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  1. @uw_maulida Baram was uploaded by @thesuitelife547 on JungWooInternational Youtube account.  http://www.youtube.com/user/jungwoointl?feature=watch

    Thanks again for uploading finding and uploading the videos.

    @JungWooInternational: I just found out we have a twitter account too. You guys are awesome!!!

    Thx a lot....will check ot out

  2. :x :x :x :x From KBS DRAMA AWARDS 


    Credits as tagged

    sorry...i just to quote this pic cos i love it.. jung woo might not be the handsomest actor there is but i love him cos he radiates warmth.

    wow...it's been 800+ posts since i last lurked here...this thread sure move fast.

  3. i just watched this couple and really have good impression of julien kang (frankly i have no idea who he is). usually, the first meeting is awkward but there's none of that from this couple.

    i like that despite him being younger, he seems more matured than se ah. also, i think being a westerner is why he is such a gentleman. i look forward to more interaction from this couple. i've a feeling this couple will be my fav couple after ssangchu, solbi and woojung.

  4. sakurakhyuk i totally agree with you (i think all of Siwon's fans think the same) but perhaps they are doing this to help SJ-M's promotions.

    uw_maulida not crazy about the song either. the video is BLAH. it looks like it was put in a hurry on a tight budget (as do all Suju mv's lol). the excessive guyliner was just too weird.

    so she's the one in Black & White? i didn't watch the series but just peeked at a few scenes in a couple of episodes.

    yes, she played the mafia's daughter. i recommend the series as it is very good. i love the story line and of course there's my Zai Zai ;)

  5. hi girls, hope you're all doing great.

    The Too Perfect MV is released today. Couldn't say I like the song much as the music is not really my cup of tea. And boy, do they all have to wear eyeliner? It just making them look weird :phew:

    Lacus - thanks for all of the Athena screencaps. As much as I love Siwon, I still couldn't bring  myself to watch Athena. Hence, I satisfy myself from all your Siwon's screencaps.

    So, the Taiwanese drama is still on then? On your question about Ivy Chen, I watched her in Black & White opposite Zai Zai. imo, her acting skill is just average but she's cute though.

    Sakura and Wendy, hope you enjoy the SS3 this Saturday :)  Don't forget to take pics and vidcam :lol:

  6. hi girls, just got back from SS3 Singapore. So tired cos I queued since 8am to get the tagging. Sadly, was not able to meet up with Wendy and Sakura as I was not allowed to get out from my queue.

    watching from standing pen A in front of the main stage. imo, ss3 bangkok is much better cos the boys were so much funnier. not much of siwon cute moments. sorry could not post any pics. my vidcams are low quality, taken fr mobile, so i won't be posting them.

    wendy and sakura, ss3 malaysia is on. are you going to watch?

  7. Hi  uw_maulida!  Which pics do you want uploaded?  The SS3 Bangkok pics?  I can zip up my folder and upload for you ^^

    Hope you're having fun in Singapore!  Enjoy the concert.  Too bad cameras are prohibited >_<;;;

    Yes, the SS3 Bangkok pics, please . Thanks a bunch ^_^

    Will enjoy the concert though I'm in standing zone for SS3 SG. WIll need to queue up early in the morning so I could get very next to the stage cos my friend says SG fans are very rabid. Hopefully I could sneak taking pics from my mobile ;)

  8. Hi girls, Wendy, Sakura and I were having such a blast in SS3 Bangkok. Unfortunately, I was not able to get any pics and fancam. I got caught recording Siwon's solo and the security guy asked me to step out. My first thought was that oh no I was going to be kicked out from the concert. Thankfully, they let me back inside after depositing my camera. But I was upset though cos some girls sitting near me were recording with their mobile and they got away with it. SO UNFAIR!!! @@#*@*#

    Anyway, Wendy and I sat on the same zone and as she said, Siwon often came to our zone. Boy, he is sure an eye candy :P More handsome in person. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. Major hotness during A Man in Love performance especially when he took off his shirt ^_^

    There were many WonTeuk moments on the first night and some funny moments too. During You&I, Siwon and Eunhyuk is set to have a race. But, when the race start, Siwon let Eunhyuk run off alone. Poor Eunhyuk, after running about 1-2 meter, he looked behind noticing that no one was running behind him. He's been played by Siwon. Naughty Siwon :)

    There was also a moment where Siwon and Sungmin played rock, scissor, paper and the losed got knocked by hammer balloon. Guess who lose? Yup, it's Carrot boy. He seems not very good at that game. I remember in FH, he also lost to Donghae.

