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  1. I just finished Season 1 of this on Netflix last week and I can't believe I've waited this long! Guess I'm just in time to watch the Season 2 premiere! I am so looooking forward to seeing the special investigation team folks again!!
  2. Hello Royal Court Chinggus! Just wanted to drop by and say congratulations to all of us, especially the royal court friends who are always active here, for reaching our 1000th mark! Is it safe to assume that we're one of the fastest growing shipper threads in Soompi? 1,000!!!! Meanwhile, we're just gonna keep wondering for now -why they're both MIA especially today's the monthsary of that Dancing Universe post. In Lady Noh's talismans we continue to trust!
  3. I just ordered my J.Estina the other day! After months of contemplating and back and forth I gave in! I got the Alley, the Georgia Coffee (which is a little bland for me) and even the Kimchi And I do know an online shop in the PH who sells the Kahi balm since I got mine too!
  4. I'm so relieved that this thread is back!!!! This is literally all of us who are always here or at least lurking in this thread.
  5. Hi friends! Do you have any news on the DVD of TKEM? Desperately need to see some more bts cuts and extended scenes!
  6. Love this particular gif maker! It was really crystal clear from the start. The early stages of Mr. Giddy!
  7. Aigooo! Saw this on Twitter and I dunno ??? I am dying from laughter over here. What a goofy silly couple they make!!
  8. Chinggu! Have you been in my thoughts today? Because I am literally thinking of the same thing. I keep wondering if MH met Appa Kim and I wonder what they talked about , I wonder what was his disposition? Was he shy? Was he chatty? Was he like this?? I used was. hahaha I dunno why I am so confident about this
  9. 50 pages away from Page 1,000!! Thanks to your hard work and imaginative fun minds chinggus!!! Sorry, I really don't have much contribution except that I am swooning once again with Mr. OBVIOUS!!
  10. He was so focused into Facetiming Ggone that he dropped his phone, thus the cracks!! Am I right! This is how we will survive the year. Hahaha.
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