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  1. I realised just now that the time can differ by 3 to 5 min. They start around 21.35 or 21.40. I think it depends on how much ad they have before they start.
  2. Kissed. Stalker comes next week.... Anyways did anyone mention her parents in this drama?
  3. Previews shows they might kiss tomorrow but then we might be cheated.... XD
  4. Awwww she ran and hugged him from behind after reading his card. So sweeeeett!!! They agreed to start dating. Since there are quite alot of eps left, im sure something is gonna happen.
  5. And jealousy starts in 3, 2 1.... XD Fun fact: Yeon Seo's manager whom she calls oppa is younger than her in real life... ^^ Btw, why is there always a siren sound in the background when it's the office scene?
  6. Did u see the male lead's face when they were discussing what a tragic life Im Yoon Hee had? And also, he said he became a lawyer cos he wanted to help people. I have a feeling that he also has a very tough background. After all, nothing has been mentioned about his family yet too in the drama. I'm guessing his family background and the female lead's stalker issue will be the ones bringing them closer to reveal their feelings for each other.
  7. Damn, i realise they always show the preview for 2 eps, now i have to wait for him being hit scene till tmr~ The show ended with him asking her if she likes him. ^^
  9. Im looking forward to the part where he gets injured while protecting her. Btw, anyone's tvN link is up already? Both of mine are not playing yet as of this moment. I know sometimes they start the live streaming a little closer to the starting time of the show.
  10. I watched w/o subs but i doubt i wld have missed this being mentioned. Unless it was said when my video buffered a few times. Im sure many k viewers will be disppointed cos i saw on Happy Together that many of them were trying to guess the murderer and came up w their own theories.
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