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  1. The unclarify rumoured couple - better get use to it, in case its true:lol:


    Who knows we might love them like crazy after Minglan :tongue:


    Suspected couple 1


    One thing that made my suspicions stronger is what Wu Lei said in ep 12 72FM ~ ZLY to WL: "I like you very much"...WL: "You like me becos I'm still Wu Yifan?" hehe


    Suspected couple 2



    Mainly becos they're close but not too obvious. I suspect they're already friends long before Legend of Chusen.


    And least but not last...

    Wishful couple


    For no reason except they simply look beautiful together, age gap is right,  both stable career, both are at suitable marriageable age & their star sign compatibility is 10/10:D

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  2. @cenching When said FSF into younger girls, I think it refers in terms of maturity instead of looks. Nini was still young when FSF first dated her. She was only abt 24 or 25 back then, but she still looks the same if not more beautiful but I guess she eventually grows up when they decided to call it a quit (also I heard he cheated on her with Jelly Lin). Then he moves on to a much younger girl, Jelly Lin, but eventually Uncle Feng cant cope up with teenage girl hyper activeness :lol:  ZLY altho she looks young, her way of thinking & action are mature & consistent as her age. She too has her own principle & dicipline.


    I truly has nothing against FSF. It just that I think he has a habit into creating rumors with his co stars. Just like during his days with YM. During interviews he often gave impression there're things going on with him & YM. He always talk abt how close he was to her family & such,  until YM announced she's in a relationship with HL. That time I thought it was either FSF used their otp status to promote their show or he had a one side crush on YM. If so I often think if his relationship with NiNi was a rebound, but then the relationship lasted quite long. 


    Anyway, its fine if ZLY choose to be with FSF, but I think they're not together. One becos she's already pass 25, & her maturity level is more of WH and the gang. Two, she's considerably petite compare to FSF past gfs, whom both of them are tall, almost as tall as FSF. Also there's no denial during the mahjong night, well they were currently working together, many of the actors who work together need to rehearse or discuss on how they want to shape their characters. Just becos an actress enter her male co stars house doesnt just mean they had a steamy love affairs, they cud just be working...so for now I'm going to trust ZLY. I dont believe she's the kind of girl who sleeps around without a proper relationship. I mean she has a cousin manager, a cousin stylist and God knows uncles, aunties working for her, I'm sure if she did anything improper, we wud hear her wedding news by now, but since her parents trust her, I shud too :D


    Is it just me but I noticed an older guy close to 40 often marries a much younger girl, abt 10 years gap or more, while a girl who pass her 30 often end up with younger guy, or at least same age guy.


    *cant help commenting abt Aaron Kwok...he is too much :lol::lol: but then again, not everyone is bless with good looks like him. At 50 sumthing he can win over many 30 sumthing men...


    I dunno how close LYF was to ZLY in real life but for sure they're comfortable friends tho they dont seem that close during function. They do share the same group of friends & tho we dont see them talk much in public but when they did, they do it naturally, no awkwardness. And he seem confident touching her here & there like they're old friends.




    During WH wedding reception, HG made a speech. In wasnt in an official video but a guest share it. In one part he said, "now I know what our friendship means to WH (I think referring to WH-HG couple), it means he's using me as a cover up for his real relationship"



    My point is usually when people have something to hide they try harder to look indifferent, but if there is nothing to hide, they didnt go all the way to clarify the misunderstanding nor wud they try to hide their friendship. Usually when friends chat a lot during public/official events, it means they're good friends who havent seen each other for sometime & now they're catching up as much as they can. Those who are comfortable yet we dont see them talk much to each other are those who communicate/interact in regular basis, so there's nothing much to catch up during official events. 


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  3. 49 minutes ago, cenching said:

    @lxands, why you always forget Eddy Peng?!?!?!? Is he not smoking sizzling hot enough?!?!?!? :lol: He is not very handsome but so attractive and sexy....:lol: The ads of LYF-ZLY was glued together by Photoshop...



    Of cos Eddy Peng is a great catch too...however since I've never seen them interact or in the same space outside Duckweed I tend to forget abt him. Yes, pls add him in too :D & may be share some info of him &  ZLY. They surely have attend some same events, right?

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  4. From what you guys are saying, Story of Minglan seems kinda interesting. It must be a challenging role for ZLY to act all stupid but intelligent at the same time. To be fair though I was never a huge fan of FSF, I use to like him & YM during their Palace days. I'm just not into his lovelife especially after he breaks up with Nini. Honestly I trust ZLY will create a good chemistry with him in the drama, however I dont think ZLY fits FSF's criteria in real life. She's too old for him!:o:lol: I noticed FSF only interested in girls age 25 & below while ZLY has pass that age. 


