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  1. 3 hours ago, lingnyi said:

    You're welcome!

    I secretly ship them as I love their interactions in 72 Floors.  He might be younger than her but so is MC & GYY. KW seems like a humble gentleman who is quite talented. 

    On the contrary, I ship them openly :D But of cos I ship her with a whole lot of other guys too. Although he's 3 years younger, his attitude towards her never shows  the age different & the way he takes care of her during their 72 floor mystery trips are as good as any older guys. Anyway isnt it a trend these days for an older girl younger guy couples:) Also I love the way he support & help her dream becoming a singer comes true.


    Still cant find the official mv yet, so let's just enjoy fmv with their new single


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  2. On 10/10/2017 at 5:35 AM, tealee said:


    No, the man in the picture is Not Jaejoong’s biological father. That’s his adopted father.

    That article is bogus and lazy and lacked research. Because it says that “Good Genes Do Run in the Family Tree” and yes, Jaejoong is very good looking and his adopted father is not bad either but they do not have the same genes!

    Everybody knows Jaejoong was ‘given away’ as a toddler...He learned that he was adopted when he was a teenager. He loves his adopted parents who he really calls his ‘parents’ .

    I see...but I can understand the mistake though, the man seriously resembles Jaejoong although they are not biological related. Then again I heard even physical resemblance of a child tend to follow the adoptive family especially if he's raised full of love...check out Cha Inpyo & Shin Aera adopted daughters, one resembles mommy, the other one resembles daddy.

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  3. 8 hours ago, willenette said:

    These Korean Celebrities’ Fathers Help Explain Why Their Sons And Daughters Are So Good-looking




    Good genes do run in the family tree, especially for these Korean stars.

    As Hallyu continues to extend its popularity outside of Korea, many Korean celebrities, including Song Seung Hun, Lee Jong Suk, JYJ’s Jaejoong and I.O.I’s Jeon Somi are constantly praised for their typical attractive appearances. These people stand out the most whenever they appear in the public or attend events. With some being in K-pop idol groups, they are often described as the visual of that particular group. Because of these, fans are usually left wondering how these celebrities’ dads look like.


    Here’s the list of some celebrities’ super duper dashing fathers (we know we’re missing out many more) which may enlighten on why their sons and daughters always captivate crowds in the Korean entertainment industry.


    3. JYJ’s Jaejong



    The facial features of Jaejoong’s father look shockingly different from other Korean men in the same generation. Despite being a Korean, he actually seems to be a man from the western world.


    source : HelloKPop

    Just wondering, this is the picture of his biological father? I heard he was adopted, & has an estraged relationship with his biological dad, so how did they manage to dig out the birth dad's pic?

  4. Is it just me but everytime PSH was rumored with someone other than YH, she denied bluntly & indifferent, even with so called pic evidence, and somehow to me ts like YH was with her at all the time. Example like the rumors abt her & LJS, saying she got out from his car, but she confidently denied the accusation & it turn out YH uses the same exact car, same model & color in the same year. The only thing we didnt get to see was the plate no, so, was it just coincidence a guy sending her home using the same car as YH? Me, I dont think so....at the time becos of  Pinochio popularity & PSH was seen hanging out with friends which include LJS a few time, the papparazi wanted to sell their news with pinochio couple fame.

    Also the same with CTJ, she claimed she was with him & some other friends, who  knows one of the friend happen to be YH. Surely he wud cover himself well if he doesnt want to be recognised rite, unlike CTJ who didnt seems to care if ppl recognized him since he has no romantic relation with PSH. And interestingly later on we find out CTJ & cnblue member JH are good friends & are doing a show together or something. I mean we all know cnblue members are a close knit as brothers, so its no surprise theyre close will each others friends...

    Also  tho many said its no big deal PSH was seen greeted & seated with YH parents at a concert, if truly no meaning to it, nothing special abt it, here's a question...how many more of YH celebrity female friends being  seen friendly to his parents? Or at being introduced to them? Or even his parents being seen  with YH non celebrity female friends at his concert, or anywhere else at that? Has his virtual ex wife been with his parents on an unofficial account ie outside of wgm recording? I dont think so right...

    Anyway since both YH & SH declared theyre not going to reveal/confirm their relationship even if they were caught, out 2 & 2 together,  doesnt it only make sense that they have been dating each other like forever?   :rolleyes:

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  5. Ok I know many Changmin shippers worry abt their present working partners. Here's my bet...if Changmin  is strictly working relation & dont have anything with with each other, then they dont have anything with their present partners either.

    For one, JCW present parner is so much younger that usually at 20, most girls wud feel 27 guy is an old man :D and looking at them bts he treats her no different with CTJ. If anything, I feel like the female lead is a fangirl of CTJ irl. Even if they dont have romantic scenes, they seem much closer even while acting..

    As for PMY, she always friendly with ALL her costars. She's very easygoing & bubbly. In SKKS its hard not to ship her with all the 3 main male leads, MickyYC, YAI &SJK but they prove they're just platonic bff, now that Micky is engaged, SJK is getting married to SHK & YAI in a stable relationship. I even ship her with Jaejoong from Dr Jin. However the best chemistry by far is of cos with JCW. Even her present leading man cant beat it...

