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  1. On Wed Aug 29 2018 at 9:06 PM, odik said:


    Choi cried at trial saying she reflected

    and had grown up as the "mother" of the child.

    Prosecution said there's a message confirming

    Choi of not having second pregnancy at that time. 





    trans by onlyforpeas

    Honestly, up to date I never believe the child she gave birth to, (assuming she did give birth to anyone) belongs to KHJ. One reason is because until the end Choi & her camp refuse to allow the court's authorized hospital to do the dna test. At the time KHJ & his family were adamant to have it tested by appointed hospital, however all of the sudden, in the midst of battling for the dna test, KHJ handed out a letter stated he wud not request anymore dna test & to accept Choi's team "dna test result"  as true & wud accept the child as his despite the legitimacy of their DNA test results  becos he didnt want the child to suffer as a victim (I guess KHJ didn't want the newborn to suffer Choi's madness).


    As for me, I suspect Choi still got sumthing on KHJ (may be to exposed the girl he was with when she break into his house) & once again he was blackmailed to not question abt the child parentage. Also the 1 night she claimed to have slept with khj, the infamous conceived date was very specific yet she didn't give birth on the supposed due date or anytime close. Really  weird becos under normal circumstances in general people don't really know the actual conceived date but rather the due date which mostly accurate plus minus a week unless there's some complications which wud  be risky for the newborn to be moving around. Also remember even the baby's gender was a mystery until several weeks later,  my guess until they found a newborn baby boy born ard the same time to adopt. KHJ claimed he was drug by someone on the "conceived" date & was unconscious tru out which why he demanded a DNA test since the beginning of pregnancy. Think abt it, if she NEVER got pregnant thru out the time she claimed they were together which already  proven she lied abt all her pregnancies, she really didn't expect us to believe that one lucky shot by the unconscious KHJ made miracle does she? I don't think so... To date the kid was non existent. Nobody has ever seen him,  at least no one from KHJ's family, the court & not even KHJ himself....


    Also I don't think this Choi is poor & her blackmailing khj to be rich. My bet her aimed is to make khj poor & smearing his good name, so he can't work anymore & become financially  dependent on her & her family. What she wants is KHJ & to control over his life. I suspect  Choi came from an influential/rich family which is why the case was drag until today. Even today despite all her boolsheets she got away with minimal sentence. Check out LBH case, it was settled within months with the  blackmailers sentenced to abt 2 years ..yet Choi had done so much more but got away ridiculously. She even got away from attending the court thru out her "pregnancy" which again no one from KHJ's camp nor the court's  has ever witness her bulging tummy. I suspect she was obsessed with KHJ & want to be with him/marry him but he refused/rejected her, may be he like someone else  <this is from her own stmt>  the one she went amok when she found him with a certain celebrity girl after their break up (assuming this choi has ever been in a relationship with khj )


    If anyone follow PYC case don't u think there's similarities in terms of weirdness of the case  there


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  2. 11 minutes ago, cenching said:


    I have not seen any backlash yet from his fans. Or did I miss it??? @mrsyooknit


    At least FSF’s fans aren’t those crazy emotionally insane young girls. Most of his fans have been urging him to find a wife....I too hope for wedding announcement not simply yeah, I am dating who and who....

    Yes I agree. I guess most FSF have grow mature as he is. Afterall he is already 40., and those fans when he was in his prime, ie late 20s & 30s most likely now in their 30s at least with more understanding &  support


    Btw isnt it abt time a couple thread for ZLY & FSF? Afterall they are official couple for MK3 & Ming Lan Story

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  3. On 8/26/2018 at 8:34 PM, loveredrose said:

    Congratulation to this beautiful couple, Liying and FSF finally caught hold hold shopping together. 

    Liying finally reveal her face when she was spot with FSF. I am happy for this powerful couple. 

    Finally I guess this confirm their relationship.  I think I saw this coming when news abt them keeps on resurfing, also I see how happy ZLY was with him bts...


    Just my 2 cents

    I think I can understand her choice. Also judging from the trend set by actresses her batch,.most of them are comfortable with men/actors of FSF batch.  For example

    Yang Mi (1986) & Hawick Lau (1974) - 12 years gap 

    Angelababy (1989) & HXM (1977) - 12 years gap

    Liu Shishi (1986) & Nick Wu (1970) - 17 years gap


    So ZLY & FSF with 10 years gap isnt duch a big deal. If we are to look at it as her family pov I think FSF is not bad a catch. He has a stable career, a good family background & at a more calming age


    I wish them the best & hope to hear wedding bells soon



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  4. I love to see that GHS's new management company is taking very good care of her & her activities. I also like to see how protective her managers were when with her compare to her previous company who wud leave her with just an assistant most of the time

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  5. I think thisnwas an old news, but just want to confirm again, is this production going tru?


