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  1. On Monday, November 21, 2016 at 0:34 AM, phikyl said:

    If @packmule3 was around, it would be a lot less quiet but I haven't seen her around in a long time. =[

    As it is, most people have moved on from this drama. There's only a few of us who still hang out here. 

    For me, whether they're dating in real life or not, it doesn't matter. They will always be Taek and Deok Sun and I will ship them together as Taek/Deok Sun forever! :lol: I love reading all the speculation you guys have been posting though. I might not have had much time to post lately but I've definitely been lurking. 

    Maybe you guys will get your wish and it'll be another AJH/GHS thing [only without the marriage because Hyeri is an idol]. :D

    Ahhhh, this really makes me want to re-watch the series. I miss uri Taeki! Maybe I'll have time for a marathon after the holidays....

    Even if they do dated & even if they want to get married its not going to be so soon. So I  would prefer them to be special close friends first than turn to romance before settling down.

    P/S  In 2D1N, one of the regular member asked BG, "You are not planning to marry young, right?" And guess what BG said..."I don't  plan to marry  late" 

    Tsk...tsk...tsk...didnt this just imply something? Sure he didint say he wants to marry in his 20s, and said something abt marrying before 40, but he could have out it in a simpler manner like I want to marry in mid 30s or normal marrying age...and tbh 40 is kinda late, what does he mean he doesn't want to marry late? Its like he said without thinking that he doesn't  want to marry late but when press to give specific age he just gave std usual age actors give when asked abt marrying age :rolleyes: As for idols, they're not as strict as before. They already done all those slavery contract stuff. Many idols are currently in a serious relationship especially those who are active as a solo artist. Several even got married. 

    Anyway here's my fave Taek-Deoksun kiss...


    Tho other kisses were more passionate, they looked more choreograph. This one looked more natural& they both seem truly into it

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  2. Yes, BG never once refer to Hyeri as his dongsaeng. Also BG often seen teeny weeny bit possessive of Hyeri, of cos we've seen him being so during the filming, and we can still him doing it after filming. Remember during fansigning, out of the blue he wore a ring on his ring finger, implying he's taken. Sure his company claimed a sponsored ring, but still he didn't have to wear it o his ring finger.

    Then during R88 concert, he cant make it but his possesiveness shows when he gently but clearly ask HR to call him.

    Now the tvN award, I dont have to say more. BG didn't even attend the ceremony yet he & Hyeri became the hottest couple for the night alongside real life couple AJH & his wife KHS.

    And like you too I'm leaning towards BG is seeing someone now & my bet she is HR. Recent happenings really hinting towards that way .. for me the biggest clue was during his guesting in 2D1N. His expressionless look when they asked him to choose between the minor & the noona, & he professionally gave a diplomatic answer, but when HR's was mentioned his face brightened up with a wide grin, think a few 2nd before playfully refuse to answer the question. WHY??? I'm sure he can come up with more diplomatic answer if there's nothing between him & HR,  right? Instead he chuckled, blushing & end up not answering the question at all. Also when he was asked if he ever dated (as if in the past) he said yes but he seemed too nervous & shy, scratching his head, looking everywhere but the people who asked the question.

    I also wonder why the hosts  ask HR to choose between BG & SJK in particular. When she gave a diplomatic answer,  why did they try to probe/provoke SJK abt it afterward...and why SJK in a serious note said she'll choose BG just because they're close friends, when everyone knows SJK is such a playful guy when it comes to these kind of questions....perhaps he knows something that we don't :D 

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  3. a7b8758c-fef4-47d1-b9f6-94caa2de1ef1.jpg


    The tvN10 Awards highlights: Gu Hye Sun, Ahn Jae Hyun, Park Bo Gum, and more!


    BG & HR's part

    2. Park Bo Gum flirts with Hyeri and still thinks she’s his wife!


    The tvN Asia Award went to Answer Me 1988’s Park Bo Gum, who couldn’t make it to the ceremony, so the hosts video-called him. Talk to Duk Seon host Jun Hyun Moo spoke to Bo Gum on screen as he handed the microphone to Hyeri.

