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  1. Next JTBC drama for Seungyeon - https://www.soompi.com/article/1317475wpp/gong-seung-yeon-confirmed-to-join-park-ji-hoon-kim-min-jae-and-more-in-upcoming-historical-romantic-comedy A Joseon era rom-com - sounds interesting and I know our Gong Seungyeonie will kill it! Hang in there folks - the future is not ours to see - que sera, sera!
  2. Well, there comes a time when all good things must end...... I was hoping for a much happier ending, but oh well! I came to K-pop in 2010 through my daughter who was into dance and had discovered SNSD. She enjoyed their complicated and technically perfect dance routines. She also started following K-pop in general and followed many different K-pop groups. I also came to appreciate SNSD - not only their dancing and singing but also their wholesome image. I thought this was a good group of young girls presenting a strong, wholesome image for my daughter to emulate. This led me to WGM (Yongseo) when SNSD's maknae Seohyun went on the program. Which introduced me to Jung Yong Hwa and CNBlue whose talent and music I also enjoyed. I joined the Yongseo Soompi forum and shipped Yongseo, for most of 5 years. Another exciting time with that thread exploding with comments and blogs and news about them every day. I discovered the power of the internet and blogs but also how people from all over the world and from different walks of life could communicate and share ideas respectfully and with shared love for a Korean couple they have never met. I made many friends and enjoyed posting my thoughts and reading the thoughts and feelings of others. It was eye-opening for me. I also followed K-pop news and began watching Korean dramas. I learned about Korean customs, history and culture. My daughter and I would have lively discussions about Korea, K-pop and Yongseo. Just as Yongseo was winding down for me, along came Gonglee. And the same thing began to happen. This Soompi forum exploded with followers from all over the world, a support network was created for communications and a dedicated team of translators (the awesome B.E.S.T.) painstakingly translated every episode into English. Many moderators came and went, but this thread had its own life and others stepped in to support it. Gonglee Global was created. And again I was awed by how love for a couple in Korea could drive so much love and understanding for people from around the world. I was thrilled to see this thread reach 2000 pages and go into a second thread. I was thrilled to see our couple win many surveys and jump to the top of favorite WGM couples. It was a great gift to us for them to come together again and give us MOLS. And then this latest news hit. And suddenly all our hopes and dreams for our couple ceased. Even the great joy and triumphs we faced together on this thread are all tarnished by this one reckless, thoughtless and despicable act. I will always hope and pray for the best for Jonghyun and Seungyeon. For Jonghyun, I hope he realizes what he threw away by following his dark path. How his great talents are now wasted. I feel he destroyed the chance for a good relationship with Seungyeon. For the other members of CNBlue, I hope they recover from this and continue to make their beautiful music together. For Seungyeon I hope she is successful and happy in her career and someday will meet a good man with a good heart who makes her complete. For all of you here and for those who come in the future, I wish you the best that life can provide. All the health and happiness to all of you. When you read these pages in this thread, read them in the context they were created, with love and respect for all, and in the support of 2 lovely and talented people in Korea who made us fall in love along with them and fall in love with them. Understand the happiness that falling in love can bring to the world, and how people from all over the world, different cultures, different languages, different religions, men and women from all ages (a mini United Nations, if you will) came together and shared our hearts and minds for a common good. Our own little piece of heaven, our own little Camelot. If only we all could always be this understanding and loving - then the world's problems would melt away and only peace, love and joy would remain. For me, I will probably lurk quietly in the background for awhile. Then, I think I will put all of this behind me - except for the wonderful memories of the past 9 years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart - and God be with you all!
