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  1. On Saturday, September 03, 2016 at 7:35 PM, odik said:

    Happy birthday to the HJ baby!!!

      It's too sad... he's a 1year old and HJ and his family still hasn't seen him...

    If there's truly a baby!!!!! Even if he's  not KHJ's biological son....because if he is I'm sure psychopath Choi would summons the media & showing off her son whom surely has some resemblance to his father....and she would eagerly offer her son's DNA for paternity  test.

    As it happens all things happened surrounding her during delivery time was so suspicious. The details concerning the birth itself was still a mystery. 

    Just hope this Choi isn't some corrupt politician's daughter. That what she really wanted isn't  really his money but power to control KHJ. She wants to control KHJ. Marry her & be her slave all his life!

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  2. I believe SME is one of the powerful company behind k idol industry. They're one reason why  JYJ in still banned in the country's  public tv broadcasting despite them winning their case against SME.

    Also news.reports such as allkpop are pro SME. They write all positive abt SME artists even if it wasn't  a big deal but just so so for other artists also they were ready to write all negative abt other artists.

    At one point YG & JYP started to take over the industry but suddenly their artists who are mostly very talented people got slammed down & SME with their not so talented people take control again. And from what I heard SS501 former company DSB belongs to SME's ceo family member. That's  why i always suspect there's more to KHJ's case. Why Choi walk away with such absurd case. Its like Choi was just a tool for these 'people' to teach & tame KHJ, as warning to other artists not to go against them. After all KHJ was once their cash cow before he walkaway from them & till today they haven't find a new cash cow in his place.

    I dunno but what I do know Choi is no ordinary person. Its either she was back up by these sharks of the industry or she's the daughter of some powerful politician (which I doubt because if she's  a politician's daughter or a heiress KHJ might as well marry her & gets strong back up)

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  3. 16 hours ago, vinitayeo said:

    I really hope u are right but how do u explain the DNA test that is positive? Court cannot be deceived.

    My issue is, was there any official reports from the court or even KHJ's legal counsel stated the DNA test was done appropriately & confirm positive? Because all I'm hearing & reading were all coming from Choi's lawyer & also news reports that are determined to ruin KHJ.

    I agree, since she's proven to be a lecherous liar,  her face shud have been expose already. She's done enuf damage to one man, lets alert everyone in Korea to beware & be careful to this virus named Choi

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  4. On Tuesday, August 23, 2016 at 6:50 AM, odik said:

    [ENGL Full] 160822 Straight Talk: KHJ's Father Candid Talk 직/언/직/설




    At this point, his parents can even sue Choi for psychological damage!

    The Kims Family have't seen the child!!! not even once!!!

    is there really a child?!!!

    What do you think?!


    I firmly believe as I was right from the beginning of all these, there is NO baby!  Choi desperately wanted to carry KHJ's baby that she disillusioned herself having one :crazy: She thought by spending one night with him miracle can happen & she gets pregnant. If her body cant received  all the bullets KHJ had been shooting tru out all the months when they were together,  what made it possible with just one shot on a certain planned date which seriously I believe there wasn't even one shot....but then again its his words against hers, and those scumbag reporters had successfully turn public against KHJ. Trust me there wasn't a fetus ever lived in this Choi womb to date! Which was why there was no

    1) birth of date - she didnt 'give' birth on the due date as I & many more speculated right from the beginning but claimed on a much earlier date which she fail to reveal

    2) hospital location/name

    3) official birth record (date, time, weight, lenght, blood type - the usual stuff written on a newborn bracelet tag)

    4) difficulties of getting the infant's DNA test

    5) Refused pregnancy check up at reputable maternity hospital

    6) Not allowing the supposedly "grandparents" to see the baby (most probably the one the have look so different from KHJ's family members)

    7) Failed to inform the infant's gender even after several weeks after his birth.

    8) There were witnesses who saw Choi with very flat tummy when she was supposedly heavily 8-month pregnant.

    So my bet, she was never pregnant & KHJ knew it but has no way of proving except with legal medical check up which she refused.

    Now when the time  to give birth she went into hiding fully aware fans would be waiting to see if she really give birth. If she truly give birth to KHJ's child, there's no reason to hide right, after all she had managed to win public sympathy but as most of us speculated  she didn't give birth that day nor several days earlier but claimed to be weeks earlier but fail to come up with a date, also fail to reveal the gender, weight etc. So I  still suspect they were still lookin/ shop around for an infant who's born in the duration to make believe as KHJ's child.

