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    just went to the ellen degeneres show taping.. and kris allen performed. it will air TUESDAY :)
































































































































    he sang heartless again.. it was AMAZING. and he also sang another song idk the name of. but he's amazing & SOSOSOSOOOO CUTEEEEE
















































































































































































    wow these stories are SO SAD!
































































































































    i've never gone through a relaly bad experience.
































































































































    but one time when i was in 5th or 6th grade.. i was hanging out with neighborhood boys and i really reallyyyyy liked this one boy.. but his friend liked me... and he kept aasking me out and i kept saying NOOOOO *he was a year or 2 older than me*... and finally i said yes to get him off my back.
































































































































































































































































    he kept hugging me from behind. and would touch my breasts. and would grind up against me.. and yeah i was VERY TRAMAUTIZED by it. im always like DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT but when it was happening to me i couldnt move. i went home and cried for hours.
































































































































    it sucked.
































































































































    thats why i HATEEEE hugging. seriously i hate it. it just brings me back to that moment.
































































































































    should have kicked him in the balls. but i was so young & didnt know what to do. gahhhh
















































































































































































































































































































    something that made me laugh ^_^
































































































































    the fiance of goo junpyo sings nobody hehe starting at 8:31..
































































































































    of course in the ever so popular drama Boys over flowers. :) makes me laugh
































































































































    anyways omg im glad wondergirls made it safely to thailand.
































































































































    & cant wait to see fancams of their solo performances!!!
















































































































































































    this thread gets warned the most because antis make fake/new IDS & will post some random comment and spam like crazy.. or bash on wg.. and then we respond to them. other threads are really good at ignoring but we for some reason respond. LOL. we gotta practice on that. and also THIS THREAD NEEDS TO STOP SPAMMING w/ ONE LINERS. i've warned people through PM plenty of times but gahh.
































































































































    and we get warned the most because edward is in charge of our thread (?) i think.. but he's a really good mod and he's good at what he does... he finds every little thing.. but yeah it's edward's job & he does it well..
































































































































    but yeah we have to be more careful.
































































































































    anyways IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for the WG concert. even though i haven't got tickets yet.
































































































































    im hoping i'll run into them somewhere
































































































































    but i might buy cheap tickets just to see them LIVE. gahh i really wanna go T_T
































































































































    the last pic of them being blinded by the sun is so cute haha
















































































































































































    looks like yoobin lost weight already from the oak valley festival pics!!!!
































































































































    i guess the jumprope diet is working for her.. even though she's perfectly healthy.
































































































































    i guess she really wants to go back down.. hope she doesnt get TOO skinny though.
































































































































    she's going to be pretty fit if she does 1000 jumpropes a day!!
































































    ^ it's 150 per SEAT
















    and omg if wonder girls come im freakin going to sit in the pool circle! & if big bang comes im going to run up on stage! haha jk. but i really hope this year is amazing cuz last year was OKAY.
































































    dont have too high expectations...
















    but hey i liked it a lot!! i was expecting it to be better but the audience in my theater sucked. everyone kept laughing like at EVERY part (when things were NOT funny). it kinda killed the mood.
















    but very cute movie.
















    edward is stunningly sexy
















    and bella is gorgeous
































































    my friend is actually close friends with tiffany (btw nobody knows who TIFFANY is.. lol her nickname was always STEPHO)... and she lives really close to tiffany's family in diamond bar.. she hasn't been evacuated yet.. and said its not too bad right now.. schools were cancelled including diamond bar high (the highschool tiff went to)
















    so tiffany's family should be okay since my friend hasnt been evacuated yet. :D
















    no worries yet.
















    oh & kinda late but i am not really feeling jessica's haircut. i LOVED her long hair :( but i gu ess i'll get used to it. she's gorgeous anyways :)

















  9. New CY msg from KHH

    너무 슬퍼하지말고 힘내! (맹 ???ㅋ 김학현)

    - It must be really hard for YEH, Eon is like a brother to her. Seeing her in tears is really heartbreaking.

    Ceskulerik, thanks for posting the article.


    Kim Hak Hyun. (idk who that is)

    "Don't be too sad.. Be strong!"