  3. The internet and netizens are exploding the charges against Jonghyun way out of proportion. The only thing he has been proven doing is participating in the Kakao website (a private chatroom with his friends), viewing the films of women having sex without their knowledge of being filmed, making crude and demeaning comments about women and claiming to have consensual sex. There is nothing illegal here. Immoral, yes! There is no proof of him doing any filming, distributing the films, having non consensual sex or having sex with minors. I'm not supporting him in any of this. What he did was despicable, immoral and hurtful to his fans, his family, the members of CNBlue, his company FNC, his friends and work associates and the women he used sexually. He is almost 30 years old and should be responsible for his demeaning actions toward women. His career in entertainment is most probably over as it should be. What really bothers me is - was this all going on while he was with Seungyeon in WGM or MOLS. I can't believe she knew any of this was going on because she was certainly into him during the time of WGM through the end of MOLS. At some point they obviously made a point of distancing themselves from each other in social media. Was this because she found out? It makes me wonder if they had worked out as a couple if he would have gone down this road. With a good woman by his side like Seungyeon would he have fallen into the temptation of needing the comfort of easy women supplied to him by JJY? Did he see what everyone else around him was doing and said - why not me? Is this behavior so inbred in K-pop and Korean culture that he didn't see anything wrong with it, because everyone else was doing it? Not only his friends an other idols in K-pop, but studio execs, CEOs and chaebols who abused their money and power by demeaning women? At some point in his life he decided that going down this road with these friends was the way he wanted to live his life vs. the clean and wholesome life he was leading while he was dorming with his CNBlue brothers earlier in his career. I don't think Jonghyun was always this way and I don't think he was this way with Seungyeon. I feel he was a gentleman with Suengyeon, and even enjoyed being a 'good husband' to her. I think she was a good influence on him. But when "they" were over, whenever that happened, he chose this road of immorality and degradation. Was the timing of CNBlue's and his military service an attempt by FNC to have them all out of circulation before this news broke, and hopefully they'll come back after it has all blown over and is forgotten? Wouldn't be surprised if this is true. These are things I ponder and worry about, probably to no avail because we'll never know. I think I will watch WGM and MOLS one more time and dream about how things might have been if they had stayed together. And then I will close the book on this part of my life forever and move on to happier and better things.
  4. I think we all need a group hug and a group cry. Of all the ways I thought this would end - this is the most shocking! I don't understand how someone of JH's "idol" status, in spite of his tremendous talent and good looks and fame could stoop to this level of perversion and disrespect for women. He could have had any good woman he wanted - why? But let's not loose sight of the fact that WE, all the Brownies, WE created something lovely and endearing here in this Soompi forum. WE fell in love with a couple of people who fell in love - and then created more love right here. WE did this, no matter how old, what race WE came from, what religion WE believed in, boys and girls, men and women, all together WE created an international community with one purpose and goal. That is something to be immensely proud of. There is no shame on us - it all belongs on JH. And even though it looks bad for him, let's not jump to conclusions and throw hate and anger his way too soon. Let the facts roll out about his involvement - and then judge. And then after you've judged - forgive. And pray that he learns from this and becomes a better person. Pray and wish well to his family and CNBlue members. Pray for SY that she will not be dragged down with him. And for all of US - I hope we get by this without too much damage to our hearts and psyches. In this day and age it is hard to find solace and comfort in any news from around the world. It is hard to find good leaders and good people to emulate and follow. Keep your faith in God and faith in the good side of human nature - good will prevail and our hearts WILL heal. I'm not going anywhere - I will still come hear and check for news and updates and if any of you want to talk offline my inbox is available if you want to commiserate or need a pep talk. Keep your heads up, Brownies, and be proud of the thread WE created for love!
  5. Damn....I really don't know how to react to all this. Our Jonghyun has taken everything that was lovely and beautiful about this forum and our love and support for him and just dragged it through the mud and stomped on our hearts. I'm hoping that the despicable comments he made on JJY's chatroom were just male boasting and "locker room" talk that boys and men indulge in (in private) and there were no actions behind the talk, but I'm doubting it. Even so, if he knew what JJY was doing - and he still remained friends and participated in the comments - then he is still guilty by association and for not saying or doing anything to stop it. I hope our Seungyeon is not dragged into this, I hope she was not hurt or can be hurt by JH's actions. I see Jung Yoo Mi has already been dragged in for being JJY's partner on WGM many years ago. I hope SY is free and clear of any harm!
  6. Knock, knock! Anybody home? Nobody is updating this thread anymore? It's a shame to come this far and let our love and support for YongSeo wither on the vine. After - has it been - 9 years? Here's some news. YongHwa is now in the army. The Special Forces - just like his character San Ma Roo in his best drama ever - The Package. And he is doing well. He has just been promoted to Corporal. His enlistment should be finished by late 2019. Seohyun, in her recent fan meeting in Japan mentioned "Jung Yong Hwa oppa" - from the YongSeo International Chat: During post-it question corner Seohyun picked "Who was the one who taught me the guitar for the first time?" Seohyun: WGM Jung Yonghwa oppa, afterwards I got taught by the guitar teacher and practiced a lot!" Not Jung Yong Hwa-ssi, Jung Yong Hwa OPPA! and....no mention of Jungmo oppa. After 9 years she remembered that YongHwa was the first to teach her guitar. She finally mentioned WGM & Yong Hwa in public. This is quite the event!
