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  1. @Ahpheng not really... not that active in IG but I make sure to check out your strips regularly. I have spent all my years indulging in works of LBH but this time my focus has shifted and I changed my course. Clues: selected strips, bias alert. There you go! Ehehehehe
  2. That LBH movie.... I still have leftover effects from watching that movie years back. It's so gory and sad.... the feel from watching it, just....mind-blowing.... when acting feels so real, the delivery of emotions get to you passing through any possible barriers, that's just pure satisfaction for viewer such as me. Except for those effortless action scenes, I personally feel LBH was underutilised in his hollywood movies, with regard to his actual acting strenght. A pity, that...
  3. I also feel like HS is a very lonely guy. The conversation he had with AS when he said no one is rooting for him, *sigh*. All three guys are lonely in their own way. Being lonely is never a good thing ...
  4. @Ahpheng !!! I was slowly going through the posts this morning and saw this! Off to instagram now! Love you chingu! *hugs*
  5. @blademan dear, it would be best if you refer to the pinned posts by Berou. We would prefer to avoid unnecessary fights in here. If you disagree with any posts, agree to disagree my friend. No one shall attack you or your views hence you shan't as well. Maintain a positive discussion please. Thank you.
  6. I went to listen again... he said he saw it in Jemulpo once before. The 'it' was not mentioned in this sentence, but hangul usually is like that when the subject is already previously mentioned. Maybe the sub is referring to EC because he is the subject in the first sentence. But yes, I agree it is the coat or the person wearing the coat that they are talking about. DM was remembering AS on that daylight event but EC was remembering AS on the night of his and AS's first encounter. DM is fishing for confirmation of other encounters than the one that day and EC saw that, hence his refusal to answer.
  7. Sorry to cut your post dear, beautiful that they are, the screenshots. Paging for @Ahpheng, this call for a strip of their own, these two souls. Are you up for it my friend?
  8. I wrote these in DB, and am sharing it here. I had a good run of ep 10. My random thoughts on Mr. Sunshine Ep. 10: - AS, you deserves an A+. Thank you for making my hope not a vain one. Thank you for taking the time to rethink your motivation. As I suspected, AS was not that very clear of the cause she’s fighting for. It’s good that EC made her ask such questions to herself and to her teacher. And it’s good that she finally tries to understand DM’s situations. But my lady, your wish of him living such a fearful life is a little outdated. He had that life before, EC had that life before, thus their animosity towards others who treated them so. I think you knew this because you saved DM once from that fear and EC told you of his story. - DM, tsk tsk tsk… do you have to be a brute just to prove a point? She is just a girl! Ok, a minus and a detention for you. No, that puppy eyes are not gonna save you today. Maybe next week. - DM & AS, children I need you to behave on the 15th. You guys need to resolve whatever issues you have in a calm and good manner. I need to see some actual result coming from it. Don’t talk in riddles and no more misunderstanding. No more getting into each other’s nerves every time you lay eyes on one another. DM please explain well, else she might just pull that trigger on you. Let’s hope that is never gonna happen anytime soon. I still need you and that skill of yours in class. - DM after the 15th, I need you to stop following AS. Maybe you can start following HN. She needs someone to cover her back. I am gonna pray hard for that because thus far, majority of my hopes and prayers on this Mr. Sunshine journey have been well answered. *thankful* - HN, another A+ student. I am loving her personality and traits. Her finesse in getting all that gold is just, gold. Now we know she’s working for the minister for a favor to search for her mother. I am anticipating your actions next, HN ssi. Seems like we have some girls fight next week. I wish for a deuce, amen. - My shocking moment: DM’s right hand man. Did he just speak in Korean?!! I had to rewind to hear that again. Why then, have they been conversing in Japanese all this while? *roll eyes* Aigoo… is there some secret we should not know about between these two? His blank look at DM, I hope he won’t be the one to betray DM later. I want him to be the very loyal right hand man. - HS, DM and EC in one room. Aigoo boys, thank you for making an effort on that brainstorming session. EC, listen to DM. Amicable or not, you guys need to sit down and agree on a solution, especially for the very reason of having different information at hand. Shall we avoid prolonged misunderstanding, gentlemen? I look forward to see some good ideas next. HS, nice plan to start on a trend but won’t it be a little too late now? Just curious. - Did DM just say he saw EC in Jemulpo? Which occasion was that? Did I miss something? Hmm… now I am also curious to know.
