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  1. I am on holidays right? And came for spoilers. But man these are some darn fine gifs. What in the world has been happening here man? All it sounds is that it sounds as if the drama just dumped in a whole heap of spies into the show. I wasn't paying much attention in episode 1 to watch the fighter planes presentation. I don't ever recall what company the woman works in. So she in the root of all evil now in this show? Don't even know who KTW is. Lol. But man where would I find the time to watch this? Holidays, holidays, holidays didn't even have time even when tvN is right in front of me last night.
  2. Thanks. Hah. I thought it will be a major scene. Nothing like searching for a scene when you don't know the story. Just no patience for a saguek and I have gone off Kdramas the last month or so. And dropped 4 dramas hallway because of it. All the best to you all for a satisfying ending. I never know how many saguek dramas have happy endings. There's always too much politics at play.
  3. Sorry. I am not really following the drama. Where is the scene where the prince was shot by an arrow protecting HR? It suddenly popped up on my FB newsfeed. I don't even know why it did. Now it's bugging me. And none of your spoilers are commenting on it. Thank you.
  4. Er I don't watch or know Wannabe or whatever it is. I am watching this drama. And am up to date with it unlike the other drama you mentioned. I like the story and the acting. Isn't this enough to watch it? However am surprised to see Kim Soo stay so naive, good tempered still. Where else the male lead has hidden depths and secrets. I already feel my heart wincing in sympathy for her when she falls for him. I presume she will turn up to have a good background in the end.
  5. I have to say those lilacs and roses are some of the classiest bouquets I have ever seen given to any stars. They are gorgeous and I loved the soft pastel shades. And a wrap up party in a restaurant. With a view instead of a normal Korean restaurant. I know the ratings were good but that is a step up the usual. Someone in the production company has some taste. Even the cast dressed up well instead of some of the super casual dress down looks. @larus special thanks to you for your dedication for this drama. You were consistent, optimistic and faithful. Pretty much unflappable. Thanks everyone for keeping the thread alive and up to date. I can now marathon the 6 episodes. I havs been very happy to see KSY for such a long period of time as I have missed her. This marks the end of s long stretch of a drama and pretty much the end of all my slew of dramas which lost steam for me. However they all had happy endings. So now I have 4 dramas to finish off in the next 3 weeks. While waiting for the new dramas to air more episodes before airing.
  6. Ok guess I have to back track 5 episodes then. Thank you. Poor Sun Ja. Sigh. Guess it's ok. Since the last drama I've watched the actress in she was a murderer. And another actress who played a murderer/ villain played a deity in the other weekend drama which just ended. I just need a nice role for these 2 now. Am a bit traumatised associating these 2 with death and more death currently. Here's hoping for a good resolution tonight. I have been happy to see KSY for so long as I am very fond of this actress. I have watched a few of her dramas several times and even her first dramas.
  7. The main actors and whole cast are good. They are really strong veteran actor that's why I like it. The film quality and lighting feels rustic and retro too. I didn't watch any previews so seeing KHN like that was disorientating. I didn't even know I was used to him being a city slicker vs a clueless country bumpkin. I laughed yet was shocked at the same time. This drama has a gritty feel to it. The opening scene freaked me out. I didn't start it expecting the female lead to potentially die that's all. The drama is certainly good just that am unsure if it's my time of drama if it turns too realistically dark.
  8. Sorry. But since I am not watching it why did SJ threatern the Chairman? I mean not seeing MR and grandchild? Aren't they back in the house? I have another busy week ahead so not likely to make time to watch the full episodes. Maybe see the MH couple just to see the wedding dress? But yeah MS father in law is nice. He is about the only sane, reasonable person in the whole drama. Even the taxi driver stint was logical. KSY looks tired. She even looks thinner if it's possible and her foundation is getting thicker. I hope the cast gets a rest. The 2 crying main female leads needs a rest too. I feel drained just thinking about all the crying scenes prep and I am not even an actress.
  9. I need to catch up on about 3 completed dramas. No time to wait. However there is one upcoming drama with the guy from www. I am girding my loins trying to work out if I am watching this week's episodes. WJ has been divorced and marriage shy. Then why did he agree to marry after such a short dating period? @O there is nothing wrong staying home. It's the way MS sounds so put upon. Most everyone I know go on 1yr parental leave followed by part- time work. And we all have good careers. But it's the way the writer makes MS who graduated from ? University or good University sound so disorganized. My kids are still fairly young and I work part- time by choice. That's why her constant poor planning either time management, finances or work commitments-wisw make a mockery of being a so- called working woman. She should just be more frugal and spend less. And coach her kid instead of spending expensive tuition on a child who's in kindy for crying out loud.
  10. So... What happened? I am a few episodes behind and don't want to watch the ending? I mean technically it's the journey of watching the acting right? Spoilers are one thing but one can't see the chemistry or the interactionsv except with watching.
  11. Oops forgot IS had a husband. Lol. That's how much attention I paid to her. Yes TJ is the nephew.
  12. Ah I see. The plot doesn't involve me so much anymore that I watch it when I can. I haven't been watching with subs for awhile. I just glaze over when IS or the Chairman whines or cries. Depending on who it is. MS needs to grow up. All I hear is her tone when I listen to her. She is a mother and she sounds so put upon. It she she is a college graduate why is the writer making it a great deal of a career as a customer service officer. That's what they call a bank teller now right? Not a loan officer. Or a branch manager. It's not as if she is ambigious. Hire a nanny and work overtime. She got a helper but she was doing personal stuff in her free time instead. It's not as if she was studying etc for promotion.
  13. I am not watching this week's episodes. But nobody is even commenting on Sunday's episode. Lol. It used to be that Koreans can't legally marry someone even from the same clan. So marrying someone from the same family is a no no even now. I am talking about one side of one family marrying another side of the same family. In this instance I guess it's the nephew marrying the aunt's daughter. Ranking wise it's not so bad- if MR is in IS family register- It's only sachon vs stepparents children marrying. It's the ranking it messes up the hierarchy- according to their culture. Like my kids- I have cousins my age- are yukchon to my cousin.i am used to explaining who's who in my family to older Koreans who care about such things. The English words makes no sense to them. It's the degrees of separation- if you know your numbers- like the uncle is samchon. Anyone noticed this? I found it fascinating. I digress. But still, found it fascinating. TJ is MR's sachon or to Koreans wae sachon nam dongsaeng. She therefore married her younger cousin; and it sounds so related in Korean vs using cousins. I am not that hidebound but since my family is huge am used to keep tracking of ranks and what to call each person correctly- there is a Chinese equivalent- of ranks. I will be back next weekend I guess to read what is happening.
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