    Her friends know eunhye is going through a hard time since she was close to Eon. :(

  10. can someone please answer this question asap?

    what is the diff b/w first soprano, second soprano.. & first alto, second alto?

    im supposed to be in a choir but i've never been in one. & the director asked which one i wanted to sing. & i dont know cuz i dont really know the diff b/w the first & second.
































































































    hey kirra~! yeah its been so long.. i was out of town & didnt have a computer so yeah.. but now im back.
































































    i dont have episode 14-16 .. bummer. but if u have it can u upload it?! i would love u forev :D
































    but yeah hopefully they'll show it this weeeeeeeeeeeeek. i miss these kids.
































































































































    ^ that is actualy shootdori 1... the original kids.
































    anyways its been soooooooooooooooooooooooo long. i have been keeping up w/ some of the episodes but some eps got deleted in kalena's clubbox so i didnt get to watch it :(
































    but the recent episode (not this week) was amazing. it was a pretty close match at first.. i havent seen the gamdok actually coach in a longggggggggggggggg time. it was nice. that one boy was amazing & it was kinda scary hahaha.
































    oobin is getting sooooooooo amazing. but then when he & kang in played together u could see the difference. man kangin was just too good for words. haha.
































    cant wait for this week's new episode
































































































































































































































































    why are people going crazy because she mentioned snsd? she was just saying cuz ye eun & changmin are the big eaters.. & she mentioned that sooyoung should join the eating contest cuz sooyoung is a big eater too.
































































































































































    geez people... >_>
































































































































































    anyways im feeling the ye eun & yoochun couple.. or ye eun & changmin.<3 hehe.

































  14. do you think a month is enough time for it to be not so swollen?

    because i want to have surgery but i have to go back to school august 29th..

    so if i had surgery july 29 do you think that it'll be extremely noticeable? i know some people are diff but most peeople eye's aren't so bad by a month.. am i right?
































































































































































































































    I LOVE PSYCH!!!!!!!!<3
































































































































































    seriously my addiction<3
































































































































































































































































    ^ wow how COMPLETELY unnecessary. i think its completly pathetic that u made a new account & then took the time to frkcn bash every member & write a frckn anti essay about them. get a LIFE.
































































































































































    anyways i feel so bad for snsd. like seriously. the fans are EVIL. how the heck does anyone have the heart to do that?! this is snsd's dream. they love performing & everything but to have this happen to them is probalby their worst nightmare. i would CRY SO MUCh. i heard some of them did cry & omg.. evil evil antis! T_T
































































































































































































































































    ep 13
































































































































































    i swear ysc loves kim san the most. they are together in this episode AGAIN haha. sitting next to eachother
































































































































































    --- san is so smart. being the teacher hahaha. knowing how to bow and everything. cute
































































































































































    -- omg edward & joonsuk fighting X_X ... dang it was mostly joonsuk's fault. >_> that boy is getting on my nerves!
































































































































































    --- k shootdori will win.. i have a feeling. u can tell from the START when they made a mistake haha.
































































































































































    --- yay taesuk<3
































































































































































    -- lol i j ust noticed the other team's name.. CONQUISTA?
































































































































































    -- taesuk again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing!!!!1
































































































































































    ---oobin amazing goal
































































































































































    -- taesuk AGAIN!? dang! keep going boy!
































































































































































    --- there's the san & ysc romance again haha. i love it! san sitting on ysc's lap.. i swear he's like his son!! so cute
































































































































































    -- KIM SAN!!!!!!!!!!!! DOING SO WELL! AHHH!
































































































































































































































































































































    --- everyone cheering for san.. oobin screaming "LOOK OVER HERE SAN!" hahahha. & then his dissapointed comment cuz san didnt look
































































































































































    -- OMG SAN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH OMG! HAHA I LOVE HIM! that was a good one too
































































































































































    --- LOL joonsuk as goalie tries to make a goal. hahahaha. i think the goalie was shocked & the other team too. they're like what the?!
































































































































































    --- the other team was cute<3. doing all the cheers
































































































































































    --- pooooooooooor edward. hasnt made a goal/ :( he's trying SO HARD.
































































































































































    -- finally edward! haha after i right that first one.. hahaha. oh well. but poor girl goalie not knowing what to do
































































































































































    -- OMG JIWON! almost almost.. i want him to make a goal
































































































































































    -- so funny when the goalie just randomnly ran & kicked the handling ball! omg! hahahaha i laughed so hard!
































































































































































    -- YAY JIWON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what's w/ his dead face though?! i think he was in shock ahaha
































































































































































    -- LOL JIWON AGAIN! WHATS GOING ON TODAY?!?! hahahahahah kim san 2 & jiwon 2!?! hahah
































































































































































    -- edward's mom is really pretty
































































































































































    -- o shoot gahyun.. she can do it! but she sucks & doesnt move! DANG IT!
































































































































