  7. @USAFarmgirl - knowing I've made you smile with my simple words makes my day! @jazmecu - your detailed and exhaustive research on our couple is awe-inspiring. Keep up the good work. I like reading your thoughts and discoveries. Don't worry about your writing not being understood, you write well. I, too, believe that while they were on WGM they were in love. But I also believe that they became very busy after WGM, with JH on tour with CNBlue and SY filming 6 Flying Dragons, and then one series after another for her, that maybe they could not keep in contact as much as they would like. Sometimes relationships suffer when there is no contact. Sometimes one person feels slighted and becomes disappointed and angry because the other person in the relationship is busy. I think this happened with them for awhile. This was probably JH's 'sad time' that you noticed. But then came My Only Love Song. And, despite the risk of stirring the angry pot of JH's unreasonable fans and the bad feelings that could have developed toward SY, and the risk to SY's career as an actress, they both jumped into MOLS without a second thought. This told me the feelings they had for each other on WGM were strong enough for them to take the risk and plunge into co-starring in a series together. And MOLS was pure magic. The old fire was back, the sparks flew between them, the confortable co-existence they showed on WGM had never left. And, they seemed to have carte blanche as far as what they could express with the script. Everything they couldn't do or didn't have the time to do on WGM they did on MOLS because they could hide behind the excuse "we were just acting, it was all written in the script, we were just following the director's instructions." UH-HUH! SURE! We know the truth is in the kisses....those long, hot, kisses. Like no other Korean drama kisses. Everyone who participated in MOLS noticed how close they were, and how much fun they had being together again. That, to me, proved more than anything they did on WGM that they were committed to being in a long-term relationship. I hope and pray once JH returns from his mandatory enlistment, they will re-ignite their love together again!
  8. Even though it's a little sad to be closing out the first thread, it's good to know that all our love and all our thoughts about JH & SY during the time they were together on WGM and through MOLS and beyond have been recorded and kept here for all Brownies new and old to enjoy and reminisce about those times. Many thanks to @GongLee Global for picking up the mantle of carrying on with this second thread. Also to @Aileen4ever and @USAFarmgirl for keeping this thread alive with bright pictures and loving commentary. Hello to @sarangbit - after so long, welcome back! I'm thinking of this as "phase 2" of their love story. Onward and into the future! And to all new Brownies who have discovered them either through WGM, MOLS, Youtube or whatever - read these pages carefully and with love, and realize the magic created by 2 beautiful, young people who fell in love years ago - and impacted the hearts and minds of so many people from around the world. Truly, love can heal the world and bring it closer together! We welcome all who wish to comment and share their hearts here - this is a place of love and warmth.
  9. Above spoiler is possibly totally untrue.....I'm only curious about something stated in a post on gsyinternational ... I haven't heard or seen anything to verify the veracity of this person's statement. Just putting this out there to see if anybody has heard or read anything about it? My apologies, @Aileen4ever! @jazmecu - Welcome back, and thank you for all the great posts about their awesome moments!
  10. We are probably all going to be busy in the coming holidays - so here is my wish - MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR to all during this holiday season. Yeah, it's going to be slow going for awhile with JH in the army, but we still have our lovely SY to track and give news about ...and ... HOPEFULLY 2019 will give us good news about them once JH completes his service obligation. HOPE and PRAY for their continued health and happiness and continue to support them in all their activities! AND here's wishing our continued success as we enter a NEW YEAR and our NEW 2ND THREAD here at Soompi, after completing our 1ST 2000 pages...YAY!
  11. I know what GongLeeGlobal has said about SY's last message on Starry Night Radio - that it was meant for Starry Night radio show or producer - not JH. BUT....... I would RATHER continue in my blissful bubble of DELUSION and believe that it was a cleverly constructed bit of double entendre (definition: a word or phrase open to two interpretations, one of which is usually risqué or indecent. ) We know that SY is a clever girl. I think this message was meant for one special person, disguised as a message to Starry Night Radio's PD or producer. A clever hiding of her real intent to throw off crazy, evil fans from their true intent. So leave me alone from your logic, just let me float happily away in my blissful bubble of honeybee love.... @USAFarmgirl - good to hear from you and that you are OK!
