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  1. today episode have to be the most sad episode in this drama. for both SK/OS not only they breakup because of SK grandpa but even after SK got hurt. his grandpa still would not give in to him. good thing SK/OS both told the grand of by saying bad thing to him. i hope we will get a even greater kiss for SK/OS in next week episode. even though the writer already give us 2 hot kiss scene for us. i guess i one of those that such a sucker for hot kiss scene in drama.
  2. so all 2 face witch plan to stop the wedding fail. in the end that witch kidnap SY/tell SJ that someone kidnap SY. when it was her who order the kidnap. this witch need to end up in jail at the end. though knowing korean writer they going let her off free/just give her a slap on the wrist. i giving till episode 50. if by them SJ/SY still not a couple i giving up.
  3. this episode was good. they finally start to date/tell people they going out together. though i know once the news of who cost OS ma to pass will hurt her/SK alot. i just hope their love will over come this. that scene of SK almost saying to give OS hand/marriage to him. to OS pa was funny. good thing he stop himself short of saying the last line. that last scene was just to hot. i love that KYJ finally have hot scene. i must watch it over 20x just for that kiss scene.
  4. have to agreed SY is really dumb to let that 2 face witch play her like that. she should know why 2 face witch is pushing her into YH. YH will be very mad when he findout she only date/married him for money/not love. would not surprise me if 2 face witch is the one who told YH family. SY married YH for his money/not him.
  5. i really enjoy today episode. that scene of SK ma think he into man was funny. it good to see SK ma is not against OH/SK. unlike his grandpa who dont want OH date his grandson. that last scene was hot. i thought they going press lip only. since KYJ still not 20s in korean. but to see they both not press lip was very good. i hope HI will back off from getting in the way of OH/SK.
  6. i really enjoy this week episode. it was fun to watch GOS/JSG scene. they are both look so good to together. i wonder when will that person who cost GOS to lost her job. will be caught. though without him. GOS/JSG scene would not have been so much. that scene of JSG pa telling GOS not to date his son was sad. that scene of GOS telling JSG that she dont like him/ she dont have time to date was sad. i hope JSG will find the reason why GOS say that to him soon. i want t see them start to date already.
  7. ES/CS scene are fun to watch. CS is falling hard for ES in these last 2 episode. i knew there was a reason ES sis so in love with the baby. turn out the baby was her. that 2 face woman is one evil person. on the outside she seem like a nice person. but deep down she so evil.
  8. that scene of prof jung taking his anger out on poor KG was sad. just because he not SOK husband. that scene of KG remember his pasy life was sad. that last scene is the best. i just hope prof jung dont come to ruin their happiest. seeing as how he follow KG/SOK. he might doing something to hurt them. though i hope i wrong.
  9. we can thank the writer for making prof jung so dislike. it hard for most people to root for him. even if he the lead male. i hope next week will be GeumNam turn. since this week the writer put KG through so much .
  10. prof jung is a petty man. he knew he not her husband now. yet still lie to her. i really dislike these kind of person. feel so bad for KB. to see he look so down in today episode was sad. SOK need to wake up. proj jung is 2 face man.
  11. i really hope Ok Nam will end up with KG like in the webtoon . i will be mad if the writer dont add their kiss scene in the drama.
  12. i hope they add that part to the drama too. it would be sad for them not get a kiss scene in the drama.
  13. thanks for the spoiler. i hope Ok Nam will pick the right person. she should know who show her more love. KG have always shower her with love. while the Prof only show her love/after seeing how lovey Ok Nam/KG are to each other. beside that the Prof already have a jealous woman after him. so Ok Nam might be in danger if she date the Prof . who know what that jealous woman will do to Ok Nam. the writer need to give a kiss scene for Ok Nam/KG too.
  14. episode 3,4 was good. GOS/JSK scene are way to funny. i laugh so much when GOS move in for the kiss/not arm like JSK though. she was. GOS look so fine when dress up.sad that JSK get the wrong idea but her. i think if he learn she change because of what he say to her going make him regret saying hurtful word/fire her. cant wait to see what will happen in episode 5,6.
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