  9. Thank dear on your observations. I put that HS explanation on repeat cos it is so much fun to rewatch. On the contrary to your 2nd last point, I think DM is being cynical when he said that to HN. What disturbed him most is how ready the guy is to die for his cause and most important I can see that the guy's words on how every foreign powers now own parts of Joseon got to DM, making him thinks why that even such a lowly stature guy is willing to die for Joseon. I really hope this is going to be the turning point for him to change his position on his own will and not mainly because of AS. Same goes to EC and HS.
  10. @charray this is also my first experience with KES drama, so I have a number of reservations as well on some of the scripts and scenes that are to me better excluded than included. I look forward to DM deciding/ realising where his stance is in this fight for Joseon on his own accord. Of course seeing AS may have triggered something in him, I wish for more conversations like the one he had with the guy he caught so that he can keep questioning himself. I do not want him or HS or EC to fight for Joseon just for the sake of a girl and her dream, but mainly because they, themselves find just in the mission to protect Joseon. I also hope, EC's question may give some time for AS to rethink her motivation. She may end up giving out her common answer that she sees everyone as her fellow countrymen but to me, at least, that is not enough as an answer. I will keep my thought of the possible reason to myself as it is just an assumption of mine based on my observation thus far. Looking forward to more discussion on yesterday's ep. Cheers ladies!
  11. I am giving EC A+ in this ep for asking AS the right question that I hv been wanting to know. Despite AS hates on DM - due more to him mocking her help than anything else & this is my personal view from their conversation about DM, so don't come at me with those bullets - I am really glad EC looked beyond than and find DM to be someone he can/willing to trust. Maybe he can relate to DM because similarly, they had bad memories during their childhood with regard to Joseon, coming from similar class. Plus he now knows DM will never hurt AS regardless of who he is working for. I am also sensing that although he has developed a feeling towards her, he is unsure of her stance on the divide of class, hence he is taking a step back until this is clear, that she is ok with loving him even knowing he is from the slave class. Looks like EC is gonna be the one pulling DM into the team, if EC's not going anywhere but stay in Joseon. However, his conversation with HN may means something is on his mind e.g. to escape the american army life by death and remain in Joseon unknowingly by his team? Oh and we got more HN this time, yippee! My bet that she is working both for the king and the righteous army but one of it is just a cover, most probably the former. This ep also confirms a thing or two of DM character that I have previously thought of in my comments. Although it is apparent that he works for the Japanese, it is also apparent that he hates them and given choice he will stand behind Joseon and its people. I am glad that the one who shows him the fighting spirit is the one from the low class because if that guy is a yangban, I think his reaction will be a bit different, though he might let the guy go regardless. There is definitely a limit to what he will or will not do in his line of work, being a mercenary allows him to take advantage of such flexibility. He is so gonna eat back on his words of not putting his life on danger. That is just ego talking boy!
  12. @qwenli I think DM will be joining the righteous army, albeit reluctantly. He will be the grumpy teammate. One who disagree at everything but do as expected of him when it matters most. Just like those dwarfs in LOTR/the Hobbits. OMG, there must be something wrong with me for putting that comparison, dang! oh gosh @Ahpheng how can you make such tension scene comes out so funny! Thank you for that strip! You make me want to pinch those cherub cheeks! Love the combination of 3 and 2. My favorite numbers. *loves*
  13. Hello everyone! Just came back from my islands trip and also just finished watching ep. 8. I have read many views on the episodes last weekend. So here is my thought to a number of things from my observation (it is more DM related, as I think you guys have known that this is one of the characters I am intrigued in, I leave the others for your observation ^_^): 1. DM's expression when the Japanese officer was cursing the Joseon geisha-spy and his devil may care attitude like he did not care to proceed with the job. I got this feeling he will be really glad not to do it if that guy is not gonna pay upfront but unfortunately he got the payment and he chose to do the job. What would have happened if he rejected even if with offer of payment? Would it affect his Musin Society and the people under his responsibility who also happen to be of Japanese origin? Will he and the society be suspected as well? There is also a contradicting argument whereby in ep. 7 we saw DM hinted about his reluctant to hurt / make a girl cry. He may say it being cynical but I like to think there is a limit of what he's willing to do and wish not to if given proper excuse e.g. in HN's case when HN asked him to protect her, he declined saying because he has taken the job to guard her father and hinted there is a power higher than her controlling the affairs in Joseon. Fortunately, HN's father gave him the right excuse to cancel his job. Even during that confrontation, there's a flicker of hatred towards this guy who plans to control the king and fate of Joseon. DM does not look way too accepting to