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  1. @rori0711What catch my interest in the clip you posted is when PSH talked abt the best thing happen when filming in Granada. Seems like due to some local restriction they cant film on weekends, which gave them, the actors, as PSH said, to have more time hanging out & sightseeing together. Imagine HB & PSH hang out together with a few others too I'm sure but I think if just actors, most likely only 4 to 5 actors  were in Granada together. Others probably didnt stay as long as HB, PSH, Sec Seo & Villain Cha.


    Anyway thinking HB & PSH spending weekends together made me happy, even if they're just friends.


     PSH was really being cute to HB, he was being mischief teasing her yet sweet to her at the same time.



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  2. 10 hours ago, angelineong said:

    after watching the episodes with subs, i agree with most of you here. We waited for 14 episodes for SeJu, the master to return. We insisted to hold onto our faith in SJJ's magic. But, alas! I guess, Se Ju, the character, was 'oversold'. His return helped nothing except to inform about the instant dungeon. 

    And instead of using the precious remaining 2 episodes to 'showcase' how Se Ju's cool coding "kung fu", they were wasted on 'repeated flashback' and the JW's ex-wives. Who needs extra airing time for these exes????? seriously, anybody here?

    I know SJJ is trying to be different. But an ending like this is somehow unacceptable. I want my hours back! I felt cheated. 

    However, I am grateful for the entire acting crew especially the leads. They worked really hard to bring out the characters. Special thanks to the editing team too. They did an 'excellent' job by  'randomly' cutting and  pasting. Perhaps, due to the writer's instructions.

    The technical part of the game/AR technology related needed to be fine tuned. I am not an expert but the drama appeared to be lacking in prior 'literature research on AR technology". As this is 2019, many already have some knowledge on this area unlike MATRIX, which came way earlier where a large majority of people were still unaware of online games,

    You are so rite...the purpose of SJ return was to inform there's a secret dungeon he's been hiding in for a whole year, or shud I say to confirm what has been speculated by JW. Also to let HJ knows JW succeeded his mission, thus bringing back SJ from wherever he was (tho I still wonder in the whole year of hiding did he eat & poop like other human beings since rtn looking like how he was a year ago, so how did he live?)


    Also rite, do we miss sumthing here, y the h3ll the exes, a cheater & a gold digger, who are just supporting roles got nice ending/closure?...like we care what they do with their life:rolleyes: Just a waste of the airtime when JW & HJ didnt get any decent ending scene. 


    I think this writer is too ambitious. She has great story in her mind but putting down in a script, she lost the technical part, eventually didnt know how to link her story to make a decent ending. The best she can think of is for businessman park to bring in a gaming addict teenager SJoo who created the mess but didnt even know what went wrong to J one company, to continue enhancing the mess...still not bringing back the boss:crazy: I wud have prefer if there's a twist in the end that Emma is actually the villain while HJ is just an NPC:P


    However a big applause to HB & PSH for their credible acting & beautiful chemistry which made this drama bearable to the end. 



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  3. After watching ep 16, I'm more confused than ever...after resetting the game how come JW was sent to the hiding space whatever? We know SJ did so during the game to hide from danger but since the game goes back to square 1 until new player log in, why does JW disappeared...or do I lost it altogether?


    Frankly  I loves the Granada scenes the most. Once they return to Korea beside HJ-JW scenes I find the rest of the story dull & boring. I'm not surprise if the writer is as confuse as we are when she wrote the ending:rolleyes:

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  4. On 1/18/2019 at 8:02 PM, binx07 said:

    Hello Everyone :D

    Let stay positive for our last 2 episode this week :D

    Hope SH & HB will work together again for another drama / movie project.. 


    Is this reporter just delulu like us??? :lol:

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    Why did both reject the offer from sbs to accept the one from tvn?


    My answer: Probably tvn is more liberal than sbs that allows hb to eat up lips peacefully & also they get to travel abroad, since abt 50% of the drama were filmed Spain & other countries.

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  5. Here's the thing....

    Its already hours before ending & JW is still going nowhere with his findings. Tho he manage to complete his mission & letting SJoo out of his hide out, nobody seems to know where went wrong with the game, not even SJoo himself. If JW survives, what's going to happen to him irl? Its bad enuf he has CHS death above his head & being a prime suspect of his death, now he has a dead Professor in his hotel room. If that's not enuf SJoo wud lives his life remembering he killed Marco. So how is writernim  going to end it all & make everything ok for everyone? Or the best possible ending without anyone, JW, HJ & SJoo dead?