  12. @Aileen4ever - you've got connections! Ah, so it's not what I was hoping. I was hoping for that sweet honeybee connection. Anyway, thanks much for your detective work.
  13. If anybody here could translate (Korean to English) the 'dedication' or whatever it was that SY read just before the last song on Starry Night Radio (right before the Lady Gaga song from 'A Star is Born') please. Did a listener submit what she said, or did she read it from a script? I saw a picture of SY at the radio show and the paper on the desk before her looked like it had a lot of her writing on it. I'm wondering if she wrote the words. I got a third person translation (see above) but it doesn't make sense in some places. If someone could translate it so it made sense in English - I would appreciate it so much. AS WOULD ALL BROWNIES HERE. I really do believe SY wrote it - and it was a message for JH. Including the lyrics of the song (also see above) thank you! The entire broadcast can be found here on Youtube, in Korean. What SY says starts at 1:13:06 -
  14. Please send your love and prayers to @USAFarmgirl - she has suffered through 2 days w/o power after some powerful winter storms swept through where she lives! Also, if you go out and sort all the Soompi forums in "Shipper's Paradise" by the number of views we are 14th with 6,240,495 views. Of course, many of the forums with more views (Like YongSeo) have been around for many more years. This is a powerful testament to the popularity of this couple - Lee Jong Hyun and Gong Seung Yeon!
  15. Here is English Translation (don't know how correct it is - some of it doesn't make any sense?) of what SY read before the last song on Starry Night (Lady Gaga song) - "It was the first time I was doing so many times, and I’m very nervous, but I was so happy and so happy. Call me anytime of the night. . I will wait. Tomorrow will be too much for those who waited for the third night. There is not much to say about happiness. Please tell me you've waited too long for me to see you. Today is the end of the movie OST. Lady Gaga “Always Remember Us This Way” Always Remember Us This Way Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper That Arizona sky burning in your eyes You look at me and, babe, I wanna catch on fire It's buried in my soul like California gold You found the light in me that I couldn't find So when I'm all choked up But I can't find the words Every time we say goodbye Baby, it hurts When the sun goes down And the band won't play I'll always remember us this way Lovers in the night Poets trying to write We don't know how to rhyme But, damn, we try But all I really know You're where I wanna go The part of me that's you will never die So when I'm all choked up But I can't find the words Every time we say goodbye Baby, it hurts When the sun goes down And the band won't play I'll always remember us this way Oh, yeah I don't wanna be just a memory, baby, yeah When I'm all choked up But I can't find the words Every time we say goodbye Baby, it hurts When the sun goes down And the band won't play I'll always remember us this way, oh, yeah When you look at me And the whole world fades I'll always remember us this way If this doesn't remind you of SY's dedication on JH's B'day - well, I may be looking for too much and am seriously delusional, but doesn't this sound like a shout out to JH - who is now on leave from the army?
  16. Welcome home, @happy2bhere, it's good to hear from you. That is really surprising that JH will be released from his service obligation in 2019 already! Please come back as we go to our 2000+ 2nd thread in the future. Recently saw some pics of JH out in civilian life with some of his buddies. I guess he is out on leave. I wonder if they (you know who I mean, JH & SY) have contacted each other? It's hard to believe they haven't. Also watched SY's DJ'ing experience on Starry Night Radio. I could listen to her calm and sweet voice and watch her endlessly. I agree with Jeongyeon and Sana that her voice is very calming. I always thought her voice was deep, smooth and kinda sexy. I also liked that SY has adopted Sana as her unnie. They are so cute and beautiful together (Yoo sisters plus adopted sister Sana)! I don't know about you, but the last dedication SY did before the song from A Star is Born (Lady Gaga) entitled 'Always Remember Us Thus Way' reminded me of her dedication to JH for his birthday. Both the dedication and the song's lyrics seemed to shout out a message to JH from SY to me. Did others get that impression? I've seen an English translation of the dedication, but I don't know if it was a dedication sent in from a viewer or a dedication SY created or one that was written by the Starry Night Radio staff. SY definitely read the dedication/introduction from a script - but who wrote it? To me, it seemed it could have been meant to JH, but I'm probably biased and a little delusional - looking for a connection between SY & JH on the same radio show she made that epic dedication to JH in Busan for his b'day. Am I delusional or did others think that the dedication for the Lady Gaga song a the end of the broadcast could have been for JH?!