that fact but he hid it behind his nonchalant demeanor, though you can see his expression is unforgiving. In the case of the geisha spy, if he was able to catch the girl, it would be interesting to see if he will leave the fate of the girl to the Japanese officer or he will save her without the knowledge of the others, even his men. Unfortunately, this does not materialise, so my guess can only be either this or that, based on my imagination. I am not saying what he did is right, but it is expected of his character as a yakuza. Though I felt the torture that he made to the stowaway broker felt a bit lenient as a ruthless yakuza should, even he stopped it before it got out of hand and he got whatever information he wants and still let the guy lives to assist them in finding the girl. We also did not see if he is going to kill the guy for the failure at the harbor, as what I would expect happened when a yakuza was tricked like that. Even the gangsters in many korean drama were depicted as being more vicious and violent. I did watch quite a number of yakuza drama/movie, they are also way too violent and merciless than this. Maybe the others can provide a little info on the matter. I like to give an example of what happened in the slave hunter drama, where Daegil was shown to be merciless and unsympathetic when he sold off the slaves to the highest bidder but then once he got his money he was also the one who let them free, unknowingly to the general public. He let the the runaway slaves scorn and fear him for his line of work. What is actually in DM's mind when he makes all these decisions, I wonder. I can see his flicker of disdains towards the derogatory remarks made to the Joseon and its people but at the same time I can also see he can easily be cynical in his conversations, especially with his clients. 2. HN being a double agent. I am not sure if she is a double agent, maybe an agent and a spy to the king. She may be given that directive because maybe she was given the permission to do business there with a condition, e.g. to serve the King when required. And given that she is the owner of the hotel, any royal invitation/matters will go through her, perhaps this is her condition. There is definitely interesting things going on with the hotel and palace. What is the purpose of the hotel? To gather information? I believe HN is more loyal to Joseon than to Japan. Her mother is a Joseon person and she had a strong attachment to her mother, and her real name, hence I feel she will always choose to be a Joseon person. 3. The actions at the train station & harbor. Yes, AS can choose to shoot DM to stop him from turning back but she just shot the nearby areas to stop him from moving forward. The righteous army’s plan that day was just to trick the yakuza and Japan officer’s team to remain at the harbor and from going to the right place. They may not even know that the yakuza may be hired. From the shooting that occurred it seems to my eyes the only target of the Righteous Army were the Japan officers. They were the ones who fell like flies from the bullets, or maybe I missed out any yakuza being hit. Or maybe the retaliations were directed to those that fired the shots hence, excluding the yakuza members. 4. From my observation, DM realised it was AS. If he can know of her handwriting at first glance, what more to say of the person herself. He hesitated, he was clearly thinking what to do at that very short moment of time before he lost her and he decided to shoot and confront her. There is a glimpse of “oh crap” moment before he changed his target and shot her leg. I think he is fully aware of the consequences since they were staring at each other and she knew he was pointing the gun at her. If he did not shoot her, will there be anyone else eyeing her movement? If he let her flying off on the rooftop, will there be a repeat of that one shot she escaped (by the dead shooter that DM picked the gun from) though she managed to kill that shooter excellently? A contrast in similar situation between EC and DM whereby EC let AS go since their target is the same and they are not on each other; but DM’s target is the righteous army or people that protect the spy and this situation involves multiple shooters and in broad daylight in which to let her go may have multiple possible consequences to him, or even to her. He did not know that she is very well capable. At that time when he realised it was her, he may only assume that she could make a mistake and be caught. 5. Finally, DM got AS answer on his feelings for her. I believe he have always expected a rejection, because he is someone who will never get the chance, though maybe he was still holding on to a very very thin hope. Now that it is cleared, I hope he will put that matter on the backseat and start thinking of where he should stand in terms of the current happenings in the country. He will definitely continue to protect AS but I hope this is the beginning where he let her go to the one she chooses and no longer fighting for her even if it means he will continue protecting and loving her from afar. Well, they say first love is hard to let go. Now perhaps the fight for AS’s hand will continue between HS and EC. 6. After the rejection, I think DM worried but he knew he was not able to do anything about it because of his action. From the overnight brooding and waiting time at the train station, DM may now have assumed the collaboration between EC and AS was about the righteous fighters e.g. from the letter he read. DM may have guessed that EC may be the only one to lookout for her since he knew her secret and their relationship is closer than anyone DM can think of, not even the fiancé. Hence, we saw DM gave EC the hint, about hitting a