    For now, since LGX is with WLK & no denial, WC & Bruna so called date, if ZLY is seeing someone tall, handsome & popular among girls, my only suspect is between KW & LYF. May HG too for no reason:D


    One thing I find interesting abt LYF is, when we see them interact in real life, they didnt look too friendly with each other. He's gentleman enuf towards her, she talks politely to him but the funny thing is his works often similar to ZLY.


    In 2nd half of 2015, when ZLY filmed a spy story Rookie Agent rouge, LYF too filmed a spy story Sparrow h both drama aired abt tje same time ard Sept 2016. I dunno much abt filming locations in China, but I believe they have filming locations/sets for different era, right? I mean they will use the same set for 1930s/40s shanghai right, becos the set from RAR & Sparrow were the same.





    They also do similar cf, ZLY promotes Longines watches, LYF model for Tag Huer watches





    I also  just find out LYF too just released a rap single very recently, on 1 Jan 2018, 6 days after ZLY released her duet rap singles with KW.


    And of cos who else performed on new year eve at Jiangsu TV together with ZLY & KW





    So, my point is I find that ZLY & LYF's relationship kinda fishy...when she has no worries being seen close & ever flirty with many of her co stars like WC, WH, ZH, LGX, SD & even KW, she's very careful when with LYF & it was the same with LYF too. He looks comfy but careful when with her....just a haunch:D




    Dunno if they shoot thos pic separately or together...any idea?

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  5. 4 hours ago, cenching said:

    @icyphoenix, if he used to bring mommy and ZLY outing together before but they are only friends, do you think this is the same case??? Bcoz when he was dating AB secretly during olden days, they were caught without mommy not to mention AB was barely reached legal age at that time....

    I think mommy knows ZLY from their drama & variety sets becos she often tagged along baby boy when he's filming. And she was transparent abt it too. She talk abt how mommy often brought them food on the set in HC. 


    But you have a point too. Unless he has confirm the girl is his gf or else the pic doesnt look anything like a guy on a date. Its more like a friendly luncheon. More like friend treating a foreign friend a meal. Just check out the pic.

    1) WC brought along as his mom as chaperone, so if papz caught them & he has to justify to someone he can defend himself, "Hey, mommy was there too, if you dont trust me, ask her"

    2) There's another lady sitting next to the Brazillian girl, and my bet she is a translater. We know WC is fluent in canto, mandarin & english but I dont think he can speak spanish, and I bet the girl cannot speaks english well.

    4) If the girl is his gf, why bother eating out with mom & God-know-who with them? With their tight pack schedule, I'm sure they cud do many things together just the 2 of them in private


    So, if still no confirmation well...

    #matchmakinggranny add back WC's name to the list  :)


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  6. 55 minutes ago, cenching said:

    How momma’s boy a man can be? Dating a hot girl with a momma tagged along? How old are you, WeiTing?

    Hahaha....my thought exactly!


    As I said earlier I ship WC & ZLY mainly as their character in Mystic 9, becos WC looks so manly while ZLY is more like adorable fluffyhead who boss around a stern general. However in real life they seems too comfortable with each other, plus WC treats her too roughly. Rather than seeing her as woman, they seem to look at each other as equal friends. So another one of ZLY's partner got hitch. Seems like its true that she is the female version of HG. So they better work together soon, if they cant set off each other with different partners, they can be together for real :D


    Btw, there goes our Bali wedding that supposedly to happen at the end of this year.....unless of cos the groom isnt WC, as what I heard:tongue:


    @icyphoenix Oh 3 new couples in SK? I only know Lee Joon & Jung Somin, who else?



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  7. I dunno who approach whom first for sure on the collaboration since I ddint trust weibo much as I guess this wud come from KW's fan - to justify their fav idol collaborations with a hot chinese actress:rolleyes: but if I can say what I see from their variety show 72 Floor Mystery, KW seems to be really into ZLY, more than her of him. He always check her wherabout, looking out for her, worrying abt her, protecting her when he doesnt really need to becos she was often either with Simon, WL or Xiao Li. Also there will be crew & staff with her all the time. He alsofind a way disturb/tease her, but at the same time console & comfort her especially when she's obvious mad at him, then he wud let her wins whatever. WL wud teased & care for her too but I can see the different. While WL & the rest care for her in general, KW paid more attention & detailed on her. I'm not surprise if KW suggest & encourage the idea to ZLY. Its not like ZLY lack of singer composer friends. Simon Yam, Eddie Peng, Deng Chao,William Chan are all singers, she even know Aaron Kwok for heaven sake. They are even more experience singer & have their own production house. Also KW could just write a song & produce it for her single, there's no need for him to collaborate with her but he did! What does that shows? To support & encourage her to sing out of her comfort zone. So say whatever but I strongly believe their collaboration are mutual. No one approach anyone. ZLY always wanted to sing, KW knows it & support her by compose the song & collab with her....