    Cud it possible what Emma did was to reset the game, not to kill JW? Which mean if the reset was done properly, it will turn back everything to its original starting point of the game, before the first player log in into the game. And the first player wud be either SJoo or Marco. If so everything will return back to the time before SJoo & Marco even approach CHS & JW. If it happen this this way how nice wud it be if JW as the winner wud be the only one who remembers everything, the rest didnt remember anything, thing goes back to the time before he arrived in Spain, so he did everything he cud like:

    1) divorce Yura quickly since he already knows what she did & he intend to look for HJ

    2) Goes to Granada to meet SJoo before he goes to see Marco.

    3) Immediately offer to buy Bonita hostel from HJoo, thus buying the games right & then starts to court her.

    4) Stays in Bonita hostel on the 6th floor but brought along a truck of cleaners to do up the room & kill the rats:P

    6) Before playing the game he did test run will all his expert programmers to ensure the game is safe to play. I still think Marco is the one who planted the bug & change to game to be dangerous

    5) Return to Korea with HJoo & her family, marry her & live happily ever after.


    But can they do all that in just 1 hour?:huh:


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  6. 2 hours ago, capslove said:

    MOA start out okay, fresh and i like the cinematography. It's a pity that the writer didn't knew how to extract the story line, plot and making viewer confusing all over again. 2 episodes left is when you should wrap up all the mess not making another plot twist and left it cliffhanger. 


    Anyway, i'm just gonna stick until the final. Hoping for the best and low expectation to both my HJ-JW ending. 





    Yeah, by ep 15, she shud already tie up the loose end instead of creating new issues with Sujin unknown reason for suicide attempt, Prof Cha died in JW's hotel's room, Emma cleaning up virus from JW's heart, Seju returned without lengthy explaination exept he's been hiding for the whole year,  with him still looking & wearing the same as he did a year ago...I wonder what he did during his hide out, like did he eat & poop at all in the whole year? And my biggest disappointment is that in the 2nd last episode, there's no JW-HJ moment at all. Since the story got all haywire, at least let us see more of JW-HJ. What a waste of chemistry.


    BTW, since Seju didnt know what went wrong  & who put the bug into his game, cud it be possible it was Marco who planted the bug? He did so to ensure whoever bought the game wud be dependant to him & he wud threat to get a lot of money in retun to de bug the virus.  

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  7. 4 hours ago, sandhya05 said:

    They r so comfortable I mean who says things like eating lips :ph34r:

    I dunno much abt HB. Beside MoA I only watch him in MNIKSS, TWWL & SG which was long ago so I dont remember much his interaction with his leading lady. I do remember in MNIKSS his leading lady was KSA who is his senior & experience actress. He was very young & still shy doing intimate scene & KSA used to tease him a lot. Anyone know how he was with SHK & HJW bts? Did he make cheesy jokes like eating lips with them too?


    Also I see several leading actors who went filming overseas end up together..infact HB did too once after filming in Singapore, tho their relationship lasted for only 2 years. To the name a few...


    1. Ki Taeyoung & Eugene (Australia) married with kids

    2. Ahn Jae Hyun & Ku Hye Sun (Romania) married a year later

    3. Song Jong Ki & Song Hye Kyo (Greece) married abt a year later

    Anyway HB is kinda transparent when it comes to relationships. If he does have a relationship he wud acknowledge before Dispatch caught him, like when he freely admitted his relationship with KSR. Also the time with SHK, he admitted to the relationship when someone notice he was on the phone with SHK while they were in a different city which he cud outright deny if he wants to. And that's one trade I admire which I rarely see in K actors...to put priority on his gf's feeling over his popularity.




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  8. On 1/13/2019 at 5:32 PM, sandhya05 said:

    I want to ask when u guys feel there will be sumthing b/w them?

    Like for me when I saw d press conference videos d way they look at each other , blushing even shying I felt sumthing also their BTS 

    I know PSH since her STH days, since she started as a child actor she's quite comfortable with people on the set, stafff & actors. Despite her femine looks she's a little boyish at time & often goof around with actors her age on the set.But she hardly flirt with them, she was just being comfy with them...however with HB, she seems a little different...she looks & behave very femine/girlish...a bit flirty (not in a bad way)...maybe she's fangirling HB too. Anyway my point even if she has bf, an actor too, but still is it ok for her to be cosy & comfortable touching with HB even when they're not filming? That not to mention spending at least 3 months overseas in 2 or 3 different countries, also from what I heard, when filming in different countries, only actors went together, the crew & staff were different in each country,, which made the actors aka HB & PSH get even more closer..



