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  1. The Embodiment of Elegance and Versatility Name: Son Ye Jin/손예진 Birth name: Son Yeon Jin/손연진 Birth date: January 11, 1982 Birth place: Daegu, South Korea Profession: Actress and Model Years active: 2000 - present Management company: Barunson Entertainment/바른손엔터테인먼트 Mailing address: Keial Bldg., 4th Floor, 78-6 Cheongdam 1-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea Height: 165 cm Weight: 45 kg Blood type: RH+ A Sign: Capricorn Religion: Roman Catholic Family: Older sister Education: Seoul Institute of the Arts (Film Arts degree) Character: Calm and introspective Personality: Can be talkative and easy going with people I feel close to, but tend to be a bit shy and find it difficult to befriend people I don't know well. As a result, people sometimes take me for a cold and reserved person. Ideal Type: A man who is understanding and knows how to make a person feel comfortable Personal Interests: Reading books, Taking a trip Habit: Nothing particular, but sometimes talk in my sleep Hobbies: Swimming, Yoga, and Taking photos with mobile phone - learned to swim when young, so still spend a lot of time swimming when on trips; feel that health has somewhat deteriorated lately due to tight acting schedule, so has to start yoga lessons and take it very seriously because it helps soothe both body and mind; and taking photos with mobile phone is more fun than taking photos with a camera so I always have my mobile phone with me and take pictures, whether I'm in the car, in a coffee shop or taking a break during work. Happiest Moments: When I passed the college entrance exam; When I first met my dog Benjy, a Yorkshire terrier which I have had for 7 years who is currently at my home in Daegu because he could not join me at Seoul. Colors: Beige, Ivory, Pastel tones Food: Korean (Tteokbokki, Stew, Sollongtang, Galbitang etc.), Like all kinds of food Fashion: Semi casual, Blue jeans and T-Shirts Actresses: Go Doo Shim, Kim Young Ae, Jeon Do Yeon, Shim Eun-Ha Actors: Choi Min Sik, Song Kang Ho Pet: Puppy (I have a puppy which is a maltese breed) Flower: Baby's Breath (Common Gypsophila) Movies: Moulin Rouge, Life is Beautiful Season: Spring City: Paris Accessories: Hats, Watches Collections: Clothes, Hats (2013) KBS "Shark | Don't Look Back : The Legend of Orpheus" as Hae Woo (2010) SBS "Secret Garden/시크릿 가든" (cameo) (2010) MBC "Personal Taste/개인의 취향" as Park Kae-in (2008) MBC "Spotlight/스포트라이트" as Seo Woo-jin (2006) SBS "Alone in Love/연애시대" as Yoo Eun-ho (2003) KBS "Summer Scent/여름 향기" as Shim Hye-won (2002) SBS "Daemang/Great Ambition/대망" as Choi Dong-hee (2001) MBC "Sun-hee and Jin-hee/선희 진희" as Shim Sun-hee (2001) MBC "Delicious Proposal/맛있는 청혼" as Jang Hee-ae (2013) "Accomplice/공범" **upcoming** (2012) "Tower/타워" as Seo Yoon-hee (2011) "Chilling Romance/오싹한 연애" as Kang Yeo-ri (2010) "White Night/Baekyahaeng/백야행: 하얀 어둠 속을 걷다" as Yoo Mi-ho/Lee Ji-ah (2008) "My Wife Got Married/아내가 결혼했다" as Joo In-ah (2007) "Open City/무방비 도시" as Baek Jang-mi (2007) "Yobi, The Five-Tailed Fox/천년여우 여우비" (animation) as Yobi (voice) (2005) "The Art of Seduction/작업의 정석" as Han Ji-won (2005) "April Snow/외출" as Seo-young (2004) "A Moment To Remember/내 머리 속의 지우개" as Su-jin (2003) "Crazy First Love/첫사랑 사수 궐기대회" as Il-mae (2003) "The Classic/클래식" as Ji-hye/Joo-hee (2002) "Lover's Concerto/연애소설" as Shim Soo-in/Gyung-hee (2002) "Painted Fire/Chihwaseon/취화선 " as So-woon (2000) "Secret Tears/Bimil/비밀" (2010) 31st Blue Dragon Film Awards: Popularity Award (2010) Asian-Pacific Producers Network (APN) Award: Best Actress (2010) First Annual Seoul Culture & Arts Daesang Ceremony: Grand Prize Film Actress - "White Night" (2010) 46th Baeksang Arts Awards: InStyle Award (2009) 45th Baeksang Arts Awards: Female Top Excellence for Film - "My Wife Got Married" (2008) Korea Gallup Poll: Best Actress - "My Wife Got Married" (2008) 4th Korea University Film Festival: Best Actress - "My Wife Got Married" (2008) 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Most Popular Actress - "My Wife Got Married" (2008) 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Onscreen Couple with Kim Joo Hyuk - "My Wife Got Married" (2008) 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Leading Actress - "My Wife Got Married" (2008) 25th Korea Best Dresser Swan Awards: Best Dressed Female Movie Star (2008) Korea Jewelry Awards: Diamond Award (2008) Style Icon Awards: Style Icon - Actress (2008) Style Icon Awards: Fun Fearless Female (2007) 43rd Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Leading Actress for TV - "Alone in Love" (2007) Korean Fashion & Design Awards: Fashion Icon Prize (2006) Korea International Jewelry & Watch Fair: Best Jewelry Lady (2006) Asia Model Festival Awards: Model Star Prize - CF (2006) SBS Drama Awards: Female Top Excellence - "Alone