    However whom they choose in real life is their business. As much as I hope Changmin works, I still wish may the best man/woman wins....and I'll be happy for them whoever their real life partners are.

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  6. On Monday, April 10, 2017 at 2:50 PM, dj_blue said:

    love the mini reunion I'm glad Hyeri posted this pic because no one from the group seems to posted something similar... Maybe Bora unnie is filming something she seems to very clingy to Hyeri from the video last January posted by someone. I still can't move on with this set of friends what caught my attention was that the both ends are Jung hwan and Taek but hyeri is closer to Bo Gum closer to take with only one person in between :wub:

    They also wear similar colour/colour coordination. When we  want to move on, somebody will post something like this,so how could we...especially when PBG clearly said, when he's seeing someone he would wear something coordinated with that someone :D 

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  7. 17 hours ago, odik said:

    There's nothing confirmed yet

    It says"insiders claims dat the drunk-driving issue could bring a negative effect onFM so it could b canceled"

    It is a totally biased article .. (from Allkpop)



    hope all this article be fake...
    i'm so worry for hyun joong...
    & think he is felt so lonely now...


    People who were caught sleeping in their car after drinking alcohol, not only got their driving licence suspended,  they can't sing too?????!!!!!! 

    What a @*$&/, $&$&$&$&#&$&#;";

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  8. 1 hour ago, Teleri Nyfain said:

    Yeah, someone was stalking him.  He only had the equivilant of 2 shots according to blood alcohol level reported.  Fell asleep in the car after moving it.  Is that illegal in SK?  To sleep in your car (in the driver's seat)?  It's nothing really.  There are many, many idols w/this kind of thing, & our boy does drink (maybe too much) :(


    Seriously,  what a joke !!!!

    If that's the case why not just ban the liquor altogether! Also the last I check the offence shud be 'DRIVING under alcohol incluence' not 'SLEEPING under alcohol incluence' :rolleyes: our guy was just sleeping & his car wasn't even moving but he got his licence suspended....this on top of altered sms msg as evidence & no birth record of a so called KHJ's son nor a proof of his existence, also picture of a used pregnancy test kit as proof of prenancy *roll-eyes* hmmmm...some weird law they practice there in Korea :blink:

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  9. https://www.soompi.com/2017/03/30/kim-hyun-joongs-license-suspended-drunk-driving/

    I'm  not buying this!!!! What kind of idiots would ask their drunk customer to move his car? Aren't there parking valets or assignated drivers who could do that for him? And he wasn't  even caught while driving!!! Wasn't  the 2nd driver who found him a bit too much to report him to the police when the guy was just sleeping? Unless of cos the 2nd driver was stalking him & purposely wanted to frame him! Seems that they haven't done tarnishing him, now that lunatic choi is loosing her case, they're  creating anotjer scandal for him. Thank God he was caught while sleeping behind his wheels instead of driving.  Oh wow people do gets their driving licence suspended even if they just sleep behind the wheels.

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  10. 2 hours ago, hyuki4ever said:


    I have watched some of MDBC BTS and i think he is friendly with everyone on the set and intimate with his close friend but i have never seen him embarrassed/awkward/nervous looks except for hyeri.. or maybe i am bias XD

      Hide contents


    and in the BTS, BG said "you are pretty" to HY several times with his low voice and that's not in front of camera.


    Well did he often praise his MDBC female costars' beauty as often too?

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  11. @shanongrace

    Wow, that was one very longggggg kiss....thank you for sharing...

    First onscreen kiss for both & with their age & profession I doubt if they have that so many kisses irl too...so I bet they surely have these fluttering hearts & also I bet this is one kiss that both BG & HR will remember for a long long time :D

    Here's another bts...


    I dunno, but for you guys who has watch him with other costars, have you seen his friendliness towards other female costars as intimate as he was with Hyeri? 





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  12. https://www.soompi.com/2017/01/02/girls-days-hyeri-apologizes-fans-making-wait-grazia-pictorial/

    Hyeri also made some wishes for 2017. “I always say that I hope it’s like this past year,” she said. “I’m always happy with the present. I was happy in 2015 and 2016. I’m not greedy for a year even better than the last. To a personality without ambition, everything went well.”

    Whoa.....Hyeri is sooo Deoksun :o she is just content with her life, with not so much of a big dream.

    And to have PBG loves a girl like Deoksun, wasn't he giving us to much hint here? Not to mention he really flirted with HR on set like he never did with his other lady co-stars,  no matter how friendly he is/was with them. So don't blame us for being delulu here :D 

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  13. YES!!! Since the beginning I always believe KHJ was frame & until today I still dont believe he fathered Choi's child, if truly she gave birth to the child. Also I believe KHJ was protecting someone more than himself until he can assure the safety of the person he protected before he starts counter attack  Choi. If Choi is some lunatic who lies without a blink, imagine what more she could do. Remember she could even abused a big mascular guy like KHJ, imagine what she could do to his elderly parents or the girl she caught him with a couple of years ago. Anyway I'm  glad those netizens who love to share their hatred for KHJ without real solid evidence came to their senses. I hope KHJ will put all these hideous experience behind him, move forward with a more successful career & meet a nice, kind & beautiful woman who sincerely  loves him. He deserve to happy.