    Park Bo Gum waved to her and said, "You look beautiful today.”

    “Taek, congratulations (for the award),” she said. “Thanks,” he replied. Hyeri giggled and the hosts wondered, "Why are you guys so awkward?"

    Bo Gum then said out of blue, "She's my wife.” "He's my husband," Hyeri said, following him.

    The couple congratulated each other for their awards. Bo Gum congratulated Hyeri and Ryu Joon Yul on their Trending Actors awards. Hyeri said on Park’s Asia Award, "I hope you become a star, not just in Asia, but in the world!” Watch their segmenthere

    And I can understand why other ships got so  :angry:  that they wander around trying to burst other ship's bubbles, also I understand why the apology is neccessary on BG's part ....to pacify those unhappy ships

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  4. 7 hours ago, gissy said:


    Honey trust me, Hyeri is not dating PBG. Hyeri used to date a member of H.O.T and it was not good since she is an idol( some idol have the no dating policy) and he was so much older. They broke up after few months. I don't think she would enter another relationship with a celebrity this soon. Abt SJK of course they are friends, it is known he kept in touch with his r88 costars both male and female. then why did CTH call him in 2d 1n to tell him abt my baby guesting there??..... CEO of my shipping thread 

    This ship has already sank, welcome to our PBG& KYJ thread. this kind captain here is waiting for yall to board before we depart. my babies"Stars That shone brighter than the moon"

    Sorry, cant trust you... Hyeri broke up with Tony Ahn way back in 2013, longgggg before she was even named as R88 leading,  and KYJ is still a minor....so absolute no way for PBG, at least not for now. This is Korea not the westerners,  where age plays important role when adult dating a minor even if the age gap is just a couple of years different...  so say bye2 to adult-minor relationship :rolleyes:

    I'm not saying BG is dating HR for sure or if he's  dating anyone at the moment. However if he does, chances of him dating Hyeri is much higher than him dating a minor, don't  u think so? Anyway, last I check this thread belongs to PARK BOGUM & LEE HYERI as a couple, so I believe we have all the right to be talk & delulu abt this couple here. These 2 also have other shipping thread with other partners & co-stars, so go there and talk abt your beloved couple instead of provoking in here.


     And Captain...a piece of advice, if you are confident with your own ship, don't go around other people's home to criticize them or to promote your own ship because it reflects your insecurities with your own ship...and it also shows you've got nothing to spazz now that the drama has ended.

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  5. Quote

     Q: At the TVN 10th anniversary, the cast of R88 received awards and were there but you were absent due to MDBC filming?

    A : It was a great pity I could not attend due to my filming schedule. But the MDBC team made it possible for me to share my joy with my R88 family and everyone else through a video call. I'm very thankful for the support the team has given me. Now that I think about it, I feel apologetic towards them because I called out "wife" in my Crown Prince attire. Should I have been more careful? This did cross my mind.


    Well...actually it did cross my mind too when I saw it on tv 'live' a few weeks ago :D I mean, here he was in his princey costume, supposedly still in Joseon era, yet he's calling his modern day wife, on a live tv too :rolleyes: wouldn't that like bursting bubbles for the other shipping fandom? I haven't start watching the drama yet but I know the rating is really good, thus I bet the shipping must be strong too, so I really hope Hyeri wont get more anti fans. However, as for me, I had this big, wide grin on my face when watching BG refer to Hyeri as his wife. Seems I'm not the only one who's not completely move on from R88.


    Q: When you fall in love, how are you as a man in love?

    A: I am a person who will initiate and am not afraid to show love to the woman I love. I will not be too concerned about keeping it under wraps. It's alright to me that people notice it. I can only look at and express love to the woman I love, I'm cool like that, right? Because people have misunderstood, I'd like to say I have been in love before.


    Yeah, got it....

