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  1. Why is he always play pitiful character? My broken heart still has not recovered from Ashes of Love (where he plays somewhat similar character). I wish he gets the girl next time around. *sigh
  2. My heart broke a little at the end of ep 8, but I have faith on fabulous week(s) ahead! Mom's memory is interesting. But I cant tell anything by that short vision yet. You guys are real good, firt it was the thumb kiss, and then the imaginary kiss. This time might be true that they were all related somehow, as friends as childhood, perhaps. Ryan and SiAn might be brothers, having such resemblance stated by DM in the Auction Hall. Lee Sol and DM mother might be friends, which makes all of them childhood friends. As about other things in ep.8.... After all those muscles DM had lent to move all those furnitures, DI was especially mean and sneaky to say that to DM. But since she wouldnt want the lion (being the best friend that he is) to look so irrepairably miserable albeit being with her, I bet DI would finally give him up and tell the truth. Redeem yourself, woman! EG is being childish and petty, but I guess he would come to realize that DM wont be that happy only by being with him and fangirling. Awhhh I can juuusttt imagine a scene where DM wanted to edit SA pictures to heal her broken heart, only to find herself feeling dull and looking at lion's pictures on her screen, which makes her in tears. Awwhhhhh.... But to tell you the truth, when DM let go on lion's hand and walked away, in my heart I see the virtue of having a virtual life: they give you second chances. The lion might be someone that makes DM sad right now, but Latte-nim will make things right. Sinagil has good impression on Latte, right? S(he) is VIP member afterall. Btw, the lion has not returned Sinagil's notebook, too. On different remarks, I always love PMY's smile. Although I dont like the lion's crooked smile as much, I think he is ooooozing with sexiness, and that is more than enough.
  3. I know some of these are for show, but these two are adorable together. I am looking forward for their next project together.
  4. After looking at those videos of them feeding each other, looking at their chemistry, how they joke around, how they enjoy each other's company (basically how they interact with each other on screen and off screen, really) it would be unfortunate if they dont go out for real. They clicked!
  5. I am super glad that they made bonus movie depicting modern reincarnation of our beloved couple (three is a charm!). I am super happy that they are together again and finally be happy! I am also glad that he can finally realized his long lost fantasy of becoming a tea seller. Hahahahaha. I love that the modern story ties everything up together, and made it this wonderful, wonderful story of two individuals who love one another dearly. They are so cute, and now that they are together, I have the closure that I want: a happy ending. Actually it is quite obvious that they clicked together nicely. If there are no revenge mission involved, they will likely to end up being together quickly (just like how GXW married XF in Danchi, and now Lao Wu and XF) I love that they are being nice to one another, and I love those adoring, caring look he has for her, as well as those hopeful, complimenting look she has for him. Another thing that I love is that the PXR and CXX seem to be getting along well behind the scene too. I love that he rushed to help her get off from the truck, took her and carried her. I think it is sweet that he cares for her (and she always looks shy aftereards). I hope they will get another wonderful project together soon. Lots of love for everyone in this thread! Many thanks to especially @pad-hari @Erafera1 @ayang23 @nuttyz (I missed several names as well, I think....but you know who you are! Thank you!!) The thread wont be the same without you people with your insights, videos and pictures! Btw one of you said something about Legend of White Snake right? The main male lead is the one who played in Eternal Love (Ten Miles of Peach Blossom) as the female lead's nine-tailed fox brother. He didnt really aged, didnt he?
