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  1. When go outside the box and get lost, go back in the box. Depleted creativity, use some story telling logic instead. It's like you have at least 5 unfinished side stories, you mix them up and hope nobody notice they are left unanswered: What happened in Alhambra: parties meet once (it's irrelevant that the seller's rep is an unreliable drug addict), potential buyer yell on the phone, potential seller rep found dead, developer missing sub side story - Developer missing/haunted by a zombie character - let them roam around sub side story - found the game is bugged (how, why, when, who caused it), never really solve debugging, show some cards, send the main character in the shadows Office schemes to get the shares: barely mentioned no idea what to do with it, just leave it Best friends fights/betrayals - mentioned, never use it to build something palpable Quest story: you have a quest, you solve it, you get some material to work with, ah too late the series ended. Filler characters - Jin woo's second wife, Hee-ju's best friend no clear story line, do they serve any purpose, are they action vector in anyway. No idea. Oh well, you can distract me with good cinematography and action scenes, but it's not working all the time.
  2. My two cents after watching the finale. I’m neither disappointed, not excited with the ending. It’s a necessary open ending, giving the writer the opportunity to stay somehow true to its decisions. It’s not love story centered. It’s male centered. I got it. We have closures for almost all the side characters: Su-jin get her dignity back; but never forgot to mention that Prof. Cha only cared about his honor, meaning his money. Step on his honor and donate all the money. Yu-ra remained the gold-digger, no big revelation in this case. Still I did not understand what was exactly her role beside an annoying second wife and a failed schemer. Mr. Park mange to save J One, launch the game, still recovering after the loss of his best friends. If there were any glimpse of hope that he might end up with Su-jin, she’s still thinking about Jin-Woo. Still indecisive in his relationship with Jin Woo. Se-ju got his character explained a bit. We know now that he is the genius behind the game. He’s traumatized by the game experience. Still same introvert boy, who cannot easily related with people. His explanation with the instance dungeon makes sense in terms of game dynamic, but remains a mystery how it works in RL. The idea of pocket universe came a bit too late to solve all the loose ends. It is still unclear if he chose to lock himself and wait for someone to level up to in order to set him free, or it was already programmed to operate this way. Se-ju being appointed head of a RD subsidiary is the implicit answer that many technicalities will be explained. Unfortunately not in this series. Jin-Woo is the sacrificial lamb of this episode on the altar of unexplained technical aspect of the game. All the bugs are avatars of dead people. Dust to dust, it’s more than obvious. In Jin-Woo’s case, we have no idea how the body is impacted by erasing the bug. Su-ju explanation that Jin Woo could have ended up in a dungeon instance, “I programmed that game so that only master can create it times of danger. But it really worked at that time. […] An instance dungeon in real life. I still can’t believe it either.” “I can’t check since everything got reset”. “he could be alive somewhere”. Issue solved. Somehow, he’s the legendary nameless player, helping noobies in distress. It sounds like something Jin-Woo would do. He’s an action man, taking risks. Is he waiting for some to level up to free him. We don’t know. It is an assumed quest to redeem the death of people he cared about. We don’t know. Hee Joo – same determined, stubborn and faithful character, never losing hope that she’ll find Jin-Woo. Marco remained a character with no clear closure. Who killed him, why, how he had been erased from the game. Probably Jin woo solving the quest. Thinking positively: great acting, great chemistry between leads, amazing cinematography. Actions scenes really well done. Avoiding all the clichés. Fresh and interesting ideas. I'm not frustrated with ending, it followed the tone of the whole series, "I will tell you a story of some incredible unexplained things".
  3. After reading your comments regarding the finale, something comes to my mind. Min Joo’s words: “doesn’t he look exactly the same as a year ago? From his hair to his cloths, he looks just like the day he left”. His answer: “the instance dungeon. It’s a place in the game. Only I know where it is.” How did he manage to keep himself in stealth mode a year? Game induced stasis? However, I guess this whole scene could be a clue: deleting the bug may mean that the game is restored to the previous un-bugged instance, in this case before the glitch in Alcazaba café, the master-player being like an alternate game server. Therefore, restoring the game to a specific previous point in time would probably erase player accounts/game developments/player’s levels/quests and so on. So, I’m curious if the writer choose to restore the entire timeline, giving the malfunctioning characters the chance to do things differently or to redeem themselves. Additionally, considering the whole context, Seong bom choose to play “variations on the canon”. I assume is not that unintentional as it may seem.
  4. As I suspected for a while, there was an upgrade from a faceless villain to a bodiless one! Jokes aside, I really like MOtA. So far the parts that really kept me in are: the underground scientific parts: I found this really entertaining, but a bit less explained and underdeveloped. There are a lot of interesting ideas, from an area still uncharted so far. We do not really know how much about those lenses: how they work, are they a bio-interface, do they enhance neurofeedbak, do they cause any temporary damage/alteration of senses. We do not know how players are monitored. Are they also subject to bio-monitoring? Are their brains over-stimulated to the point of causing somatic responses/even death? That part only would have made a great story itself. the consistent game part. I am not a fan of computer games, but there is an intrinsic logic of each game. Finding the right clues and connection makes the experience more personal. As a viewer, I am always on my toes: Am I missing something? Do I make the right connections? The avoidance of a linear story line, flashbacks and flash-forward scenes may be annoying, but helps the entire story to stay engaged. Thank you @packmule3 for the explanations! Much appreciated. I have skimmed the comments of the writer. However, I do not like to be told how to view a story. The way I see it, it is my personal experience. I do not care about writer’s unconscious biases, because I have mine. Even if initially the love story was side lined, in the end that love story keeps the whole plot in balance. Hee Joo’s is Jin Woo’s anchor. Jin woo is Hee Joo’s action vector. The bonus is their great chemistry and the director that can play with nuances of their characters. There may be plot holes, inconsistencies, an annoying multi-layered story, limited point of view, but I prefer them to a linear escapist story with lovey-dovey stuff, classical tropes and nothing more in between.