    Its like how he call out for Deok Sun when he was just supposed to make an acceptance speech...or how he can't help looking mesmerized by Hyeri as he sighed out loud how pretty she was or that on impulse referred to her as his wife...also not to mention SJK clearly stated he's confident HR wud choose BG over him since they're close. I mean, if SJK said BG & HR are close, who are we to argue, right? :P

    @hyuki4ever Ahn Jae Hyun didn't exactly broadcast his relationship with Ku Hyesun before they were caught, but he also didn't go over the top to hide his relationship....other words he's  quite similar to our BG here :) 

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  6. 12 hours ago, hyuki4ever said:

    @heyyyyitsg do not appologize for that, please do more :D


    oh really?! i just know about this :wub:.. thank you for the translation, how about ahn jae hyun dan goo hye sun? are they behave like gumri before their relationship become public?

    If you go back several months ago, a few days after HR was said to be recovering from menigitis, there's news all over abt someone sighting of PBG having dinner with HR at a certain hotel restaurant, of cos with Ra Miran as their chaperone. :D But we all know Ra Miran has always been close to Hyeri since their collaboration in Real Men long before R88, didn't we?

    HR with Ra Miran in Real Menhyeri-real-men.jpg

    HR with Ra Miran & the rest Reply series casts in the recent after award gathering...14540404_317769705261190_704642058387718

    And of cos BG with Ra Miran toomin-hyo-rin-ra-mi-ran-park-bo-gum_145894



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    Basically in the interview he was asked....

    1. Do you confess from yourself first? 

    BG : Yes. I tend to save to say "I love you", but I do express my fondness to her.

    BG --》HR : checked 

    The offcamoffcam hugging, him being possessive when HR kiss little Juri, fiddling with HR's bag straps, to name the least & of cos in the recent tvn10 award, he can't even put on a poker face when he saw HR because he was too mesmerized at her beauty ....he even boldly stated his claim on her, when he was at the time supposedly "romancing" another actress :)tumblr_nzhmf4IQED1s0wwvho1_540.gif6.gif8.jpg

    2. Are you okay with couple costumes?

    BG: Yes, I prefer to wear a matching item or match the color than wearing exact same clothes. 

    BG ---》HR : Checked

    She either wore his outfit or they wear similar style, design and/or color ever since R88 till now. Check out earlier posts

    3. Can you carry your GF on your back? 

    BG: No. I'm afraid she would be ashamed. 

    BG ---》HR : Checked

    Well, he never even piggyback HR in the drama but we know for sure he has no problem princess carry her, right?:P


    4. Can you cook for your GF?

    BG: Yes. I can make Rice-cake soup. Because I like eating, I also like to cook this and that. 

    BG ---》HR: ???

    Dunno abt cooking for her but he certainly took her out for dinner right after she recover from meningitis..

    5. Do you tie your GF's shoelaces?

    BG: Yes. 

    BG ---》HR: Checked

    He even help put on a sock for her when she has her own cordi/assistant


    6. Can you sing for your GF?

    BG: Yes. 

    BG ---》 HR : Checked

    Obviously...he sings really well, he can sing for everyone, so no doubt he sings for her too...


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  8. @heyyyitsg

    The videoclip you shared basically sum up everything abt GumRi. However if I may add another fishy action by BG is during 2D1N,  when the guys pop up a question to BG if he ever dated, he suddenly became shy & giddy, looking everwhere, scratching his head, as he said "yes" . I mean if its a past thing, there's  no reason for him to feel shy or embarrass,  right? After all he's no longer a teenager or in a relationship, right? Unless of cos he is...now :)  In his past interviews he often cooly said he's  dated before, before his debut, so now why he's seemed nervous & shy if he's  talking abt a past relationship? Just like his face suddenly brightened up when they mentioned  Hyeri's name..


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  9. The drama is already getting to an end, and one thing I'm still so curious abt is who exactly is Ji Mo, and what relation was he to the future homeless guy in 2016, and if he too was like Hajin, how long was he been in Goryeo.

    Also I wonder if this drama will end like the Chinese version


    In Chinese version, Rouxi will leave the palace by marrying 14th prince. However she was already very sick & die not long after. After her death in ancient life, her soul rtn back to her body in the future, and then she met a guy in some museum who looks like 4th prince, tho he has no idea who she is.