    @cenching I dunno what kind of girls KW truly likes but from his interview his main criteria for a girl he wud fall for is kindness. If that's truly the only criteria he has, than ZLY is certainly his ideal girl:lol: I know you dont ship him with her, actually me too in the beginning. One reason becos although age is not a problem, he still looks too young. However his action said otherwise. His actions at times more considerate & reliable than those older than him. All in all, I simply love the way he treats ZLY.


    Btw I just realize he is also a close buddy to LGX & he knows WLK too:o So KW is actually a good friend to almost all ZLY's leadimg man...WC, LGX, LYF. 







    So I'm not surprise if ZLY end up with one of these guys....they really run in the same circle....but of cos with a tiny weeny hope she cud be with HuGe #matchmakinggranny on the move:tongue:

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  8. A fancam version on Miss You live:) 


    Seems to me KW was a bit emotional (also with a sense of pride, I think?!) when he looks at ZLY before he opened his arms for the hug, while ZLY smile lit up her whole face. Also looks like KW was more nervous that his other 2 performances. Perhaps because this was the first time they performed live together, also may be worried of the reception they/ZLY might get. However I dont think we have to worry much. I can see ZLY receives so many love after the performance. Bravo to her courage:D

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  9. 2 hours ago, lingnyi said:

    I totally agree with you, that hug was impromptu. 

    However when he stared into her eyes, there was a profound look in his eyes...or am I imagining it?


    If you're imagining it, then I must be too:tongue:


    2 hours ago, heatherbee said:

    Ur not alone, Their eyes are talking to each other:blush: fallowed by li ying's full smile:D

    I think its not just their eyes talking, he even whisper somthing at her ear when they hug:D


    Btw do you think she wore the black belt just as an accessory to match up with Kris black & white outfit? I actually like the way she dress. Very femine & into the 60's. Also I think Kris looks very suave despite of his 2047 silver hair...:lol:

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  10. 4 hours ago, heatherbee said:

    As usual,its the lady in white again:D

    On hunan she's going to wear black:D

    Glad they pulled up her hair, but Think its a bit messy or its just like that..lol

    4th photo she's inlove:D

    Ohh..do u have link?

    Ok, the messy hair part, are you saying it just as a statement, or are you implying to something?:lol:


    The hug at the end, my bet, wasnt a scripted one becos if it was scripted ZLY wud know its coming, so she wud be ready for it & wont seem awkward. As you all said she's a professional actress, & performing on big stage isnt new to her. She had dance around with many male dancers, also doing duets with hot guys like Lay, Wallace Huo & WC. Holding hands & hugging wasnt a big deal to her especially if it was scripted. So I suspect she was more nervous of this performance becos of the massive response they get after the song was released. The fanwars & the hates she gets probably made her worry on the response she wud get during the performance, so Kris gave her an "okay, we did a good job" hug at the end as an encouragement to her.



    I think its understandable they didnt do much chereaograph becos I believe this was the first time ZLY perform on huge stage with rap style song, which she has to not only memorize a long lyrics but to say it fast. For Kris it wudnt matter since it is his genre but for ballad girl it can be quite nervewrecking, to sing a long lyric with fast tempo on a huge stage....so I guess they keep it simple so she can just focus on her singing


    Happy New Year everyone



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  11. 1 hour ago, jewelsc said:

    @icyphoenix Thanx, i also tried searching but came up with nothing, i guess his fans r not that brutal.


    @lxands Lol..agreed if there's a shipping thread of her with all her co-stars, u'll be on all of them, she even has great chemistry with her 2nd lead males such as in Boss and Me, CDYY, Wife's Secret, TJOF, Rookie  and PA.

