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  1. Annyeong everyone ^_^v  :-h :-h :-h
    just want to share the slideshow i made of their wedding photos ㅋㅋㅋ

    Song: 그대만 보여요 (I Can Only See You)
    by: YeWon & KwangHee

    English Translations:
    I like you, I like only you
    I love only you
    What should I say more
    Really, why are you like this, why are you making my heart flutter
    over and over again without my permission?

    What to do, should we love each other, just like this
    What to do, should we try dating, just like this, really

    I can only see you all day long
    In my heart, in my eyes
    I only have your love
    I always love you
    Our love is in our hearts, in our eyes

    Really, there is no answer
    When I look at you
    why does my heart keep beating like crazy?

    What to do, should we love each other, just like this
    What to do, should we marry, just like this, truly

    I can only see you all day long
    In my heart, in my eyes
    I only have your love
    I always love you
    Our love is in our hearts, in our eyes

    I will open my heart (please, open your heart)
    Even if there are difficults days to come,
    I will endure
    just to see you more (I will endure too)
    I promise you now

    Now I can only see you, I will engrave my heart
    my love in your heart
    I always love you
    Our love is in our hearts, in our eyes

  2. Annyeong to all FD's *waves*  :-h :D:)>-
    Its been a week since sora last twitted ㅠㅅㅠ Missing her so much..
     and finally ive finished making a fanart message for her..ㅋㅋ just wanna share here  :)) :)>-

    and i made another one.. hihi ^_^

    and another one again. lolxD I enjoyed making and got addicted,, ㅋㅋㅋ 

    @kaiskloset bebegurl.. it looks like ive been infected by your pink craze, waah,. pink all over.. lolxD
    to those who havent send their message for sora..  tomorrow is the last day that theyll accept messages for sora..you can email them here ^_^ ㅋㅋㅋ
    sepia0814@naver.com and 123456789911@hanmail.net :D

  3. hi to all FDs  :)>- :-h :-h
    and welcome to all new FDs  :D :x
    Sora just tweeted a pic.. and after a few mins she deleted it.. luckily it stayed on my TL so i did captured it... ㅋㅋㅋ but sorry cant translate it ^^,
    just wanna share.. its so cute that i cant resist not to share it!!tumblr_melu3x6aUd1qanrito1_500.jpg
    woaah!!! FDs are really DAEBAK!! ddabong.. 2 pages to go and we'll reach 1000th page  \m/ \m/ \m/

  4. Hello FD's 
    Omona..i had a blast reading teukso fanfic updates today.. had a nosebleed from @jerqu chap18 and my imaginations run wild.. lolxD @playerkbd please release the next chapter!! Bbali!! ㅋㅋㅋim so addicted to reading teukso fanfics now.., for someone like me whose not into reading books and novels.. haha..it all started from @mywebfoot great fanfics, then @witeku love fate destiny! haha.. then i keep on wanting to read more ff..i even made an account at asianfanfics.. there are also great teukso fanfics there ^_^
    before i sleep just wanna share this FMV i made for DCs 400th day anniv so sad i might not be able to join the twitter trending project tomorrow ㅠㅠSong: ONLY U by As One ft. Donghae
    <div class="QuoteText">http://youtu.be/WHpnAbSEWcY<br></div>
    translation of the song is in the description of the vid.. hope youll like it.. 

    Im not good at choosing good songs for my fmv, mian.. just wanted to make something from the songs i also love., kekeke.. dont know many english love songs thats why i always use kor in my fmv's lolxD :D

    i admire everyone here whose keeping the thread alive from writting their insights, analysis.. creating fanfics.. making fmv's, comics and of course those whose posting pictures and fanarts Thank you so muchFD's fighting!! DC Jjang!!!!Good night!!! 