    My thought for the ending....what good would it do for present day Rouxi meeting the present day 4th prince? 1) because it was just a passing encounter 2) Even if eventually they have a relationship, the chance is history will repeat itself.

    They didn't get a happy ending in the past, it just seems like they're not destined to be together.

    Thus in this Korean version I hope they  will give a proper & better ending. Tie up all the loose ends...especially the relation between the past & present JM. Who exactly is the present JM...also what happen to the real HS. Did she really die in the princes pool? Why did she go there in the 1st place & if they gonna send back Hajin to the future, pls don't make her wake up from coma/deep sleep...its too cliche :rolleyes:


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  10. I've watched the tvN10 recent awards show and the coupledom that I  really feel or them emphasizing on are:

    1) Seo In Guk-Eunji couple from Reply 1997

    2) Ahn Jae Hyun-Ku Hyesun, screen to real life couple

    3) Park Bogum-Hyeri couple from Reply 1988.

    I'm  a fan of Another Miss Oh otp, yet I don't fèel their coupledom or at least perhaps they don't focus/emphasize much on them as a couple. I even suspect Kang Ha Dong & other mcs are GumRi shippers too :) 

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  11. During Hyeri & Bogum video call at tvn awards, why did u-noe-who held PBG name card? My bet he took PBG's seat, that's why he had the name card! For awards show they normally label the seat/table for the artists, so if BG was to come he surely will be seated next to HR. However I'm  still happy that he shyly telling everyone & calling HR his wife....also it seemed like he slips out loud saying HR looked very beautiful that night. I bet he was just thinking aloud, thats why HR cracked up awkwardly..but at least we know he was amazed at HR's beauty :) 

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  12. @hushhh

    Yeah, you're  rite...something's going on when they threw the whom you like better Hyeri or Irene question...the way he laughed & chuckled,  saying its a boring question. Rather than giving a simple, diplomatic answer as he did earlier, he evade the question altogether. Also his face lit up when he heard Hyeri's name..

    They asked him if he ever date...i dunno but he really looks kinda fishy as he shyly said yes, like its not like  a past thing but more of a current thing. And his head suddenly seemed itchy as he scratch his head looking everywhere while answering the date question.

    Its not helping in the clip where the host asked Hyeri to choose between BG & SJK. She can choose SJK & no one will say anything since SJk is the it thing these days or she can give diplomatic answer like BG is a cool actor she has experience  working with but she would like it if she gets a chance to work SJK on the future or something along the line...but she refused to answer altogether by asking back the host why was he like this, then sais she'll be honoured ti work with either one.

    Me too, more of a Taek-Sun shipper than Gum-Ri shipper. One reason because they both are still young. However I wont complain if these 2 has a thing behind our back. One thing for sure they have become a real life close friends.

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  13. Its good to see KHJ smile a genuine smile again. However it saddens me to see he becomes so skinny, when on usual circumstances celebrities would gain more weight during their time in military since they eat whatever as they don't  have to follow their strict celebrity diet. So I hope as from now since its proven KHJ is not guilty, he will be happier, eat & sleep well.

    As for his "son" I still believe he's non existence.  Why in particular Choi wanted to bed him in December 2014, even for just 1 night? I bet she found someone who just got pregnant  but want/willing to give away her baby!! She didnt get pregnant all the time they were together & suddenly her luck strike on just that one day in December 14? After her & her snake mom conversation too? I don't think so!! If truly she's pregnant with KHJ's child, i bet she'll gloat over the child with their matching DNA & all & demand him to marry her. But because she has many things to hide like her non existence pregnancy, labour & child, she's making things hard & mysterious :crazy:

    Anyway I hope KHJ will move on from this chapter of his life. Meet a nice & pretty girl who loves him unconditional & marry her instead & have many children

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  14. Watching episode 9, Ji Mong really intrigued me. He's hinting he came from the future abt the same way as Hajin but said it vaguely that it happen when he was around 4/5 years old, which I really doubt. Its either future Jimong enter into a child body or he lied abt the time. One thing for sure Jimong from the future isn't  a child because there's no way a child would know abt Gwangjong nor the history of Goryeo & he sure knows HS was refering to WSo when said out loud Gwangjong. No one from that era would know Gwangjong even existed yet but he pick up the words right away, thus he knows history really well. 

