy is a natural now and exceedingly beautiful.

    Am looking forward to seeing how their relationship developed leading to the desert opening scene.


    I like that they use an Arabic music as background, add to the exoticness of the whole show.


    The 10+ ratings is great, hopefully it climbs to 20%.


    The co-pilot did survived because he appeared in the bts photos with Shin Sunrok n also LSG's ig posts.

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  8. @mistymorning can you stop calling DM calling him a stalker, he was locked up for a number of days and when he got out, he investigated and give help to grandpa's. And yet he is still branded as a stalker? He is actually very busy running his businesses which showed, when he got out of captivity, he had to cover a few places immediately. He doesn't spend all his time on AS.


    Once I get fed up,  I might start attacking the botox face of EC?   if you don't like DM, just don't talk about him. Like I never talk about EC.


    This is a bloody Lee byun Hun thread. I see now the Hotaru character actress is from his company too.




  9. 12 hours ago, charray said:


    Dong Mae did help to uncover the plot to intercept the secret letters sent by Ae Shin’s Grandfather to all the scholars and informed Ae Shin’s Grandfather of this. He also killed the lackey of Hiyashi. 


    Just for discussion purposes, the way I see it, the above actions of Dong Mae are driven or motivated by his desire to protect Ae Shin and her family as well as for his personal revenge. He is not driven by any grand or noble cause of saving Joseon or making Joseon a better place for people of all walks of life. Same can also be said of Eugene. 

    Yes, DM is just trying to help AS's grandfather. Anything related to AS, he is trying help. But he is also trying to be very careful, that's why he went alone without his entourage and at night in order not to draw any attention. Otherwise AS family will be affected if neighbours see him entering the house in broad daylight.


    He has no grudge against AS's family, in fact he knew very well he owes AS his life.


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  10. @KDramaLogic I like what you wrote mostly but I think I don't blame AS for not seeing the plight of the lower class.


    As a noblelady, although she goes for physical training, she must have led a very sheltered life. Since I assume in her household, her slaves must have been kindly and fairly treated, she probably thought everyone does the same thing with their slaves. She probably grew up with a tunnel vision of slaves Are slaves and that's the way society is structured, so she couldn't accept at first that EC was actually a slave by background.


    Her world is fairly black n white, that's why like what you said she can't see DM beyond his facade. 


    But I don't blame her, a person is a product of their upbringing, hopefully now that she is older and going out more, she grows to see other perspectives in life.






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  11. 10 hours ago, mistergenie said:

    @ ahpheng Oh come on! Dong Mae basically holds the life of an innocent girl to ransom and he also threatened Eugene when Ae Shin went to make the first payment (he said - ''that girl and the person she is protecting by not revealing his name''). I apologize and I know your C-strips are meant to be funny and light hearted but I can never see anything romantic in Dong Mae's manipulative and obsessive actions regarding AeShin. 

    I would suggest you don't talk about the character that you dont like. I basically come into this show because of Dongmae. Have it not be him, I wouldn't watch this entire drama at all.


    DM is a very sad character and doesn't need anybody else to step on him further.




    and they live happily ever after.:phew:


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  12. @rubie not sure if they are in final stages of filming but when KES skipped the press conference, she did mention their gun licences were only valid till July, so they must have finished most of the gun related scenes.


    Also too yeon seok, on top of his monthly coffee event, appeared at the back stage of a musical to help out his juniors so am really concern he is having too much time on his hands. But his sidekicks hasn't posted anything about their end of filming, so hopefully DM doesn't die too early.


    @rocher22 I think EC should see in DM some similarity of someone who has to leave Joseon and survived under difficult circumstances. Although DM doesn't know about EC's background, with his street smarts, he should know EC is a good guy. DM generally admires effective and functional people vs guys like HS who sits around and do nothing much.:)


    @seabysea18 historical dramas usually doesn't appeal to everyone, especially on beanies unless it is heavily centered on romance, so I wouldn't be too concern on that. I know of people who refused to watch a period drama.


    Mr Sunshine is top in ratings and buzz in Korea with a lead far ahead of other dramas. So I think that says something.:)

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  13. Too many things happened in the latest ep, so I need to rewatch it again before I give more detailed comments but suffice to say all those happenings help boost the ratings rather than the repeated meetings between AS and EC.


    I really admire KES for going beyond herself writing about political maneuverings instead of just romance. I have been recommending all my friends to watch this drama, because a drama of this genre is so rare in Kdrama arena.


    Yeah Lee Wan Ik should be murdered soon, I wonder how he will die though, he has made everyone his enemy.


    Yes, for a loser, HS is very likeable, credits to KES's writing again.

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  14. 1 hour ago, loversbridge said:

    Episode 13 was a bit on the slow side for me but Hee Sung killed me with his denial in front Ae Shin's grandad D:

    Dong Mae caring about Hina warmed my heart


    Also Lee Wan Ik wanting to marry his daughter to Hee Sung...What do you think about this guys? Even if the marriage wouldn't work it's pretty funny to think about.


