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  1. Yeah.. Master of the North Star was very mean to Bausae of Dubhae / Kim Geum.. Why he let all the unfortunate things happen to him for 7 centuries instead of prevent it Eventhough I understand the master's intention: It's an hell exam/mission impossible/poisonous test for Bausae to do... AND HE PASSED the TEST with HONORS!!! I feel good when Master of the North Star thought Kim Geum will embrace him back.. but Kim Geum actually bypassing him, ran toward Jung and hugged him.. HAHAHAHAHHAHA so satisfying!! I'[m agree with @angelbeast90 Kim Geum indeeeed a real fairy.. he has a pure beautiful golden heart. The most innocent character ever exists in dramaland!! EDIT: AAH ONE MORE RANT!!! Who is the hairstylist of Moon Chae Won?? Why she never changed her hairstyle?? I don't mind about her clothes but I do mind about her hairstyle! Even in the webtoon, Fairy Seon has several hairstyles... She should look so much younger with her hair loose, not being pinned all the time wearing an old granny's bun!.. they should check the webtoon.. Fariy Seon has pretty nice hairstyle moments!!
  2. I'm lateee!!! But I managed to watch raw.. and I'm excited to watch it with subs... The only complain I have is the filter they put on for the forest scene was too dark.. i hardly seeing anything, especially the actors expression I think they made it darker to mask the fire CG>> Lightning PDnim pleaseeeeeee And the kisses are cute!! They are a set of a peck and lips press.. Feels like first kiss.. but I find the kisses are suitable for innocent Geum and Ok Nam.. Btw Kim Geum looks good and very very cute with long bangs!! I think he's ready for his next saeguk role.. woohooooo And my naughty edit for Christmas... Have a wonderful Christmas Chingu *hug
  3. His final hairstyle during and after the proposal Last picture!!! Kim Geum and Jeom seon, father and daughter date as they promised.
  4. @latuadi Thank you for your explanation.. So the sub version that I watched was slightly misinterpret. THank you for making it clear that they never mentioned about the gender of Izy. So you are a translator? wooaaaaah thank goodness.. Thank you for your hardwork *bows*
  5. I watched ep 14.. And I have some confusion about the reincarnation. Jung realized that he was "the boy" abandoned by the villager. I thought the little kid locked in the shed was a GIRL, since she's wearing a long skirt (min 27:18) I swear I repeated the scene many times.. I though the kid was a GIRL .. But at the end of the show, the villager said,"the kid (he) is too noisy, let's tie him up" So the kid is a HE. So it's confusing to see a boy wearing a skirt. When I saw a monk in this show, I remembered about a lesson from Buddhism. A soul repeatedly reincarnates in many forms until he/she attains fully enlightenment. So it's possible Izy and Bausae were human before they were fairy. The past of izy as a little boy sacrificed by the villager resulting him to reborn as a fire immortal lady fairy. Since she couldn't forget her past and keep wanting to get revenge, made her fell back to mortal world and born to be a lower creature (a deer). Same goes to Bausae. He was a human who have pure heart that lead him to reborn an immortal deity Bausae but sacrificed himself back to human realm to help Izy. I also notice, for more than half episode 14 Seo Ji Hoon was barefoot!!! started from having lunch with Ok Nam till the end of the show he was running and walking around barefooted, on asphalt, on rocky ground, on the hill, in the forest and cold rocky waterfall !!! I think he really had hard time for all those scene.. I can see from his gait, it must be very painful for him to run around without shoes! Please don't abuse the actor and the character Saw the video from Seo Ji Hoon's management and TVN.. super cute and new hairstyle Geum as the husband ! Very NAMJAAAA Finally I could complete the fanvid Seo Ji Hoon's bts compilation for Fairy tale. enjoy guys
  6. i don't think anyone will die.. If Geum and Ok Nam are in danger.. I think Jeom Dol their Blue Dragon son will save them. About the tomb shown on the preview.. it's Woodcutter's tomb.. I think Izy found out the truth about Bausae.. and regretted all the bad deed she's done to Bausae/Geum. Awww.. It's so nice to hear Jung Kyung Ho's voice... the baby dragon is so cuteeee... the way he introduced himself.. ultra CUTEEEE.. I still wish JKY's cameo for a twist that he has human form just like Joom Seon..
