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  1. Forgt to mention that Jenis also starts to suspect that the fake daughter is well, fake. It's gonna be weird to let Danny and Sera be together since they didn't have any scenes together for 3 weeks. And there is no way Danny is gonna like the current Sera. Unless she really goes through a major accident/incident, reforms and then Danny slowly helps her to pick the pieces up. Hope they make it look real and not rushed. As for IC and EH, maybe they sacrifice themselves to save Jenis from something and lose their memory or die or something? I dont know. Only way i see Jenis having a so called reconciliation with her real family. Im sure they wont end the drama with Jenis totally ignoring them. So it's either jail, death or amnesia for the 3 evil real family members. I rem in All About Eve, the 2nd female lead was so damn evil and there was no way the audience wld have been able to forgive her so the writer made her attempt suicide, lose her memory and start on a clean slate. Which was the best in my opinion cos like Sera, she became evil cos of circumstances. I dont condone Sera's evil actions but she grew up in her missing sis' shadow and not really having her mom's love.
  2. I may be wrg but i thought HJ thought or said to someone that his granny treated him well even though he was not the real grandson.
  3. Omg the ending! That snake! Carrie n Jenis are aldy at loggerheads cos of HJ and the revenge, can u imagine Jenis finding out abt her birth secret at this point? Oh god. I tot the granny knew abt the switch right? But i cant rem if she was the one who asked for it.
  4. Wow preview looks good! Someone finally got her slap! And why is C becoming like this? Is she gonna make pple hate her now? Nooooo you cant do that to your own blood, C!
  5. Oh god, the only way i see Jenis being happy after finding out the truth wld be to lose her memory. And i'm very sure she wont be reuniting with her real family.
  6. After watching w eng subs, im very certain that YK will tell Carrie the truth abt HJ cos he needs a kidney. I feel like Jenis will walk away aft all the truth is out and HJ will try to win her bk. Pls dont let that be in the last eps.
  7. What do you mean? I watched tdy's eps w/o eng subs I dont get why Carrie must force Jenis to take over the company? Why cant she do it herself? I think next week IC will find out that Jenis is Carrie's daughter.
  8. Did nt watch tdy's eps live. Do u think YK will tell Carrie the truth abt HJ cos he needs a kidney and Carrie has a higher chance of being a match?
  9. Hahhaa not clever, just 21 years of K drama. Lol. Who thinks Jenis or Carrie will donate her kidney to HJ? I think HJ and Jenis' chemistry is not that strong like other dramas but i still like their scenes. It was so sad, yesterday's eps. Esp when he told her to be happy and also when he stared at her with that look when she was patting Do Ri on his back. I liked those scenes and in a way, explains their complicated r/s. Why do you think he gave her that longing look when she was patting Do Ri on his back? Was he thinking that she is a very nice person if not for the revenge? That she was forced to be bad cos of revenge?
  10. I have a feeling that the truth is going to be out by YK and not the nurse. Cos YK knows Carrie gave birth at the same hospital as her at the same time and her baby died. But whether she will tell that to Carrie or not will be another matter. I think eventually, she will seeing how much Carrie suffered and as a mother, she will know her heart too. I think the nurse will die.
  11. I know it was in slow mo but that car looked too far away. And that flying part was major LOL. Grrrrr why are they not releasing the background/ending music? Sad.
  12. I hope Jenis and HJ do not reunite right after his coma. Cos that means they will split again after Jenis' truth comes out. I rather they uncover all the richard simmons first n then reunite at the end. Grrrr, pls not in the last eps.
  13. Oh god, since HJ's truth is gonna be out first, Jenis and he are gonna think they are siblings who slept together. Oh wow!! And YK is definitely gonna suspect EH cos she is the one who delivered the baby. I think J thief or EH will get revenge on Carrie by using Jenis and that's when Jenis` truth will be out from Carrie's mouth. Unless MH onni opens her mouth first. After this HJ secret, the fake sis truth will be out next and it will be EH and IC's turns to go cray. Finally excited again to watch this drama. Gonna be so bored once it ends! Saw the female lead's IG and she said yest was the best ratings yet at 15.7 so she gifted her staff. Ohh she liked the comment i left her.
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