    Yes HS was being the noble fool for trying to take on all the blame by saying he don't want the marriage but AS grandpa seems very wise and knows everything.


    It's sad that the villain Lee wan ik has intercepted all of grandpa's letters. Am afraid, grandpa is in grave danger now and if something happens to him, AS will be devastated and go all out for revenge.


    I am sort of disappointed with the scene between AS and DM at the Judo place. I would have hope they showed how DM send her gently away but probably the director can't think of a good way to do it and just ended the scene with AS's puzzled face.


    Also now it seems like they frame DM to look like he killed Joseph. Actually he went there to meet another foreigner to talk about the railroad security...:tears:

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  15. @aurelionsol yes, I think AS will migrate to US with EC.

    That is one natural ending and exit plan for her. Because Korea will be colonize very soon in this time period, and nobody remain behind has it easy during that period. Unless they really want to turn AS and EC into martyr patriots who choose to stay behind. Maybe HS will join them too, he should be rich enough to buy the ship ticket. DM and HN will go to Japan. Happy ending for all, nobody dies. :)


    KES will have to be careful of the ending, but I would think when she first thought about the story, she should have some inkling of the ending she wants to tell.


    Ever since soompi keep revamping their site, the forums has become such a quiet place. So different from the buzzling discussion area from just a few years ago.

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  16. Although I was well aware that Yoo Yeon Seok played the role of a transgender person in the Hedwig musical, I didnt know Byun Yo Han did the same role as well. No wonder both their diction is so good. Such a coincidence. This transgender role had been played by a few actors and seems to be a role that actor's challenge themselves to do. :)


    credit infor to yooyeonsuk ifc





    Its amazing how the show managed to add in product placements like the sweets and the cake. I thought the rainbow colour cake was too modern for that era.


    sat tomorrow!:)

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  17. @miracle23 yes in those day, people who embraced foreign cultures are frowned upon. This is depicted in many Chinese dramas o that time as well. 


    I am really not sure if KES changed any o DM n teams portrayal except for changing the groups name. 


    Yes, looks like Hotaru will be hugging him. From the trailer, I wonder if EC will be the one to rescue DM from the horrible Lee Wan Ik.


    Yah n that guy at the temple, he was give a good few seconds of screen time. He must have some role later.


    @Ahpheng es time passes too slowly to sat!

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  18. Thanks for the video @charray ice bucket challenge. Lmao.:D


    Actually I got a few burning questions about AS and EC:


    ~ Why doesn't EC protest or throw a fit whenever his room get searched?


    ~Who runs the apothecary that allows them free access? Wouldn't somebody else read their mails?


    ~Whats the point of gifting AS the new tech gun, what about the bullets? Is there some mail order channel after she runs out?


    ~The bar that the guys hang out must be the latest chill place in town, it is always packed and they always run into each other there :rolleyes:


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  19. @miracle23 regarding the tones of DM and Hina when they are speaking under the umbrella, they sound more like good friends to me.


    The thing with these two is that I believe they have their fair share of relationships and love affairs. Hina was already married and seeing how nonchalant she is about DM walking into her bathtime just showed how worldly she is. Ahem.


    As for DM, he must have had that pet human Hotoru for awhile. She probably was a damsel in distress that he took in. What sort of relationship they have is up to interpretation but she seems to be there all the time and he probably has his manly needs being an ahem healthy sword wielding man.


    My point is, perhaps two tired worldly souls dont excite each other very much. So one admire the uniform wearing soldier and the other is a crazy fan boy of a noble lady. :D


    Then again, both of them holding Japanese ID cards made it all so convenient for them to live happily ever after. I guess for now, KES is leaving it open.

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  20. @philosophie yes seems like there are more new characters. Wonder why they suddenly mentioned Hina's step daughter, maybe she will appear later for some purpose.


    I feel really sad for Dong Mae, I know most people here are team Eugene, which is fine, that is the main otp: AS n EC. Hence I rather they make DM an outright violent villain then I will sympathesize him lesser, but he kept being nice to all the women, it just make everything sadder.


    The scene that surprised me was his monologue infront of AS's parents altar. Who would have expected that he got to meet the parents first? Haha. It breaks my heart further that the next scene cut to AS dating happily. I want to tell DM, you stop worrying about AS and concentrate on making money for yourself and your band of brothers!


    I did went to read up more on the Ronin people ie samurais without lords at that time. I dont know why the writer has to hammer another nail into DM's sorry status. He can slash anybody's throat, but remain low on the social ladder in both Joseon and Japan.


    That said, I feel all the joy of dating love between AS and EC. All the flowers and nonsense Zebra stuff. Dating folks do the silliest things, yep, including eating paper. I am pretty sure AS and EC will have a happy ending. 


    So my concern is with DM and Hina, these are people with sad life stories, will they have a sad ending too? The horrid villain Wan Ik asking eligible bachelors if they are married. Pfttt.


    I am not asking for a happy ending for DM but he better not die early on me...

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