    I dont expect PSH to break up with CTJ. He's very handsome, nice & a great uprising actor. Its fine even if he's a bit younger, but he is much junior in the entertainment industry, he hasnt completed his degree while PSH has already graduated, also he is yet to serve the 2 years compulsory military enlistment. Other words he has a very long way to go for him to establish himself in his career, can PSH wait for him that long?



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  9. 3 hours ago, Kasmic said:


    Its hard right.? they are so cute. She teasing him calling him ahjussi and hiding behind his back.  :heart: she seems really shy and trying to remain professional.

    I think she's fangirling and I cant blame her :joy:



    They are so cute...he looked so serious watching the monitor, yet at the end he turn around & cheekily teased PSH. She seemed shy & hide behind his back. They seem very comfy with each other..HB seems so relax with PSH. I think HB is single, but I heard PSH has a bf. I wonder if her bf is ok seeing her so friendly with hottest guy in SK? And heard they spent some months together overseas too to film MOA. 


    Btw in the bts @3:28, PSH pulled/adjusted HB's jacket, they werent filming, right, becos HB was talking to someone on his other side, so they must be still discussing abt the scene. So I wonder if PSH's action was unscripted, that she adjusted his jacket on her own iniative



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  10. 1 hour ago, enigmatic_zephy said:

    Maybe all Emma has really done is create a shield around the person.. so that the world can't see the person..

    e.g. maybe sejoo was always with family but the shield wouldn't let others see him..

    who knows maybe was even sleeping in the same house in korea

    Its great if that is the case, the idea  that probably SJ has been staying with his family all along...now if the same thing apply to JW, I wonder whose bed he has been sleeping on from the time he disappeared? :P

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  11. 4 hours ago, sanika said:


    The IT guy didn't delete her because he had a crush on her, no other reason. Think about it, according to JinWoo, the blurring between the virtual and AR worlds happened because there was real violence in front of Emma. She couldn't delete the real weapons, so she made the hurts became reality instead. That is the real threat of this game, the biggest flaw. Added to that, she also possibly "kidnapped" SeJu from the real world to keep him safe. Seems like she is doing to the same to JinWoo in the next episode to "save" him from the police. Of course she is the peace maker but her method of enforcing is a bit twisted. My original point was to deal with the flaw of the game and save the company. Seems like Emma is the flaw and in order for the game to be launched, they will have to delete her.

    If this is the case, then HJ shud go see Emma fast & claim her man :lol:


    Also many complaint abt fan service. What's wrong with the fan service? I LOVE FAN SERVICE. Please do more fan service...the more extreme fan service the better :D its not everyday we see PSH & HB romancing on the screen & when MOA ended, dunno when we will see them opposite each other on the screen again, let alone doing this type of fan service...so writernim pls let PSH & HB do lots more fan services in these last 2 episodes



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  12. 1 hour ago, vangsweetie637 said:

    Thank you for the live recaps! 


    my head literally hurts (hate early morning shifts) but my quick guess is that JW is now stuck wherever SJ was and the narration is from him in the space of where he is stuck :blink: I hope this isn’t the case and he is just hiding from those cops. 


    His two ex wives are driving me more insane than the game is <_< 



    Since SJ reappeared after JW reach level 100,  JW now went missing instead. He gave his key to Emma for the last quest to open the gate of heaven, cud it be when the gate opened SJ came out but JW enter it becos he wanted to hide from the cops? Therefore he was trap in the 'heaven' until the next player came along, reach level 100 & open the gate again..I suspect that was how it happen to Seju. He already reach level 100, so he hide in the heaven's garden until someone else reach the same level open up the gate so he can get out. But now the problem is Park went against his former superior instruction & shut down the server...luckily in the preview seem like JW managed to return...dunno after how long or if it is just a flashback.


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  13. @jechoi1 Secretary Seo saw deceased Cha too after JW formed ally with him. Same goes with Prof Cha. He only saw his deceased son after forming ally with JW. So I think even if hallucination, there must be someone/something that are controlling their mind.