    Once they got the child, using the baby to continue blackmailing KHJ, KHJ who is known to be sensitive to children, even if the baby isn't his bloodline he has no heart to drag the child into the battle, thus just accepted whatever lunatic Choi & her side claimed abt the child.

    I hope now they have proof that Choi had never conceive KHJ's seed in 2014, they will proceed to proof the one night stand that supposedly happen in Dec 2014 never happen, thus continue to proof KHJ's innocence. 

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  5. Isn't just amusing in their work after R88, HR's leading is a very much older married ahjussi while BG's new leading lady is still in high school :rolleyes:

    Whatever it is HR didn't have any kissing scene with her leading man (BG still hold title the last man seen kissing her :D ) while with a kid who's still a minor, I don't expect BG will kiss the way his last kiss, not to mention he's doing a historical drama. At most its gonna be light smooching 

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  6. On Wednesday, July 20, 2016 at 1:04 AM, sara2908 said:

    Bora , Deoksun and Taeki watching mom's Il Hwa's musical.

    Love that they still hangout together

    Bogum went to watch Lee Ilhwa's Musical with Hyeri and Ryu Hyeyoung cr dc/weibo #박보검 #parkbogum #reply1988 #혜리




    Its good to know they still hang out together & supportive to their R88 family.

    Its also sweet of RHY to chaperone her sister on a date :D just like before RaMiran ahjuma chaperone them ....*wink*

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  7. On Sunday, June 12, 2016 at 3:45 AM, CamelKnight said:

    "Blood" was the drama called. I actually watched because those two got married so I figured "now there's a pair that's bound to have some chemistry!". I was seriously underwhelmed.

    Also, the fact that he felt the need to show the world how he "privately" asked her. How private can Twitter/Instagram/whatever get if you share it with the world? Meh.Yup

    I'm  sorry but I  feel you shouldn't bad mouth another happy couple, a real couple at that, in here especially when they're are not related to Gumri, Taeksun nor R88 in any way.


    And as for their defense, AJH has every right to share his personal photos or videos of him & his gf/ bride with his fans. He never deny his relationship once he was caught, having a relationship out in the open has never been his problem. He just doesn't want people to commercialize his relationship, thus refusing sponsored items, wedding etc. They simply  wants to do things their own way but they have no problem sharing bits of their happiness  with fans

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  8. On Friday, April 29, 2016 at 0:31 AM, phikyl said:


     Sorry I dunno how to remove  quotes

    22 hours ago, packmule3 said:



    Yes, it was jealousy scenes alright, but most viewers didtn’t see it because they didn’t put themselves  in TK’s shoes and see the s cene between the concierge and DS. Lol.  

    They were expecting “lingering glances,” “furrowed forehead,” “pained looks” and “knitted brows” like with the JH’s scenes. Lol. They didn’t read between the lines. 

    Thanks for the gifs, @tiendoank!  I saved them, too. 

    @tiendoank, I still feel that the director/scriptwriter owes us a scene in the room that year 1989. 


    It's annoying that we weren't told what happened back in his room...even if it meant just dinner. hahahaha.

    And what's up with him always inviting her to his room? Just because he was accustomed to her presence in his room back home, didn't mean she could be staying in his room at a hotel. hahaha.

    And then for him to joke about closing the door, because ~you never know~ he could be a different guy after taking the sleeping pills?  :w00t:  LIke dude, didn't you hear what DS said during your birthday? She said she couldn't' sleep in their "Taek's Room" because it would ruin her chances of marriage now that she was all grown up. She had a reputation to take care of now. lol.




    The first round watchIng by this China trip episode I have 90% believed Taek is the hubby, because although he's gentle his voice hinting  of possessiveness with a touch of authoritative especially when he saw her with Jangpo. Also in conservative Korean community Taek openly declared DS will be with him in his room for the rest of the day instead of suggesting them to ask DS to go with them to the dinner party. And DS  just  abide him happily.

