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  1. Hello there! Just want to share what I've seen today about Inrang/Illang. I don't know if I have a biased view on KDW and HHJ characterization of their roles but I can' t accept his criticms on their acting as very bland or wooden. Maybe the message or the convoluted plot re Red Riding Hood story and its significance to the Wolf Brigade/Illang can't really be understood/appreciated by Westerners when South Korean themselves didn't appreciate KJW's auteur. https://variety.com/2018/film/reviews/illang-the-wolf-brigade-review-inrang-1202971396/amp/
  2. They started to loosen up and have fun in these stage greetings... I don't want to think she's starting to get jealous lol but she photobombed most of KDW pics
  3. Hello there!! I've bèen visiting this forum a lot as a lurker coz I had been a Jongjoo shipper (it's very obvious isn't it?) but I am long-time KDW fan since I've seen him in Too Beautiful Too Lie (my 1st kmovie). In case of HJ, she's one of my favorite kactress but maybe not entirely solid as most of you here. Nonetheless, I am now hurting for both of them cause they're receiving so much flak because they're caught dating in LA with picture evidence. Before their dating rumor and the troublesome relatives, they're considered "god" Dongwon , "super rookie" and/or "model daughter-in-law". I wonder why there's no VIP scrèening where their celebrity friends, people in in kmovie industry could have been invited to show support for Inrang. Truly disappointed with WB korea how they treated a film from one of their "legendary" director and starred by 3 A-list actors As for the dating rumor/scandal, I truly believed that they're dating because of the picture, from what can I glean from their characters as long-time fan of both of them and their latest intervièws. To be fair to KDW, showing the public that he cares too much would invite harsher criticsms not only for him but specially for HJ from his crazy jealous fans.. Sorry for those shipping her with JWS, I feel he's one of their supporter... I think he's a close sunbae to both of them esp to KDW because I saw a clip not too long ago where JWS dropped by Violent Prosecutor filming. Sorry for the too long rant....
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