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  1. Who are you to call us as a psychopaths?? Please behave!!. i think it’s a common thing to ship idols who have been work together ( 8 months).. many threads shipper in soompi forum not just taeun shipper.. n u call as a psychopaths for people who make thread shipper?? Oh Gosh.. if you don’t like it, you can just ignore this forum chat.. n never come to this forum.. or read the chats.. they made this forum for taeunians who really love naeun and taemin.. If someday there will be a news about ur favorite couple.. i think people in this forum esp taeunians “can” and “will” accept it.. once again.. please behave!! Thanks.. p.s. I’m a healthy person with healthy mind n healthy heart.. n i don’t have mental issue too..
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