    Unlike with SW, though mostly it was DS initiative, it was done/told in a humorous way....like when SW came to ask to go to TK's place together, she disappeared in a flash , only to return with powder dipped face :D Also when SW came looking for her in the morning, DS quickly turn to clean her face before turning to face SW again & fuss about him,

    And when with JH, it was mostly focus on JH's feeling for DS. Like in the alley it was JH who had most impact when their body were trap together, while for DS, wasn't disturb with their closeness, just uncomfortable which she didn't loose any sleep over it. Also when JH accidentally walk to his bed & slept next to DS, DS wasn't panic nor worry if a man sleeps next to her, instead she was innocently whining for him to go to concert with her as he promised. It was all about his bottled up feeling, which no one really know. Not even DS knows for sure, that's why she made an effort to know about his feeling but end up with disappointment. But at least she has no regret turning down JH years later, because she did give him a chance which he turn down before her feeling for him as a chance to grow.

    Its a good thing too nothing really happen between DS and SW/JH, bacause it would be harder for all of them when she eventually realized her true love is with TK



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  9. Its been a while, but finally gets to see BG & HR together again. Although there's no longer traces of Taek & Deoksun, they both still look lovely & compatible as ever.


    https://m.youtube.com/results?q=제52회 백상예술대상&sm=3

    Btw I saw crew cut hair SunWoo, dorky Dongryong, stylish Jungbong & Ra Miran along at the Baeksaeng Award...i didn't see Jungpal, was he there too?

    Also I take back..Deoksun is still DS....she actually kick back her dress tail right there on the red carpet... :)   

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  10. Talking about birthday, I'm sure all 5 friends know of each other birthdays. However we only gets to see Taek & JH's birthday celebrated by the gang....here's my take abt it...

    As we all have been introduceid from the beginning DS celebrated her birthday 3 days earlier every year because BR's birthday is 3 days earlier & to save cost her family celebrated both girls birthday together. And may be the boys don't think much abt it since she has celebrated her birthday with her family.

    Somebody pointed out for TK & JH's birthday maybe DS is the one who organized it since she's the only girl in the group, especially with TK growing up without a mom & JH being the poorest in the group before their lottery strike 3 years earlier.  For SW since his birthday is on the same day as DS, how can she prepare foe the birthday, also most likely he spent his birthday with his family.

    Now DR, we all know he looks forward for his birthday every year because that's the only day in a year his mom would cook & spend time with him, thus I guess that the reason DS & the gang don't celebrate his birthday. Unfortunately for him in 1989 his mom was too busy to even cook the seaweed soup for him that made him runaway from home.

    Rewatching again the earlier episodes, I think the writer is brilliant. The hints on the husband is very telling right from the beginning although the story goes through the mountain & across the dessert before reaching its point. 

    The story wont be interesting it the story was too direct. Though its saying one thing, the action is in another direction. Although TK didn't have much scene in the beginning, his scenes are powerful & memorable. Unlike JH scenes, tho there's many of him in the scenes he was mostly one of the gang or part of the family, not a real focus on him.

    For me beside DS cheekily told him to grow up fast & marry her is already a telltale he's her husband, but I got all confused because his scene were mostly away from her unlike the previous 2 Reply series.

    Also the focus on Sung appa & Taek man to man talk is another telling sign...not to mention Sung parents always wanted Taek as their son in law has been emphasized several times in the earlier episodes, thus it won't be fair to the actual hubby if future DS brought it up again abt her parents favorites... :D


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  11. Congratulations on  the winning.  SunTaek shippers really deserve it.

    However can I make a small request?  Can u guys put the gif pictures in spoiler.  I love the gif pic but with so many of them, my poor android gets haywire & I somehow I accidentally touch 'report' button on one post which unfortunately I don't even know who's post & I'm very sorry but I dunno how to undo it.

    Gdnite everyone. ..

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  12. 1 hour ago, tiendoank said:


    Hheheheh.. sorry.. I didn't mean to burst the happy bubble, but.... it se ems  like the one he wore had different pattern from DS'. The one DS wore had that something on the front part.

    If you zoom the one HR wore it was actually the same pattern. It just accentuated a certain part on the front of HR's because of the angle & lighting, plus BG's pic was from closer view while HR's one was a video capture thus the view wasnt as clear. But if you zoom and look closely the knitted pattern are the same on both.

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  13. 1 hour ago, __jesse said:


     I think the writer didn’t show us how Taek forfeited his match primarily because ep 18 was in a way dedicated to helping JH find closure for his one-sided love; hence the focus was on JH.