    I think Lay fans didnt fuss up his & ZLY's performance because it was only for one time show, it wasnt their own song. Also I think Mystic Nine fever was still on at the time, both were together in the drama but they dont have a loveline. So I guess his fans were ok with it. It was just the same as the time KW's fans suported him & ZLY during 72fm becos in their eyes or at least they convinced themselves KW & ZLY only have siblings relationship, that KW only sees her as a big sis. But with their new song, & the romantic love theme, and them playing the young lovers in the MV, I bet their fans go banana becos they didnt see it coming...not to mention KW looks good with ZLY, they truly look like young lovers in love....


    Oh yeah I love Rookie Agent Rougue too. Despite all  complaints abt the ending, I actually like the ending. It was inline with the story. The ones have to die must die, the one must live on lives on. And true, in the drama I ship ZLY's character with both LY & MY's character. And to me it was one of the best out of all ZLY's drama I've watched. I would recommend it anytime of the day.


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  12. 9 hours ago, minoku2209 said:

    Heard KW's fans, the cmeigens accusing Yingbaby. They said she paid to create tht rumours of KW dating GN.

    Isnt this crazy? Why would Yingbao do tht? As if she has nothing else to do, as we already know she damned one busy lady.

    Yeah, why in the world wud she wants to do it? Why wud she defamed her own partner a day or so after their new single was released? No one in their right mind wud sabotage their own work:rolleyes:


     If there's anyone who wud want to sabotage KW is most likely is that powerful idol mgt company who was in the legal battle with KW but lost their case & had to settle to KW's condition which is to handle only his Korea & Japan activities, which so far he had none. At least not a big one. His focus & main work with big bucks comes from US & China, which I'm sure burning up that company's fiery to no end, so wanted to "teach"  him as they did to most of their idols who went against them, defamed them to bring down their popularity....but the thing is KW is a Chinese born Canadian. Having a gf or single guy sleeps around isnt such a big deal. Sure his die hard fans wud cry the eyeballs out, but hey, venting out a day or two, they'll just move on, saying he's a big boy, & that was a thing of the past, so let's forget it. And now out of sudden he released a beautiful song with no 1 top actress of China, which not just anyone can do so. And the song was well accepted not only in China, but also in Asia, perhaps US & Europe too, and all place that have Chinese comunity. A song that he composed, wrote the lyrics & produced. Imagine how much that company is losing out & my bet they're banging their heads now for not "utilizing" KW to the max when he was their idol, and I'm really glad he has the courage to leave before things got worst, and now he is even a bigger star than he was before. Why GN, maybe becos ZLY has many collabs with her ex & the latest one a movie with world class superstar Aaron Kwok in it. They just announce their break up on Christmas day, same day KW & ZLY new single came out, then out of the blue KW has scandal with GN?:crazy:  Good thing both denied immediately.

    @jewelsc Honestly I have give up shipping her with one particular person:lol: First time I see her with LGX, I ship her with him, & with SD too btw...then watching her in CDYY I ship her with QJ, then B&M, who can not ship her with ZH, but at the time I watch the drama ZH was already in relationship, so I just ship them onscreen. Then for a while I go crazy abt her & WC after watching them in M9, tho she was just cameo. However I'm not too crazy abt them irl becos I feel WC is too rough with her & treats her more like a male buddy than a girl. Anyway watching her with KW in 72fm, I didnt ship right away, mainly becos I know KW is younger (not that their age gap really matters but mainly becos KW is still in his 20s) & idols dont usually marry young, but seeing how gentle & caring he was with her despite all his tricks, I cant help shipping these 2.....well, I even ship her with Hu Ge & Wang Kai & all they did was sit next to her during events:rolleyes: I wish there's shipping threat for her & all her partners, but then I'll be jumping everywhere...hehe..

    Anyway, for now I'm shipping her with KW. I really likes their bantering in 72fm, since it was a reality show, so their interactions & bantering were mostly theirs since it wasnt100% scripted.

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  13. On 12/27/2017 at 10:34 PM, icyphoenix said:

    Lol dating rumor of kris wu with NZ.. Yingbao is dragged in between it.. The topic regarding 3 of them is trending in Weibo!! 

    Kris wu studio respond to dating rumor with NZ.. Plz do clarify the issue of ZLY too

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    So Kris denied the rumor with GN as soon as it surface, but no comment on ZLY's? I know I'm bad but its so hard to stop smiling:D Yeah, why no response? Maybe becos there's nothing to deny :lol: 


    Also its weird when ppl keep on accussing ZLY pushing herself to KW. Didnt they watch 72fm, didnt they see how KW keeps on hovering around ZLY. Not that I'm complaining because he really takes care of her (which actually his winning point over WC & LGX). But my point is, it wasnt ZLY who always went looking for him. In the beginning she treats him just as she treats WL but seems to me KW doesnt like that, and slowly as the play together, ZLY loosen up & treats him as equal. So if they are close dont just blame ZLY becos KW is just at fault. They both are guilty for being comfortable good friends. 