    Now back to HS & her princes. Although So & Wook are difference like night & day, they both has their charms & suits well with HS. But here's my issue...if the story is to go completely according to history, both So & Wook were recorded to have 2 wives each. They weren't recorded to have concubines like other kings. For Gwangjong, most, if not all, of his children were by his half sister wife, which in this story, Yeonhwa. For Wook, it didn't record much of him since he never becomes the emperor, but as his son would be, thus he became father of the king.

    Now we know when they met HS, So is still single but history-wise he's gonna marry Yeonhwa first, so if & when HS falls for him, she's  gonna have a heartbreak, big time! Even if they tampered a bit with history & make her his 2nd wife, its still isn't fair to her since she, a girl from 21st century, has to share her man.

    However for Wook, he was already married one wife when he was introduced to HS. Though he falls for Hajin in HS's body right after the swap, he still held back his feeling for her. In history he had 3 or 4 children, also only from 1 wife. The other wife has no children. So all his children would borned by his 2nd wife. Thefore  Wook story is more in line with history even if marries HS. She could be his 2nd wife & still not share him with anyone. 

    Abt the kiss scene....I feel bad for him but So is bery wrong. Regardless what HS's feeling for him, he violated her. Especially when she herself doesn't have romantic fèeling for him. At least not yet. At this point whether love or trust, she has a thing for Wook. Even if she doesn't love anyone yet it still very wrong of So to force the kiss. It made him no different from scoundrel princes taking advantage of their palace maids.


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  15. Seriously I pity Haesu....She's really gonna have a tough time deciding which man make her heart flutter the most; between the gentle, calm & romantic 8th Prince Wook OR the bold, rugged & dauntless 4th Prince So. Its like choosing which hands you like better :rolleyes: Perhaps I should just ship her with the kind & charming Prince Baek Ah....save my poor heart  from heartbreak. 

    Anyway focusing on the storyline of the K-version, my 2 cents is that this far Heasu's heart only flutters for Wook. Earlier she was a bit frightened  of So, then he annoys her, slowly she open up to him but to the point of friendship & comradeship. I bet he gonna shock out of her life when he request to the king to marry her. By then she'll  be confuse & starts seeing him in a different light. 

    Honestly I love her being with Wook. However I also love seeing how her heart slowly changing & move towards So. 

    To be fair why not just let one guy gets the throne, the other gets the girl.....or one  is her love in Goryeo, the other be her love in Korea. Of cos its not gonna happen if this drama is an adaption from C-drama :(

    C version ending in spoiler


    In C version everybody were broken hearted, even 14th prince who married her, before she was sent back to the future, which btw no mention of her in history book, except for a drawing of a palace maid whom resembles her in in the museum, or she would have thought all her time in the past was just a dream. Of cos she stumbled upon a modern day 4th prince who has no recollection whatever abt her..what good it did her!


    Hopefully K versions has a better ending than C version regardless whom she ends up with.

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  16. 21 hours ago, valsava said:

    @bingewatcherinsomniac  Yes but I think she could have used other drastic measures instead of using young WS.. I really thinks she still mentally unstable and the presence her is three fries short of a happy meal..

    Any woman with husband like the king, marrying a woman on the day of their son's funeral wud be mentally unstable :rolleyes: However the things she did to WS afterwards that's sickening. She was the reason WS has to bare the hideous scar his whole life but making it like his fault  is what's  really unforgivable. In the end she didn't just scarred his face, she battered his soul too. Now I just blame her for whatever wrongdoings he did.

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  17. I'm  confuse here.....

