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  1. Actually, i think what she said was that he was too noisy. The translation was a little off maybe due to spelling? I could be wrong here, do let me know your thoughts? What I found more interesting was that she seems to have smacked his back/bum? right after she started laughing, which caused him to laugh even more. Think someone mentioned the sound was her stomping her feet? but after countless re-runs of the clip, it still sounds like her jokingly smacking his bum to me.
  2. i know this might be really old and maybe difficult to find, but I've actually been looking for the Goblin presscon where LDW & YIN were doing the high-five (and their fellow actors were teasing them by mimicking their high five)? I always see it as part of video montages but would love to watch the original presscon (and why they did the high-five). Anyone knows where I can watch this? Thanks in advance!
  3. I can't quite understand the full convo too but i was momentarily sad when she responded quite immediately to the question....did the guest really ask if she had a "namchin"? I was hoping that wasn't the exact question (or that she wouldn't respond so quickly).
  4. Just to add to this, not sure if anyone else noticed, but during the sofa kiss scene, just as YIN bursts out laughing, she also seems to be smacking LDW on the bum? You can hear the "hitting" sound as they are laughing. Am i mistaken or did anyone notice this too? How close do you have to be to be smacking someone's bum?!? Especially someone of the opposite sex?
  5. So i'm also a lurker in this thread, but just HAD to comment after watching the full interview of LDW & YIN for the TYH kakaotalk thingy. Not sure if anyone caught it, but at approx 35min point, the interviewer was just reading out the comments flowing from the chatroom, and LDW also read (or just repeated after her), "YIN, saranghaeyo"! Made me grin really wide.....is this like an unconscious declaration? LOL
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