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  1. Oh my heart... Please someone translate the EP 48 trailer . Their ML and FL love is the reason I am staying put and lurking everywhere for latest update. I really hope nothing happened between that Yali and ML. I will be so heartbroken for my princess.
  2. I have been following Haolan daily at icdrama. But with my 1% mandarin capacity, I am frustrated to why Yiren has to marry another girl (episode 39-44) and has another boy with that girl during that 8 years he was apart with Haolan. Did he ever try to visit Haolan and his son? I love how he treated Haolan at first but somehow I felt so betrayed when he married the girl and consummated that very night! That really made my heart hurts! Instead of protecting Haolan not to create another variable, now he is created another heartache for his own family, his sons fighting for his attention, sad history repeated itself by one who cannot zip his pants up. Fast forward, 8 years later, it is not him who find ways to pick up Haolan and his son. It was Haolan came to the city to find him. Hey Yiren, what happen my sweet King? look at LBW, he is still waiting for Haolan... I am also watching I will never let you go, the main actor (Zhang bin bin) loves Ariel and always on the look for her and protect her even they are apart. And keep himself. Just like 10 miles peach blossoms main actor faithfulness. Oh, help me to get over my disappointment over Yiren. I don't know if my weak heart if can finish this unending drama. Also that evil zhao princess, why now after all the bad things she did, even killed the other kind princess that was supposed to be in her position now, she has the high position even pregnant with Yiren"s brother's baby and that prince loves her pieces. Oh my ...I don't know how far I can stand all these unjust plots and unending bad things happening to good people.
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