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  1. Have you tried it on your hair?Hey guys, First, the usual: I searched for a topic on this and couldn't find one, so if there is one...feel free to direct me to it! Anyways, I've used argan oil (pure, not the hair treatment) on my skin at night as a moisturizer, and it is a GOD SEND! I've used my mom's Moroccan Oil (the big brand) serum in my hair, and it worked awesome as a leave in treatment. However, the serum is filled with perfumes, silicone, so on and so forth. I bought 100% organic argan oil from amazon for an awesome price...but when I put a couple drops on my hair it become really greasy and nasty. Nothing like the serum that barely uses ANY argan oil in it! So, what are the ways you treat your hair with argan oil to make it soft and shiny? I really want to use it, because I heard pure argan makes your hair amazing...but I just don't know how to do it. BTW for those who are wondering: Put a couple of drops of 100% PURE argan oil on your face after cleansing and toning at night, and rub it in. Use this in place of your nightly moisturizer if you wish. You should see a difference within a day or two in your skin. It will be glowing, soft, not as oily, and your acne will clear right up and red marks will fade! I love using this on my face at night. I do not recommend it during the day though, I have super oily skin and it makes it really shiny, and my makeup slides right off. Excellent night treatment, though! Let me know your uses/results/tips! Thanks!
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