    “Romance in the Rain” Remake Announces Cast, Including Zanilia Zhao and Wang Kai

    By addy on January 4, 2018 in NEWSTV Dramas

    “Romance in the Rain” Remake Announces Cast, Including Zanilia Zhao and Wang Kai 391  5 
     The classic 2001 television drama Romance in the Rain <情深深雨濛濛> starring Vicki Zhao Wei (赵薇),Leo Ku (古巨基), Ruby Lin (林心如), and Alec Su (蘇有朋) will be remade for a new generation, and it looks like it’s going to be another classic in the making.


    On January 2, the studios announced the cast for the remake of Romance in the Rain, which is based on the 1964 novel Fire and Rain <煙雨濛濛> byChiung Yao (瓊瑤). Zanilia Zhao Liying (赵丽颖), who was confirmed to star in early 2017, will play Lu Yiping, which was originally portrayed by Vicki Zhao in the 2001 adaptation. Wang Xiaochen (王晓晨) will be playing Ruby Lin’s role, Lu Ruping. Ray Zhang (张睿) will star as Leo Ku’s character, He Shuhuan. Du Fei, a role originally played by Alec Su, will be portrayed by Zhang Ruoyun (张若昀).

    Nirvana in Fire <琅琊榜> star Wang Kai (王凯) will make a special supporting appearance, portraying Lu Erhao, the older brother of Ruping.

    Wang Lin (王琳) will reprise her original role as Aunty Xue, Ruping’s power-hungry mother.

    The original 1964 novel, one of Chiung Yao’s most popular works, follows 20-year-old Lu Yiping, the daughter of a former Chinese warlord who fled to Taiwan after the Communist Revolution. Living in poverty with her mother, Yiping swears revenge on her father, who lives in wealth with his second wife and family. The novel was first adapted into a 1965 Taiwanese film, followed by a 1973 Hong Kong drama adaptation with 

    Louise Lee (李司棋) starring as Lu Yiping. Leanne Liu (劉雪華) starred as Lu Yiping in the 1986 Taiwanese drama remake. The 2001 Chinese version with Vicki Zhao was the fourth adaptation.


    Source: Sina.cn


    I really like this show, and was hoping they'll do a remake of this drama. It will be so great if ZLY plays the main character LYP becos she can materialize her dream to be a singer while qorking as an actress:D

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  6. Any news on GHS? After promoting Mystery Pink in January she has been so quiet. Beside the pic her husband posted in his IG in March, she seems to be MIA. Didnt her new agency updates her her schedule for 2018? I hope she's gonna be more active as an actress in 2018 with her the support of her new agency. I heard the agency ceo was actor Kim Soo Hyun's former manager from Keyeast. If so he was very experience as he handles KSH's activities since he was a newbie up until he becomes an A-lister actor. Hopefully he can help GHS to choose her work that suits her the best.

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  7. I am bit confuse here, is KHJ still under KE mgt company or has he gone independant/move to other company? If KE is bought over by SM, are all KE artists compulsary to go under SM too, or are they given the option to choose whether to stay or to move to other company? In any case wud KHJ wants to remain at KE fully aware he's gonna be control by SM Town just like back in his idol days when he was being control &  monitor by DSP all the time & has no freedom to work his own way? I also heard some KE managers left the company quite recently  so can their artists do the same?

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  8. 1 hour ago, cheerkoo said:

    HI lxands.

    It is an old pix of Koo.

    I saw bits of TLT,,,you can see Koo's back, side..wherever it was difficult to insert a new actress.

    REally miss her acting and I pray a real good story of a drama comes knocking for her.



    I hope she still get paid in full though they have replace her with another actress. I just feel so mad, how could do make her work there for so long, use her name for promotion, then just change her becos of some rules...I mean w t h...why dont they check their rules before hiring a foreign actors. She shud be compensated, for all her time & effort, for being there when she cud have work on other project if she didnt waste her time there...

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  9. I've been looking forward for The Legendary Tycoon, especially after she withdrew from She's Too Much, but to my surprise  it looks like no more GHS in drama, & I find out its becos China has impose a rules against Korean actors, or something like that, so it seems like in order to release the drama they have to have all chinese actors. So.I wonder did they re do all GHS's part, or did GHS's part still remain but continue by another person or the edited out all GHS scenes?