  7. @jeonghyang Whoooaa you are on fire!!! Love your gifs so much!! Thank you so much!! @latuadi thank you for the live recap!! I have to wait the link from dailymotion it's about another hour to complete..
  8. yeaaay.,. finally wrap up party!! They are all look so charming! The warm brown color is sooooo gorgeous on YHM, MCW, JSJ.. Geum ah.. I love his back haircut style.. he has nice forehead! Why our MCW and YHM sit apart? Kim Kim and Fairy Haelmoni...
  9. Actually Jung is very very cute.. I remember watching Geumie who was wet, tired, wounded and carried heavy Jung, and he couldn't remember 8 digits passcode. Jung who was already awake still on Geumi's back, pressed the passcode and told him 0070+KimGeum's birthday Dec 5th /May 12th? I laughed so hard for that scene! The slapstick comedy is Back!! I always enjoy watching the drama.. However, the only part selfish Jung I really hate was when he asked Geum not to love Ok Nam. But only he can. Uh Oh! He knew that Geum has fond of Ok Nam far before him got enchanted by ON. I think OK Nam hugs Geum since she misses him like crazy. And she knows that Geum love skinships so much! So they are acting on what their heart say.. ACTION NOW, REGRET LATER! *wink wink Here's a short fanvid describing when words don't come easy.. Just Do the ACTION!..
  10. @hazelyeot thanks for the translation. Aaaah Kim Kim will have another crying episode when he found out Ok Nam left. Did you see Uri Kim Geum's cheek when Jeom Soon bids her farewell to Kim Geum? There's a bruise! Saw the preview in ep 11, where agitated Jung (after the kiss scene) runs into Geumie in the rain, smacked his umbrella.. Will Jung hit Geum? Awwww... Edit : I heard Kim Geum's overvoice.. Stars must go back to the sky.. just what Ok Nam told Jung in ep 12. Anyone here read the webtoon and tell me is there any plot that they have to go back to the sky? or is it a twist part that happen in drama. Why I have the feeling, instead of Ok Nam, Geum and Jung continues to live in the earth, they all will go back to fairy realms?
  11. Preview for Ep 13 was out: It translated Ok Nam who realized Jung Yi Hyun was not the father of her children, left for Gyeryong. Kim Geum who had been struggling with the absence of Ok Nam came to remember his past! YESSSSS!!! Finally.. no more dragging plot.. I was waiting for Kim Geum to remember his own past and Ok Nam to realize her mistake to dismiss Geum being her reincarnated husband. I still remembered, Geum asked her.. Why isn't me? I was in the fairy fall too. But Ok Nam rejected the idea of Geum's possibility being her husband. I was so brokenhearted along with Geum for that scene. She didn't even gave him time to tell that he kept dreaming about them in the past being husband and wife. Oh well... I hope ep 13 onwards will be more enjoyable to watch instead of watching continuous miserables face of Kim Geum and Ok Nam.
  12. Aaaah You're right.. this is a drama not the webtoon. However, I don't find him a wuss. Actually, he's pretty fierce in competing with Prof Jung to win Ok Nam's heart. Too bad, Ok Nam mistakenly recognized Prof Jung as her reincarnated husband and didn't give Kim Geum a chance to prove himself as the husband. So Kim didn't have a choice but to back off. To me, his character is very likeable, even everyone in the drama likes him, from Prof Jung, Ok Nam, Jeom Soon, 3 fairies, Dr Lee, and the assistants in the lab. He's a one of my favorite character in dramaland. He's honest, sincere, compassionate, cute, smart, loyal, sweet and has many pleasant personalities. And he's a no wimp, in fact he's very brave in protecting his love one. He's pretty strong and patient that he can handle Prof Jung's crankiness and his antiques. He's very flexible and quickly adapt to the situation and makes friends with everyone. In short, he's a beautiful person inside out