in Love" (2006) SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars - "Alone in Love" (2006) 51st Asia-Pacific Film Festival: Best Actress - "April Snow" (2006) 15th China Golden Rooster & Hundred Flowers Film Festival: Best Actress in a Foreign Film - "A Moment to Remember" (2004) 9th Moscow International Love Film Festival: Best Couple with Jo Seung Woo - "The Classic" (2003) 40th Grand Bell Awards/DaeJong Film Festival: Best New Actress - "The Classic" (2003) 40th Grand Bell Awards/DaeJong Film Festival: Most Popular Actress - "The Classic" (2003) 39th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actress - "The Classic" (2003) 24th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Popularity Award - "The Classic" and "Crazy First Love" (2002) Korean Film Critics Association/International Federation of Film Critics-Korea chapter: Best New Actress - "Lover's Concerto" (2001) MBC Drama Awards: Best Female Newcomer - "Delicious Proposal" (2009) "White Night" - Ranked second on its opening weekend and nearly drawn one million (945,938) admissions (2008) "My Wife Got Married" - Top 10 Bestselling South Korean Film of the Year: Topped the box-office on its opening week and attained one million (1,788,748) mark (2008) "Open City" - Opened second on its box-office opening week and passed one million (1,613,728) viewer mark (2005) "The Art of Seduction" - One of the Highest Grossing Comedy Movies of the Year: attracted more than one million viewers within its first week and later lured an estimated total of two million (2,340,000) moviegoers (2005) "A Moment to Remember" - Garnered 3.0 billion yen in ticket sales (2.5 million viewers) and at that time, became the Top Grossing & Most Popular Korean Movie in Japan (2005) "April Snow" - Reached only 809,191 viewers in South Korea but recognized as a certified box-office hit in other Asian countries, particularly in Japan, where it earned 2.72 billion yen (2.4 million viewers) and got a record as the Second Highest Selling Korean Movie in its overseas screening there after it was beaten by her another successful film, AMTR (2004) "A Moment To Remember" - 5th Best Selling South Korean Movie of the Year and 9th Overall Highest Grossing Films of the Year: surpassed two million mark (2,565,078) in four weeks (2003) "Crazy First Love" - Top Ten Annual Highest Grossing South Korean Films: Made it two million (2,340,000) mark in five weeks (2011) Piaget watches & jewelry - W Korea (2010) Cartier - Love Edition (2010) Good Downloader campaign (2010) Chatelaine clothing (2010) SK View properties (2007) Baekseju beverage (2007) Naubville properties (2006) Ginza Bonheur synergy soap (2006) S-Oil petroleum (2006) Kumkang electronics (2006) O Hui cosmetics (2006) Cuckoo cooker (2006) Art Nouveau Palace (2006) Floce clothing (2005) Kwangmyeong Shinevill (2005) Dasilo beverage (2005) Georgia Grande beverage (2005) Korea Unification (2005) Samwhan Nowvill (2005) Woongjin beverage (2004) LG Telecom - HS6500, LP3000 (2004) San soju (2003) Koaroo apartments (2003) Yes4u Card - 30th Anniversary, Teddy Bear (2003) Dongseo - Unpolished Rice Green Tea (2003) Bravo Corn snacks (2003) LG Telecom - Unlimited Service, Can U, Angel Service, Discount by Agreement (2003) Wacle snacks (2002) Omphalos fashion (2002) Onu snacks (2001) Hewlett Packard - Pavilion PC (2001) Pocari Sweat (2001) Pores Care Cosmetic B&F (2001) Petit Jell (1999) Somang cosmetics (2011) W Korea - July (2011) Harper's Bazaar - April (2010) Allure - December (2010) Singles - September (2010) InStyle - August (2010) Cosmopolitan - July (2009) High Cut - November (2009) Marie Claire - November (2009) Screen w/ Ko Soo - November (2009) Style & Fashion - October (2009) Singles - September (2009) Bazaar - April (2008) Cine 21 w/ Kim Joo Hyuk - October (2008) Numero - October (2008) Film 2.0 - October (2008) Elle - September (2008) Vogue - May (2008) Film 2.0 - January (2008) Cine 21 - January (2007) Singles - December (2007) Hot Chili Paper - May (2007) Woman - April (2007) People & Lifestyle - April (2007) Cine 21 - January (2007) Cosmopolitan - September (2006) Movieweek - December (2006) CON Japan - August (2006) Cine 21 - June (2006) Amy Taiwan - March (2006) Esquire - January (2005) Xinzhi Xinxian Hong Kong w/ Bae Yong Joon - October (2005) Mini Premiere w/ Bae Yong Joon - August (2005) Cine 21 w/ Bae Yong Joon - August (2004) Singles - November (2003) Cine Bus - July Official Homepage: http://www.barunsonenter.com/hamil/ Official Facebook Page: http://www.facebook....fficialSonYejin Official Me2day (Yejin's Diary): http://me2day.net/actor_yejin/ DC Inside Gallery: http://gall.dcinside...php?id=sonyejin Daum Fan Cafe (Shine): http://cafe.daum.net/ShineActorYejin Soompi Fan Club: http://www.soompi.co...club/son-ye-jin
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