shooter, at the same time I can see his anger towards EC for letting AS involved in such dangerous endeavour or for having to reluctantly give that information to his competitor (?) Thus, EC made a correct deduction from that cryptic message and went to see her. 7. The preview of DM asking if being a righteous army will give him money, it does seem indoor, and it is again a cynical remark of his. So, I think he may say something else to AS that triggers the slap. He has chosen a road which will make her further hate him (?). I can’t really make out anything of it since we haven’t got the whole context of what’s gonna happen from that little preview. But one thing is clear to me that DM will continue to be cynical or even mock her cause to fight until he changes his mind about joining them. Maybe HN or the mute geisha will have something to do about it, beside of course him wanting to protect AS. 8. The mute geisha. The way DM treated her is more like a sister/friend. I am also very very curious about her back story. Hope there will be some explanations on that. Maybe he saved her and took her under his wings. From the interview of that actress, she did mention about the geisha character not necessarily having romantic feeling with DM although they seem close. Based on that, I believe they are not romantically involved. I think DM finds it comfortable to confide in her because of the nature of their relationship and maybe conveniently because she is mute that she won’t be able to say anything he won’t want to hear. I think the only one who knew the real DM is probably the mute geisha. The way she wears a kimono most probably just her casual way of wearing it. I am sorry that you feel that way. Assuming DM is one of the sympathetic traitors with good looks, as one of those on team DM, I would like to make it clear that my views are all based on this fiction intended by the writer. My understanding coming to watch this drama is that it depicts the history about the righteous army. That is my main interest towards this drama. Then comes the public criticism between what is actual history vs fiction. In the end the story has been finalised as a fiction. So I continue to view it as such, no longer having much expectation with regard to its real historical aspects although the values and life principles that are in the drama, I keep within myself as a lesson worth learning. I still want to know what is going to happen to the righteous army in this fiction. In regard to DM character, he is portrayed as a traitor and AS is the only one using that word to him, thus far. Is it not stated that he will be a part of the righteous army in the end? Again, I am not saying what he did up to the current phase of the story was right. But what DM did is correct and consistent with the character that is fictionalised for him. Whether the actor playing that part is good looking or not is not the point. The actor has his own fan base. Since it is his fictional work, the fans are enjoying it on that level as well not going beyond fiction or crucify him for it because to do so will affect the reputation of the actor which would be unfair to him just because he plays such a villainous role. I don't know about how others come by their views on things. I don't want to question it. To one of its own. For me, I can sympathise with DM fictional character because I was given his story of his journey, how he grew up to be on that side, why he turned his back on Joseon but he still returns not tolerating anyone who looks down on him before to do it again. I try to look at it wearing his shoes. Same goes with EC and HN. I wear their shoes to try to understand their characters better. For DM, it is also very clear to me that he despises the Japanese as well. Maybe not the one who saved him and gave him the power and strength that he needs but those who invaded Joseon with bad intention. Compare this to HN's father. That character is an all out traitor. If the character was given to a very good looking actor, I won't sympathise because his motivation is wrong from the beginning. He is purely greed. Same goes to the actor playing Kyle. He was really a good looking actor playing a villainous role in IRIS II, that fictional character is still unacceptable to me despite his good looks. So, No. Looks are not what matters. The characters are. As a Korean, even though this is fictional, I know you will understand why I can relate to DM's decision, in the context of this drama NOT the history. He only wants fair treatment, not discrimination. He came back treating everyone on the same level e.g paid for his food, addressing the stowaway guy 'naeuri', went to the bookshop like a normal person does. Isn't naeuri usually reserved for aristocrats? Correct me if I am wrong. For whatever viewers' sentiments are, please don't blame the actor's good looks in his character portrayal. It's not the actor but more of the fictional character and his story is what we are rooting for. The actor plays him well hence, we are able to join into the roller coaster emotions. Kudos to all of the actors. Watching the battleship movie was really hard for me, I am also from a country that was once colonised by the Japanese. I thought the whole movie was based on true story, only now I knew that some of the depictions in the movie were historically incorrect but still, I am not happy after watching it. I will leave it at that. I am shelving Mr. Sunshine until it finishes airing so that I can binge watch the parts that most matters to me. The progress on the righteous army's story is too slow to my liking. Nevertheless, I will be at DB for the recaps and visiting here to read all of your colorful views on the episodes to come. Enjoy discussing ladies! Cheers!