  13. @bukk1 Thanks for sharing your view.. The production stalled the last 4 episodes (9-12) just for sake of Husband game and prolong the plot where Ok Nam mistakenly recognised her own reincarnated husband ( some of the plot didn't happen in the webtoon). However, as for they revealed the woodcutter's face in Kim Geum's dream, the show directs back to webtoon's plot. This will be a SPOILER for anyone who hasn't read the webtoon: But I guess most of you in forum have already known the plot and know who the husband is.. So I didn't put my explanation in spoiler mode. Ep 12 confirmed that Prof Jung was Izy, then reincarnated as Deer, and also reincarnated as a captured little girl locked in the shed. When he was a deer, he was saved by the Woodcutter, Kim Geum.. the deer led Kim Geum to Fairy's fall bath lake, stole Ok nam's dress and left Ok Nam and Kim Geum fell in love for once again. Kim Geum (someone told us) that he wasn't reincarnated but The master erased Bausae's memory, changed his hair color and made him mortal. Because Kim kim met the deer again and asked the deer to return his wife's wing dress, he accidentally fell off the cliff and died. Kim Geum was also reincarnated as an old man that helped a little girl (Jung's past life), far before he reincarnated as Kim Geum. It seemed Kim Geum and Jung always reincarnated at the same time and same place. They have bonded like sworn brothers. My opinion about the husband. Actually the misunderstanding started from the beginning. The rules of fairy: "She has to marry the one who steal her fairy wing dress". The one who stole Ok Nam's dress was THE DEER. So Ok Nam supposed to marry the deer instead of the woodcutter. But, Ok nam married her loved one from fairy realms who she fell in love with. She recognized his face, and claimed he was her fated one.. that's why he becomes her husband. The supposed to marry one, the thief of the wing dress was the deer (Izy/Prof Jung). He wasn' married but being abandon. So the deer felt betrayed one more time by Bausae. Bausae gets happiness since he married Ok Nam. So as Prof Jung (no wonder) believed that he has to be a selfish person, so he can get what he wants. I hope for the last 4 episodes, I can see : 1. The reason Izy was thrown to mortal world 3. Whether Bausae really betrayed Izy 4. The reason Bausae got bannished to mortal world 5. Process revelation of KG the husband to Ok Nam in super sweet labu labu way 6. A very short air time for Jung's revenge (I'm getting tired since the story so heavy focus on him for the last 4 episodes) 7. The identity of Master of 7 stars in the mortal world 8. Cameo by Jung Kyung Ho being Kim Geum's son 9. Labu labu, skinships (leaning, kneading, rubbing) between OK Nam and Geumie.. remember Geum really loves skinships.. and he's been barely hodling his DESIRE to have skinship with Ok Nam. 10. The real reason for 3 fairies exist in the story especially the last bean held by Wizard park 11. Sweet moment for Geum being with his wife and children 12. The real twist that Geum, Ok Nam and Izy can go back to fairy land (I really wish for this twist!)
  14. I'm back!! I thought I want to skip tonight's episode.. but I'm glad I watch it out of my curiosity. So after having high fever, Kim kim is fully aware that he's the husband and knows that the deer has his wife's fairy clothes... And a little information for Seo Ji Hoon's fans, it's not very painful as I watched tonight's episode.. I'm spoiled to see Kim Kim's drunken face and his resting face... No matter how he tried to uglify his face, he's still looks good in my eyes Even without any dialogue, just lie down in bed and close his eyes, i found his sleepingface is still beautiful. His eyelashes are very long thick and beautiful #i'msoenvy.. .. Ok back to topic.. I think I can guess why Ok Nam realized Jung is not her husband from the rain kiss... #Ihatewriternim that I have to make excuse for nonsensical unnecessary mountain kiss.. *sigh* The first kiss, Ok Nam lost her power and so Mrs. Cho lost her power too. During the full moon, the time of window, everyone was weakened and lost their power/touch. Ok Nam couldn't refresh the coffee plant in front of her cafe right after the mountain kiss. Second Kiss in the rain.. I noticed her power is back.. she has control over water.. The rain water couldn't wet her body at all..In fact she's beaming a fairy light from her whole body.. and it attracted and alarmed Jung.. So when Ok Nam kissed Jung to calm the insecure Jung, she can feel, sense that the one she kissed is not her husband because her fairy power.. BUT!!! I STILL DON"T JUSTIFY WHY OK NAM MUST HAve TWO KISSES WITH JUNG!!! Her consecutive kissing scenes with Non OTP has reduced my joy watching the series. #souncomfortabletowatch Sorry for the rant
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