    -- omg the boy CAUGHT the goalie's kick?! wow
































































































































































    ---- lol ysc didnt notice the goalie went WAY in the goal.. hhaha. he would've totally said something too
































































































































































    ---the other team is so nice i wish they would at least make 1 goal. :(
































































































































































    -- AHH DONGSUNG MADE A GOAL!!!!!!!!! first goal. now the older one needs to make one.. hahah. dude everyone is making a goal today! HAAH
































































































































































    -- hey kim daehyun is REALLY GOOD. if he wasnt goalie he'd be amazing. first goal too.
































































































































































    -- aww donggun so close! HE HAS TO MAKE ONE!
































































































































































    -- dudeeeeee. frkcn selfish players! let dongun shoot. im pissed
































































































































































    -- yay other team made 1! :)
































































































































































    -- OMG SAN!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH hat trick! OMG!!!!!! hahaha that was an amazing goal toO! HAHAHAHA like nobody could block that. it was so good!
































































































































































    omg everyone made a goal today haha. except donggun & that girl haha. but hopefully donggun will soon :)
































































































































































































































































































































    KIM SAN's HAT TRICK AHAHAHAHAH. 3 goals! HAHA the last goal especially!
































































































































































    jiwon's first goal
































































































































































    everyone's first goal! HAHA.
































































































































































    ok i know they were playing like super hard teams but now its like pathetic. its like the other teams have never played soccer! give some competition PLEASE
































































































































































































































































    where the HECK is everybody T_T

































  19. For those who went to Korea like OZ and BY clinic, did they use laser or traditional method of incision.

    J E W E L Z * : I've read on a couple of posts that Dr. Charles Lee didn't give them the crease they asked for (found out after surgery) and that he's too busy from a post here and another forum (only read a couple, so if he's done a lot of surgeries and only a couple of complains, then it isn't that bad):


    Most his examples that look nice are also done with DST method which isn't completely permanent. There are also good things said about him of course and he's is qualified and studied with Dr. Flowers from hawaii. I don't know if fame should be a main consideration for choosing a surgeon since some Dr. are better at PR/advertsing and other aren't as good in PR but are getting referrals from word of mouth (which I think is better).


    I'm sure you can't go wrong with either really...

    yeah idk!!!!!! i just want it from the best guy possible. i mean if im going to change my face, i dont care how much $$ i have to spend to get a really good doctor. cuz i dont wanna get a horrible doctor for cheap.

    ahh im so nervous. i always change my mind. i'll probably get it when im 100% positive i want it for myself
































































































    ep 12
































    im hoping i'll make it short cuz its midnight & im tired.
































































    ---- everyone making food... yoosangchul LOVES kim san. i swear it always makes me happy.. he made the snack look like kim san! hahaha.
































    --- taesuk wrote a letter to ysc in ENGLISH! AHAHAHAH. his name is TOM in english?! omg ahahhahaha
































































    ---- this team was hilarious last year. i remember one of the guys made me laugh like crazy. i wish he came back :(
































    --- i feel like shootdori is going to win. thats what i predict.. u can tell by how they act.. hahahahah.
































    -- i remember this coach. he was the one who screamed SO MUCh last year that he lost his voice like crazy hahaha.
































    --- SANNNNNNNNNNN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ he made a goal! hahahah yayyyyyyyyyyyy. i think he makes a goal every season he's been on.
































    -- jiwon man! he's doing amazing!~ cutie
































    ---- i was shocked when joonsuk said NO to ysc when he was like ''help gahyun make a goal''. i was like whoaaaaaaaa joonsuk.. ysc gamdok was shocked too. but i guess edward's aunt said she'd buy everyone food if edward made a goal. but still O_O joonsuk dont say NO to ur coach!
































    -- trying to get gahyun to make a goal brings back memories.. aka YOORIM!
































    ---- yay taesuk made a goal :D
































    --- wow taesuk. another goal!
































    --- gamdok again trying to distract players. NE HOW!!! hahah he kept saying htat. lol. he's hilarious
































    --- taesuk telling everyone 'if u guys just make ur own goals, gahyun will be sad'. aw i love him<3
































    --- joonsuk is pissing me off. just let her make a goal! why does he have to ask 'what if she doesnt make one?' .. kinda asking like will we be in trouble kind of way.
