  5. Temporarily famous probably. To have shares in a successful company is a different story. However, I'm waiting for the finale. Maybe all the clues will end up in a coherent way, and finally the whole story will be revealed. So far we have bits and pieces and Jin woo's assumption, 3 deaths and a no rules in game, few inconsistencies and schemings, a suicide attempt. All of these need closure, hopefully.
  6. Yura said on the phone conversation with Prof. Cha: "I'm giving my statement as I promised to you. I'm in a mood, so I told them what you wanted me to say and I spiced up a bit. I probably deserve more shares for the extra work I've done." The continued angrily " I don't know what you're scheming with Jin Woo, but my patience has limits. I walked away empty-handed, so I bet you thought I was a big joke." (I assume she was referring to divorce). And threatened Prof. Cha "I'll tell the police that you coerced me into committing perjury, and what you did to steal your daughter-in-law's assets." (She definitely has some inside info regarding the plot). So, I guess the answer is money. There's a back plot very nicely embroidered in the main story: money, power and opportunists. Yu-ra is one of them. A frustrated opportunist who seemed to have played the wrong card again. "Did Jin Woo fooled us again or what". Her manager said referring to Prof. Cha: "he just used us to threaten him and ditched us. Do you understand? [..] I told you not to use your stupid head". I found interesting he's constantly referring to "us". Probably he's the brain using her celebrity status and good looks to get money from her marriage at first (I remembered she said somewhere in a discussion in the previous episodes "loveless marriage"); then getting involved in schemes and intrigues of Prof. Cha. But, she rebelled against the men authority (manager, prof. Cha, lawyer) and decided to sort it out her way.
  7. All three deaths happened in Granada: Marco found dead in Granada woods, Cha jr. - on the bench in Alhambra park, Secretary Seo in Granada Station. All three returned in the game as zombie characters. Except secretary Seo, the other two have some unresolved issues to settle. Jin Woo first login was in Granada. Cha jr. also played in the game in Granada until he died in duel. He is shown engaged in a fight with Aragon guards and reaching level 4. Marco implicitly is a Granada creation. Secretary Seo gained this feature of being considered a Granada creation by his alliance with Zinu. However, Jin Woo had an interesting conversation (while witnessing what it seemed to be the game opening and engaging in level 1 fights) with the IT guy who said "I don't think the smart lens can keep up with the game", and further on referring probably to the allegedly game creator Se Joo "Do you really think that he made this by himself?" [...] And referring to the game creator "He's either a genius or a lunatic. Or maybe he's both"). Smart lens seems to come with an in-ear wireless/Bluetooth device (both developed by J-One, TV ad), a detail that did not show up later on. Re-watching first 2 eps, seems that SeJoo was more likely dealing with game design (see the sketches on the wall: anatomy details, characters design, costumes details). The end of episode 2 (fighting scene in the train while returning in Granada for the dungeon quest) is raising some interesting aspects: "A year ago what happened to the future I predicted to to Hee Joo? I got half of it right. The other half...I got it completely wrong" Still processing which part was construed completely wrong.
  8. The way the series narrative is constructed seems sort of game-based. There are probably lots of clues left here and there.
  9. I was bothered while watching the series, by the following details: Why covered up the unexpected death of your son? Why not bothered to find out how, why. Business reasons, legit. But we are humans, we are driven by emotions. Given the situation, hate and revenge are on the table. All the characters in the J one business development are presented in a disentangled way: like they have their own little world, their own bubble. However, there might be boss, some mastermind knowing who is doing what in the company. New game, new partnerships, launching new product for international markets. Never shown so far. At this point, the evil mind (I presume that may be old Dr. Cha) have all the info he need to create a scenario for revenge: power, money, resources, and minions to implement the orders. Jin woo – dedicating time to level up, driven by guilt, trying to find the game creator in order to solve his own issues = his game evolution, alliances, skills, etc. may be tracked. If so, Dr. Cha (his avatar) persistent attacks against Jin Woo probably may be tracked too. Minions on the field who gather info where Jin Woo is, where he goes = Park, for example. Ability to create an ambush = we have the game, the company behind and a game development unit. For example, the terrorist in the train in a bit over Jin Woo in attack, but defense is almost twice over Jin Woo’s level. Mission kill not a leisure play with other opponents. Who gain the most in this double-leveled plot? Who has the most to lose? I am curious when the dark horses will appear, and what roles will they take: Healer or shaman (Hee Joo), if Park joins the game will be a regular player or designated archetype? Will the IT guy Cho going to join the frenzy as an active player? And there is another aspect that bothers me: the game logins, some intended, other random, or caused by external factors. Are they caused by emotional state, adrenaline spikes, proximity with other electronic devices that activates the interface, is it a human–computer interaction that evolves concomitantly with players skills?
  10. On the right screen you can see the names of few towns in Hungary: Eger, Nagykata, Miskolc On the left Brasov, Timisoara, Bucuresti (Romania), Kosice (Slovakia) - towns in the neighboring countries
  11. Just a trivia remark regarding the train station scenes: they are filmed in Budapest. Most likely Budapest Teleki Train Station Up there you can see one of the iconic buildings in Budapest, Buda Castle
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