    @vangsweetie637 Beginners has to use the lense to log in & see what's going on to play the game. And once log in some NPC wud launch an attack to the beginners. Only the higher level players dont need to wear the lense when playing. And so far if I count correctly only 4 people have reach this level - SJ, Marco, deceased Cha & JW. Out 4, 2 are confirmed to be dead, 1 is missing & 1 is actively playing. The gunshot cud be from random NPC programmed to be in for this level players

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  14. 1. I love the kiss & I feel it comes appropriately at the time when he needs HJ the most. The time when he has lost everything, people once like family turn against him, friend he trusted doesn't seem trustworthy anymore. The last thing he wants from HJ is pity. The first time he went for the kiss surprised HJ but she didn't flinch. He stopped & looked at her,  she didn't look away.  If it was just pity on her side, she wud have flinch. Imagine a lunatic & a murder suspect trying to kiss her,  she wud have back off.  If she didn't blindly trust him, she wud have and we all know people in love are blind. I think that proof enuf for JW that HJ is sincerely in love with him. 


    2. I think SJ is alive somewhere in Granada. He was injured when he arrived in Granada & they wud have track him via immigration if he has enter Korea. I think he is lying low in a blind zone or such places.  He is the game creator, surely he created a hideout or safe places. 


    3. I still think HJ isn't in the game. if she's in the game than she's only able to meet Emma in the Granada cafe & not in JW's room. I'm sure the one in JW's room is the hologram from the office. Remember when the programmer guy was trying out several outfits for Emma,  JW told him to scrap it off & not use Emma in their game,  so I suspect when JW left his office he took the hologram with him. 


    4. I started to suspect Park is the culprit when he got all work out & angry at sec.  Seo when he found out JW had return to Korea in the last few months. Why was he angry?  Becos he been comfortable making decisions & authorizations for the company without JW's approval, now he has to get JW's approval for everything relates to company? Altho  the company started by 3 people it was only JW & CTH brains & idea all the way while Park just ride along with their success. Now with CTH dead, JW declared as lunatic, Prof Cha being the bad guy who turn his back on his family, look like Park will get a complete control of the company soon. I'm not surprised if he design Seo to be killed becos Seo as JW's ally he can vouch & confirm he sees CTH too thus proof JW is not crazy. So Seo was in the way for making JW a crazy man & that will ruin his plan.  


    5. I really  really hope when JW wins everything will revert back to their original but even it's not hopefully both JW & HJ will have their happy ending. And to have their happy ending, SJ has to be alived

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  15. 2 hours ago, kilumar said:

    I think she is wearing a lens.She even greet her "Hi Emma".It can't be hologram also.Didn't hologram need something lighting sticks like the one in the office.

    By the way ,i really want to know the episodes that film in Hangary and Slovenia is already finished brocasting:huh: in previous episode???:oPSH and HB said they film one month in each country:rolleyes:.

    I dont think HJwas wearing the lense. I think JW had the curly hair programmer to set up Emma the hologram in his room. If she wears the lense then all hooligans from all over wud come attacking her, but there was none, also I dont think JW wud take chances & risk her life. He did so to Professor Cha not just to show him what he saw but also to control him.

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  16. 14 hours ago, butterflysaga said:




    My sentiment exactly.


    I hope PSH wasn't just a mere accessory. Kinda tired watching her having similar The Heirs (cha eun sang?) vibe. Silently I'm hoping she gonna be a pillar.. source of strength for JW. Baddass woman equally hotheaded with JW.


    Yeah me too, waiting patiently for HJ & JW to work side by side looking for SJ or what happen to him, with JW in the game, HJ in reality...maybe going back to Granada & kick some S

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  17. 10 hours ago, katakwasabi said:



    This knetz summary is spot on:


    9. [+124,-12] <Summary for the episode>As long as it's Hyun Bin...... Even if he becomes a game addict, he made her brother disappear, limping with one leg, divorced twice, became jobless, getting sued, a woman like Park Shin Hye would give up her birthday party to take care of him, feed him, protect him from the rain with an umbrella and even accept his sudden kiss. 


    Source: https://melohwa.blogspot.com/2019/01/memories-of-alhambra-ep-11-spoilers.html?m=1

    I dont think just PSH, I bet all women of all ages wud too:lol:


    Also I remember when SJ first call JW to offer to sell the game to him, he said he didnt want to sell to the other guy becos the other guy looks like a bad guy. Do we know for sure who the bad guy is? We assumed CTH is the bad guy, but no matter how I see him, he didnt look like a bad guy to me, at least if comparing to JW in the beginning., both are equally arrogant & ruthless. Infact I remember that Marco wanted to approach JW just to get competitive higher price. Cud it be possible Prof Cha has been contacting SJ directly, & telling him to do this & that to the game until SJ realized what he was doing & he cant control it anymore, which was why he ran off to see Marco, where Marco went out to make a new deal with CTH. Seems Prof Cha had it all plan out nicely. He didnt allow doing post morten on CTH body becos he didnt want outsiders to know his death cause by the game, now that he had removed JW, he ooen up the case again, also removing SJ & thus his grandson too from his family, surely there is something abt him related to the game. Also is dr Cha really his biological son?