    --- taesuk is so cute. helping gahyun
































    --- gahyun = yoorim man. hahah. except gahyun doesnt move at ALL
































    --- she's pissign me off! WALK AT LEAST! she's a STATUEEEEEEEE X_X
































    --- gahyun had a perfect chance. she just STAReS AT THE BALL!F EL:AIJF:LIJEFLA:JEFFAELJIEFAL:JIefa
































    -- at least yoorim made a goal. & at least she TRIED. frkcn gahyun is annoying. i used to pity her now she's just alefijase;flijefsa.
































    next week looks fun. lots of girls! shootdori boys will go crazy. ahahaha.

































  21. so right now im really considering getting my eyes done O_O

    i think either dr. choi of LA or dr charles lee of beverly hills. even though dr lee is super expensive, he seems like a credible surgeon. he's really famous.. he's been on tyra banks show, mowry, cnn, etc.. & i really like the girls that he showed cuz their eyes looked relaly nice. but yeah he's so expensive.

    whats LASER surgery? like what dr choi does? i dunno im scared!
































































































    part 2 of shootdori 1 vs shootdori4
































    . ep 11... u ready for this?
































    ---- game ------
































    -- seungjoons like "whats an edward?" & edwards like "ME!" haha. & seungjoons like 'are u an american?' & edward replies by asking 'why is ur accents so weird?!" haha i thoguht that was so cute.
































    -- taesoo changes kim san's name to hwa san haha.
































    -- yoo sang chul gamdok saying to seungjoon that his shoelaces are untied. & they played snsd's song.. haha. dont make fun of me cuz im young!
































    -- gamdok keeps saying the WRONG names. cheering for the wrong team
































    -- seungjoon IS SO TALL NOW!
































    -- taesoo wont do the ceremony :(
































    -- tae hoon is TOOOOOOOOO good. he's doing everything by himself
































    -- at first i didnt like kim dae hyun but i like him!! he's a pretty good goalie & never gives up. he always smiles & is sooooo adorable. he's also super brave. i'd be so scared blocking taehoon's goals.
































    -- freakin kim taehoon's heading BLOCK.. he needs to stop! he's unstoppable! ahhh~ haha. he's amazing i love hiM<3
































    -- 3rd quarter is not going well for taesoo & minho :(
































    -- TAE YEON!!!!!!!!!!!! taehoon's lil sister. omg she's back. in love w/ seunjoon still? haha
































    -- frckn taehoooooooooooon. he shoots from sooooooooooooo far & still makes a goal
































    -- taehoon blocking everyyyyyyyyyy goal. o gosh
































    -- taesoo tripping on the signs! i laughed so hard.
































    -- jo minho must be PISSED. taehoon keeeeeeeeeps blocking his goals.
































    -- kim san is doing well! :)
































    -- whoaaaaa anyone see hyunwoo's obvious handling? haha .. it totally looked like it hit his hands/arm
































    -- finally minhoooooooo!
































    -- again minho! so closeeeee 10 to 9.!
































    -- minho! he's on again. passing everyone.. including taehoon
































    -- um is shootdori in love w/ snsd?!?! they played tinkerbell by snsd too! wow all in 1 episode.
































    -- VERY CLOSE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!! good job. way to go minho for catching up. & taehoon for making almost all the goals if not all. haha.
































    dude yoo sangchul gamdok is so funny now. he used to be so quiet & whatever about the games. but i mean he was so into it!!! love it! :D
































    --after game--
































    -- of course yoo sang chul always takes care of kim san<3 so cute!!
































    -- shootdori4 is pretyt popular. all the girls screaming haha.
































    -- whoa joonsuk cussed on the merry go roudn?! haha the older kids were so bored
































    -- jiwon is hilarious w/ his faces
































    -- i spy kim san's older brother ! :)
































    -- poor yoosangchul getting old
































    --d ang they had amazing food!
































    -- edward singing trot haha so cute! he did the 1n2d moves! haha
































    -- WHAT THE?~!?!?!?!?!? OMGGGGGGGGGG HAAHHAAH O OOBIN! OMGGGGGG HAHAHAHA. what the?! was the singing?! hahaha .. well he can become an actor w/ his goodlooking features. but singing is out of the questoin ahhaaha.
































    -- ga hyun! omg she's so cute w/ her dancing!
































    -- haha gamdok doing the wave. wow.
































    HIGHLIGHT-- taesuk, oobin, joonsuk. best players. BIG BANG?!?!?!? hahaha when they sang lie i was like DANG! but then it got messed up. oobin.. oh dear.. haha. cant sing. its so funny!!!!!
































    next week they resume their own games w/ their own age. yay :D

































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