  17. To those here (and on GongLee Global blog) who worry about where they are in their relationship with each other, please take into account that the mandatory 2 years of military service required for JH is a big interrupter for any relationship. The young men are away from social contact with their friends, their family for long periods of time. Sure, they can write or call and visit when they get leave, but they are gone, away for most of the time for 2 years. It would be hard for any relationship to succeed under those circumstances. What I'm getting at is - wait 2 years, then hope and pray for the fireworks between them to start all over again! Also, during WGM and MOLS, JH's first priority was with CNBlue, his music and his fans. For SY, she was an up-and-coming actress. To be attached in any way as boyfriend/girlfriend for either of them would be detrimental for their respective careers and would certainly have brought fire and fury against them both from their possessive fans! But, even so, our couple stuck together during WGM, with Instagram intercourse and flirting, and honeybee hotness during their time together on WGM. IN EVERY INTERVIEW given by Seungyeon during that time she never once said they were faking it in WGM or that their feelings for each other weren't honest or genuine. In fact, she laid praise on her nampyeon and expressed happiness in being paired with him in WGM. And then - they did MOLS. What a heartwarming surprise for us and a statement of faith in their relationship for them. Despite all the negativism that MOLS could have created for them and damage for their careers they took that leap of faith that it would be good for them. They pretty much threw caution out the window just to have the opportunity to be together again. And it worked - it was good for them and was good for us - the fans who supported them.
  18. My Dream Class was a very good and touching movie. It shows that people who help other people with their problems can find guidance and strength with their own lives through the act of helping others. I especially liked all the teachers at the end who described their experiences in the Dream Class program and how it changed their lives. My daughter is now a teacher in an Elementary School. I know how she feels and loves her kids. And for Seungyeon to be able to sing an OST with her sister - simply beautiful! And, as always, she humbly gives all the credit to her sister and the others who assisted her on the recording. I've been checking in on the GongLee Global blog and see there are some people there who have discovered this thread and are blown away by so many people from all walks of life and countries sharing their thoughts and hearts here in admiration and support of our couple. Reading through it from the first page to the last! As admirable as Jonghyun and Seungyeon were together, what was truly amazing and awe-inspiring was the support for them that grew in leaps and bounds in this thread. We had our rough spots and our ups and downs, but we survived. I hope that when we move to Thread 2 that all of Thread 1 will be preserved for others who find our Brown-Eyed Couple late and want to discover more about their story as it unfolded over time. Kind of like a memoir of how it was back then. I often go back and read this thread from the beginning and remember how exciting and amazing everyone was here as we experienced and discussed our special couple. Ah, good times!
  19. I remember, “I fell for you at first sight” and thought, “Whoa. JH is the MAN and not afraid to say how he feels!” I remember first seeing her liquid, golden brown eyes as they shared their first meal together at her university and thinking they were beautiful, and then JH saying exactly how I felt at that moment. I remember him saying how he felt drawn into them, and I felt what he felt. I remember an epic Japan trip, with a surprise at the airport, SY’s cute fit of jealousy in the park about “judo”, a song written just for them and SY requesting informal speech. I remember a soft and gentle night spent together with a “love shot” and a hot stare that made the WGM hosts shout and squirm because there was so much sexual heat in the air. I remember shared back massages, and JH’s constant comments on how much he liked SY. SY losing her strength under the weight of JH's sweet comments. I remember a sweet calligraphy lesson with SY’s attempts at first skinship by grasping JH’s hand and then JH surprising her by grabbing her hand and her stumbling, surprised reaction. SY asking JH to take of his gloves, because she wanted to feel the warmth of his hand in hers. They couldn’t even talk after that…. I remember an epic ride on a ferris wheel, with both of them bathed in a rosy pink glow from a setting sun, full of sweet stares and sweet confessions. How I wished they would have gone around again… I remember many “cutes” and “pretties” and "handsomes" and "yeobos". I remember the 2 of them walking away from the ferris wheel ride both of them happy and smiling and SY asking for JH’s hand, and the both of them just walking and smiling, their cheekbones high, and SY’s sweet and honest comment, “I’m really happy today.” At first, I thought JH was a player and SY was sweet, quiet and demure. By this time, the second day of their Japan trip, she went from Bear Seungyeon to Bear Fatale Seungyeon. It became evident to me that she was all in to this relationship with Jonghyun and in every way his equal as far as promoting their relationship. If JH was planning the next step, SY was already waiting for it, sometimes leading him to action. It was then I knew this couple would be far and away the best and most memorable. They never failed to prove me right!