    Is Wook the king's biological son? Because if he is how could he be the same age as So? At 1st I thought there's sumthing wrong with the translation when Queen Yoo said to So that although he's  born in the same year ad Wook, he's achievements were much lacking than Wook. The thing is So was abt 4 years old when he got the scar when his mother used him to protest his father the king from taking another wife/woman. The queen said she's  not willing to share her husband with another woman, so I believe she was his only wife at the time, thus the tragedy that left scar on So's face for life. If So got the scar before the king marry Wook's mother, how can So & Wook of the same age? Unless Wook was already born before the king marry his mother. If Wook is the king's stepson, that explained why he & Yeonhwa live outside the palace.

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    19 hours ago, violet90 said:


    its been a long time i guess since i see that level of intensity in WS face... he really pis* off and want to find a way out for HS... maybe because JM is the king advisor he can break off the wedding or like u said its because he have something to do with the marriage... 


    I still believe JM to came from the same era as HJ/HS but may be a few years earlier, seeing that he has established his homein the palace as well as he knows people & ways around him. 

    And it make more sense that aware that HJ is just like him, thus she knows his secret, its possible he wants her out of the way, which could be why he suggested her marriage to family loving far away from the palace. He knows she wants to go back to the future but I'm sure he doesn't,  seeing how his life is in the future, a homeless compare to being the king's advisor in Goryeo. Also I don'the wants competition from HJ, because since she too comes from the future, she too can forecast/foresee the future just like him...as long as she knows the history and such. As it is, she already introduced & amazed the queens with her soaps, which even JM fail to do. 

    19 hours ago, Yippeuni said:
      Hide contents





    I want to know who is Yoo current wife, is she has less power than YH so Yoo seducing he too??? Or he do it just to hurt Soo?? Or it's just because he a player too?

    Aaaa...so he's  married too? What abt WSo? He is the same age as WWook, so does he has a wife too? Hopefully he is still single.....

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  19. A question here....

    From my understanding Princess Yeonhwa is Prince Wang Wook's younger sister from the same set of parents while Prince Wang So is their half brother,  ie same father different mother. However why do I get the impression that Princess Yeonhwa has feeling for  Wang So & is hinting to him she wants to marry him instead of the man her father, the king would arrange for her?

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  20. 51 minutes ago, bebebisous33 said:

    Maybe JM is from the past and traveled to the future so that when he mentioned about the dream and even added a person can't change her/his life, he was talking about himself, while we were all thinking, he was talking about GHJ. If so, he would feel lost too there and wanted to go back to the 10th century but he had to adjust himself and he did some investigation. He had been sent to the future so that he learnt who would become king after Taejo and when Wang So became king.


    I can't forget this picture, when he notices that GHJ has jumped into the lake and he looks at her shoes. Her white shoes remind a lot the shoes from the 10th century... his expression is also telling in my opinion. Maybe he realises that she will play a part in Goreyo History.


    Another theory: he was sent to the future because the History had been changed... f. ex. the scar on Wang So's face. It was not supposed to happen. Who knows?



    Here's my take on JM

    I believe he comes from the future much earlier than GHJ. The one HJ met by the lake in present timeline wasn't the one she met in Goryeo. I bet just like 25 years old HJ present time was sent into 16 years old HS's body in Goryeo, 16 years old real Goryeo's HS was sent into 25years old HJ's body in present time.

    One reason I believe JM is from the future because he was wearing long john underwear around his workshop trying to invent aeroplane :rolleyes:. At the time aeroplane is so long ahead of time yet, while cowboys didn't even reach this part of the world for another century or so, so where did he gets his underwear from or the idea of making the aeroplane.

    Just the same when HJ dive into the lake at eclipse, young HS of Goryeo dive into the pond to peek at the princes, and I think their  soul were swap during that time.

    Though he was not the one whom HJ met in the present time, I bet JM got the message across that HJ came from the future & have seen someone in his place. Remember the one she met at the lake didn't say much, and he talked in rhyme, so I guess JM  tried to stop HJ from talking abt the future & warned her to just follow the flow & adapt herself the best she can to live as she is now since they have no way of going back to ther future life.    

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