    Offtopic: How did rumor between KW & GN started? Since GN just breaks up with her handsome bf, I dont think believe she's crazy enuf to jump into another relationship especially with her career doesnt look so good as compare to many of her peers like Diliraba, ZDY & others

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  14. 5 hours ago, reiko53 said:

    Wow the fans  are fast hahaha... and yay congrats to the thread for reaching 100 pages!! 2018 will be even better and I look forward to the even more photos of Ying Bao especially to watching all her works! :D Wishing you everyone a advance Happy New Year too! Cheers to fireflies and Ying Bao :D 


    And now I dont have to worry abt haters becos this prove she has many love too. Only those who love her dont rant much on the net becos they have a life of their own. They show support mostly with uploading videos, sharing good news abt ZLY and such....


    I guess as at now she is busy rehearsing for her new year eve concert right?:D So she must be spending a lot of time with the 2 people performing with her right & since she has perform with ZBC before, surely she needs to practice with her new duet partner more, right?  *fangirling mode*

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  15. 1 hour ago, cenching said:

    @lxands and ladies, did the song title had been announce in advance also? This collabs took me by surprise too...

    I honestly have no slightest idea abt their collaborations & the new single until @icyphoenix share the news of the new released single on Christmas morning (chk pg 95). I thought Kris was in State this past few months, so was clueles that he has been in China preparing a new song with ZLY. Thus the song really comes as a pleasant surprise to me...again I suspect the song is a Christmas gift from KW to ZLY:D

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  16. 14 hours ago, cenching said:

    About the MV, it’s sooo LiYing...:D I had seen some of KW’s MV, nothing looked like that... I won’t be surprised if she contributes more than just her voice....The song breathed KW but the MV smelled ZLY... :lol: Good job!!!  

    Couldn't agree more:DFreestyle continues :lol:


    The song is catchy & addictive, the mv is classy & beautiful. The scenes in both worlds are breathtaking....I wish it was longer.


    I havent seen Kris other MV but I think this is one of his best sentimental mv. Its a real pleasant surprise to me since I have no idea they're working on a song together until they drop the teaser, a couple of days before Christmas. Dunno if it was just me who's clueless or they purposely keep it underwrap & simply throw the bomb once its ready...hehe...if so then may be they have predicted all possibilities of their fans reactions on their collab, but they still want to go with it, so they just do it & walah! its ready:o So now fans can fight all they can, the song has been released, the mv too, hates all they like becos there are many who love it just as much & more. They can cry their eyes out, vent their hates in the net, Kris & Liying are still gonna perform a duet on New Year's eve. And dearest haters, eat your heart out bcos these 2 are going to spend their count down together since they are at the events together...hahaha *evil mode*


    So now we know after 72FM filming ended, these still continue to meet up & such. Afterall to compose a song the composer has to know the singer strength, and since ZLY isnt a singer her vocal is kinda weak compare to an experienced/trained singer, yet we see that Kris discover a strength in ZLY's vocal that hasnt been emphasize before. Also he has to work on how to match his & her voice & make them compatible. In order to do so I'm sure they have meet up often to rehearsed & do vocal training...ok I dunno where I'm heading to so I better stop :lol: 


    And of cos I cant wait to see ZLY performed PA ost live on new year eve...



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  17. 48 minutes ago, icyphoenix said:

    Full MV link Of miss you 


    Filled with sweet range.. Gosh!! It's very sweet!! 

    The clip is so beautiful...thank you

    *fangirling mode*

    Though I like them in 72, I never thought they match really well. As I said before ZLY is really flexible, she can match really well with anyone, old or young...


    Abt the Bali wedding, the one I heard is of her & WC...but of cos I'm sure its another rumor from a die-hard fans of the couple. For me, as long as there's a wedding I'll be happy for her regardless who the groom is. However I hope she will take her time to choose wisely....


    And for now I'm shipping her with Kris...lalalala#

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  18. 2 hours ago, icyphoenix said:

    No they broke up mid October n they announced it publicly a few days back!! 

    I think that the lyrics r abt how they r in love but fear for some things they r unable to get together.. He loves her n is crazy for her but fears she will be hurt.. Plus he is the one for her.. I don't know if I m guessing right or not!!.. 