  20. Some more of our couple's hot kiss scenes - w/o background music or soundtrack. Many takes before - perfection!
  21. Well, it's come to this milestone.....almost 2,000 pages! Do we go on for another 2,000? I vote "YES!"
  22. Damn, GSY is a HOTTEE at that Tom Ford event! Our sexy yet classy GSY - you go girl!!!!! And a big welcome back hug to @USAFarmgirl who we have missed greatly. Your posts are always bright and shining lights that brighten this thread, especially when the going gets tough like it is now..
  23. @myumoon - thanks! I believe in a positive power and a negative power in the world. Call it God vs. Satan or The Force vs. The Dark Side, Yin and Yang, good and bad karma, Hawkins, Indiana vs. The Upside Down, whatever. There are forces we can't see and can't touch but they are there, affecting things around us and in nature. Those of us who do good things and try to achieve balance and happiness in life affect the people and nature around us. We can do the same thing for JH & SY. If they feel the world loves them and nurtures them and wishes them to be together then sometimes the worldly barriers that come between them will fall down and disappear. This is why I always say hope and pray for them. Create a positive force in your mind and here where we love them. Support and defend them them on social media wherever you can. Don't attack those who say bad or discouraging things about them because that creates negative energy, but show your own love and support for them. Drown out the bad with the good. Be like @USAFarmgirl who always leads with her heart and promotes love and understanding! We can't force them to be what we want them to be or for them to be together. But we may alter the negative barriers that keep them apart and clear the way for them to discover and find the truths of what they need in life and from each other to make them happy with their lives.
  24. Even after all this time, after re-watching their time together on WGM and MOLS, I still end up with a smile on my face and warmth in my heart. My logical mind wants to say it was all fake and done to enhance their exposure to Korean fans and the general public; purely business, purely marketing of their "brand". Then my heart takes over and I hear what they say, see the looks, the stares, the hot kisses (in MOLS) and their unmistakable chemistry, connection and closeness and my heart says to my mind, "Wait, there is something more here your logical mind is missing!" And what my mind then says is, "What I now see is the power of LOVE. The connection of two hearts that met during a special time. A connection of two humans who under the confines of a variety show known for promoting false relationships rose above those limitations and produced a honest and true depiction of love growing under the microscope of public scrutiny. The metamorphosis of moving from REEL to REAL. An earnest attempt to make a connection and be real, important people in each other's lives!" During WGM and MOLS I believed this happened. Maybe their crazy schedules and their crazy fans pulled them apart, but during the time they were together they were there, fighting for love and understanding, with each other. I hope and pray for their future TOGETHER. The forces of being public figures in a very competitive occupation will pull them apart. Their crazy, obsessive fans will judge them and damage their egos and their success. But, if they want the happiness and love they felt while they were together to become reality, they need to rise above all the negativity and make THEM more important than anything else in their world. Will they succeed? Will love conquer all? It's up to them. And it's up to us. We who love them and wish them to be together. we need to support them in all they do and support the 2 of them being together. Flood their world with POSITIVE power to overcome the NEGATIVE forces that will come their way. Flood social media with our wishes for their success and for them to be TOGETHER. We can't force them to live their life the way we want them to live. But we can strongly support them and them being TOGETHER in some future drama, (MOLS 2?!) when JH returns from service. And then hope and pray that some spark will reunite them again in LOVE. Peace and Love to All.....
  25. Unfortunately, "Lucid Dream" was relegated to the 9th track on COLORS, a Japanese only released album. Probably due to the conflict it would raise with JH's rabid fans because there are definite references to JH's & SY's experiences together during their Japan trip. It's a shame, because I feel it is one of JH's best songs done with CNBlue, along with "Lie" and "Blind Love". After the controversy about JH and SY died down abit, JH has performed "Lucid Dream" in his solo concerts, but I don't think CNblue or JH have ever performed it in Korea like "Lie" or "Blind Love". I also liked the fact that "Lucid Dream" is performed on COLORS with both Yong Hwa and Jong Hyun sharing the lead vocals. Together, their voices are magical. And I like to think Yong Hwa had much the same conflict of feelings when he did WGM with Seohyun. I think in this collaboration these two Busan brothers got a chance to share their feelings about their individual times on WGM - and how their hearts were torn with special feelings for two very special young ladies.
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