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  1. Also, there is a news abt Kim Hyun Joong at the airport to Japan today

    Link: http://news.nate.com.../20100818n09519

    I wonder when will our girl leave? haven't found any pics of her at the airport yet T.T.

    Sue, please take a look at these news, thanks in advance dear.

    meow: Thanks for the clip ^^, i cant wait to see our girl and F3 in Japan.

    Thanks all for updates as always, love ya all. Have a nice week! :)

    Sorry to cut your post...but I too wonder if GHS has left for Osaka :phew: Seems KHJ arrival had gather a lot of crowds even though his departure & arrival was kept from the public...but I still cant find any news about our girl, KB & KJ leavig for Osaka ;) Cud it possible that the 3 have 'slipped' out of the country to Osaka earlier than KHJ? Afterall GHS is known to travel in & out of the country unnoticed before..

    I also wonder what's time the Osaka Alumni is going to start..it's today, rite?:phew: 


  2. hi siidul, just want to ask some questions? i visit min ho;s fan club, and i thought most of them are only minsun fans. but i'm wrong that's why i will not post any comment there ever.

    now i really understand why as of min ho and hye sun  cannot announce in public their relationship as a true couple.   


    Do you know for sure if they're indeed in a relationship? Concrete evidence instead of just  fans speculations.:phew: If there's none it just like spreading untrue rumours

    As for MinHo or HyeSun indivdual thread, I believe its dedicated to their indivudal activites instead of worshiping them with any one...true, perhaps most of them are Minsuns, but they're also many others who appreciate them as individual...and since there's a thread dedicated for Joondi fans, its the best place to discuss them as a couple there...

  3. Hi....thanx for the updates...

    Its great seeing  KHJ isnt affected much after change of management company...and its good to hear he's been giving a chance to play the lead in an important role..afterall ISWAK is such a big success not only in China but most part of Asia including Korea...the bench mark that was set by his Taiwanese counter part is very high...hopefully he can be as good,even better just like he was when being YJH for BOF...all the best to him...

    Btw I was juz curious abt this picture...


    Who is the beautiful girl in red? Perhaps I'm worong but is she Yamada Yu, Oguri Shin's gf...she really resembles her :)

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