  5. @jerqu i just started reading your FF today.. and im so excited for chapter 12!! Daebak!! youre so good  ^:)^  ^:)^  ^:)^ i can picture the scenes clearly in my head..!! waah.. i dont know what to do my head is full of teukso and their twins.. kyaa!! and im spazzing.. LOLxD how will i be able to focus now im about to go to our prayer meeting!! I'll pray that may God give you more strength and good health so that you can continue to write more  [-O<  :D

  6. also want to contribute to 1000 page goal.. so ill also answer question from @pinnavinna  ^_^
    Q : which one first. know we got married or leeteuk & sora couple?A : i just known LT cuz my best friend is an elf, but i first like and become a fan of sora  after watching sunny and dh2 thats why i decided to watch wgm ^_^
    Q : how do you know we got married/ lee teuk & sora couple for the first time? (depend on the answer of the first question)A : when im browsing youtube for videos of sora i saw a fancam of concert proposal cut!! and then i was like.. Omo? LT really did that in front of a thousand elfs???!! then i thought he's so romantic!! so then i googled for sites where i can watch their wgm episodes ^^,
    Q : after knowing about lee teuk & sora couple, what did you do?A : download episodes from 1-23 episode,  finished it for just 3 days ^_^ haha.., became so addicted ^_^ watch and download fmv's in youtube then ill convert it to put in my phone so that wherever i go i can still watch them ^_^ haha.. then i googled "Kang Sora and LeeTeuk real" then saw this forum.. from then on ive been lurking in this forum ^_^ ㅋㅋㅋ
    Q : what is your first impression about first WGM lee teuk & sora couple episodes you watched?after i saw the concert proposal cut, i started watching the first episode (honestly i have no idea how wgm goes) so when i watched their first meeting i love the way LT glance at sora, hes totally smitten by her.. and the epic pet name.. really laughed to the reaction of fj's haha ^_^ even everytime i rewatch the first episode cant help my cheekbones*^_^*
    Q : what is the turning point, that makes you become lee teuk & kang sora couple viewer?uhmm.. from the first episode really i love their glances!! everytime LT stares at sora..he really likes her.. and really LT is really romantic and i love sora's shyness.. 
    Q : When did you find that you become Dimple Couple Lover/ shipper?haha.. after watching all their 23 episodes in just 3 days.. after that i just cant get them out of my mind.. wondering if they're going out for real.. totally become delusional.. but now i know im not being delusional anymore coz theyre REAL!! ^_^v
    Q : How did you found this thread? i googled "LeeTeuk and KangSora real" haha.. and then found this forum ^_^

    Q : your life/ daily lives post dimple-couple-shipping?everyday im reading post in this forum and i totally love all the findings the updates the insights, thoughts and opinions of FDs in this forum, it makes my day bright ;p.. i also folllowed DC on twitter.. became active on tumblr cuz i really love all the gifs posted for DC there ^_^ and became  an elf.. haha ^_^ (but im still a loyal primadonna) ..  even if my friends teased me that im so delusional over DC, i dont care ill stand on what i believe.. LOVE FOR DC F5REVER ♥♥♥


    She's so down to earth, so true, not afraid to express herself.. and very beautiful.. truly wonderful person inside and out  I really LOve her ♥♥♥


    I like LeeTeuk as a leader hes so responsible and PARK JEONG SOO, hes a gentleman, sweet and sincere ^_^


    LolxD a lot!! Its my first time watching WGM and since i started to like Sora from sunny and DH2 i started to watch DC last july, and i finished their episodes in 3 days o_O.. ive become so addicted to them and participated in 300th day anniversary projects.. also make some fmv's even im really lazy to make fanvids, i already did 3 for them .. read their fanfics (which i super duper love, thanks to all the writers).. and of course i super love this forum, i set my browsers setting to "continue where i left" so that i can easily go to this thread, since im jobless, and when im at home just surfing, its like almost every minute or two i refresh the page.. lolxD ^_^ hihi.. even though im always a lurker.. hehe.. totally love the all the FD's in this forum ♥♥♥ and like everybody else i keep on watching and rewatching their episodes kekeke ^_^ i just cant get them out of my mind, hihi.. 


    SHE and HE.. its daebak!!! specially sora's version, its so heartfluttering!!

    and of course ONLY U.. everytime i rewatch the last episode, cant help but shed a tear in the part where it is played ㅠㅠ totally love the song 

    speaking of only u i just wanna share this vid

    <div class="QuoteText">http://youtu.be/zeBkX7IK5VE<br></div>


    i'll choose the first episode!! the night where it all started... the way LT glances at his baby princess.. and the cute shy smile of sora.. love it ♥♥♥


    WEDDING PHOTOSHOOT.. the forehead kiss, when theyre lying together and LT hugged Sora.. kyaa!!~~~ and of course the mirror part where LT mouthed "saranghae yeppo" ♥♥ kyaaa!!~~~~~


    haha.. lunch with sungmin.. even tough shes smiling in the end.. theres a moment she really looks serious.. even teuk cant look her in the eye.. haha


    on the way to nami island and he called sungmin!! haha, he's really so jealous xD its so obvious :)

  8. I am truly touched @shymaldita28 post

    So i decided to get out of my lurking mode..