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  14. On Wednesday, January 18, 2017 at 10:24 PM, salz said:
    Suntaek/Gumri and their R88 famili together today yay
    Seem Noeul already discharge from hospital?? I hope he better now

    From the caps, I guess the girl with the cap is Ryu Hyeyoung, the one she's  holding is Hyeri, next to Hyeri, with KSwiss jacket on, is Bogum & the othe guy with black jacket & cap with nike shoes is Choi Sungwon. So I assume the tall guy the other side of Hyeyoung is Ahn Jaehong. So I wonder which one is Ra Miran, the lady in white coat or the small lady in black next to CSW? Btw was Hyeri a little bit tipsy, she seemed a little unbalance when Hyeyoung held her...

    Edit:- It was RHY with the cap, HR sandwhich between her & BG, the lady in white coat was R94 daughter, Go Ara, and Ra Miran was the one next to Choi Sungwon (the guy with the cap)

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  15. 3 hours ago, sara2908 said:

    @hyuki4evertheir reaction was cute:wub: with his little wave and Hyeri playing along with her jealousy



    With what little korean I know I think Irene asked BG something abt Hyeri & KYJ. What I find really interesting is, when Irene mentioned both girls, smiling BG turn to HR with his dorky wave, then he look in front & said  "long time no see" at the same time the cam focus to HR who made the jealous expression. I think she playfully jealous when BG talk to/abtYJ. Also when BG said to KYj, long time no see, so i guess they haven't see each other unless its official.


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  16. Compilation of couple and/or sharing outfits ever since R1988 to date.....


    Did Hyeri just wear BG's jacket on the beach? The one he wore during his way to Phuket? HR must have wear it recently since she's  blondie...check out when they put them in the same frame

    Even the zipper on their arms are the same :phew: of cos it looks oversized on HR

    Other items which are not a couple wear but sharing clothes...


    Even the inner lining looks the same, & of cos HR has to fold the hands since BG's hands are obviously longer


    Another sharing....this time the hands are little short on BG :D 

    hqdefault.jpg0416a814853e5c43415b3b6b5c216cd5.jpgLooks like number is so their thing isn't it? :w00t: 

    Others can argue its sposored clothing or for promotional purposes, but its only valid if these 2 came out for the same public events or doing the same pictorial/promotions. However they both wore it to a different occasion & separately & when they're not even promoting R88...& mostly we know its their personal belongings...

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  17.  This might be an old news but something caught my eye....


    She said....

    "Although I'm not dating anyone right now, I've have dated on and off without the public noticing," said Park Shin Hye. "

    Now as far as I remember nobody has ever admitted being "currently in a relationship" when their intention is to date secretly. Only those who were caught on a date with clear proof will admit. But we do notice didn't we when PSH has been sneaking in & out where YH is concern, right?

    ""Dating isn't just about seeing each other because you like one another. You have to make the effort and sacrifice your own time for your partner. "

    Remember the Hologram episode, her effort to make an appearance despite in the midst of heavily filming Pinochio, after pulling all nighter on the set, she still came to YH 1st episode, isn't tat the evidence of her statement above?  Her effort to come all the way from the filming set to YH's place & sacrifice of what little sleeping time she gets....

    Now talking abt the Hologram show, what intrigued me the most is when YH kept on repeating & emphasizing "loyalty" on PSH. I wonder if there's a message behind it? Yes, friends who stick by us during our ups & downs is called  loyal friends but  friends who came all the way to accomodate us despite their busy schedules, shouldn't they be supportive friends instead? But in the show YH keeps on saying loyal friend SH, loyal SH this, loyal SH that...

    Remember in Radio Star when Kyuhyun asked YH how he felt abt LMH & PSH kiss scene...I guess everyone who saw the show would notice YH was so obvious being jealous of the kiss. Since Kyuhyun ask YH the question for no reason, I  suspect he knows more abt YH-SH relationship. Seeing his reaction I can safely say YH is kinda possessive type of bf.

    Now back to the Hologram whre YH keep pressing abt loyal SH, I wonder if its another way of telling people SH is a loyal person  or gf, that she'll be loyal to him despite who her "hero" at the time. Remember at the time she was in the middle of filming Pinocchio & people were shipping her hard with her drama hero. 

    I also wonder if PSH lives close toYH's residence which could also one reason she drop by at his place for just a few minutes during her very limited resting time? Imagine if she lives at the other end of YH's residence wouldn't it be a hurdle for her to travel from north to south & back again within her time constrain? Then again YH's place could be situated somewhere along the way her filming set to her house, but well, i choose to believe she lives close by to YH's apartment :) 


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