  14. Ladies, You may not realise that the wording of your views can be a little offensive to others. Perhaps a little finesse in writing your opinions is very much welcome. I usually ignore any take when it contains the word 'ship' as I would prefer views about the characters development and their stories more than just how compatible any characters as a couple that they are for each other regardless what the story entails. Yes, although I am a heavy romantic at heart, I rarely watch fluffy rom com that have no substances besides lovey dovey shipping materials. Though that does not mean I shall attack those who love this genre and the shipping activities that come along. Hence, please refrain to do so in the future so that we can maintain constructive discussion environment here. Thanks ladies!
  15. Please my dear @daydreamer115 come back... just ignore the irrelevant views. We really enjoy your takes and discussions on the character's development as well as the historical background applied in the drama. We share the same perspectives and depths in analysing. The discussion is not only super interesting and brain stimulating, it also contains many substances or intrinsic points that are worth reflecting upon. Do come back and I look forward to your next discussion on ep 7 and 8 and the rest. Please return to our round table. I will be waiting
  16. Thank you for sharing @plappi ... I have been listening to the full song and put it on replay since yesterday and I still can't decide which one is more haunting, the music or KYA's voice or both. The song does fit DM's story. Sadness is looming ... Shall I make a guess of what could possibly transpired in that scene, while waiting for Sat & Sun to come? Someone close to her died and maybe DM has a hand in it. He went to her to apologise but didn't say the words instead got told off by AE. He refused to leave and sat on the railway. She ignores him and just walked away. Gonna have to be strong to get through the remaining 18 episodes... so many are going to die...
  17. @alemary You talking about this guy? Well, he's on the route to make a second history of being the 'fangirling' (as you called it) nation's unrequited crush... Nevertheless, do you really have to go to that extent @alemary ? *sigh* Just stay in your heavenly ship and at least learn to be polite ... please? Thank you. P/S: Perhaps I am low on sugar this morning... @daydreamer115 hear, hear... although that uglified persona is just *cough* nose-bleed hotz *cough* and it's not even his fault! Never!
  18. It is interesting to read your post as it portrays a contrasting view on the character. I may sound sympathetic towards DM, but truth is thus far I find his character's development the most consistent. It makes it easier to walk his path, by his side. Looking out to those little points that indicate a DM of Joseon under that facade that is a DM of Japan is like completing a puzzle. Having YYS as DM is definitely a bonus most welcome hahaha Anyway, thanks for the good read! Cheers!
  19. DM is an untamed horse - gad, that sounds even soo wrong! *hide!* That's the thing... he is not even an actual horse hehehe... She saved him, didn't she. So, she at least was aware of his predicament, even her maid told her of what was happening at the village where his parent were tortured. At least a grown up AS should be able to put two and two together. Unless, she is actually not remembering anything from that day except that they were both inside her palanquin. Like a story of a grandmother who was brought to court for stealing bread. The judge, a mayor of the city who was known for his kindness and genuine feelings towards common man, asked why she did it. She said she had no choice because then her grandchildren will be hungry. If she were sent to jail, no one will be able to take care of her grandchildren. In the end, he still had to fine the old lady in accordance to the law but he paid the fine with his own money and let her go. He then charged everyone in the court 50 cents as a penalty for indifference and ignorance in the community. If AS can't even reciprocate and relate to a fellow human, originating from same country nonetheless, then how can she move forward in her fight for the country? There are people who make up the entire country. A country cannot prosper with just lands and trees and the animals. A fight for ones country is a fight for its people, for the unfairness to all citizen not just for any particular class. If any one is in pain, you feel them too; if they cry, you cry with them; if they do bad things, you try to understand why they did that so that you can help them not to do it again, of course they first will have to deal with the consequences of their actions. Therefore, AS's conviction, to me, is a bit flimsy, it seems. As someone who is an avid reader of the current happenings in the world outside of her comfort home; and a noblewoman who roams about the city as she pleases be it day or night, she should have enough knowledge from her observations, if she actually observes, that life is not easy in town. (I am imagining Lara Croft as I am writing this, yikes!) Hence, sheltered is not something I would refer to AS. Ignorant, perhaps? She can relate to Eugene who also went over and became an American, but she can't do the same to, perhaps, DM? Even her reaction to Hina is way better, cause of communication they had. A short break the ice moment. With DM it is just close the eyes moment, why bother...hehehe... Is it because she learnt that he went about killing people, but she did that too, regardless of who the victims are. The end does not justify the means, my lady . Being a noble is convenient to her but if she really is a compassionate person.... well, I rest my case. I am an introvert, I don't like attention and I fear dogs. During one of my trips, I had an airport guard dog sniffing, climbing on my scared panic self and licking my pants, my behind to be exact, in the public! Checking for drugs perhaps, but it got attracted to the chocolate stains that I sat on during the flight. That dog invaded my privacy, and I really hated the dog. I came home with that bad memory on replay. After few hours, I finally concluded, oh well, it's just doing its job. I was partly responsible as well for not washing the stains properly... then I washed my pants and moved on, I still wears it. Morale of the story: Even if DM is a dog, the whole holding onto that tiny part of her skirt situation is not worth throwing it away. Its context and why he did that are the one worth pondering or even reflecting upon though. Thus, I cannot relate to such abrupt reaction. Sorry KES, I am seeing inconsistencies here. Can't help it. It's fun though, analyzing the drama as I watched it. Stimulate my brain and give me some perspective about life. We know not everything in a drama is fictional. There are things you can learn from too. Cheers ladies!