    Just want to say that this thread has always been a part of my everyday life..

    Every now and then i always check this forum..

    DC is the first couple i ship an they truly are dear to me.. And i swear i wont leave this thread even though their wgm has ended..
    Im just kind of introvert thats why i cant put my thoughts in words and post.. LolxD ill just click the awesome button if ever i like someone's post.. Haha

    Anyway,.. Ill take this chance to THANK all of you who have brought us the pics, vids, translated their tweets, the lovely gif's!! Thank you so much haha.. And also to the ones who wrote the fanfics.. Love all of them!! Please write more :D

    Omo.,, i think this is the longest post i have done to any forum,.. Haha,..

    Eventhough i feel sad cuz its DC's last ep tom.. Thanks for all the encouraging post..

    Love all FD's
    Love for our DC!! F5rever!!!


  9. Hello FD's... i didnt visit the thread for 3 days, and then there's an intruder :-w but thanks to them, it only proves that FD's are united bound by love for our DC :x just wanna thank all FD's!! loveyahall!!
    btw, i really love ONLY U...im having goosebumps everytime i listen to the song..it has full of meanings (totally believe that it is for Sora ♥♥♥)
    and i wanna share this fmv i made for the couple.. i just love the wedding photoshoot so much.. kekeke ^_^hope youll like it!!!

  10. @Lazyme2day wow.. that is such a wonderful video.. youve done really great!! totally Jjang!!! :D
    @xianlie90 the first page was totally daebak!! thanks for the soundtracks, cuz i really want to know the title of the songs that are played.. and the articles! love it! haha, ^_^
    @lennyscn me too!! after watching wgm of dimple couple, i fall in love to the suju boys! and became an angel.. haha, even if im still a 100% primadonna(FTisland fan).. really love SJ and their songs.. everyday i keep on playing their song from u, cant help from playing and playing it repeatedly, specially love leeteuks voice in the beginning and the end.. hehe ^_^vhttp://www.youtube.com/embed/epyb4E0RKxY

    really love this forum, makes my cheeks ascend to heaven even if im gloomy..all FD's are totally daebak!! the best, really puts an effort for our dimple couple!!  :D

  11. viyra



    Last post for tonite - I keep forgetting about this scene: LeeTeuk doing the wave right behind Sora when he suddenly started giggling.  Was it because he felt embarrassed with the sexy move or - he felt hot because Sora's head was rubbing against his chest!  Naughty Sora - why did she even lean on his chest?During these photoshoot, these two have been breathing (heavily I'm sure) on each other; they can feel each other's body trembling and that uncontrolled hug from LeeTeuk is proof enough he was affected.  I find that scene funny too - while LeeTeuk was looking up the sky (probably trying to analyze the whole situation of sudden close proximity) and trying to ignore his wife's body next to him, his wife felt like she needed to get more comfortable - so she moved even closer - caught you by surprise again, Genius MC? While we're all waiting for Saturday to come, it is probably a good idea to scrutinize everything on the wedding photoshoot.

    i know this was a very late reply, but i was backreading and saw this..i noticed in the club scene from ep26 when the moves like jagger song was played and LT started to dance, then sora leaned her head on his chest..then he suddenly said "aahh..! DALKOMHAGE!" then he suddenly started giggling.. haha ^^.. if i heard it right.. it means "ah.. IT"S SWEET!"
    kekeke v^+^v
    still on page 522.. hehehe.. but i really love this forum! im smiling the whole day while reading all the post in this forum <3

  12. Hi! Just new on this thread and have only discovered this couple last March? or April? I loved reading your analysis on the couple's body language. It makes me see and notice those little details I haven't noticed before.

    I don't mean to be off topic but this has been bugging me for months now... In episode 6, when the couple were playing the piano, a clip from a movie was shown. From what movie is that? If someone answers my question, I would be really grateful.


    Have a nice day everyone.

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