    Poor GHS, why does things like this happenned to her? First her allergy attack has to happen when she just started off real well with STM but becos of it, she has to witdraw from the production. And now a collablration drama that we all waited for years suddenly become like this. Not just GHS, but PMY & GJH were affected as well. I just dont get it, there has many average korean actresses starring in China productions for over a decade but nothing like this has ever happened but comes the new generation better actresses (yet often underated) things like this happen.


    I hope GHS will do better with the assistance of her new management company. I heard the owner was a former Keyeast manager who managed top actor Kim Soo Hyun. I hope he will help GHS finds a great job that will shine her to the max.


    Btw, in her IG, she recently posted picture of her with short boyish haircut. Did she cut her hair again or was it an old picture?

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  10. On 2/13/2018 at 12:50 PM, Rain Song said:

    Yes even min hyorin wife of bb taeyang doesnt follow taeaynag while tae yang follow her..

    To never follow one's husband is one thing especially if they're celebrity whom most likely has separate private & public account. But to unfollow one's husband is another thing altogether.


    However, probably it isnt such a big deal, our Madam Goo might accidently unfollow her hubby since she's new to IG, & didnt even notice she has already unfollow him:lol:


    So love Koo's poems -  the one about not wanting to travel bc not wanting to leave them behind.  I think it's her kids/pets. 

    Is she going somewhere? 




    This kinda looks like she's in a plane/coach...

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  11. 7 hours ago, cenching said:

    Oooohhh, FSF is not a bad guy though. Aside from looking weird and creepy he is OK, I guess...:ph34r: Their chemistry in MK3 from the trailer is quite sizzling even though far from XingYue’s level....:ph34r:

    ZLY can create perfect chemistry with almost anyone. I think its her gift. I'm not  even surprise if they pair her up with Wang Xiao Li, they'll have great chemistry & there's gonna be a shipping thread for them too:lol: 


    But seriously, FSF isnt such a bad actor....my issue with him is, it still hard for me to overlook the fact this 30 going on 40 man  actually dated a teenager not very long ago. Its not an issue of their age gap but more on the moral side. Even if she's pass 18, supposedly a legal age, she is still a teenager & under 21. In some countries she is still forbidden to drink liquor :angry:


    1 hour ago, reiko53 said:

    But he is not denying it either, which is kind of weird. Maybe they dont want to kill the promotions of their works, that is the only other excuse I can think of.

    From past records, professional actors rarely respond to personal questions during official events. And they only respond to questions that relates to event they're attending. I this this reporter was just trying her luck, throwing out some personal questions. One reason becos these actors have obligations not to distract the main topic. 2ndly they dont want the the reporters to manipulate their words. 3rd reason they have no reason to explain, either they're not in a relationship or they're not ready to go public. So I guess until she comes clean with her relationship, anything is possible...as for me I just enjoying matchmaking her for now 

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  12. On 1/23/2018 at 9:45 PM, mrsyooknit said:

    Top Best Agents 



    They probably rank this with how well the actors they work with are doing. Huang Bin, Zhao Liying's agent, is number three. It is interesting since most other people in the top have other actors but he only has Zhao Liying.


    I saw Huang Xiaoming's name along with ZLY under his name. Is he still HXM's manager/agent?

  13. 54 minutes ago, lingnyi said:


    Not Wang Kai too!

    #matchmakinggranny has headache


    I always love Romance in the Rain, often think they shud do a remake, and ZLY wud be the perfect "Yi Ping". It will challenge her acting credibility as well as her singing ability. However I often imagine someone like LYF shud be the leading guy Shu Huan...youngish looking :) Although he is handsome too, I think WK looks a little too old for the role, becos the lead guy supposed to be in his early to mid 20s. 


    2001 Romance in the Rain casts



    Btw, how long has they been filming Minglan so far? I thought the drama gonna be aired in the 1st half of 2018, but if they havent completed at least half by now, can they air it by this year?

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  14. 4 hours ago, cenching said:

    @lxands, If our slogan is as long as no announcement then nothing happen, we should put back WC and LGX plus don't forget our EP......:lol: You can add their pics....:lol:


    TBH I'm quite a shipper of ZLY & WC after watching M9, but with the ongoing rumor of WC & Bruna whatever I'm in a :( mood. But you're right no clarification can mean nothing, so I shud include both him & LGX too. But I see you already posted both :D


    Here's the best I can find of EP & ZLY...



    @cenching Hope you're happy

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