    And the hoola hoop scene. I'd never thought he'd done it on bended knees. But that our dorky boy for sure ;)

    Wendy and Sakura, hope you get home safely. Waiting for your pics and fancam.

  9. I just don't get why the netizens being so negative towards Siwon re the slave contract. I mean, it's up to each individual to feel whether they are fairly treated or not. Han Geng and JYJ feel unfair treatment and so they left. The others might not feel the same and so they stay. It's not up to the netizen to decide who's wrong or right. As long as the persons involved (in this case the staying members) feel happy, who are we to judge and decide for them?

    A good news to cheer us all up. Siwon was awarded new star prize in SBS awards tonight :)  I am so happy that his acting skill is being recognized. Here is the link to the event.


    (cr to poster)

    At last, happy new year to you all :)

    Some pictures of the SBS event.

    cr pink ninja & black cat @ sjworld-net and uksujusid at super junior wordpress






  10. That's great you got to see Dream Team on the big TV screen :)  That episode of Dream Team was hilarious.  Super Junior makes anything funny.  They were picking on Eunhyuk SOOO much.  Even Siwon  :lol:

    I loved his hairstyle during the Dream Team filming.  I know Carrot Boy has to keep his hair short for Athena, but I truly hope he will grow it out after Athena.  :D

    The Suju Dream team episode was indeed funny. I lol'ed after Siwon succesfully shoot the basketball into the ring and Eunhyuk was rejected by the SuJu team when he joined the group hug ^_^

    Siwon really showed his competitiveness there. You could tell he's upset with himself when he failed at the last jump.

    Just read that he is endorsing Ziozia. More endorsement for Carrot Boy.

    Wendy, it's too bad you don't have the time to catch the MBC Icon taping. Hopefully you could find time for it.

  11. Yay just received my SS2 dvd along with the photobook from YesAsia today (still lacking the tubed poster though)  :D

    Is enjoying the dvd right now though it's 10.30pm and just got back fr the office. But, Siwon's hairdo in the performance is weird, don't like it.

    Btw, the seating plan for SS3 Singapore is already released. Hopefully I can get the ticket in mosh pit or arena sitting


    @Sakurahyuk - i am still waiting to see if I could get SS3 Singapore. If it turns out that I'm unable to get it, I'll email you for the SS3 Manila ticket ^_^

  12. Anyone is planning to go for SS3 in Singapore?

    It will be great for Siwon fans to gather and attend together..

    The last time when I attended the Galaxy Showcase,

    my lone voice was completely drowned...

    I don't hear as much cheering for Siwon.. :(

    I am planning to go to SS3 Singapore. However, due to limited numbers of ticket sold, I am afraid that I might not be able to

    get it. Alternatively, I might go to SS3 Manila, the organizer will open the ticket sale by reservation for VVIP/VIP on 13 Nov but I've not got the hotline # yet. While for other category, the sale will be open in late Nov or early Dec.

    Fyi, it's been confirmed that SuJu will hold SS3 concert in Japan on the 18-19Feb. The ticket is sold through E.L.F-Japan

  13. @uw_maulida..I replied in PM to you :)

    Hi Wendy, it's okay, no worries :) Hopefully I am lucky enough to be able to get the ticket online on the 23rd.

    @Cat - agree, the editing of the SS2 dvd is not that good if compare to the premium live in japan dvd which have much better angles and good shots of the boys. I don't know, but maybe the Korean cameraman technique is lacking compare to their Japanese colleague?

  14. @Wendy - I am wondering, could I ask you for a favor? I found out that SS3 Singapore tickets will only be sold for 5000 tickets and the sales period from 20-22 Nov will only available to Singtel's subscriber on Samsung mobile or Singapore OCBC cardholder. If you are either of the above and if you don't mind, could I buy the ticket through you? I am concerned that with the limited number of tickets and that priority are given to Singtel subscribers and OCBC cardholders, there won't be much tickets left when it's open for public on 23 Nov.

    Sorry if my post bothers you.

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