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  1. Just passing by to ask if everyone slept so well? I so love this show because this is the avenue to know KNG's more. He is among those actors whom I say living mysticism lifestyle until this show happens. I am really grateful to Sun Kyun for recommending him . Daengil finds while I watch this show: He’s hyper even to a stranger- whether to a human or a dog He has this sense of command as hyung but in playful manner Pluviophile Didnt give up photography Gloomy >>>> sunny days Can eat anything Can sleep anywhere Has international driving license Adjusshi certified by his supplements Prankster but a Sentimental fool I am looking forward for episode 4 as LSY will finally hop in. and why do i have this feeling there will be a new hyung-maknae tandem between him and sang yeob while sun kyun is enjoying gyu pil's antics ! Poor minsik !
  2. Just dropping by to say i so lurvvve this drama I am squealing every now and then everytime JKH struts his rock star vibe in this show !
  3. And we are back ! I can't contain my excitement so here are some amazing scaps of Lv Guichen Excerpt of what are his thoughts about this upcoming drama
  4. Lots of happenings after TFP, KNG has no rest - Entertainment Weekly ( guest panel) . He sang some lines of his QSD OST "Can't I love You" and he was cringing all the time HAHA - Upcoming film Closet (August release) And CJeS has no chill to . So happy they keep on dishing us with namgil's content! He was fanboying when he greeted LBH
  5. Wonderful acting, directing and screenplay. Merits go to Jung Il Woo for proving once again that he is an excellent actor. My fave also is the Dalmoon-Bok Dan arc . Overall I give this drama 8/10 . And what makes this drama extra special is I was able to witness the beauty of their filming location. Primarily their location is filmed in Dae Jang Geum Park (formerly MBC Drama Mia ) in Yongin. It's a wonderful place to explore because most of the scenes in Haechi are filmed there. The kiss scene:
  6. Official Soundtrack Part 1 - Hero by Norezo Part 2- Breeze by Punch Feat Gree Part 3- Fighter by Jung Dong Hwa Part 4- Paradise by Chin Chilla feat Gaeun Part 5- Joy by Andy Platts Part 6- Victory by Kim Yeon Ji Full OST available here: YES ASIA Spotify Playlist iTunes
  7. Some of the many wonders in awards show. Anyways, this friendship is winning HOney: In my heart you are the daesang
  8. And I am still recovering because i was really rooting for him to win . But to be fair to anyone from those 5 nominees deserve to win the Best Actor award. Of course we are rooting for our Kim Tsunami to bring the trophy home. But then, watching this clip made me realize how his humility makes him a greater person to me. He really keep himself grounded all the time, having every opportunity to be a celebration of his acting career. He was never nominated after 2010. And I can feel how overwhelmed he is in this moment: One of the comments mentioned, he was the only representative from the terrestial tv stations, which makes it even more victorious, after the cable stations walloped the majority of awards tonight. This is a turning point of him to be recognized and remembered again. I really hope SBS will not forget his work on the year end awards. I have higher expectation haha.
  9. Namgil and Hanui at the Baeksang Arts Awards tonight. Hope Kim Nam Gil will win the award !
  10. Can't believe that in 2019 I get to see a Kim Nam Gil selfie with puckered lips This is so true. The contenders deserve that Best Actor award. I can imagine how excited KNG is to be nominated along with his seniors in the industry. He was very vocal about it specially with Lee Byung Hun
  11. Radio Apart show was finished hours ago and man I am glad he had another venue for his ultimate hobby—talking He will be also attending the Baeksang Awards later tonight ! And he will return as live guest panel in Entertainment Weekly on May 3, Friday. We have a busy adjushhi. He is not going to his cave anytime soon !!
  12. He was speaking English thanks to Lee Honey for the KOCOWA promo clip Anyways, he was interviewed yesterday and the articles are up on Naver. Considering how chatterbox our samchoon is, he had a lot of things to say . Hoping the english sites will translate his interviews. Some of the photos: Snippets from the interviews source - He had chosen to have Father Haeil not to have mustache to make him at least look neat (haha) - He would prefer to have season 2 with the original casts . The ensemble is perfect. - He will have a rest first before considering new project. (as Honey mentioned in the TFP special, he did not fully recovered yet) - He did not expect the ratings to be that high for TFP. - He said he has no religion - About the Baeksang, he said he is not expecting a lot from it. He is not greedy to receive an award. (So basically he is not attending? )
  13. For the love of Kim Nam Gil , I did not watch it yet. CJeS updated another set of KNG's The Fiery Priest. They knew we did not get over with the drama yet
  14. @sushilicious Yes the Closet teasers are just, teasers haha. But they already finished filming so I would suppose it will be release this year. It wrapped up before KNG started filming The Fiery Priest. I really hope the bffs will consider working together. It is about time ! Hi @maeve23 , welcome to the forum !
  15. @triplem come to think of it, Haeil did not actually need the psychiatrist because the people around him became his family and his refuge for healing. Excuse me I am so at this point.
  16. This drama really gave emphasis on each of character's desperation. Everyone of them is either hungry of justice, fame, power, acceptance in the society,respect, ambition, money. I mentioned earlier how the writer had made the characters eat almost in each scene as if this is a mukbang show. But then , like Father Lee, he accepts people who need refuge in the Church. He gives food and even cooks for them. (Haeil for one) , that became a legacy beginning to Detective Goo's changing ways. (remember that epic egg scene?) ; to Kyung Sun 's correction of moral compass (she always want to have her share until the time when she offers food too , reference episode 18) ; to Song Sak and Yohan extended friendship with Bobby; And to Haeil's first take home mandu to Father Han and Sister Kim. This scene culminates what Father Lee was preaching to Haeil, giving comfort, warm and love to those who seek for it.
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