  6. I have just watched ep 52 and I think it is well deserved. Surprisingly, I dont consider it so heartbreaking. (SPOILER ALERT) The last scene goes like this: LCY set on a one way trip to bring back what was lost, leaving everything behind, and with a glimpse of young XF in red, looking from a distance. I think it hints a good ending for both! This is my interpretation to that ending: LCY left everything behind in search for XF (all rugged, which signify that he cares no more about appearance to other people, unlike before, where he's always plotting for something and pretending. Now he is just...himself.). XF is waiting for him, all in red, just like how they first met (she is free, wearing Xi state clothes which she is proud of) I think at some point, LCY will die in his search (well, it is a desert, and he doesnt seem to be all equiped with camel, assistant, water, survival kit and stuff. He even seem to have only one clothes -the one he is wearing). He will die there in the desert and unite with XF finally (because it was depicted that she was waiting for him on the desert, looking at him) I think it is all good. Yes, she died. But at least she died knowing that the one she loves the most is alive, has his memory back, truly loves her, and will keep his promise to live on and lead a good life (and tormented, to pay for the heartbreak he caused her) Yes, he felt heartbroken with her passing, and live a lonely life without XF. But it is well deserved indeed. Besides, they unite eventually (if not, they would just end the last scene with him walking on the desert, without having to show XF wearing red, sitting there, looking at him from a distance as if waiting for him!) This is good enough for me. Besides, before, LCY did have a lot of debt to pay anyway: annihilation of Danchi tribe, locking XF in Li Empire, making her believe all those times that his heart belongs to someone else...to name a few. Now all debts are settled, all promises have been kept, he is free to be with her, and be truly free and happy. Side note, and not necessarily related to the story: - CXX does have lovely hands. I dont really consider CXX as out-of-this-world- handsome though. But perhaps that is because I have a nephew who looks just like him. I was shocked when he finally took off his braces and looked somewhat like CXX. LOL) Hovever, I think PXR is also really really pretty. Dont you think so too? - I think both CXX and PXR has done a great job for this drama! More than their looks, they acted really well and gave it their all. Love the cinematography as well. Good job. - looking forward for PXR-CXX next collab!
  7. I am way behind. I think the pictures are what I mostly love in this drama. With all the sadness... - Isnt it sad that you have to hide your feelings (pretend to be desperately in love with one, while acting cruel to the one you truly love, and making her cry blood all the time, and hence, hating (while loving) him?) Very confusing! ---> LCY - Isnt it sad to love someone but seeing him being lovey dovey with another? ---> XF - But it is also sad that you get to love someone your whole life, obsessed over him, only to realize that his love towards you is as fake as a wig. ---> SS I think these sadness made me celebrate more on the eensy weensy scenes where our OTP shares the same screen and not yelling at each other ^^" As for ideal ending... I wish our OTP can free themselves from what binds them and start over. Reincarnation, perhaps. Unless both can forget about who they were, in what kind of family and surroundings they're from.
  8. I have not read the novel, @pad-hari. But I believe the kisses should be real. I cant see why they're not. Another thing from LCY is that he does not force himself to others. He is a unique kind of villain/prince charming, isnt he. But perhaps that is because he truly cares for XF, but has to press on with the damn revenge.
  9. Awwwwww....this guy is not our usual prince charming, and not our usual villain as well. He is something else, isnt he? To think about how much it must have tormented him to act opposite of what his heart truly wants...it kills me. This preview is a compilation of all LCY/XF sweet things, perhaps, but his interaction with XF is not like his interaction with other girls *sese, for instance. With XF, he is more playful, more carefree, more attentive as well. His eyes are always looking at her and he is always seem to be amused by her, even when she looks pissed. If XF dies, I am sure that the one who is most tormented is LCY. Where else can he find someone like XF? She is the only one who gives him freedom to be himself, not Sese, not the queen, not his dad, not a single one. Well, perhaps Pei Zhao, but he is his subordinate. I feel actually sad for LCY. The one he is imprisoning is actually himself, I think...in the name of revenge. He must have been so lonely, and even more so if XF is not around.
  10. With a baby (moreover if it is a boy), she will solidify her position as future queen, and hence while she is not queen yet, she will be targeted by his enemies, and Sese's target of hatred.
  11. @shihuangdi after jumping into the river of oblivion, she woke up with memory erased, and already in Eastern Palace. I assume he woke up before her, completely forgot about his time in Western State as Gu Xiao Wu. No time travel. Just forgetting the past that was hurtful or associated with them being hurt.
  12. Arrrrghhhh they are soooooooo cute together!! The way they savor glances at each other and just had fun really made it so tempting to ship these two.
  13. It can be both. He rally cares about her, but he also wants to show off his ability to open up a crab (which needs some wit and muscle. Hahaha) and if he is lucky, she might be open up to loving him back (perhaps more than the way she seems to care about him before he was the crowned prince, i.e. visiting him in prison, following him around) To think about it in LCY side, it was actually quite sad. Think about it: He did what he did (danchi massacre) to pave the way for his revenge. If only he can undo that, quit the revenge thing and just elope with XF, things wont be this messy. But perhaps he wont be able to be live in peace with himself, albeit feeling tremendously happily lovey dovey with XF. (And now that we cant undo the massacre, XF also wants to hurt him her own way -by letting him believe that she is in love with GXW as if GXW is someone else! Such a mess!) Should he just jump into the River of Oblivion right after the first crown prince was killed? (* wishful thinking)
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