  20. I don't ship them either but I am still on DM's team because: 1. My heart goes to DM. We have passed the characters' introduction so I understood where he came from, why he is holding on to that very moment in that palanquin, because that is the only thing that is keeping him sane, that is the only thing that is keeping whatever hope left that he has for Joseon. That is the only thing that made him worked his butt's off to climb up the ladder and came back to Joseon not being looked down by his own people. 2. He is not all killer looks. It spells badass all over. Nevertheless, we are also blessed with those little smiles./grins/chuckles of his, those kind moments he had with the tarot girl and Hina, buying candy. His is like the lead character from a historical romance book. Gruff, vengeful due to his past but also has a soft heart to those that matters most to him. Because I have been exposed to many understanding, compassionate, intelligent leading heroin characters towards DM-like characters that I am more invested in his mysterious-ness, badass-ness, and those eyes *faint*... YYS, god bless him, is DM to the T. 3. I cannot relate to her disdain towards him. The throwing of her dress. She was angry? Why? Because he touched her skirt? Didn't he only explain himself, telling her his side of the story as he was reminded of that very moment in the palanquin? I believe he is explaining that because she said he is a traitor. The way I interpret it - he holds on to that little part of her skirt, the closest to her that he would allow himself to be, silently begging her to at least hear him out. When she remains silent, he said what he wants to say (and I thought she was remembering that moment too because he mentioned it). I was also invested in AS's feelings at that time when she had tears in her eyes. I can see anger but I also see a glimpse of sadness (?). Is it editing flaw because what happens next just throw whatever investment I banked in on AS out of the window. Is that her best reaction that the writer intended - getting all riled up, teared up in the process and ended up throwing the skirt away? *sigh* That is just disdain over, erm... what? He was not trying to rape her or anything, just said few harmless words and left. I don't know girls, if he pulls my skirt and goes all gagagaga like pervert should, I will stomp on his face without a moment waste on staring contest, especially if he is a total stranger. That is a moment worth freaking out. Even if she is angry to herself, why would she throw the dress away? Someone did mentioned here about AS is still expecting treatment as a noble despite her motivations towards her fight and compassion towards people of other classes. I agree to that. Truth is, I am a bit annoyed at 'throwing out her dress' scene. It is one of those scenes that I felt is not giving any purpose and all I got is a message that AS is a prideful girl (not in a good way) or that she is never going to fall for DM, if those were the intention of such scene. I think I got that notion that she is never gonna be with the other two guys for like zillion years ago and it is unnecessary to keep playing that note, if that is the intention, cos we gonna have many many more AS-EC moments in future episodes. I really really have high hopes for AS, that she would at least try to understand why DM said what DM said, thinking outside the box, to look at it from his perspective even though she has no feelings for him, she can at least offer understanding or friendship. That is the least she could do, I think. Beside strategically speaking, if she is really thinking it, DM can be her rebel team's strength as well. Just my two cents. Hahahaha... I had a good laugh at this. You said it all, babe.. you said it all ~~
  21. Bwahahaha... can't help it! My brain is working at full force be it while drama watching or reading... main reason as well for being very picky of what to watch since I will be brain exhausted by the end of it. I am considering shelving this till it ends airing so that I can watch it in one go, skipping the fillers and going straight to the main plot. I am giving it another week, before going for a thriller genre. For the time being DM is too sorrowful to be left unsupported kekekeke! I was a gone case with Chilbong... I am still having flashbacks from those buckets of tears I cried for and with him.. Aigoo, my faint heart....
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