    Tomorrow MV will be released we can get the whole story of it!! 

    Oh really I didnt know that...I didnt follow them much but since I also like ZH, so I know bits & pieces abt him. So I know I'm bad, but now that he's single, we have another guy to add to our shipping list :tongue: But seriously its a pity they break up, they seem to match well...oh well, the girl is still young.


    Abt the song, if the meaning is like you say & Kris wrote it base on his own experience, well, the goes the ZLY rumoured next October Bali wedding, regardless who the groom is...becos if its Kris I guess even if they go public they're not gonna married so soon...:D




    I cant seem to find any news abt ZH & GN break up. Are you sure? All I find is they registered their marriage last July, so legally their already married....so no Kris in the pic


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  19. 4 hours ago, cenching said:

    Btw, from the song “Siang Nie” ZLY sounded very different. It’s so unlike her....Plus it’s not a real duet like her song with WH but more like she did the backing vocal. Or did I have been listening to a different song? :blink:

    Rather than back up vocal its more like "featuring" kinda style...like Kris Wu featuring Liying. I think her part is quite a lot to be just back up vocal. Only becos of the rap Kris part sounded more.


    What I like abt the song is that Liying usual sweeet gentle voice, which usually sounded like whisper, now sounded very clear & confident although it didnt change the small sweet tone of her voice. Also to match up Liying's gentle voice I think Kris has to lower down his pitch so his voice sounded more raspy but sexier...whatever it is, I beginning to get addicted to the song....

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  20. 34 minutes ago, icyphoenix said:

    Lol dating rumor of kris wu with NZ.. Yingbao is dragged in between it.. The top regarding 3 of them is trending in Weibo!! 

    Kris wu studio respond to dating rumor with NZ.. Plz do clarify the issue of ZLY too

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    I thought Guli something is happily dating Zhang Han? And I believe their relationship is still going strong, which is why no matter how cute ZLY was with ZH in Boss&Me, I never ship them for real.


    I also think KW quite smart in avoiding or misdirect questions that probe abt his relationship with ZLY. I saw in 1 interview during 72 floor mystery, the interview keeps on trying to bait KW into talking abt ZLY but he manage to outsmart her redirect her talking abt another guy. She even ask what KW talk abt with ZLY *rolleyes*  Even if they talk abt matter of the heart wud he want to tell that to her?! Seriously!! Honestly I see ZLY treats him no different that she treats Wu Lei, so yeah, I believe they're just close as a family....


    I suspect KW has known ZLY even before 72FM, just like with WL, since he is a close friend to both LYF & WC. I guess they run in the same circle of friends. 




    #ZhaoLiYing thanks #KrisWu for producing the song for her and hopes it'll bring her fans warmth. She also wished everyone a Merry Christmas. Kris replies thanking her for trusting him to create the song, praised her for completing it well & hope everyone likes it 

    When I read her thanking note to KW, may be I'm imagining things to much, but doesnt it seems like the song is a Christmas gift to someone? I mean not just for the fans in general but to a special person in particular. Of cos we can assumed from KW to ZLY, but there's a possibility from ZLY to someone else, because of KW replied thanking her back for trusting him to compose the song for her. Also this one translation is a bit different from what was posted earlier. In this mv the meaning made it seems, the guy likes the girl, but the girl is waiting for someone else...or something along the line

    Just for fun, what do you all think?

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  21. 5 hours ago, cenching said:

    Wow,  the clip looks real cool, cant wait to see the whole clip. Also the song is really catchy that you get the hang of it after listening to it. 


    I really dont get these diehard fans of KW.  Wudnt it better for him to date an established & well known celebrity than an unknown face?  At least they can rest assured no picture of him with some girl popping up again. Because at least we know his gf has her image to protect too... I mean these girls dont really expect KW & the rest of idols wud remain virgin until they're 40, right? :rolleyes: 


    However watching Kris in 72FM, also in other show he seems mature & wiser than his age. He also has a mind of his own, nothung can stop him once he made up his mind, or else he wont go against SMTown on his own & fight fornhis right. My point is if he truly likes ZLY or even wants to marry her before the year ends, not even truckloads of suicidal fangirls can stop him.


    Also just dont get why his fans thought ZLY needs to use Kris popularity to boost hers when both are already very famous in their own genre. While Kris is more popular internationally, ZLY is a household name in their own homeland, so actually their friendships is win win for both.


    As for now I hope everyone can just enjoy their friendship & collaborations. 


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