    B I N G O ! ! !

    I think this is the best explanation so far....

    This episode aka ep 18 aka Goodbye First Love is dedicated to JH, so its not important when, why or how Taek made up his mind to go to DS or arrived at her side panting but most importantly is Taek gets to Deoksun first.   

    Also after he forfeited an important match too as JH found out later.

    The writer just want to show comparison between JH who was on leave didn't act fast enough to go to DS while TK left his work to go to DS....thus JH finally understand why TK deservesDS more as he see how much TK's love for her compare to his love for her. 

    "He wants her much more than I do"

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    TK only has eyes for DS, and we saw him notice the fact that she wasn't wearing the proper shoes to go to a concert. There's no way TK would have taken more than a split second to decide that he was going to go after her. In my opinion, his decision to forfeit and go "rescue" her was made before she even got in the vehicle with DR. 



    I think the writer wanted to show what it takes for JH to get to DS. The worrying he did in the cinema for over one hour. Not including the few more hours before meeting DR at the cinema from the time he saw her off with DR. Then his fumble & stumble until he arrived at the concert venue only to find out Taek beat him to it. He thought he was the only one having it tough getting to her, only to realized Taek had gone through a tougher time getting to DS. While JH was having his idle time with friends before meeting DR at the cinema then hanging around until he saw DS's date at the cinema, sitting in the cinema for another whole hour before going to DS, TK was jeorpadizing his career. So jeorpadizing may be a strong word, but close enuf because TK was dealing with more than just traffic lights so he can get to DS on time. TK gave up his work vs JH gave up an hour or so of his leisure time . I think this is the comparison the writer was trying to make.

    Also I think someone has mention in dc about the score board on the wall outside the toilet where the baduk scores were written & they said its written - next to TK's name, meaning when washing his hand TK has forfeited the game. And I guess when chief stewardess was telling her bf DS still going to the concert alone after her date back out, I think she was trying to link TK reason for forfeiting the game to DS going alone to the concert.

    And about TK arrived huffing & puffing at the concert venue, I actually like one fanfic that say TK's care was block at the carpark at the Baduk center which was why he has run all the way to the concert venue :D


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  15. @babyviolet


    JH knew this too, because right after his "confession", the door to the restaurant opened and he sees DS instantly turning her gaze, obviously expecting it to be Taek, and the masked disappointment when she discovered that it wasn't. I think at that moment, he realized that it wasn't just his timing, or his hesitation, that ruined his first love.  It was the fact that his feelings just were not reciprocated, and that's why he was finally able to let it go.

    I can't help adding on these points.

    I also think it was JH's first & final attempt to confess his feeling to DS. Because at the time Taek & Deoksun were not a couple yet. The China confession & confirmation hadn't happen yet. JH only know Taek gave up his match for Deoksun but he didn't know for sure if Deoksun feels the same for Taek. But what did he expect from Deoksun? The slightest hope or 1% chance that Deoksun likes him, the one who called her ugly & stupid to her face all the time over Taek whom always makes her feels good & put her as his top list priority? And JH gets his answer during his heartfelt confession from Deoksun's silence &  her interest towards the door. It was SW & DR who went bonkers over the confession while Deoksun just looked silently at him uncomfortably. I guess JH gets his answer then, firm & clear. It wasn't just timing & fate nor his lack of courage to confess but becos he was never in Deoksun's heart to begin with. It has always been Taek conscious or subconsciously.

    Rewatching again, ep 2 butt patting scene. It wasn't the but patting but the word she said that reflect her inner feeling. If she isn't attracted to him in any way wud it ever cross her mind to even suggested marriage between them jokingly or not, which she never did to the other 3?!  So yeah, Deoksun most probably has been in love with Taek for a long time but bury her feeling deep inside, refusing to acknowledged it, becos at 18 Taek was already a star & a national treasure, while Deoksun was still the 999th place & their street ugly duckling. Her biggest achievement was being selected as a picket girl for the Olympic opening ceremony, though it still didn't boost up her confidence, especially having friends like JH around, who likes putting her down every chance he gets. So Master Choi & a girl like her, well she didn't feel she stands a chance, hence her needs to find a guy whom she sure likes her, so she can moves on from Taek. However as she finds the hard way tru SW & JH, she has to face her own heart first to find her own happiness. DR made her realized that. And she has been true to her heart ever since.


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