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  18. Hi, I just started watching this drama last & catch up all ep within 3 days. However  I wonder if the drama wud end similar to Jumanji, that someone has to complete the game before everything wud revert back to its original place..I started to think so becos during the game at one point when JW reached certain level he no longer walk with a limp & didnt need his walking stick but right when the game was stop he started limping again. But then if that happen, even if JW remembers HJ, she wudnt have known him right?

    Also I wonder what happen to SJ? How cud he became invicible when he got off the train? If he died they wud have found his body on the train right? But there's no body but he became invicible when he got off the train, & JW cant see him when he went looking for SJ when the train arrived

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  19. 5 hours ago, scarletlover1 said:

    Is there anybody else who doesn't like SB?

    1. He always all up in HJ's business
    2. He tries to interfere in her relationship with JW
    3. He runs his mouth too much
    4. Keeps claiming he's family but we know his real intentions
    5. He punches a crippled man
    6. He pushed HJ twice when she tried to get him to stop fighting
    7. He even tries to use her guitar that she worked on to once again attack a crippled man

    This man needs to know his place and also realize he doesn't have a chance with HJ.

    Dun worry, granny has set him straight back to his place, right out of their home. I feel suffocated watching him. Such a hypocrite. At least if he was honest abt his feeling to HJ, his action is more forgiveable, but hiding beside the word "family" but acting like he owns HJ is sumthing else....

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  20. 2 hours ago, Nafta Lia said:

    I'm sorry ,if I disturb our ship...honestly  i ship Changmin for the first time i read this page, but i don't know, these days...There are alot fact about pmy n her co star..n the source is from Korean reporter...i try to reject the rumor..but in Korea become hot. I try don't believe it..but as big as i try don't believe it..i just tell so hurt.....i'm sorry i just wanna share my felling

    I wont worrry abt it if I were you. PMY is a great actress & has good chemistry with almost all her co stars. Her latest drama is super popular & still fresH that most of the drama fans still ship them like crazy & desperately want to see them together, just like we do here with her & JCW. And so long as both PMY & JCW are single there's no harm hoping, right?:D


    Anyway I watch both their other dramas, & love them just as much, but call me bias I feel PMY & JCW chemistry is still the best on & off screen. With their other partners tho they have great onscreen chemistry, I still feel they were on professional level offscreen, but with each other they were personal..ie during bts they have blanket on their lap, but JCW naturally put his hand under the blanket on PMYvs upper thigh, adjusting sumthing or perhaps caressing her:lol: Hehe...which I dont see this kind of intimacy offscreen with other partners 

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  21. On Thu Oct 18 2018 at 4:49 PM, odik said:

    KHJ ex-gf, fined 5MW for fraud attempt in appellate court,

    same as in lower court ruling.

    Dismissed prosecution’s appeal for defamation as Not Guilty,

    same as in the lower court ruling.

    #김현중 전 여친 A씨, 사기미수 혐의 항소심도 유죄..벌금 500만원



    Choi was sentenced as guilty for fraud attempt

    by criminal appellate court,

    n also guilty for defamation by civil appellate court.

    Civil appellate court found no evidences of her accusations against KHJ.


    Choi found guilty of defamation by civil court n was fined to pay 100MW to HJ fr that.

    Criminal court found her guilty of fraud attempt n fined her 5MW,

    but not guilty of defamation.

    I don’t know why n how 2courts found so differently abt defamation.

    But that’s how it stands.Tx


    trans by sunny

    So did the court put the lunatic woman behind bars or does she still escape jail & only to pay some fine to KHJ? Just like that after ruining his lifetime work, humiliated him for almost half a decade & nearly destroy his life? Not to mention what his family went thru ...


    But whatever it is thank God its over, and proven he was victim & innocent of all charges accused by that woman, just as we believe right from the start. Another bet? That baby Choi claimed to give birth to but never did on the supposed due date? Well my bet the dna of the child they brought to court is less than 0.1% match to KHJ's dna:huh:

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